Boston: Short Update

Hello people!

It’s been a hectic conference in Boston. Been running around like a headless chicken for the past few days. I had meetings after meetings in the morning until the evening and receptions after receptions at night. But its not so bad this time, I have sufficient rest everyday.

Food is good here in Boston. Been eating at Quincy Market almost everyday. Food is cheap and good there.

Clam chowder in bread. Tasteh

I also went to this place called King Fish Hall. They serve awesome seafood platter there.

Awesome seafood platter. Tasteh x 2

I also had dinners with boss’s family friend. The daughter drew a picture of me.

It somehow looks like me .

Will be leaving US on the 28th. More updates then!

New York City: Short Update

Hello people!

I’m in JFK airport now waiting for my flight to Boston. I’ll be attending the yearly International Trade Mark Assocation there. It will last about 5 days.

There’s free wifi here and its very fast. There’s also a booth for people to plug in their laptop and order food and drinks through a touch screen monitor. Damn hightech!

Finally my 4-day trip in New York City has finally come to an end. Jet lag didn’t kill me but it had sort of improved my sleeping habit. I’ve been waking up at 6am here everyday – a task which is impossible for me in Kuala Lumpur.

Madison Avenue

The weather had been pretty inconsistent. Sometimes hot and sometimes extremely cold. I didn’t have a thick jacket when the temperature dipped to 11 degrees celcius. It was raining too! I was shivering the entire day!

I moved to my hostel in Brookyln after bunking with Timothy Tiah for a day. I booked a single room for US$40 a night but the single rooms comes with a bunk bed. The room was quite small and doesn’t have a TV.

The area that I stayed seemed safe but there was once a black guy in a truck said to me, ‘Damn that’s a real piece of work u got there!’. I’ve no idea what he was talking about. :s

Also, it gets really scary at night especially when I walk to my hostel from the train station. There was once I got lost walking back at 130am. The street was empty and dark. If its not for GPS, I may be lost throughout the entire night!

Drunk chap in the subway. I wasn’t the only one snapping picture of him 😛

Food is provided by the hostel but it gets crowded in the later part of the morning. Waking up at 6am would skip the crowd.

View of kitchen

The unfortunate bit about the food is that they do not serve any meat, just bread, pancakes, cereals and fruits. Too healthy for me!

So far, I visited the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, World Trade Centre Memorial, Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Art and Woodbury Outlet Stores.

Statue of Liberty – looks smaller than I thought it would be. It looks huge in movies!

I managed to catch a play with Timothy Tiah and fourfeetnine. It was good but it would be better if I didnt fall asleep at the ending of the play. Heh

More details about this soon!

Will update in Boston if I could!

Greetings from New York City!

After a grueling 24 hours journey, I am finally in New York City. It was a long and painful flight. The crying babies aggravated the discomfort.

The non-stop journey started when I realised at 8pm, Saturday night that my flight is at 2am, Sunday and not 2pm which I initially thought! I was supposed to attend Frank’s birthday dinner but had to cancel it because I haven’t finish packing yet! A once again saved me by helping me to pack. After packing, I realise that I didn’t book a place to stay in NYC on the 16th night because I thought I’ll arrive on 17th. I was sooo busy the entire week until I didn’t have the time to sort out my schedule!

So A and I scrambled to find a place to stay. The hostel that I booked didn’t have vacancy on the 16th. The other hostels were charging over US90 a night! Fortunately, Timothy Tiah offered his place for me to bunk for a night! *phew*

I had to transit in Dubai airport for 3 hours. Dubai airport has a long strech of duty free shops. I was there at 4am Dubai time and the place was packed. Even men have to line up to use the toilet. I bought myself a cup of coffee and roamed around for 3 hours. The place had enough things to entertaint me for 3 hours.

More updates soon!

Rice Crisp by Mister Potato


Mister Potato has been around since 1992. (Pic credit :Kyspeaks)

They recently launched a new type of crisps which it is made from a combination of rice and potato! It has no MSG and 20% less fat than conventional fried potato chips. It is also cholesterol and trans fat free. Notwithstanding the lack of these substances, it still tastes like potato chips – crunchy and tasty!

It comes in 4 flavours, BBQ, Original, Hot & Spicy, Sour Cream & Onion.

I bought the sour cream and & onion flavour. Quite crispy and has a tinge of sour cream and onion. Taste is not too strong but very additive. The best part is, it wont give you bad breath :p Oh, it tastes great with mayonnaise!

Speaking about mayonnaise, I like my rice crisps dipped with condiments. For example, melted cheese, cream cheese, tortilla chips sauce or

Fried chicken and sambal..Nasi Lemak style!

