The Malaysian Bar Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) @ Wisma MCA – 22.11.2007

Once again, the lawyers gathered at Wisma MCA to discuss on the matters relating to the Lingam tape and the judiciary.

The Lingam tape

Before the EGM could proceed, the quorum of 500 lawyers must be fulfilled. This time was easily fulfilled as by 2.55pm, 553 members signed up. There was a time where the quorum was 1/3 of the members of the Bar (about 12,000 members). Only recently the law was amended to 500 members.

There were 5 resolutions debated – 3 relating to the judiciary and 2 regarding to the Bar elections. Once again, it was filled with drama and juicy stuff. The floor was opened to the lawyers to debate on the proposed resolutions. After debating, the president will close the debate and those present are allowed to vote on the motions.

Microphones were placed on strategic locations of the floor. Prominent lawyers were seen fighting for the microphone to speak.

Before the floor was open to debate, members of the bar were shown the Lingam tape. Many laughed out loud when they heard the words “Correct, Correct, Correct”.

Initially I though the EGM was to discuss on the Lingam tape but soon I realised that it was to discuss on the ‘rot’ in the judiciary as a whole. Some senior lawyers revealed some questionable conduct by unnamed members of the judiciary. Some lawyers blamed the lawyers themselves to be the cause in the ‘rot’ in the judiciary.

One Malay lawyer went up to the microphone urging that the Bar should not make any moves until the Royal Commission’s finding is finalized. He started his speech in Malay, which is very rare as most speeches are made in English. Immediately after the Malay lawyer ended his speech, he was rebuked by other lawyers which included one Malay lawyer who started off his speech with, “Although I am Malay, I will speak English”. The floor burst out laughing.


One of the most important motions was the motion regarding to a suit filed purporting to be on behalf of all members of the Malaysian Bar except for the present president and past president. The suit was to declare that the previous election was void due to certain irregularities. The motion was unanimously passed sending a clear message that the Malaysian Bar does not agree that they are being represented in the said suit.

I didn’t stay until the end of the EGM. By 530pm, my colleagues and I left the hall after voting for the second motion.

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The 3 Kittens

Early June this year, a stray cat came into my house and gave birth to 4 kittens. Instead of kicking them out from the house, we decided to rear them and give them food and shelter. We would pack our leftovers for the stray cat.

One day, the stray cat disappeared with its kittens. But few days later, she came back with 3 kittens. 1 kitten was missing was never to be found.

It’s been 5 months since we adopted the kittens. The 3 kittens have now grown into teenage cats. 😀

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Abandoned Courts

xes-court1.jpgNow that the Kuala Lumpur civil and commercial courts are housed at Jalan Duta’s court complex, the Sultan Abdul Samad building along Jalan Raja have long been abandoned.


The old men who have sat outside the building on the pavement during its active times are still there, with their trusty old typewriters, and are still visited by people who need help in ……. typing some documents out for them? Previously, I’m sure they assisted poor summoned defendants in stating their defence in reply to the civil summonses against them. But now, I do wonder what they do.


I was walking towards Masjid Jamek and I noticed to my dismay, that building maintenance is not high on our country’s list of priorities. You still see tour buses bringing tourists to Dataran Merdeka and many of them snapping pictures of the building – I’m sure it’s a lovely sight to behold …… from afar.


Step closer, or walk along the 5-foot walk, and you’ll catch a glimpse of Sultan Abdul Samad building’s corridors. Look at the dust, look at the rubbish. Do we want tourists taking pictures of rubbish as well?


We are proud of our heritage and our new buildings, but for goodness sake, do keep them clean!!

Sometimes to fit into a social circle, one has to be on the ball on certain topics, especially football. Football is an excellent ice breaker, especially when it comes to breaking the ice with people of different age.
Although I love football, I hardly have the time to watch TV to watch all the matches. I don’t even have the time to watch the highlights on TV!
Youtube is one of the mediums where I watch the most of the highlights of a game. However, the video quality is so bad sometimes that the ball is almost invisible!
However, I found a website that lets me watch all the highlights at an excellent quality. Introducing !

The subscription fee is quite cheap. Go to for the rates. It’s cheaper than cable TV for sure 😛
This is probably the 1st internet TV in Malaysia. At the moment, the website offers updated weekly football highlights from the Barclays Premier League. Loading time is fast and connection speed is excellent!
For me, I watch football not solely because of the clubs. I watch football to pick up tricks from football players. With, I can now I can replay each and every highlights to pick up tricks.
I can watch football while in the office. HEHE*. is more than just football, it has other contents including news. I’m sure sooner or later, the will expand their contents and then we can say Bye-bye to Cable TV.

Video @ 0.35 – Speak to the hand..the face ain’t listening.
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Khai Fei’s 26th Birthday @ DeCanter, Hartamas

I can’t remember when we (high school friends) celebrated Khai Fei’s birthday. But this year is definitely a year to be remembered. Hen, Ping, Kiang, Wai Keong & Gf, Him & Gf, Timothy and I gathered at Decanter, Hartamas to celebrate Khai Fei’s 26th birthday. He’s finally in his late 20s. Welcome to the club mate.

