Fitness First Rock Climbing Challenge @ The Curve

My friends have been telling me that Fitness First is giving out free Spiderman tickets for those who entered this challenge. The rules were pretty simple, complete the route within 20 seconds.
Last Saturday was the last day for the public to join the challenge. Melvin forced me to go O_O Nevertheless, I want to win 2 Spiderman movie tickets.
The route was pretty simple, 5C. It’s like climbing a ladder. However, I was told that the handholds were pretty slippery. Fortunately, a friend was working there, he loaned me his chalk.

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Climbing @ Damai Wall, Batu Caves 3.2.2007

It’s been more than a year since I climbed outdoor. Thank you Hon San (frequent commenter AHLOKKOR) for providing us with the gears and guiding us.

This time round, Ping and a group of outdoor newbies (Abner, Eddy, Roland, Ben, Maylin, Lai and Cicak) climbed at Damai Wall. The surroundings at Damai Wall have changed considerably. The houses around there were removed and many of the monkeys were long gone.

Damai Wall was chosen because it has many 5C routes which are suitable for the newbies. Hon San said that one person actually said that all routes in Damai Wall are actually “5C routes”.

Hon San belaying

Ping the Belayer

Mosquito repellent- FULL POWER MODE ON

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step..

For a person who doesn’t climb outdoor often, ‘leading’ “5Cs” routes were quite tough but doable. But climbing routes 5 – 6 storeys high is not my cup of tea. Further, climbing outdoor involves a lot of waiting.

The metal chain is the anchor, the only stable thing that holds you while climbing – provided its stable..

Me on top!

Picture taken from…

Halfway through climbing, it rained. Everyone had to run to take shelter. However, some people couldn’t leave the climbing spots as some were still climbing and belaying.

I took a nap after climbing. I dreamt that I fell off the cliff while climbing O___O

For more info on climbing in Malaysia, purchase Climb Malaysia by Climb Asia

Deltarovers Climbing Gym, Kepong. Kuala Lumpur

Last year, I met up with Ping, Fai, Carness, Yap and Amos at Delta Rovers Climbing Gym at Kepong to climb. It was my first time there.

Almost every corner of the gym is covered with a climbing wall. Even the ceiling, which is about 2 storeys away, has handholds!

The gym is mainly for bouldering. I dont recall seeing any walls to top rope.

Unlike the climbing routes in the other gyms in Kuala Lumpur, Delta Rovers has something different.

It has a swing. One has to start by sitting on the swing and swing towards two handholds and thereafter continue with the route.

Another unique route features a tyre on the last hold. After enduring a tough route, one has to finish the route by jumping towards the tyre and hang on to it.

Map to Deltarovers

EDIT [30.3.2007] – Delta Rover Climbing Gym was destroyed in a fire on 28.3.2007.

Blaze destroys wholesale camping and equipment centre

KUALA LUMPUR: A one-stop wholesale camping and equipment centre, which also provided rock-climbing facilities, was gutted in a fire causing losses of up to RM5mil at Taman Kepong here.
The blaze started at about 8.30pm and spread quickly due to strong winds.

Two Vietnamese workers and at least 10 others who were carrying out their rock climbing activity managed to escape.

Federal Territory Fire and Rescue Department operations assistant director Md Ali Ismail said 30 firefighters in five fire engines arrived at the scene 20 minutes after receiving a call at about 8.50pm.

He said the firemen initially had a tough time battling the blaze due to low water pressure but the problem was overcome after several pumps were used to draw water from a nearby hydrant.

The fire was brought under control within an hour.

Md Ali said the fire could have started from the back portion of the premises, where two of the workers were staying.

“We were told that the workers were cooking in the kitchen and a fire started, causing the gas cylinder to explode.

“The workers tried to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher but the fire spread quickly,” he said.

Owner of the premises, Datuk Low Kok Chuan, 44, said that the top portion of the one-and-half-story building, which was also a factory producing the equipment, was renovated only recently.

Source: The Star Newspaper

New Bouldering Wall @ Summit Climbing Gym

After the establishment of the new climbing gyms at 1 Utama (Camp 5) and Kepong (Delta Rovers), the population of climbers in Nomad Climbing Gym @ Summit Shopping Centre has dwindled drastically. Nevertheless, my friends and I are still loyal supporters of the Gym.

Recently, the management of Nomad Climbing Gym @ Summit Shopping Centre removed their old bouldering wall (wall for climbing without ropes). Now, they are at the midst of building a bigger and better wall. It comes with a roof!

Ping showed me this video

ClimbOn @ Singapore

fuuuu.. looking at this video made me wet….

My palms wet of course…fuuuuuu hardo gayy saysaysay!

Asian Xgames at Sunway Lagoon – 12.5.2006

Last year, it was at Bukit Jalil.

