Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese visitors, except the gender confused reader daniel aka winnie. hehe
Since 1996, Christmas Island issue animals of the Chinese zodiac every year. This year would be the Rooster year.
In Chinese tradition, the rooster is admired as courageous and beneficent, and symbolises reliability, never failing to announce the arrival of a new day. Rooster years were 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993 and 2005.
Those born in the year of the Rooster are usually good looking and well-dressed. Appearance and status are important to them. Roosters are clever and conscientious in fulfilling their duties. They are talented in organisational work and manage money well. Although good at tackling problems and completing assignments, they are unlikely to be innovators.
Whilst generally kind, rooster people can be critical, frank and insensitive, and may refuse to admit they are wrong. Roosters make excellent actors. In a happy mood they are likely to be the centre of attention. While male roosters tend to be boastful, females are more modest, patient and kind, and do well in any social work.

Christmas Island Lunar New Year 2005
Source: http://www.auspost.com.au/philatelic/stamps/stampshop_2.asp?pid=699432416&product_type=8&category_id=416&product_id=2263

Build Your Own Stamp Sweat Box

Source: http://www.glassinesurfer.com/stamp_collecting/gssweatbox.shtml

Sometimes soaking isn’t the solution. Sometimes it’s best to let humidity work on the glue before you try to remove a hinge remnant or separate a mint stamp stuck to another stamp or an album page. The same trick works for getting stamps off envelopes whose inks you know will discolor the stamp when placed in water.

If you live in a hot, humid area you could experiment with exposing your stamps to the elements, but for most of us the answer is a sweat box. It’s simply an airtight container with a couple of sponges and a cradle to keep the stamps from coming into direct contact with the sponges.

The basic idea is to raise the humidity in the sweat box so that it dampens the stamp’s gum just enough to loosen the stamp from whatever it’s stuck on without saturating the stamp or the paper, or diluting the gum.

The basic parts of the sweat box are

1. A small air tight container. (picture #1) A small, clear plastic disposable air-tight food container works well. The smaller the container, the quicker the humidy rises. If it’s clear you can check on the stamp’s progress without opening the container, which would then also drop the humidity.
2. A clean, never-used sponge or two to hold the water moisture. (picture #5) Two clean kitchen sponges are fine. You can try this out with what you have in the kitchen, but if you want to keep your sweat box working, you’ll want to replace them with never-used sponges.

3. A screen on which the stamp on piece rests. I used a plastic basket that stores sell strawberries in. (picture #1) I then trimmed the sides down low enough to fit between the two sponges.
4. Spacers (picture #4) These raise the screen above the bottom sponge and must be non-porous, plastic, metal or cork. I used two bottle caps, but now use two pieces from a backgammon set.

To put together a your own homemade sweat box read the following and refer to the pictures.

1. Soak the bottom sponge in water. Wring it out so that it is still heavy and wet with water but not dripping and place it on the bottom of your box.
2. Affix the top sponge to the center of your box’s top lid with two push pins as shown in picture #2.
3. Soak the top sponge in water and wring it out so that it is still heavy and wet with water but not dripping.
4. Now trim your screen so that it will fit between the upper and lower sponge. See picture #3.
5. Place your two spacers on top of the bottom sponge and rest your screen on top of it. See picture #4
6. When finished and set up, it looks something like this. See picture #5. In a while, depending on the sponge water, the size of the box, ambient temperature, humidity and sunlight on the box, water droplets will form on the sides of the box.

7. I cut a wine cork into ½” thicknesses and used them to cover the sharp ends of the push pins holding the top sponge in place on the cover.

The object of the sweat box is to have the humidity in the box seep through the paper and loosen the stamp’s gum, but remember paper and gum interact in different ways depending on the age of the paper, the age and condition of the gum and the humidity.

Self-adhesive stamps can be sweated off, but what happens with a SA stamp is that the binder layer dissolves separating the top paper layer from the bottom adhesive layer so that you can’t save the stamp with its adhesive.

And if you think stronger measures are necessary, just give the sweat box more time to work. Remember “STEAM is EXTREME.”

With a little experience and patience most glues finally break down under the humidity. Expect a gummed stamp to take 30 minutes to loosen from paper, and gummed mint stamps a bit longer to release from each other.

Hot Chicks stamps!!

Wendy See, a reader of this website, sent me these pictures 😀

Very fappable indeed.

