Commenting is easier than complimenting

recently I’ve been having lunch with a colleague from another department
regularly. She’s thin (and I’m so envious of that) and she has fair skin (yes,
I’m envious of that, too!) and she talks a lot.

However, I’ve
recently realised that she is one of those people who may not be able to
compliment others easily. She more often tends to ‘comment’ instead.


example, a colleague wore a dress to work the other, a change from her usual
pants and shirt. Most of us complimented her on the dress, saying it was a very
nice colour, something different, etc.


colleague on the other hand, went “WAH! New dress? Going somewhere? A date?” and
not specifically complimenting the dress or the wearer.


I have been
given many comments by her, such as:


earrings are those?!” when others said they were really nice.

“So dressed
up today, aren’t you? Who are you trying to attract? Your boss? HAHAHAHA!” when
others said I looked pretty.


I bet she
thinks she’s so damn funny, when she doesn’t know that she sounds ridiculous.
Especially when she cackles at her own remarks.


There were
so many that I have lost track. Not once have I given a retort, despite being sorely
tempted as in my head, I go, “Whatever!” as she doesn’t deserve any attention.


She reminds
me of me. I hardly give compliments, too, and I’m sure my friends noticed. I
was telling my father the other day that I may have picked up this habit from
my grandma, who comments much easier than praising any of her grandchildren or
anyone at all.


It’s a
habit to kick, I must say. I’m sure I’ve hurt someone’s feelings more than once
by being so tactless and thinking that my retorts are funny. ;P



actually made it a habit to praise at least one person a day! Not easy, I tell
you, because I naturally am not a sweet talker. One boyfriend once complained
he felt I never appreciated him because I rarely complimented him on his

I Rant – about some blogs

Just questions which have been running through my head when I visit some blogs:
I don’t understand why this blogger blogs about things that happened 6 months ago. Seriously, do you keep 6 months worth of drafts and post them up ONLY when you’re done editing your photo montages? OK, I still visit the blog because of the pictures, I admit.
I can’t stand it. Why must this blogger go on and on about her love life and gushes on about her “baby” i.e. the boyfriend? Can she stop ending each blog post with, “I love you, baby. You’re the best! XXXXXX” and an ‘act cute’ picture of her, which I find so sickeningly disgusting.
Why must this blogger (and some more) snap pictures of ALL their meals, EVERY SINGLE TIME? Ate nasi lemak last week, must blog! Picture of 2 soft boiled eggs, must blog! A glass of Chinese tea cost RM0.60 ALSO must blog! Like, for goodness sake, we KNOW you love photography but that’s just TOO much to take!
Vain potheads are bad, too. Every post must have a picture of them – they keep track of their clothes, perhaps, I don’t really know.
Why do some bloggers blog about every single argument they have with their partners? Isn’t that too much information? What is personal nowadays, tell me. If you can record all your arguments on your blog, it doesn’t sound like a happy relationship, you know.
And OMG, those visitors who pretend to be your regular blog reader, when all they’re trying to do is increase traffic to THEIR blogs by leaving a comment in your chatbox! You think I don’t know???? That is really annoying, ok! Bloody insincere, if you ask me!

Can you guess who I’m complaining about? I’m sorry that this sounds like a very PMS-like post, but I’ve been DYING to rant about it!!!!!! I wish I dared to name names……….
And rereading this, I sound a bit like Fireangel, who’s very fiery indeed! Of course I’m not complaining about her blog! Are you crazy???? I’d be terrified for the rest of my life.
p.s. karheng: i’ve never seen Combat sold anywhere also! where ah? tell me quick! i may die of cockroach fever soon!!!!

The end of the road?

[Edited by xes]
I have 6 tickets for Speedzone @ ZOUK. If anyone wants tickets, email with your full name and identity card number. One name is entitled to two tickets. Please email me by 3PM Malaysian time!!
You’ll have to present your identity card for verification at the counter marked TICKET REDEMPTION. There will be a list of dailies, mags, blogsites. The counter is next to Fly FM counter. Ticket redemption is from 6pm to 9pm only.
A friend has been spending the past week nursing his broken heart. His girlfriend of 7 years has just broken up with him. She told him that she no longer feels happy with their relationship and she wants to move on. Enough is enough, she claims that he has anger management issues.
My friend has been walking around like a zombie, his heart ripped out and stomped on by his now ex-girlfriend. But he wants her back.
“I am just an empty shell without her,” he told me sadly. “I hope I can win her back.”
When he asked me what his chances are, I was blunt. “Rather slim, huh?” he asked. And I agreed.
When someone closes his/her heart and locks it up, it’s rather impossible to open it again. When he/she decides to move on without you, clearly he/she has thought about it.
I’m speaking from experience, of course! Told a boyfriend once, “I don’t love you anymore. Goodbye,” and I refused to entertain his pleas to get back together again because just simply, I no longer had feelings for him.
Anyway, I’m wishing my friend the best of luck in winning his girlfriend back. He was planning on proposing to her next month, so I do hope things work out for him.

