super sized cling wrap

**[disclaimer: a possibly inaccurate personal account on slimming treatment(s), written on 17/01/06.]

chinese new year is just next week!
i must admit (shamefully), i go for slimming treatment(s) in a desperate attempt to lose the extra inches and kilos, to avoid having my cheeks/tummy/thighs/arms/bum mercilessly pinched by my relatives and hearing them say, “wah, aren’t you prosperous? child-bearing hips!! got boyfriend ah? very happy life in kl ah? food there must be good!” and etc..
the slimming treatments differ for different people, depending on their fat content, detoxification, ….. and goodness knows whatever else they can think of la.
on the day of my appointment for treatment, they weigh me before and after the treatment, to record how much weight i’ve lost from the treatment. the worst is if i’ve gained weight between the last and current treatment. =(
in the beginning, i never knew what “wrapping” was.
but i should have guessed that the literal meaning applied.

problem areas [thighs, bum, saddlebags, tummy, arms, double chins, eyebags, earlobes, fingers, feet, etc] will be wrapped up with industrial sized cling wrap after you’re slathered with slimming cream or chilli oil. this is to allow for better penetration of the ‘slimming elements’ to fight the fatty cells in you. *bishpiakpoofbishbishpoing*
it doesn’t work that well apparently, if you do this yourself at home because it has to be REALLY tight.
and i thought of doing it myself to save some money….. *sigh*
and right after i am wrapped up, i am not supposed to eat until i unwrap myself an hour later. but usually i’m too hungry to bother waiting. hehe.

p.s. me not THAT fat. = but in the KL society of super ultra thin teeny tiny petite angelic waifs with stats of 36-21-30, me am fat. *sobs* it’s a cruel cruel world….

kit kat with peanut butter filling

months back, we were given a taste glimpse of xes’ green tea kit kat, and then the numerous others he tried and bought in japan. yum. =)

when i was in melbourne, they had the kit kat with peanut butter filling.
i lOoOoOooove peanut butter!

nice bright shiny blue wrapper…….. unopened.

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wOtcha lOOking at?

caught someone in my office staring at my *cleavage* the other day, just because i had the top 2 buttons of my shirt undone. but there was no hint of soft curves whatsoever though. unless he was admiring my smooth skin, or the pendant on the chain around my neck… perhaps even the split ends of my hair? hmm.. but i always have the top 2 buttons of my shirt undone what.
sure us girls/women nowadays usually do the same, tantalising you men with a peekaboo[b], and yes, you can look/stare/ogle if you want to, but does it have to be done BLATANTLY and right-in-my-face-while-i’m-asking-you-a-question instead of concentrating at the question at hand?
10 seconds is LONG!
wait, 5 seconds is also long!
coincidentally the day before this happened, i had a conversation with a friend regarding blatant ogling. he told me that he was with his friends [another guy and one girl] and as they walked out of the restaurant, a guy was coming in. just after the girl walked past this guy, he made a 180 degree turn behind and deliberately craned his neck to peer into her shirt!
uhm, excuse me… be discreet la.
it’s not about us girls/women ‘asking for it’. it may be complimentary, but if you’re a guy who has a permanent hamsup (perverted) expression on his face [*ugh*], and/or forever staring like we’d be flattered to see drool coming out of your mouth [*bleh*], and/or we’re talking to you but your eyes are just glued to our cleavage, and/or you’re just short so your eye level just has to remain at our cleavage level, it doesn’t mean you cannot be discreet.
anyway, it wasn’t like i was wearing this to the office…..
[this pic is taken from]
p.s. and when your boss does it….. *shivers* ……. yerr..

my first chewing gum experience.

one evening when i was a pudgy 4-year-old, my dad came back from work with a surprise. he shook the package and told me, “i’ll let you try this after dinner, ok?”
“what’s that?” i eagerly asked. he replied, “chewing gum!” and he showed me this.

