iPhone 4GS?


With a new office in place, I may now need an additional mobile phone. As a practicing lawyer, I think it is important to have an additional phone.

Smart phones nowadays have very short battery life and usually they do not last more than a day. With stiff competition in the legal profession, we must be connected at all times. A missed call is a missed opportunity.

The other advantage of having an additional phone is to separate work and personal. Some of my friends designate one line purely for work and they will turn it off after office hours. I think its a good idea. I have a former client who gave me 10 miss calls. He was demanding but I tried my best to accommodate. But he didn’t pay my bills.

Since I have an iPad, I’m considering getting a iPhone 4S since I’m quite familiar with iOS. There are some Apps which allows synchronization of data. I just started to use Evernote. With Evernote, I can access the data I stored on my iPad Evernote in my other devices.

As for the mobile line, I’m considering getting a Maxis line. Their new iPhone 4S plan comes in 4 namely:

1. For the Best iPhone Experience Seekers
2. For the Budget Conscience
3. For Heavy Surfers
4. For Existing Value Plus Customers.

In brief:-

1. For the Best iPhone Experience Seekers – iPhone 4S is as low as RM1,250 (on a 24-month contract) with iValue 2 plan at RM155/month.

2. For the Budget Conscious – Surf + Text + Talk from only RM30/month with Value Plus Internet plan.

3. For the Heavy Surfers – 1.5 GB at RM50/month with Internet Value Plan.

4. For Existing Value Plus Users – 1G data transfer at RM48/per month with Mobile Internet Plan.

For heavy surfers like me, I need at least 1.5G a month. Text message is almost non existence. Only my Dad texts me nowadays and only my Mum leaves me voice messages -_-. WhatsApp and BBM have taken over.

Heavy Surfers plan is rather interesting. You will only have Internet connection. I thought it’s only for tablets but you now can get it for iPhone.

For more information, you can check out http://www.maxis.com.my/personal/iphone/rates.asp.

My Life in LHAG

As mentioned in my earlier post, I served LHAG for 7 years.

I started off as a chambering student in the Intellectual Property (IP) Department in December 2004 and was eventually retained in the department after 4 month.

My first few months was quite dull as I was assigned with menial work but I was fortunate to have Yvonne, a Senior Legal Assistant of the department, teaching me the traits of IP work. She was also instrumental to my early retention. My interaction with my pupil master and Head of IP Department, Mr Tai, at that time was quite rare.

Yvonne, me and Mr Tai

One of the first projects that I did as a student was preparing a report of incoming files from Messrs Allen & Gledhill during the LH and A&G merger in 2005. There were few hundred files and I had to prepare a list of the files and the status of all the files. It took me a week and it left me with bad sinus (from the dust) and backache (from carrying the files).

Yvonne left the firm immediately after I got called to the Bar.

With Y.A Wan Afrah during my admission to the Bar.

From there onwards, I worked under my pupil master as an associate. There was another senior but she too left after a while. At one point, it was just me and Mr. Tai holding the fort.

My first office room. Small but cozy.

Soon, we were joined by Bahari and he managed many of the litigation portfolios. I assisted the both of them in some of their matters. Eunice joined us after that.

My chambering mates and I were very close. Such support system is very important. We watched each other’s back and helped each other during times of need.

They made my time there very enjoyable. Many have moved out from the firm and now only 2 remained in the firm.

Many lawyers say that their first three years is the toughest. I must say that this is true. Research and drafting were the ordeal of the day.

My biggest challenge came when Mr Tai left the firm with his other partners. It was a time when 7 partners left our firm. Bahari, Eunice and I were left with a headless department. Even our department chief clerk left us. She was in charge of keeping track of all the deadline and formalities.

The three of us took on the challenge and shortly managed to stabilized the department. It also gave us a lot of new opportunity. Bahari was made head of department. Eunice and I were given the chance to attend international conferences to expand our exposure and network.

But there were downsides. Mr Tai used to guide me in every process from sending internal emails to drafting of documents. He will read and approve all my work. And the good thing about him is that he never scold or raise his voice for any mistakes that I’ve done. Without him, I was all alone. It took me a while to do things on my own.

The other downside is the sudden stoppage of new work. In the past, Mr Tai used to bring the work in but without him, I had no work. There were times which I spent the whole day surfing the net in the office without any work.

My 3rd room.

Messy table as usual.

Our senior partner gave me a very good advice. He knows that I’m into Internet and technology stuff and he advised me to focus on it.

