White Wall @ Batu Caves

This morning, the usual climbing gang, couple of new members plus 2 photographers and I went to climb at @ Batu Caves again.

This time round, we went to White Wall. The journey there was tedious. We had to park our car at Damai before trekking up the steep hill into White Wall. The path was slippery and we even have to trek through a garbage dump.

Garbage dump…euw..

A sohai threw a motorcycle here..

Hiking up…

By the time we reached the hill, we were already exhausted. Further, it was bloody hot as well. The wall was hot, our shoes were hot and it was full of mosquitoes! There were not many easy routes as well. Since there were many of us and we had only 2 ropes, we had to wait a long time for the others to finish the routes as the route was tough and long. Fortunately, we had a 5C route to climb.

Ahh..white wall at last!

Creepy stuff..

Something is among the trees….can you spot it? 😀

By 1PM, it started to rain. Everyone scrambled their belonging and fled the scene. Getting down wasn’t easy as well. Since it rained slightly, the treks were already slippery.

ciao the scene!

Going thru the garbage dump again

This place reminds me of Amsterdam.


Fortunately, the rain stopped as soon as we reached Damai. We hung out at Damai for a while. Some were bouldering and some went to disturb monkeys. But suddenly, it rained heavily. Once again, we had to fled the scene.

It wasn’t a good day for us!

Monkey: Kiss ma ass.

Monkey not happy

Road to the unknown..

Ping on a journey of discovery

Karat & I

Delta Rovers @ Kepong

There is a climbing wall built inside a house in Kepong Baru in the state of Selangor.
Anyone can walk into the house to climb provided that one cleans up the place after use. The owner spent thousands of Ringgit to setup the wall and crash pads. The owner owns a climbing gear shop nearby the climbing house. Please pay a visit!

Rock Climbing @ Batu Caves II

Guy, Mikey, gMing, Ping, Wai Keong, Yong Lin, Cris, G-wan and I made another outdoor climbing trip to Batu Caves.

This time we headed to Red Wall, which is nearby Gua Damai. Red Wall is just a small rope-topping wall. We had to climb through bushes and trees to get to that place. Further, before we got there, a bunch of monkeys were having hanging out there. They ran after seeing us.

This time round, there were no mosquitoes or fleas. Flies were abundant though.

We started off with an easy route. Everyone managed to clear it. Pet Pet Lin struggled for a while but in the end, he finished it. Bravo!

Then we proceeded to another route, which was about 30 metres high. It was bloody tough. Out of the 9 people who tried, only 2 made it to the top. Further, the wall isn’t entirely flat. There are loads of boulders around. Hence, whenever we fall, we would end up swinging out from the wall. It was pretty exciting though. We could see a good view of the area. However, once the rope pulls us back to the wall, we would end up crashing into a tree.

Another thing worth nothing is that the villagers around Batu Caves are friendly. One of the villagers was happy to let Wai Keong to use their toilet. However, Wai Keong felt uneasy cause the toilet has many holes around the wall. I hope I don’t see Wai Keong’s face in any toilet fetish VCDs. Then, when we were about to leave, a bunch of Malay girls greeted us with, “Gong Xi Fa Cai!!” (A greeting for Chinese New Year). Hon San replied, “Sayanggg Sayanggggggg” (Darling… Darlingg). The Malay girls giggled non stop.

We ended the day with juicy mushroom Swiss double cheese burger…oOoohhhh.. orgasmic…

Rock Climbing @ Batu Caves

After weeks of planning, Celyn, Mikey, Guy, Eugene, Ping, WK, Florence, Cris and I went outdoor climbing.

We reached the place about 1030AM. We had to climb early cause if we don’t, we would be baked under the sun.

Batu Caves is divided into few climbing spots. There are Nyamuk, Damai, Volleyball and so on. One has to drive through narrow village roads to get to the climbing spots. We had to be very careful, if we bang into a child or a chicken, we would have to speed to the nearest police station as villages would be chasing us with pitch forks and knifes. There were many cases where villagers burn motorist’s vehicle or beat up motorist after they killed a child or a chicken.

Our first destination was Damai, a nice limestone climbing spot. It’s easily accessible as it just few steps away from the car park.

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new climbing shoes!

Well well, I bought myself a kick ass rock climbing shoe. The rubber is really good, really useful when I want to smear. No more god damn gym climbing shoes!

If you guys want to buy cheap climbing equipment (in Klang Valley), just drop me a note. I’ll give you the guy’s number.

Ping and I went to watch the bouldering competition at The Summ1t Cl1mb1ng GYM. The routes were amazingly tough, especially the routes for the men’s open!!

The best part of the competition wasn?t watching people bouldering. The best part was the sight of Chinese and Malay climbers sitting together watching people climb. Everyone was cheering for everybody, regardless of race. Malaysia boleh!!

What climbing does to you …

Hole in my socks..

In order to climb efficiently, we are required to wear designated tight shoes (usually 1 size smaller). It gives us a better grip on the wall.

However, most of the GYM?s shoes were pretty worn out. Mine had a hole on my toes section.

The hole on my sock was caused by friction with the wall. I think my toe accidentally popped out when I was climbing..

1 month anniversary for rock climbing!

A day after Wall climbing and bouldering..

Skins will peel off, skins on fingers get rough, unable to grip anything the entire night and muscles ache the next day but yet, this extreme sport is enjoyable. The feeling of being able to grab a bendcrete and hold on to it is absolutely satisfying. Further, being able to bring myself up to the top was even better!

It’s been a month since I started…super body is 10% completed!!

wall climbing

I finally did it. I went wall climbing! 😀

It was easy though.

My classmates, Fe0nna and Mei followed me to Summ1t. They wanted to check out the place but refused to sign up for wall climbing. They ended up sitting on couch while drooling at the muscular climbers

After paying RM25, I slipped on my climbing shoes (it?s tight and one size smaller) and harness (nylon belt for the waist and a pair of leg loops for the thighs).

Firstly, I had to go through a 15 minutes course given by Stephanie, one of the instructors on how to tie the ropes and belaying (when someone is about to descend from the top, a belayer holds on to the rope in order to coordinate the ascend). Ascending was pretty hard for me as I am an acrophobic (person who has fear of heights). I didn?t dare to let go of the rocks and let my back fall back. There was once I lost my balance and hit the wall and Stephanie, my belayer was lifted up in the air with me. oOoOOoo…. my ballsssssss? They were squeezed by the harness?oOoooooh?

Mikey then taught me the basics and introduced me to bouldering. Oh my god, bouldering is so frustrating. It?s so physically challenging. Despite the fact that Mikey and his friend gave me an easy route to go, I couldn?t finish it! GAHH! No fear.. I shall go again this Sunday? Anyone wants to join me? 😀

Furthermore, Bouldering was fucking tiring. By the end of the day, my arms were hardened and I couldn?t even grip my hands! But I shall let the end justify the mean, super body here I come!!