I’m Not a Plastic Bag


Anya Hindmarch
, the designer who came up with this must-have tote bag are sold out in the United States. A few months ago, you must have read that the queues in Taiwan or Singapore (I can’t remember which country) were crazy mad, women were trampling on others just to get the bags!!
Of course, I do wonder whether I sighted the original or a fake. Hmmm….
Ooooohhhh check out the Bag Snob!

Treats for colleagues

Now that Hari Raya is around the corner, I am troubled as to whether I should treat some of my Muslim staff and colleagues with some titbits or little gifts. Last year, I gave them chocolates and sweets. This year, I’m thinking if I should stop the practice.
My bosses do not treat their staff with festive hampers or meals. They believe that the line between superiors and subordinates should not be crossed. But growing up with parents who have always been thoughtful with their staff, I find it difficult to ignore the thought of giving simple treats during the festive season.
My bosses do not buy souvenirs for the staff (including me) when they travel overseas. Not even a box of chocolate to be shared. We used to grumble that they are extremely stingy and selfish – why is it they can afford a trip overseas but cannot afford (or refuse to) treat us with simple gifts?
Ask xes, and he’ll tell you that he doesn’t believe in buying souvenirs and treats for his support staff. ;P (OK, I remember this 2 years ago. Have you decided otherwise?) He thought I was mad to worry about what to get for my staff back then.
I don’t know about you, but do you consider it a big deal when you treat some of your clerical staff to a simple meal? Buy chocolates when you return from a trip overseas? I couldn’t bear not buying anything for my secretary when I went away for the holiday, or even my colleagues who relieved me during my holiday. Simple treats are just a way of saying thanks!
Anyway, I’ve decided to give some of my staff some Famous Amos cookies, which aren’t that cheap, when you think about it. I’m so tempted to have them all to myself!

Gimme my change

Bought some stuff today at a store and it cost me RM23.91. Gave the cashier RM25 and when my change was given back to me, it was only RM1.05.
I was too tired to make a big fuss, and i’ve never made a big fuss over the 1 sen coins before. Some people do insist, because they say it’s a matter of principle. Most of my friends do, whereas some won’t bother.
Some shops are generous enough to give you 10 sen change instead of short-changing you. And I like that. 😉

Facebook madness

I’m sure most of you have joined the world of Facebook, something much more different than Friendster! you can’t even view a person’s profile unless you are on his or her list of friends, though it allows you to view the person’s list of friends!
Someone once told me that employers MAY resort to checking out your list of friends on Facebook, hence you will notice that many do state their current employer’s name. -_- I don’t know how true that is!
A few weeks ago, I asked xes why wasn’t he on Facebook. And he went, “WHAT??? You’ve joined the craze as well???”
Til the next day, he told me, “EKeKEKekekek …. I’ve joined Facebook liao!”
This Doraemon lover is a joker at times, I tell ya.
ANYWAY … Why is Facebook cool? Because you can play games with your friends and getting in Zombies/Werewolves/Vampires’ fights! Or be a Mobster. Play Scrabble (though known as ‘Scrabulous’ on Facebook). Shower your friends with gifts on a daily basis, for a change. Ha! If it required real money, you think we’d be this generous?
ANYWAY, terribly sorry. I’ve got a “fight” to attend at Fighters’ Club on Facebook. Some chick picked a fight with me for no reason. And I must win!!!
*crazed laughter*
P.S. I may need back up, though…… help!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

“MYy PreCiOuSSsssszZzZzz….”

I suggested to a colleague to have her friend buy back some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups from Australia to try. For my recommendation, she gave me 2. TWO PRECIOUS PIECES!!
*smacks lips together and drools*

This is a Peanut Butter Cup. Yum yum…..

This is the inside of a Peanut Butter Cup. Yum yum….
If you love anything peanut butter, this is the peanut butter chocolate to die for…..
They love it, too!
If you can get some, try them, and you’ll be wanting more of that sugar high!
Guaranteed 5 thumbs up!
You won’t want green tea Kit Kat anymore. ;D


Dear Diary,
Yesterday, I walked into my boss’ room to speak to him about something. He looked up and immediately bent his head low, refusing to look me in the eye.
Only after a while did I realise I had dried booger on my nose. Ugh. I blew my nose before I entered his room, you see. Yuck.
Today, I realised I had dried booger on my nose again, when my colleague stared at me in disgust as I continued chatting to her animatedly.
Why am I so pathetic? I can’t even blow my nose properly!
I am embarrassed. I should have been born a boy. ;D