Christmas stamps!

Since Christmas is approaching, it’s time to make money!!

Post Offices around the world have been issuing Christmas stamps.

Here are some new Christmas stamps:-

Well, boring design
Merry Christmas!

Czech Republic

Prejeme Vam Vesele Vanoce a stastny Novy Rok


Feliz Navidad!


These Japanese stamps are cool. Other than the self adhesive stamps, you can use the characters (teddy bear, snowman etc) as well.
Kurisumasu Omedeto!


Santa Clause! I remember once pikey sent a letter to Santa Clause in Finland. Santa replied!
Hyvaa joulua!


Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva is Novim Godom!

United Kingdom

Christmas 2005 Stamps

Recently, the Royal Mail stated that it would not to issue the 68 pence Christmas stamp to customers unless specifically requested. The 68p Christmas stamp featured a picture of Hindus worshipping Baby Christ, and had led to calls for a withdrawal by Hindu organisations in the UK.

Merry Christmas!

For more Christmas wishes in different languages, visit

US Agency Stamps, Coin, Notes and Phone Cards Fair

I saw this advertisement from Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore’s Stamp Catalogue.

This is the first time I see people putting photos of themselves on an unrelated advertisement.

So anyway,I paid them a visit today.

It was held at the 2nd Floor of Heritage Hotel, Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. One should pay a visit there as its interior is of Victorian/Edwardian design.

Their elevator kicks asses as well. You have to open the door yourself and close it yourself! It’s like living in the early 1900s 😀

The fair was held in a medium sized room with stamps, coins and notes sprawled all over the place. The price is reasonable as well. Further, their service was excellent!

As for the variety of stamps, they have stamps all over the world and era. I even saw a Penny Red selling for RM12!

They also have an excellent collection of Japanese Occupation of Malaysia Stamps!

RM5600!!!! I gotta sell my ass for this!!

Japanese Occupation stamps. It’s written ‘Savings, the Japanese Government Malai (Malaysia)’

Coins & Notes. They even have Saddam Hussein’s notes.

The fair is held every month first Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 6pm daily. To all stamp lovers, pls pay a visit tomorrow!

Zheng He commemorative stamps

Pos Malaysia Berhad’s has issued new stamps to commemorate the 600th anniversary of Malaysia-China relationship.

The stamps and First Day Cover pay tribute to Admiral Zheng He, the greatest navigator during the China’s Ming Dynasty who paved the way for the establishment of the enduring relationship between Malacca, and subsequently Malaysia, and China as well as bringing to light the influences that came along with Admiral Zheng He’s voyages that had since become parts and parcels of the present Malacca community.
I went for the launch @ the Philatelic Department of Pos Besar. There were loads of people. People in Malaysia actually queue up to buy stamps!!

This stall opens every time Pos Besar opens its doors for Stamp Collectors to purchase its new stamps. Unlike some stamps collectors I know, this nice lady offers stamps at reasonable price.

Being a young collector, many stamp traders tries to take advantage of me by selling me stamps at exorbitant prices. These unscrupulous traders should be shot, hung and served as breakfast.

People fixing their stamps on envelopes.
Postal authorities from China’s mainland, Hong Kong and Macao has also jointly issue commemorative stamps marking the 600th anniversary of the ancient Chinese navigator and diplomat Zheng He’s seven voyages to the Western Seas.

Charles and Camilla stamps

The Royal Mail has unveiled two stamps showing Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles to mark their wedding.

The stamps will go on sale April 8, the date scheduled for their wedding in Windsor.

A first-class 30-pence stamp shows an informal close-up picture of the pair laughing.

They pose more formally in a 68-pence stamp, which is the most popular price for posting a letter overseas from Britain.

Get it @

But not forgetting our very own stamps issued on 9 April 2005


Good news to owners of the Malaysian made car Gen.2!
Pos Malaysia Berhad, in collaboration with PROTON Holdings Berhad, is issuing special stamps and First Day Covers featuring PROTON Gen.2 to the public on Monday, 7th March 2005.
The special stamps and First Day Covers will be launched by YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, PROTON’s Advisor at the Perdana Leadership Foundation Auditorium, Putrajaya on 21st March 2005, Monday.

To those who wants to purchase it on the 7th of March, head down to the Philately department at Pejabat Pos Besar, next to Dayabumi. A stamp fair will be held there.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

To all lovely couples out there, enjoy being slaughted by opportunist. However, a homecook meal or homemade gift would definately make V day even more special.
To all single people out there, don’t feel bad if you dont have a date. Your time will come. Think of all those poor guys who have to pay few hundred dollars for a crummy meal.
V day must also be celebrated with music. Music will light up the atmosphere and make you remember the V day you had when that particular music is played again.
To those suffering from a heartbreak, listen to 4PM – Sukiyaki, it would make you feel like jumping off a building.
The song Sukiyaki was originally sang by a Japanese singer by the name Kyu Sakamoto.
He was born in Kawasaki, Kanagawa prefecture. His most popular song, “Ue o muite aruko” (I Look Up When I Walk; Sukiyaki in the West)was a hit in Japan and topped the Billboard pop charts in the United States in 1963 where it was called “Sukiyaki.” Western DJs needed a song title that was at once easily pronounceable and associated with Japan. So, “Sukiyaki” was it, even though the word is not mentioned in the song.
In 1985, Sakamoto was killed in the crash of Japan Airlines flight 123.
In 16 March 1999, Japan Post issued a stamp commemorating the song ‘Ue o muite arukou’.