Decomposing car

An abandoned car in a popular night spot in Kuala Lumpur. The wheels are stolen and the metal is rusting away. Certainly one of Malaysia’s car of the year nominees.
There’s another picture of a run down car who got nominated for Malaysia’s Car of the Year. It was from website. I cant find it though. Anyone has it? 😀

Mini Karaoke Booth

Another recent fixture in Kuala Lumpur would be the mini karaoke booth. Priced @ RM1 per song, it could be split between 2 people, hence 50 cents per song! According to a friend, these karaoke booths originated from Thailand.
The booth is made to fit only 2 people. Any amount more 2 might result in the booth exploding as the booth is made of wood. Of course, since it is made of wood, one may hear frogs croaking or dog howling from the wooden booth.

Feet Detox

Feet Detox is the most recent talk of the town. Such detox shops are springing everywhere from popular shopping centres to lousy shopping centres.
From the feet detox, one can remove toxin from their body just by placing their feet on a bowl specially mould to fit your feet. Then the bowl will be filled with a clear liquid. Few seconds later, the bowl will turn into a feet Jacuzzi and minutes later, the water will start to change colour! Apparently, the water changes according to the level of toxin on your body!

Of course, I couldn’t authenticate how genuine this detox is. I have not tried it myself. I somehow suspect that it is some sort of chemical based water that reacts to some sort of crap in the mini Jacuzzi. A placebo maybe..

According to

    The Hydra Detox treatment is a very simple and effortless way to detox your body. It simply involves immersing your feet into a foot bowl filled with water. The Hydra Detox machine looks like a foot spa. It contains a double element that reacts with water and salt to ionise the water within the foot spa. When the machine is activated it generates a magnetic bio-field similar to that of a living being. When we come into contact with this via our hands or feet the magnetic field within the foot spa interacts with our own magnetic field to rebalance and re-energise our system.
    Following an initial consultation and assessment, you immerse your hands or feet, as advised by your detox practitioner, in the spa for 30 minutes. One treatment will be enough to impart a sense of relaxation and well-being and your body will, if properly hydrated, begin to detox. A course of treatments will be necessary in most cases if you want you body to re-balance itself to the best health it can achieve.
    This type of machine is described as a detox machine because the response of a rebalanced body is to excrete any excess toxins via the kidneys, liver, bowels and skin AFTER treatment. Therefore the client will experience the beneficial effects of a detox experience.
    Whilst immersing your feet in the water a gentle Bio-Energetic Resonance travels through the body rebalancing it and providing a catalyst for self-detoxification. The body now starts to release the toxins through the pores in the feet.
    The Hydra Detox System is completely safe to use. It is however, not recommended for pregnant ladies, anyone with a pacemaker or an organ transplant. full of shit…

A safe road to take

Often we hear and see in the radio or tv about a certain community leader or ministers blaming the reckless and selfish drivers for the increased road accident. However, have they ever think that their road planning,its design and the quality of the work carry out by their nominated contractors should equally be blame for the increased accidents? Do all these “leaders” have any right to point their blood stained fingers at someone else? Afterall, they are chosen by the people to serve the people and they PROMISED and VOWED on it.

Citizen Nades aka R. Nadeswaran wrote about this on 1/12/2004:-

Way back in the sixties, pupils in Standard Six learnt the exploits of Francis Drake, Christopher Columbus, Mahatma Gandhi and Ali Jinnah. We also learnt about one Mr MacAdam, who revolutionised the road building industry.

As 11-year-olds, we were perplexed that most of the roads in Malaya at that time were “MacAdamised” roads. Then came someone who decided 11-year-olds had enough of colonial masters and felt they should all learn about Hang Tuah and forget about the Hindu prince called Parameswara.

But those in the public service presently, including Mr Suret Singh, the director-general of the Transport Ministry’s Road Safety Department must have also come across Mr MacAdam. So, what has road safety got to do with MacAdam?

The majority are of the wrongly held view that accidents are only related to speeding, careless driving and the like. But don’t forget that the road signages, construction, condition and maintenance of roads are contributing factors to accidents. For example, a newly-constructed road in SS2 in Petaling Jaya has become a sea of pot-holes and pebbles after rain over the past few days.
While we cannot tell government departments and agencies which contractor they should appoint to carry out road works, (lest yet another scandal ala PMC comes to the fore), at least we can tell them that we need good roads. Therefore, while congratulating the ministry for its far-sightedness in setting up a department to look after road safety, one must not forget to see if the DG and his officers are vested with enough powers to ensure that our roads are safe. Can the DG, for example, compel other departments and agencies to have more visible signs on dangers ahead?

