Cockroach Trap: Update

Remember this post?

So I took Applegal‘s suggestion and tried Ridsect’s Cockroach Trap. No wonder I was cheated at first! I thought I had bought Ridsect’s but if you look at my last post, it was Family’s … perhaps it isn’t as powerful as Ridsect’s?
Tried it, and voila!

Why did God create them? ;(
By the way, if there are any stronger stuff, please recommend. Not super expensive ones like previously suggested. I’m too broke to afford such super strong stuff. Don’t they have like liquid thingy that attracts cockroaches and rip their balls off and let them suffer til they die??
They are really cock roaches, i tell ya.

No Time for Repairs

Are girls more uncaring when it comes to their cars, compared to men? Or is it the other way round?
Sometimes I think my friend is an embarrassment to women. ;D Seriously, she doesn’t seem bothered when her car is covered with mud all over!
I met up with her the other day, only to see her car almost falling apart.
“What’s this?!” I pointed to her signal light. “Go get it repaired!”
“Hehehhe,” she giggled. “No timeeeeeee! Can’t get off work early to get it repaired!”
“So, you just cellotaped it for the time being?” I asked.
“Hehehehe, YA! At least it won’t fall out and clang clang clang against the side.” she replied.
She even went ^_^ when she answered.

See! So not ashamed…..

Mamak food isn’t that cheap

My lunch, at a minimal helping.
Sometimes I get so bored of the choice of food around my office area that I resort to buying some from the mamak shop. Despite requesting for very little rice, and as you can see, a bit of four-angled beans and 2 small pieces of curry chicken, I was taken aback by the cost.
“WHY is it so expensive? This is really little rice!” I complained to the cashier.
The cashier rudely rolled his eyes at me and rambled, “Aiya, this is considered cheap! I’d charge RM4.00 but I’m giving you a discount already!”
I fumed and went back to the office, complained to my colleagues about the mamak shop always ripping me off. The last time I was there, he charged me RM1.20 for Roti Kosong, when it’s RM0.80. But at that time, I was late for work and I didn’t have time to argue. (Hmmmmm, clearly I was at fault. I should have argued with him!)
Anyway, I SWEAR I am boycotting the stupid shop! Malay mixed rice is always cheaper than mamak. No offence, but it’s the truth.
My lunch cost RM3.00. I was so dissatisfied with it.
I’m sorry to be complaining a lot, but all is well, I cook at home and bring it to work for lunch nowadays. ;D

All Ladies Just Wanna Be Young

When we were younger, we always wanted to be older to be treated like adults. From watching too many American programmes, we’d think that being Sweet Sixteen or 21 years of age was A Great Thing.
Now that we’re in the working world, we don’t want to be old or even look older than our age. When men mistake us to be in our late 20s or early 30s when in fact, we’re just 22, we’d be offended. Sniff. I hate being mistaken for being an auntie.
The other day, we found out that 2 of my colleagues, Mei Ni and Ke Ai, and I were born in the same year.
Ke Ai: OOoOoOooOohh, we’re of the same age, eh!
Mei Ni: We are?
Ke Ai: Ya, ya. Bimbo’s birthday in April*, she’s the elder one among us! Haha, I’m the youngest, just one week after Mei Ni!
Me: *thinking to herself* -__-
Just as another colleague walks by, Ke Ai excitedly grabs her by the arm.
Ke Ai: Hey! Guess what? The 3 of us are of the same age! CAN YOU GUESS WHICH ONE OF US IS THE ELDER ONE, and who is the younger one???
Me: (WHAT THE HELL! Must we compete with our looks?!)
The colleague looked at the 3 of us, as we stared back at her expectantly. “Er,” she started, “This is such a tough question…… Can I not answer this?”
If she had asked me, I would have told her I looked the youngest because they are just too petty like aunties. MUAHAHAHA!
Anyway, I bet Ke Ai was disappointed not to have been pointed as looking the youngest, since she asked!
*Bimbobum’s Imaginery Birthday.


Commonly referred to as ‘farting’.
Caused by gas in the bowels – undigested food.