In 2009, I joined the Kuala Lumpur Bar Information Technology Committee as a committee member which was headed by Richard Wee at that time. I did my first presentation there with member of parliament, Jeff Ooi and fellow lawyer, Nizam Bashir on Blogging and Law. From there, speaking arrangements started pouring in although I’m a terrible speaker. My dad blames himself for letting me jumble up my words when I speak during my younger days -_-

Forum on Blogging & Defamation Laws

Marketing then became an important part of my practice. I began writing articles, giving presentations and attending all sorts of networking events. Work started pouring in.

I realise that legal practice is not all about doing work, it’s also about getting to know the right people and selling your expertise the right way. There is no point being so good with your work if nobody knows about it.

LHAG had always been very supportive of me. They pay me very well (bonus from 3 to 6 1/2 months). Unfortunately, taxes ate a huge chunk of it. I don’t mind paying taxes so long the Government doesn’t use it to buy condominiums.

I read an article on how Google used to instill entrepreneurship on their employee. Junior employees are given chance to come out with their own products for Google. In LHAG, I took the initiative to develop a new practice area namely the data protection and privacy practice. It all started when I was featured in The Star newspaper on the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA). The feature was arranged by LHAG.

I also wrote an article on the PDPA for our firm’s newsletter. With this piece of endorsement, I approached many our of clients for free speaking arrangements. It bore fruit within few months. Work started coming in a form of written opinion and compliance exercise. It kept me and my junior Lyssa busy for the past year.

After 7 years in LHAG, it was time to move out from my comfort zone for a new challenge.

So far it has been very smooth sailing. I was fortunate to have some clients who followed me. Friends have been referring work to me almost on a daily basis.

I must thank LHAG for all the good times and support. It’s been a pleasure serving them.

Good Bye LHAG! Hello FCL & Co!

After working 7 years in one of the most reputable firms in Malaysia, I gathered enough courage (and savings) to resign from LHAG and to establish my own law firm. Although partnership in LHAG is just a step away (in fact, less than 6 months), I declined and moved on. I will be joined by another colleague, Dymphna, who is an Industrial Relation specialist, as a partner. My focus will be on intellectual property, information technology, franchise, social media, data privacy and the likes.

Both of us will work from home until we get our cash flow stable. Paying for renovation and office is just too much burden for a start. We will probably move into an office next year or when we have a fixed set of partners. We currently use the services of a virtual office that accepts documents and letters and also take calls for us.

Humble beginnings..

Frankly, the aim of the firm is fairly ambitious. I would like to grow the firm into a middle sized firm with various specialists under one roof.

I foresee that the liberalisation of the Malaysian legal industry will happen sooner or later. Foreign firms will step into our shores and provide their expertise to Malaysians. This will be a great opportunity for our firm to work with foreign international firms to improve our skills, services and competitiveness. By that time, I hope I still have enough energy to bring the legal industry to a new height.

It’s easier said than done. I’ll read this blogpost again 20 years later to see whether we will achieve this goal.

Till then, wish us luck and hope we can make it!

My Wedding – 14.1.2012

As some of you may know, I got married on 14.1.2012. It was held at the Grand Ballroom of Crowne Plaza Mutiara, Kuala Lumpur. It was attended by friends and family of over 400 people.

The preparation for my wedding took months and it was mostly done by my wife. Before our wedding, we spent a lot of time preparing our wedding and building our matrimonial home. We fortunately got everything done in time.

We tried to add little unique things for our wedding, for example, our own custom made stamps and a Doraemon ice sculpture.

Doraemon came for my wedding! Unfortunately, the ice sculpture didn’t last long and not many people noticed it!

One of the biggest hits of the night was our instant photo booth. Our guests can take instant photographs here for free and each of them gets to take home a picture each. Props are available for the guests to play with.

The day started with my hengtais (loosely translated as “bros”) coming to my place for the chip san leong (Chinese tradition of saving one’s wife from the evil clutches of evil chi muis) session.

My hengtais, Umeng, Gavin and Wei Chen came all the way from Australia whereas Him and Yong Lin came back from Singapore to attend my wedding. I had 17 hengtais with Umeng as Captain. My hengtais consisted of my high school friends and my friends from the raving days.

The attire for the day for my hengtais was white shirt, black slacks and a hat. My wife managed to borrow a vintage 1977 Rolls Royce from her uncle’s friend.

I hired a tai kam che as our master of ceremony. It was a good move as my wife and I had no idea about Chinese tradition. Further, our tai kam che was pretty funny and happening.

The evil chi muis imprisoned my wife at Crown Plaza Mutiara Hotel. My hengtais and I had a hard time saving my wife from the evil chi muis. Fortunately, the chi muis didn’t make us eat disgusting stuff but we had to do obscene things. But my hengtais were quick to step up to overcome the tasks.