[courtesy of]

after dinner, my dad took out the box, and like a sacred occasion, he slowly opened the box flap and put one square piece in my palm and one in his.
“now, this sweet, you CANNOT swallow, understand? you can only chew, until it no longer has taste, and then you spit it out. CHEW. understand? DO NOT SWALLOW, ok?” he explained to me the basic rules of eating chewing gum. i nodded solemnly, feeling like a big girl with an important task.
i popped it into my mouth and chewed. at first, i sucked on it. that hard sweet outer layer tasted nice. then i started to chew. i felt like i was eating a lil piece of plasticine.

[courtesy of]
about 10 minutes later, my dad announced, “ok, time to spit out the chewing gum!” and led me to the kitchen and stood me in front of the basket/dustbin.
“now, spit.” he instructed. he demonstrated by spitting his into the dustbin.
i spat into the dustbin.
he peered in.
“nothing also. SPIT!!”
i stuffed my lil head into the dustbin.

my dad looked at me.
i looked back at him innocently.
“make sure you just pangsai (shit) it out later……..”

innOcent flirting.

there’s this guy whom i think is cute. cute when he grins, and he’s a sweetheart, too. he calls me up occasionally to chat and we do lunch sometimes. he sends an sms on and off, and i reply. ;P and he flirts with me un/intentionally that i can’t help but flirt in return.

i guess i have a *crush* on him, just a wee bit. a lil. ;P

but he’s attached. he has a girlfriend. =[

can or should i:
(a) continue to flirt with with him and let him flirt with me, without taking him seriously?
(b) stomp out that lil crush i have?
(c) stop flirting and mention his girlfriend during every chat we have?

[it’s verbal flirting only, there has never been any touchy-feely, body language flirting.]

is it wrong to have a crush on someone’s boyfriend?

some say it’s not. especially if both parties keep it at a distance.

p.s. before you throw virtual tomatoes at me, i do not steal people’s boyfriends. that’s a no no.

mOdern testimOnials.

the last i checked, a testimonial can be defined as:
(a) a recommendation or putting in a good word;
(b) a tribute – something given or done as an expression of esteem;
since a few years ago(when a sudden rush of creativity emerged on the internet), we can now find testimonials on friendster‘s in a form of greetings, and others.


[“you’ve got lotsa $$$$ so you’re a star, man!”]

_________////____ Oo .. !!! .. o.. , o
___*____//////____ o .. (*.* )Merry ..O
_____*_////////___*_ ( ) ChristMas
__________|_|_______ O .( ….. ).ooooo

hello, how does the christmas tree and the cute teddy bear put in a good word about me in the testimonial? does the tree signify that i’ve always been a prickly person? or the teddy bear means i’m hugable?
surely it’s just a greeting which can (and should) be sent via the message or bulletin thingy. or email, sms or snail mail.
come on, there is a difference between ‘testimonial’ and a ‘guestbook’, serious shit, man. (mind my language!)
nah, i’ll borrow this as my testimonial for
…………..I…WAS ……………….
………………….HERE ………….

[“you’ve got cute toes, yo, so i was here!”]

bimbO alert!

so i finally made up my mind to be a guestblogger for this site, despite the fact that the major terms and conditions (of my ’employment’) has yet to be ironed out. [quite stOOpid of me.] ;P
hmm… what’s there to intro bout myself? i’ve got boobs and bum, so i’m definitely a girl. ;P yup, i just got out of the shower, so, of course i’m sure. *smacks bum*
really, i just wondered whether uncle frank needed a break from blogging. hehe… so i’ll help out a bit. [psst, u can pay me later, frank!]
erm. that’s it. i mean, no one is reading blogs during the christmas break. everyone’s busy having parties to attend, last minute shopping for presents (yay~), visiting relatives (not smelly uncle botak chin pls!), looking for missing toes mistletoes in hope to receive kisses for free (desperate?), catching mummy kissing santa claus……
at least now that christmas is finally here, we don’t have to be asked a gazillion and one times, “hey, so what’s your plan for christmas eve? christmas?” tiring, isn’t it? then we’ll sound like a broken record repeating the same question to them, “i’m doing blah di daa… how bout you? what are your plans?”
peace and quiet until next week it’ll be “what are your new year’s eve plans? new year??”
wokies, i, too, need to go out and hunt for give out free kisses.
happy holidays and merry christmas! *muah*
p.s. uncle xes, do i get paid for this? =)