“There are many different reasons why our bodies produce excess gas. Diet is one. Carbohydrates produce a lot of gas because they contain a lot of sugar and starch, which easily ferment. Lactose is another contributing factor. Our bodies have a hard time digesting lactose. Yes, milk and milk products cause flatulence.” [source]

For the past 2 weeks, I thought I was being healthy by eating cereal for breakfast in the mornings. Last weekend, I decided that I had to quit eating cereal as I was farting more than usual. Ugh. I hate farting.
Instead of it being the cereal’s fault, obviously it was the milk. *droops head down* I apologise to the auntie who walked by me in the supermarket aisle as I accidentally let out a smelly one. =(
Besides baked beans, other types of food that can cause flatulence: broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onion, carrots, eggplants, raisins, prunes, soybeans, etc.
Now I’ve got 2 bags of unfinished cereal in my fridge. I eat them while I slurp on my mug of Milo, once in a while. It’s not the same!

A predicament indeed

I have this dilemma everytime I go to the ladies. Which cubicle do I go into?
Usually I will pick the middle one at one side of cubicles against the wall. No particular reason really. The one on its right is the squat type, which I never go for; while the other one’s door doesn’t lock right. There’s another row of three cubicles on the other side of the toilet, which brings me to my current predicament.
Then recently, I’ve read a few articles which reported that the middle cubicle of any toilet is the dirtiest of the lot because most people would choose to enter the middle one for some reason or other. Oddly enough, the first cubicle is always the cleanest.
So here I am standing in front of three cubicles at my office’s toilet. I’m left with the choice of the first or middle cubicle. The last one’s for the handicapped and I really don’t want to be caught peeing in that one cubicle with a real handicapped person waiting outside the door.
So yeah I better not go to the middle one.
But wait! What if other people have read the same articles and then are doing just that – avoiding the middle one and going to the first one! That would make the first one dirtiest!
Better go to the middle one then.
Hang on, what if those same people are thinking the exact same thing I am thinking?? That makes the middle one dirtiest!
First one then? But what if…
Oh gawd I gotta pee.
Ok let’s check the toilet rolls, the one with the smaller roll would be the one most used!
Oh crap, the first cubicle’s one is finished. Middle one then.
Crap! There is so little toilet roll here! And there’s a feeling like someone has just used the toilet [you just know these things sometimes].
ARGH I really gotta pee!!!
Ah fack it, I’m going to the handicapped one.

And this quick little banter goes on in my head every single time I go to the ladies. Sometimes I would bite the bullet and just head to the middle one. Or first one. GAH! Just don’t let me started on which cubicle I would choose if the cubicles are half-taken and you wonder which neighbouring one you rather hear from..

Action and Reaction

Or is it Active and Reactive? Whatever.

Today, some idiot from another department yelled at me on the phone, just because the Human Resource Department did not update their system. Idiot wanted to send me something (work-related) but was unable to locate me as I was just recently transferred to another department.

Firstly, he got mad when the something was returned to his department, reason being that there was no such person there (at the old address). Fair enough, I’d be mad, too.

Then, he yelled into my ear accusing me of not updating the Human Resource Department of my change of address. He yelled and yelled and honestly, I wanted to scream back at him, but with my colleagues around, I didn’t think it was wise.



Bear in mind, however, the conversation was in Malay. If it were in English, I wouldn’t have been that polite.

He yelled again, that I just said, “You scold me, I scold you! Come lah!”
It is REALLY not easy to keep your calm when someone is yelling into your ear or face. F**king rude, man!

He eventually ran out of things to say and handed the receiver over to his colleague, who was much more polite. Yeah, things got sorted out, but I told him that for goodness sake, they got their instructions from the HR Department and it’s their fault for giving wrong instructions and not mine. Idiots! (I mean HR, of course.)

Anyway, all this yelling when I’ve got a sore throat made things worse. I went to the clinic for some medication and the doctor gave me was:

Err, I can walk into any 7-Eleven for this myself la, doctor!
-___- ||
p.s. OK, he gave me something called ‘Beazyme’ as well.