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Phoolan Devi: The Bandit Queen
Of a lower-caste background from a small village in India, Phoolan Devi was known as the “Bandit Queen,” a gun-slinging gang leader who fought authority and became a champion of the downtrodden. She first made a name for herself in 1981 as the leader of a gang who killed 22 rivals in what was dubbed the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Pursued by the government and rivals, she was arrested and imprisoned in 1983. Still a popular hero, in 1994 she was released and elected to Parliament as a member of the Samajwadi Party. In July of 2001 she was gunned down by four men in front of her house in New Delhi
The Atlantic Online
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Phoolan Devi Murderr – Indept coverage
What a bad day. Woke up at 3:30PM, rushed to the bank to withdraw money for the SLR camera. Then went to OUG to have beef noodles for lunch but apparently it’s not open today. Hence I headed to another shop and it’s not fucking open too. Bloody hell, I ended up eating McDonalds for lunch but the dumb worker gave me the wrong burger. Moreover, while driving halfway, I accidentally spilled my drink. I ended up with ¼ of my drink left. bah

Father’s day

Happy fathers day! I got my dad loads of stuff namely, toiletries and stationeries ie toothpaste, diskettes, bandages, lozenges, pens, etc. I gave it to him without packing it properly. All I did was just stuff them in a plastic bag. hehe Well, at least he’s happy with it.
I’m gonna get my SLR camera tomorrow!

slr camera!

I bought an Epson scanner for rm400 from Mid Valley’s IT centre. I was contemplating whether to get Epson or Canon. My friends advised me to get the former because apparently Epson is more reliable and used by big companies. Pictures coming soon!
Due to the fact that bank isn’t open today. I couldn’t get the SLR camera but I managed to look for one. Initially I wanted to get the fully manual SLR camera. It’s fucking cool! But Wai Keong advised me not to get it. Apparently it’s bloody hard to control and learn. I guess I’ll settle for the Canon semi automatic.
9:32PMThe fucking bank is not fucking open today without giving any prior notice or written notice. fucking hell!
9:54AMI cant sleep.
I was reading the newspaper just now. It seems that a serial rapist is on the loose in Kuala Lumpur. The rapist, described as a dark and fat male taxi driver, rapes his victims after picking them up. Try avoiding the taxi girls.
9:19AMI’m going to get a scanner and a SLR camera tomorrow. I have to wake up early tomorrow to withdraw money for it.
Sex makes people happy, researcher finds.
SYDNEY: Young people who have sex are happier than those who don’t research presented at an international conference yesterday showed.
The research paper in the sexual well-being of young Australians also found that those aged 17-19 who play sports are more likely to practice safe sex than those who go to church.
The study, release t the International Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conference in Brisbane, found that virgins had the lowest sense of sexual well-being – even below sexually active people who had experienced sexual harassment.

World Cup: China loses

Wasabi is believed to act as an antidote to food poisoning, which is a useful property when served with fresh raw fish. Research in Japan suggests that wasabi may also have anti-carcinogenic properties. It can certainly clear your sinuses.
China loses 3 – 0 to Turkey. It’s their last world cup match and yet they didn’t even score once. My tenants from China were so disappointed with them.

Count of Monte Cristo

My old college, Sunway college in Aussie newspaper!,5478,4494816%255E2862,00.html
I just watched The Count of Monte Cristo on VCD.
In 1807 during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte, a young shoemaker in Paris named Fracois Picaud was put to jail. Learning that Picaud Was to marry the beautiful Marguerite Vigoroux, a jealous friend named Mathieu Loupian falsely informed the police that the shoemaker was an English agent. Napoleons police seized Picaud and threw him in prison, where he languished in anonymity until 1814.
During his seven years of captivity, Picaud befriended an Italian prelate who, on his deathbed told him of a hidden fortune. Upon his release, there embittered prisoner found the treasure and returned to Paris a wealthy man. In Paris he learned not only of Lupian�s duplicity but of Marguerite Vigoroux�s subsequent marriage to the man who betrayed him. Appearing I various disguises, Picaud set out to avenge himself on Loupian and his fellow conspirators � killing them one by one until himself was slain by one of his intended victims. The story published in 1838, caught the attention of the novelist Alexandra Dumas
Some years earlier Dumas had been shooting on an island near Elba, the place of Napoleons first exile. In the distance he saw a rocky islet rising from the sea. Its name was Monte Cristo, Enchanted with the vista, Dumas vowed to write a novel using the name. After reading of Picaud�s tragic history the novelist adapted it to create The Count of Monte Cristo.
Like Picaud, Dumas� hero Edmond Dantes is unjustly imprisoned owing to the treachery of friends � accused by them of being a conspirator in the plot to return the exiled emperor to power. Like Picaud, Dantes befriends a fellow inmate an Italian prelate, and learns of a hidden treasure. But here the novelist�s imagination takes over. When the priest dies, Dantes takes his place in the burial sack that is thrown in the se, swim to safety, and is picked up by a gang of smugglers. Taken by his rescuers to the island of Monte Cristo, the hero finds a fortune in gold and jewels in an underground cavern. Posing as the Count of Monte Cristo, Dantes returns to Paris to seek revenge.