However, I doubt the authenticity of these stamps. These stamps might fall into the category of “Cinderella Stamp”.

Cinderella Stamp is any stamp that may look like a regular postage stamp, but which is not valid for use as postage. Stamp-like objects categorized by philatelists as Cinderella Stamps include such things as Christmas Seals, Easter Seals, and Fantasy Stamps from non-existent countries, but there are many other types of Cinderellas. In other words, “Cinderellas” is the nickname given to all non-postage stamps that are not listed in Scott’s catalog, and that most traditional stamp collectors tend to scorn or shun. However, there is a growing number of specialized collectors who find these philatelic items fascinating.

Anyway, thanks girl!

Stamp Exhibition @ Sub3ng Parade

Last week, eraine and I went for the Stamp Exhibition at Sub3ng Parade Shopping Centre.

I drooled from the beginning until the end. I spent a sinful RM50 on them!!

Two young newspaper reporters approached us for a photo. One of the reporters tried interviewing us in Mandarin.

Girl: *said something in Mandarin to eraine*
eraine conveniently said, “wo bu hui chiang hu yu“. That means, “I cant speak Mandarin”

Obviously shocked, the girl had no choice but to interview me. She asked me what kind of stamps I bought. I could not think of the proper words for it (my Mandarin is bad). Hence, I said, “sher mok tou mai!!” (I buy whatever there is!!).

They then made us pose with the newly launched stamps on our hands. If you see us on Sin Chew Jit Poh, those weren’t our stamps!!

I think the obvious reason why the reporters approached is that we were the ‘young’ patrons there. Other patrols were either too old or too young (primary school kids).

I overhead a conversation by 2 men.

Men 1: Why are only primary school kids here? What happen to the secondary school kids?
Men 2: I think those kids are in the cinema or doing something “cool”

How true, eraine and I were the only young adults there.

Stamp exhibition

Dad came back from Thailand today. He got me some marvelous stamps. They wereee soooooooo OooOoooOooh..okay i should say that word. hehe

mmmmmmmmMMmmmMMMmmmmmmmm..but brantosaurus on a Thai Stamp? I didnt know dinasours exist in Thailand..

Couple of days ago, I went to check out the Philatelic department @ the Kuala Lumpur Post Office HQ.

and bought these,

Then I saw this,

I don’t know whether he’s still alive. But I smelled piss while walking past him.

To those who are interested, there’s a stamp exhibition tomorrow.

9TH- 15TH OCTOBER 2004

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Lately, when I close my eyes, I see…


They’re everywhere!!

But the sight of them lined up neatly on my stamp book and the colours of it, is just too orgasmic!!

I have been on a stamps shopping spree lately. Stamp collecting has always been one of children’s favourite hobbies. However, most people lose interest in it when they grew older. I on the other hand, restarted my passion when I was in England.

Some people might find this hobby childish but it is a worldly recognised hobby, post offices around the world has a department dedicated to philately! Well at least this is a legitimate hobby. A friend of mine collects different kind of ecstasy pills he could get. I wonder if he is still around, hope he is not on the death row.

I saw the news on the oldest postcard in the world, it was first used in 1840 and it is now worth 20,000 pounds!

If you have any unwanted stamps collection and wishes to dispose them off, please give it to me!! I’ll trade it with eumm.. my collection of Melbourne Shuffle videos. Anyone?

New stamps that i bought.

Lord of the Rings stamps from New Zealand..OOOOOOoOOooohhhhhh

Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation OOOOOOhhHHHhHHHhhhhh orgasmicc…

2nd batch of stamps arrived

The antique stamps I bought from eBay arrived today. The seller, Neil seems to be a very nice person. He inserted a small note with a caricature of a cat saying “Smile at everyone today” and he wrote, “Hope you like them, Neil. The stamps are inside the cardboard, it may look crude but I find it the lightest and strongest way of keeping the stamps flat!! Thank you for buying NEIL’s stamps. I hope we can deal again in the near future. I will post feedback”. Hey, that put a smile in my face.

I spent 4 hours in the library trying to study. However, it wasn’t productive at all, I wasted half of my time daydreaming. Man, I wish my Law subjects are much more interesting. I?m not complaining that law sucked but it really needs a tuning. My lecturers should just write their notes in a simpler form. Sometimes I would take a long time trying to figure out what a sentence is trying to say.