It was the Asian Xgames which interests me into rock climbing.
So this year round, it’s held at Sunway Lagoon, a popular theme park in the Klang Valley. The place is humongous and as such, I had to take a long walk to get there. Admission is free but you need to get a ticket first. Digi customers can obtain a ticket at the counter for free.
Other than an international rock climbing competition, it also has inline skating exhibitions and also motorcycle daredevil show.

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Day 3 – Thaiwand Wall, West Raileh, Krabi

Thaiwand wall is located at West Raileh Beach. We have to hike through the jungle and climb up the hills to get to Thaiwand wall. can climb the ladder.

Thank god for the natural path, otherwise we would be lost in the jungle. But it was sometimes confusing. There was once I ended at a place where someone took a shit. He/She left tissues on the ground. 😛

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Rai Leh – Day 2

After a long journey, we slept like a pig. We wanted to have a budget trip hence we had biscuits and instant noodles for break fast. It was pure torture I tell you.

There are over 1000 Climbing routes in Rai Leh (natural walls). We started off at Dum’s Kitchen @ Tonsai Beach. The routes are predominately 6As, 7s and 8s (grading system – the lower the number, the easier it is). Imagine warming up on a 7A.

I started off with a 6B and ended with failure. I couldn’t finish the bloody route! Filled with frustration, I went to surf the net instead.

I continued climbing after surfing the net. This time round, on a 6A. Sounds easy, but I couldn’t even start the bloody route. I gave up after falling from the first move.

Water rising..

Tonsai Beach and West Railay beach is divided by a small hill. To get West Railay (and the rest of the beaches), we have 3 choices, take a boat, around the hill during low tide or hike through the hill.

No easy task man..

Since the tide has rise, we had to hike through the hill. It was not an easy task as the paths were narrow and steep.

We headed straight to Phranang beach. Throughout the journey, we had our first taste of topless girls. But after looking at couple of papayas, the excitement died down. But I was told that further down the beach, we might get to see some ‘abalones’!

Phra-nang beach is filled with sun bathing Caucasians and topless girls. The beach doesn’t have many routes to climb. We have to venture further in to the caves to climb.

Spot the topless girl.

Instead of climbing, we swam. Phranang has crystal clear water and sandy beach. We spent the entire day there playing with sand and water.

We buried Potato Ben in the sand. Then we stepped on him.

Sun set!

Camp 5 Climbing Gym @ 1 Utama

View of Camp 5 – from outside

I finally climbed at the much anticipated Camp 5 rock climbing gym. The place was brand new hence the walls and handholds were rough.

However, getting there was a problem. Since Christmas is approaching, the queue to get into 1u shopping centre’s car park was few miles long. But we had a better idea. We parked at the housing estate and walked to the shopping centre.

Traffic Jam!!!

The Walls.

But since the walls are brand new, our limbs were prone to be scraped by the wall.

Wall for Lead Climbing (Lead Climbing – where you have to clip the rope on to the runners (clips that are attached to the wall)

There’s a huge indoor lead climb wall. I tried unclipping the rope from the runners. Wahlao, it was so bloody scary.

Bouldering Wall – climbing without ropes. Loads of power needed.

Powerful Men

Tight area to climb. The metal bar looks dangerous. I always have this image of myself falling on to the metal bar…landing between my legs on the bar!!
Other than the indoor lead climb wall, one should check out the auto belay device. It’s a small device fixed on top of the wall. All the climber needs to do is clip himself/herself on the rope connected to the small device and climb. In order to descend, all the climber needs to do is let his hands go and put his weight on the rope!

The Auto Belay Device

Hundreds of Handhold and Runner

Speaking about ropes, the ropes in the gym are dynamic ropes which means that the ropes will expand upon pressure. It’s not so good when belaying a heavy person. Cris crashed into me after he fell. He would have missed me if the rope didn’t expand!
As for the routes, they have many types of routes but many of them are not for beginners.

However, such state of the art climbing gym comes with a heavy price. The entrance fee for adult is RM22. Rental for shoes and harness is RM7 and RM5 respectively.

More info @

Camp 5 @ 1 Utama

Camp 5, a new rock climbing gym will be open in 1 Utama in August.

It boast a state of the art gym with climbing walls as tall as 30 metres. (!!!). Cant wait for it to open.
Camp 5 has set up a promotional wall @ 1 Utama, nearby Starbucks. It’s just a small bouldering wall. Admission is free and you can even rent shoes. However, you would have to sign a liability waiver form.
My friends and I tried the promotional wall last week.
Loads of people were watching us climb. It some how felt like a circus. Some people even clapped when someone completed a route.
Most of the spectators stood beside the wall and some were standing on the balcony on top.

Then..while of the staff said..
Me: ??? What? Skirt???
Everyone looks up.
Then I saw this girl wearing a short skirt standing on the balcony.
US: O_O White panties….
Girl runs away for cover.