Can the DG ask the Public Works Department to realign any road which it deems is dangerous to the public? At a time when agencies are willing to pay up to RM16, 000 each for plastic coconut trees, will they be willing to spend a fraction for an “Awas” sign? From past experiences, the plastic coconut trees bring other sort of benefits for the people who sign the local order. But can road signs bring about similar rewards?

Can the DG compel the little dictators in local councils to cancel the licences of billboards and hoardings at road junctions?

All the advertisements and television commercials will mean nothing if the people involved do not have the power to put right several wrongs of other departments and agencies who seem to get their priorities wrong.

There was a time when it was a government policy not to allow any sort of advertisements at junctions because they are a distraction to motorists. These days, they are premium spots, not only for the advertisers but also for those who sign the approval forms.The list goes on and on. Suret has the job cut out for him, but he will Be wrong if he thinks the number of accidents and the related deaths can be reduced with the snap of a finger.

Already, the chest-thumpers are at work — claiming that the latest Ops Sikap has brought down the deaths during the recent festive season to 200. The prime minister has chided such feats and rightly so, because one death is one too many. It will be impossible for the department with its small pool of people to undertake a national-level effort.

I am of the view that the department identifies one municipality and implements the policies and measures, then fine tune it and then “export” them periodically to other municipalities. This is the only way to go forward — focus on one area and then get the systems right. Otherwise, the attention will be divided and there will be no concentration in the efforts. We have already spent millions on road safety campaigns which have not brought about the desired results. We are going to spend millions more, but this time around, let us do a bit of planning and execute the plan well.

Note: This article was published in The SUN on 1/12/2004.


This is what I call ART!!



Yes, these are Drew’s Graffitis done in Melbourne.



Also part of THE Melbourne Graffiti!

So, you ask “What have Malaysians got to do with it?”

I’m telling you,

I'm loving it.jpg

Yes, I’m loving it at SS2 McDs

Graffiti has begun to hit the walls in Malaysia with a ssSSsssSSSTTTTTT~~!

The wonderful sound of a spray can at work, ladies and gentlemen.
At least, it has in my bedroom~

room being graffitied.jpg
Is it a good idea?

Well, those of you out there, if you want to sembur, remember to…

.. Sembur With Style!

**Pictures are courtesy of Drew, a close friend and upcoming Malaysia’s biggest graffiti artist aka spray painter larh! teehehee*
Check him out here!

Close shop?

No larh..where can??

Cup Jelly harzadous to children?

Ban this killer jelly
A consultant pathologist has urged the authorities to ban cup jelly candy as it poses a high suffocation risk among children. Prof Dr Kasinathan Nadesan of the University Malaya Medical Centre told The Malay Mail that most children sucked the jelly straight from its container after lifting the tab. Due to the texture of the jelly, it gets sucked straight into the throat and this may cause children to choke.
“If the blockage is not cleared quickly the victim may die within minutes,” Dr Nadesan said when asked to comment on the death of three-year-old Wong Poh Yan on Sunday.
Poh Yan was riding a bicycle accompanied by her Indonesian maid near her house in Seri Petaling when she choked on the candy, the second piece she had within minutes. The maid tried to dig out the candy using her fingers but failed. The girl was pronounced dead when she was taken to a nearby clinic by her father. A post-mortem at the UMMC on Monday revealed that the candy was lodged in her throat between the larynx and vocal chords. Checks by The Malay Mail at shops near the victim’s house showed several brands of the jelly on sale at RM1.20 for a packet of 20 cups.
Dr Nadesan said what happened to Poh Yan is not an isolated case. He said there have been similar cases in the past year, although he could not give details.
“That is why I am calling for a ban on this particular type of jelly which is sucked by children,” he said.
“Meanwhile, parents should supervise their children when this jelly is consumed.”
Asked what was the best way to help a child who is choking, Dr Nadesan said the child has to be held by the legs, upside-down and slapped hard on the back, just below the neck.
“This is the most effective and the fastest way to dislodge the foreign object from the throat. There is no point running to a doctor at that time, as every second counts,” he said.
“The child could end up dead by the time he or she gets medical attention.”
Poh Yan, the youngest of four children, was cremated yesterday at the Cheras crematorium.
Note1: This story was published in Malay Mail on 24th November by Marhalim Abas