Gavin’s face said, “I CAME”.

Gavin fell and knocked all the hengtais down.

My hengtais found an awesome way to use the hats.

Once this way done, we had a tea ceremony in the hotel and also our new matrimonial home. My colleagues and former colleagues, Halina, Himah, Chu Bian and Ken came early to my house to manage the caterers and guests.

I think the chip san leong event is better described with the slideshow and videos below.

I managed to sneak a nap before heading back to the hotel for the wedding dinner.

The reception started at around 7pm. I didn’t have much time to catch up with many friends.

Our candy booth!

I got my friend Charmaine, a professional violinist to head the band and May to sing. They were excellent.

For our first march in, we had our hengtais and chi muis to walk in with us.

Our hengtais and chimuis also came on stage for the toasting ceremony.

I gave a speech to thank my guests. Here’s the speech:-

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of my wife and I, we would like to take this opportunity to tthank you all for joining us today to celebrate our marriage. Special mention to those who have travelled far to join us today.

It’s a privilege to be in the company of so many people that are important in our lives and we’re delighted to welcome you here to share our special day with us.

We would now like to thank both sets of parents as we wouldn’t be where we are today.

We would like to thank our heng tai and chi muis for helping us in whatever ways they could.

That leads me on to the star of the today, my wife, Angeline. When I first met her 5 years ago, I would never thought this day would happen. She has proven to be the most caring, lovable and meticulous person I’ve ever met.

For most men, we always think that events like today happens automatically. All we need to do is put on a tux and appear on that day. It is true for me. Angeline did all of the work. If there is anything wrong today, it is all my fault as I have not put any effort in preventing it.

In fact, my wife did most of the work for our matrimonial home. She managed to juggle wedding, work and our home. I would like to thank my wife for all the things she has done.

And to my lovely wife, i love you with all my heart and…..

Till death do us part.

Thank you all once again and hope you have a great evening.

It now gives me great pleasure to hand over to Joseph and Vivy.

Joe and Vivy was our MC. My wife and I were their MC during their wedding in Adelaide. They’re kind enough to fly from Adelaide to attend our wedding and MC our event.

Licia and Umeng giving a speech. On the right side, you can see our own custom made wedding emblem designed by our friend, CK.

We find that the night ended too quick. I guess good things end fast. Fortunately, I managed to go yamseng at each and every table.

The whole event went smoothly. Many thanks to friends and family to who helped us. I am also fortunate to have many good friends stepping up to help us in this event.

Thank you everyone!!

Yuna – Walking Like a Dream


Few months ago I blogged about Yuna, a Malaysian singer songwriter who was discovered through the Internet. It was about her first people powered online concert.

During the first ever Malaysian online concert held in December 2011, Yuna performed an untitled single and invited fans and Hotlink subscribers to help name the song.

“Walking like a dream” was subsequently chosen, with fans and subscribers also invited to help Yuna develop a music video for the single, either recording themselves singing her song and then submitting online, or in the Hotlink Yuna Music Booth that allowed to do so at select locations around the country.

You can check out the video embedded below.

Can you see any of your friends there? They look like they had so much fun. I feel so old!

For more details, please visit www.nowyoucan.my/yuna

BFM Radio Interview: Privacy Laws in Malaysia

Privacy laws is one of my specialized areas. It’s a relatively new area in Malaysia. It was not until recently the Federal Court held that the Malaysian Constitution recognises our right to privacy and that invasion of privacy rights is actionable in Malaysia. Few years ago, invasion of privacy rights is not actionable in Malaysia.

It is highly developed in the United Kingdom. So developed that there are law firms well known for their privacy law practice. For example, Schillings, a law firm in London, is well known to have develop privacy laws in the United Kingdom and they have well known celebrity clients such as Naomi Campbell, JK Rowling, Ryan Giggs, Tiger Woods, Keira Knightley and Cristiano Ronaldo. I hope we could develop something like this in Malaysia.

Anyway, thanks to LoyarBurok and Edmund Bon, I was invited to speak at BFM Radio on privacy laws in Malaysia. How this opportunity came about was also through two (2) articles I wrote for LoyarBurok regarding the right to privacy in Malaysia. One of the articles was later republished by the Malaysia Insider. Amazing how articles can help a lawyer’s legal practice.

Without further ado, you can listen to the podcast below.

Gosh, it’s so weird to hear myself on radio! It’s a pity we don’t have much time. There are so many other things we could cover! Hope there will be a 2nd series soon!