How to be a FBI agent. You must
be a U.S. citizen, or a citizen of the Northern Mariana Islands.
be at least 23 and not have reached your 37th birthday on appointment.
be completely available for assignment anywhere in the FBI’s jurisdiction.
have uncorrected vision not worse than 20/200 (Snellen) and corrected 20/20 in one eye and not worse than 20/40 in the other eye.
pass a color vision test.
meet hearing standards by audiometer test.
possess a valid driver’s license.
be in excellent physical condition with no defects that would interfere in firearm use, raids, or defensive tactics.
possess a four-year degree from an accredited college or university.

There are four entry programs: Law, Accounting, Language, and Diversified.
Law: You must have a JD degree from a resident law school.
Accounting: You must have a BS degree with a major in accounting or a related discipline, and be eligible to take the CPA examination. Candidates who have not passed the CPA exam will also be required to pass the FBI’s Accounting test.
Language: You must have a BS or BA degree in any discipline and be proficient in a language that meets the needs of the FBI. Candidates will be expected to pass a Language Proficiency Test.
Diversified: You must have a BS or BA degree in any discipline, plus three years of full-time work experience, or an advanced degree accompanied by two years of full-time work experience.
6:35PMFrance and Uruguay exits from the world cup. France lost 2 – 0 to Denmark. Uruguay drew with Senegal 3 – 3. Senegal leaded 3 – 0 in the first half but Uruguay managed to fight back to score 3 balls in return. Lovely game.
4:36PMoug pork noodles…yummy!!!

nothin to update.

2:59AM I met up with Fatso aka Andrew today. He loves boasting about his King of Fighters skills in IRC. He claims that he is the best in Sg Wang (a well known shopping centre with great video arcades) and no one could beat him easily but it seems today I’ve proven him wrong. I could easily beat him (but obviously I lost couple of matches with him). Despite all the boasting, he seems to be a jolly fellow.
11:59PMIt’s either i’m busy or i dont have anything to update…


Japan 1 – Russia 0
Inamotoooo anatawa ichiban desu!!
Russians riot after World Cup defeat
11:49PMSomething is wrong with my Internet connection. I keep getting this error where it says, “Cannot find server or DNS Error”. Anyone knows what is the problem with it?
11:32PMMy Indian maid’s son dyed his hair blonde. Oh my god..
Brazil 4 – China 0

Back in KL

The journey back home was bumpy at first but went smoothly after that. I woke up about 7am, took a shower, had my last Tapton hall breakfast, took a picture with my German friend yada yada and left Tapton @ 9am. After travelling 50miles/30 minutes, Chuo Ming suddenly realised he left his passport and ticket in his room. We had to make a u-turn back to Sheffield! The taxi driver charged Chuo Ming an extra 21 pounds.
We were almost late for the flight. We ended up in the wrong terminal and arrived at the check in counter half an hour before departure. However, Frederick and I got very good seats. We got the seat where there are no seats in front of us and therefore we had plenty of leg space. Furthermore, I got the window seat! On the other hand, Chuo Ming was pretty unlucky. The staff at the check in counter couldn’t give him a seat due to some technical problem. He had to wait till everyone to be seated then only he will be given a seat. < After 12 hours, we finally arrive in Kuala Lumpur! We charged to the duty free section. Eng keat bought about 6 bottles of Absolute Vodka and 6 cartons of cigarettes. He managed to smuggle out everything alone. My parents were waiting outside the arrival gate. My mum didn’t change much but it seems that my dad’s face has shown the signs of ageing (he’s 57 this year) We headed to a hawker centre for breakfast. boy, it’s been months since I’ve seen so many flies around! I had nasi lemak and hours later I had mild diarrhea. uuuhhh I had my car fixed today. The workshop replaced one of my compartments and charged me RM220 for it. uhhh, However, they treated me durian in return. hehe. While waiting for my car to be fixed, I went for a haircut. The hairdresser was giving me loads of shit about my hair. She said that it’s a total mess! Furthermore, she was giving me loads of philosophical shits about life and friendship. But she was right on couple of things, she enlightened me in some sense. I had lunch at Golden Sky kopitiam (restaurant). The people there knew me ever since I was in primary school. They were pretty nice to me, I was showered with praises (for no reasons) and the boss treated me Chinese tea. hehe And after that, I had a nap from 2pm to 7pm. And for dinner, my parents, one of my tenants, Soon Yen and I had dinner @ our usual family dinner place. I ordered my good old sweet and sour pork. I requested for grin onions just like the one I had in mei’s during Frank’s birthday but it seems that they chopped them into small pieces instead. Grrr, doesnt taste so good. I had a yamcha(drinking) session with my irc friends @ Steven's corner, namely the #nofear bunch. Dion gave me a bottle of maple syrup he got from Canada. cheers mate!