Contrary to what Dr Nadesan was quoted in the above item about holding a choking child upside down and slapping hard on the back just below the neck,
The Heimlich Institute recommends:
Don’t slap the victim’s back. (This could make matters worse.)
The Heimlich Manoeuvre is an option which may work better.
How to do the Heimlich Manoeuvre:
The Heimlich Manoeuvre for CHOKING INFANTS

A choking victim can’t speak or breathe and needs your help immediately.
Follow these steps to help a choking infant:
1. Lay the child down, face up, on a firm surface and kneel or stand at the victim’s feet, or hold infant on your lap facing away from you.
2. Place the middle and index fingers of both your hands below his rib cage and above his navel.
3. Press into the victim’s upper abdomen with a quick upward thrust; do not squeeze the rib cage. Be very gentle.
4. Repeat until object is expelled.
5. If the Victim has not recovered, proceed with CPR. The Victim should see a physician immediately after rescue.
6. See a physician immediately after rescue.

Malaysian: The greatest credit card fraudster in the world?

As we all know that Malaysia’s Credit card is not accepted by a lot of internet shopping portal and web money transfer service namely PayPal. This is because credit card fraud is rampant in our country. I don’t know whether we should be proud or ashame of this but apparently Malaysia’s credit card fraudsters are the best or to be more precise, “the most creative” in the world. On Sunday, News Strait Time (NST) published an article about a new method that our credit card fraudsters are using now.

According to report, the fraudsters nowadays are not merely professional criminal but also inventors. They are like the high-tech thieves we see in the movies. The fraudsters are now using two new devices to steal credit card number. These two devices are so new and rare that the police have not come out with a name for it. The first device is something akin to digital voice recorder (DVR). The fraudster use it to tap phone lines and another is to transfer the data via SMS,the police call it “”wire-tapping transmitter”.

This is how the devices work:” With the DVR, the fraudsters connect the device to the merchant’s telephone line, which sends data to the bank. So any transaction conducted by the merchant is copied by the DVR, which can run for nine hours. If you only have the DVR, someone will have to come and get the device to download the data to a computer. With the wire-tapping transmitter, no one has to collect the device. As it is SMS-ing the data to a phone, the fraudster could be relaxing on a beach somewhere getting all the data,” This new method can steal in between 100 to 1000 accounts daily, depending on the traffic rate.

Next time if you are thinking of paying with your credit card, please do check whether they have additional devices attached to the machine.

Q&A on Sarawak

I got this Q&A on Sarawak from my sister. Sarawak is one of the 13 State that made up Federation of Malaysia. It is located on the Island of Borneo and is better known as East Malaysia together with Sabah. It has some very interesting facts that might enlighten up my fellow Malaysian on this “backward, and mysterious” state.

Q&A on Sarawak

1. Hey, u s’wak people live in trees ah?
YES, we have elevators too…they’re really an engineering feat cos its not ez to fit an elevator into a tree

2. U guys got electric isit?
Yes…but since cost of transmission is too high due to the geographic barriers..we use independent solar panels and mini turbines scattered all around, they are exactly 30,000 of them!!

3. Over there got wat car?
We ride wild boar. When the plane arrive at the airport, we take our wild boar and ride it all the way to our tree house.

4. Got road mer?
no jus jungle trails and a few roads around town

5. U bidayuh from Sulawesi there ha?
yes we are head hunters. human brain is the best food…

6. S’wak is inside Sabah right?
No, were one state u idiot..sabah is a town in swak

7. Eh?%3

Pasar Malam

mmmm…why is this man lying on the middle of the road?

Oh, it’s one of the many beggars around KL night markets.

Rumours had it that beggars around Kuala Lumpur are maintained by syndicates. They provide beggers with the necessary transport to beg and then collect a fee/commission/etc from them.

Beggars use many tactics to gain more sympathies from people. Some bring small children with them, some had open wounds dispayed and some write their sob stories on huge piece of paper for people to read.

Running a syndicate like this is no doubt unethnical. However, wouldn’t it be justified that beggars DO need these services to ease their life? Oh well.