Decanter is a small pub located in Hartamas. It’s smoky, dark, noisy and full of kids (yes I’m old). Nevertheless, this place seems to be our usual hangout spot.

We started off with some beers and ended with a lot of beers and managed to slot in a flaming Lamborghini for Khai Fei. The flaming lambo was served at the bar table. KF was reluctant to go initially but after repeated persuasion, he gave in and finished the flaming in one gulp!

Throughout the night, we played drinking games. Wai Keong and Hen were the target of the night. But some went down as casualty as they were caught in the crossfire.

We ended the night at Devi’s corner. After couple of drinks, the font of the shop’s signboard read as Doris Corner.

Kiang (to Hen): Eh Doris is your former maid’s name right?
Kiang (Imitating Hen): Doris! Where’s my food!!?? Doris where my basketball???
Hen: Doris is my mother’s name la!!!

Hen also ordered a shisa. The shisa was mannered by a different stall

Hen: ada apa flavour?? (what flavour do you have?)
Guy: apa flavour pun ada! (We have all sorts of flavour)
Hen: Durian ada?? (you got Durian flavour??)
Guy: tak adaaa (We don’t have it)
Hen: Ganja ada??? (You got Ganja???)
Guy: tak adaaaa (DONNTT HAVEEE ITTT)
Hen settled for apple.

We shisa was shared among the gang. But after WK slotted the tube into his nose, some of us were reluctant to smoke it.

We went home around 4am. It’s been a while since we hung out that long.

Age is finally catching up..

Gone were the days where I though I could withstand any strenuous activities without feeling the aftermath.
Recently, I’ve been experiencing soreness on my waist. I suspect it’s due to long working hours without taking enough breaks in between. I went to see a doctor and he said that it may be due to an injury to my soft tissues. To remedy it, he subscribed me with painkillers. I don’t think this would solve the problem as it merely takes away the pain.
As I wasn’t convince with the doctor’s method, I went to see a chiropractioner. I had to take half day leave to see the chiropractioner. The chiropractioner is located in one shopping centre. Nicely designed and seems very cosy.
I was brought to a small room with a funny shaped bed. Within minutes, the chiropractioner greeted me with a smile.
Chiropractioner: Your first time?
Me: Yes, first time.
Chiropractioner: ok Let me explain how your backbone works…
After explaining the above, he started feeling my backbone and asked loads of questions. The chiropractioner suspects that the soreness on my waist was due to a couple of misaligned disc on my spine. He recommended that I do a x-ray to confirm his analysis and then see him again. My 10 minutes consultation with him lasted less than 10 minutes and it costs me RM100. GG
I’m not very convinced that the chiropractioner could really solve my problem. Further, I’m a little bit worried that he’ll mess up my spine!
Anyone has better ideas?

Amigo FC Jersey

Amigo FC, a team of consisting mainly of my high school friends, recently adopted a new jersey. The new jersey is based on Marseilles’s football jersey. I got myself a piece 😀

The nick on my jersey is not cheap, RM3 per alphabet! Imagine if you want to put your full name e.g. Abu Ahmad Bin Abu Hassan. Could probably cost more than the jersey.

Initially we wanted something else. We were given 2 choices and these 2 choices were posted on jinhan’s website and with waikeong as our model.

Unfortunately, our supplier ran out of stock hence we had to settle for Marseilles’ football jersey.

Amigo FC’s games are usually fixed on Sunday mornings. If anyone is interested for a game of friendly football, please head to jinhan‘s website!

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Kuih Cincin from Sabah


Some time ago, a friend gave me a packet of kuih cincin to try. She told me that it was one of the things Sabah is famous for. ‘Cincin’ means ‘ring’ in Malay, but it doesn’t look like a ring, does it? Perhaps it refers to several rings in the middle of the biscuit.

xes-kuihcincin-1.jpgOne of its ingredients is palm sugar, or what we call ‘gula nipah’ in Malay. ‘Nipah’ is a type of palm. The biscuit is nice and crunchy, and addictive! It is not too oily, but it can be. It’s not too sweet, either. In fact, I’d say that’s the reason why it can be addictive. 😉

I let some of my colleagues try and they loved it as well! Some have asked if I could have my friend bring some more packets of kuih cincin for them.

Apparently this kuih can hardly be found in West Malaysia. If so, it is hard and no longer fresh, according to one Malay colleague. I don’t know how true is this, but be sure to try it!

That’s what makes Malaysia unique – its variety of food from all its states! 😉

For sale! AUTOGRAPHED Suomy Spec-1R Extreme Racing Capirossi

As some of you may recall, I won a helmet during the Speedzone event @ ZOUK last month. It’s a Suomy Spec-1R Extreme Racing Capirossi – Size L, autographed by Loris Capirossi. I’ve put it up on Ebay. Starting price is US$600, which is cheaper than a brand new helmet of the same model.

If you’re interested, please bid!
The auction will end on Wednesday, 21 Nov, 2007 13:49:04 GMT.