HARDSEQUENCE presents SOLID @ Solar, Damansara Perdana – Sat. 19.4.2008

Yet another hard thumping night for KL-lites!

As some of you may know, the Bass Agents are of one of the people behind Hardsequence. The Bass Agents even has their own line of clothing. Check out their online store here! (Click for link). It’s amazing to see our home grown boys launching their own line of clothing. GanGaGuGu when you gonna stop selling KFC and open a shop aaa??

DJ GanGaGuGu

New stuff – but sold out!
Their line of clothing got so well known until some dudes decided to produce counterfeit t-shirts. LOL!

On a related note, I’m selling off my MelbourneShuffler hoodie. I’ve never worn it before. It’s been lying on my chair since the good guys @ Melbourne Shuffler
sent it to me last year. Unfortunately, this hoodie is no available @ the MelbourneShuffler website.

I think it’s a waste if it stays lying on my chair. Starting bid is RM50 (US$15) (not inclusive of RM15 for postage and handling). The bidding will close 7 days from this entry.
Start bidding now!
P/S www.xes.cx is coming out with its own tshirt soon. Watch this space!

moonboy – the 11 years old shuffler

I’ve been out of the Melbourne Shuffle scene for quite some time. Recently, while surfing the Melbourne Shuffle wikipedia page, I found a link to a video of a young boy shuffling to hardstyle music.
This 11 year-old boy …

1st song – SMF – Hahaha! – I love this song!

All I can say is WOW! 1 million hits!!!

Melbourne Shuffle Competition in Up2U club, miri.15th-17th November 2006

After so many months of discussion and deliberation, it’s finally happened – the first shuffle competition in Miri, on the 15th and 17th of November. With the RM1000 prize money for the first place, contestants from all over Sarawak flew or even drove to Miri’s notorious club – Up2U, just for two nights of fighting it out on the dancefloor.
The competition on Wednesday (15th November) night was merely the elimination round, designed to select ten finalists out of the nineteen participants. Friday (17th November) night was a more serious affair, with several of the contestants exhausted to the point of being carried off the dance-floor halfway through their performances.
Such publicity! Such excitement! All that sweat – and maybe secretly shed tears, and the surprisingly good performances… and three winners were picked out of the nineteen contestants.
Alex Chua of Miri walked away the second runner-up, with his consistent performance and overwhelming popularity among the crowd. Wouldn’t say he was outstanding in any way, other than the fact he did well technically, so we’ll just move on to the next winner.

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World Cyber Games @ KL Convention Centre

Philo, a reader of www.xes.cx engaged me to assist her in procuring the services of Melbourne Shufflers to perform for the World Cyber Games.
Initially it sounded easy as all I had to do is get few shufflers and thereafter dance on stage.
I was wrong. We had a huge problem before the event!

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The Finals of the Melbourne Shuffle Competition @ Station 3, Melaka 31 March 2006

This time round, there were only 10 contestants left from the 17 contestants in the Semi Finals. Gurmit, Johnson and I judged this competition again.

We had the opportunity to be introduced to Freddy, the boss of Station 3. He treated us with some drinks though not as much as last week. Last week was crazy, the manager fed us with too much beer.
Since Swedish Daniel Norstom wanted to check out the scene in Melaka, we brought him along. I hope he had a great time there 😀

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The Semifinals of the Melbourne Shuffle Competition @ Station 3, Melaka

Just right after work, Johnson and I rushed to Melaka to judge the semifinals of the Melbourne Shuffle Competition at Station 3, Melaka.
Many thanks to DJ Reeve for picking us up from Pure Bar, getting us a room at Fenix Inn and organizing the event.
Fenix Inn is one unique inn. It consist 3 adjoining shops. The ground floors of each shop consist of a cybercafe, the lobby and a BLOODY CAR PARK respectively. The car park can only fit about 6 cars though. We had to hand in our car keys so that the guards can park and repark the car.

Left, the car park.
Station 3 used to be one of the most happening clubs in Melaka. But it’s been around for almost 6 years and as such, just like many other old clubs, their patronage lately has been dwindling. Therefore, they organized an event to attract the crowd back.

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Melbourne Shuffle Competition Finals @ Atmosphere

Congratulation to:
Azmer – 1st Prize! RM2000!
Eddy – 2nd Prize RM1000.
Christina! 3rd Prize RM500.

The winners

The trophies + token for judges

Here’s a little insight of how the judging panel works.

The panel of judges changed every round. It was the decision of the organizers and also due to some unexpected events. That explains the inconsistent results.

I was pretty frustrated to see some good shufflers that didnt qualify (esp Johnson arghhh). But qualification was not decided by one man but a panel of judges. It’s a question of perspective. One would feel this shuffler is better, but another one would feel that this shuffler is crap.

For the past 4 rounds (I skipped a week), we were pressured in many ways. Many people questioned about the qualification of the judges. Initially we kept our identity secret because we didn’t want people to question our judgement.

We were branded blind, fools and cowards when some good contestants didn’t make it to the finals. One even threatened to throw eggs at us. Dumb arse.

Of course, what matters are the end results. It doesn’t matter who qualified to the Finals and who didn’t. But some people were not happy with the end results as well. I humbly believe that the winners deserve their prizes. One might think they don’t but again I stress that the results is a collective result and not by one man.

Anyway, it’s over. I do not wish to discuss about the results again. I’m glad this controversial competition is over. Damage has been done to the Shuffling community in Malaysia. Now it’s time to patch up and reconcile.

Congrats to the winners, hope they spend their money wisely. I would recommend sharing 50% of them with the judges. YEAH!!!
We judges did not receive a single cent for the competition. All we got was a small token



Btw, thank you azmer for the free flow!

I thank Atmosphere club for organizing the event.

I have always dreamt of making Melbourne Shuffle big in Malaysia. Now it seems that it is more popular than it is before 6 years ago. Now, I can retire in peace…. Hehe

Here are some videos.

Winner of the 1st Melbourne Shuffle Competition in Malaysia – azmer

2nd Runner Up of the Melbourne Shuffle Competition in Malaysia – Christina
One of my favourite Shufflers – Kit Wai [#2]
Nice spins I dont rememeber who he is. There were about 20 contestants. By the time it reaches dancer number 7, I forgot how dancer no 1 did. [#2]

Another favourite Shuffler – HE FLOATS!!!

Last Dance – By Azmer.


The prize:
Grand prize of RM2000 and Trophy.
1st Runner up will get RM1000 and Trophy.
2nd Runner up will get RM500 and Trophy.
The process:
Qualifying dates:
1st qualifier will be held on Friday 6th of May
2nd qualifier will be held on Friday 13th of May
3rd qualifier will be held on Friday 20th of May
Last qualifier will be held on Friday 3rd of June
Finals will be held on Saturday 10th of June
3 contestants of each qualifying round will move on to the final.
The final 12 contestants will shuffle their way to the Finals on Saturday 28th of May @ ATMOSPHERE.
To enter download the entry form and submit it to jose.nigel@gmail.com plus a fee of RM25. (UPDATE: LINK FIXED. IN .ZIP FORMAT NOW)
Guess whois going to judge it? 😀