Tried this while at Village Park. Decided to replace rice with the Rice Crisps by Mister Potato. In view of the absence of cholesterol and trans fat, I can now afford to mix rice crisps with other oily stuff 😀

Rice Crisps by Mister Potato will also be treating Nuffnangers to a ‘Snack & Screen’ session on 27 May 2010 at 9:30pm at Cathay Cineplex Damansara, Nuffnangers will get to watch Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time. Bring your on condiments cause there will be loads of Rice Crisps to eat while watching the show! More details here.

Doraemon Baby Romper Suit


Would love to get these for my children next time!!

Source: Japan Pulse

Bandai have just announced the release of a new range of cosplay baby romper suits featuring characters from tokusatsu and anime series such as Kamen Rider, Doraemon, Ultraman and Dragon Ball. The rompers come hot on the heels of a similar range of hoods and bibs released last summer and are extremely affordable at only ¥1,575 each. The characters chosen are designed to appeal to an older generation who remember these classic series with fondness and want to transform their tots into Super Sentai.

Given the popularity of cosplay in Japan, it’s not surprising that parents would want their kids to get in on the action. Take these Naruto babies and Death Note toddlers, for example. As well as anime, video game characters costumes are also a source of inspiration. Foreign fans of Japanese video games have handmade some awesome baby costumes such as this knitted Katamari Damacy suit or this Link baby costume for lovers of Zelda.

Naturally, many parents turn to the classics – Disney costumes and cute bear hoods – when dressing up their tikes, but what about those looking for slightly hipper threads? Hip hop gear is definitely on trend at Baboo Wear’s online shop, where parents can stock up on kid-size baseball caps and New Skool romper suits with a motif that makes your kid look like it owns a fat pair of headphones.

The Bandai romper suits hit the stores later this month. Baby henshin



Speaking about Wonderland, the word brings me memories. When I was younger, my high school friends and I used to drink at obscure places around my neighbourhood. Then we were pretty poor and what we could afford was some beers from the neighbourhood convenient stores. Thereafter, we will find a quiet place to drink until wee hours in the morning. The usual places we go are usually dark and mosquito infested. Notwithstanding the unpleasant environment, we called the place “Wonderland”.

One of the usual places we hangout is a bridge in OUG above Kesas Highway. The bridge has a small “walkway” for us to sit. We had an excellent view of Kesas highway. And toilet was just around the corner – one of the many trees few feet away.

A view of bridge 😀

Kesas Highway

There were no railings on the “pathway”. Anyone could fall into one of the many gaps on the walkway and fall all the way down.

Years have passed. A few of us migrated overseas. Those who stayed in Malaysia still see each other often. However, the “Wonderland” we go is no longer the dark and infested places. But those “Wonderland” days are sorely missed. Gone were our young and carefree lifestyles.

So back to the Lose Yourself in Wonderland event, brought to you by Encore, it will be held in 7AteNine on 13 May 2010 which is just a street away from Petronas Twin Towers. The special part about this event is that it is a themed based event namely the “Wonderland Theme”. Think Alice in Wonderland! There will be a costume and dance show. A chance to check out all sorts of costumes from Alice in Wonderland.

Paris Hilton in Alice in Wonderland costume.

Maybe Cheesie the Red Queen may drop by 😛

Or Miri Darren. He looks like the modern version of Tin Man 😀 Awesome bro!

Also, the event will feature some International Mixologist (specialist who creates cocktails). You can even get to teach you how to make some drinks. Snake bite black for me please! (Half beer, half cider and blackberry juice)

If you’re in town on 13 May 2010, please drop by 7AteNine for the event. Admission is free. On top of that, I am giving out 15 pax drink vouchers to my readers. All you need to do is place a comment in my comment box of this post saying, “1 Tix Pls!”. Each commenter is only entitled to 1 drink voucher by the way. First come first serve!

In the meantime, please be a fan of the Encore Facebook page at You’ll be update on the latest events there!

Good Bye Chuan Kor Kor

When I first met my brother in law, Chuan, I remember him being a buff man with thick eye brows with big shiny eyes. He was probably in his early 30s at that time. He married my sister and both of them moved into a small apartment in Salak South.

I could still remember the days where he would bring me around on his motorcycle. He would place me on the front seat with my hands on the handle. He would then let me accelerate the motorcycle at my preferred pace. Both of us had no helmet then. Nevertheless, we managed to make few rounds around the housing area he lives.

Years later, we lost touch but we recently met up again. Mum said Chuan just bought a taxi and Mum asked me to give him some support. Since I do travel a bit, I would call him sometimes to fetch me to the airport. After years of not seeing each other, we caught up and spent considerable time chit-chatting. I remember spending considerable time talking about the taxi profession. I also remember him telling me to get married young so that I wouldn’t be too old for my children.

Before Chuan had his taxi, he was involved in some carpentry business. However, he wasn’t feeling well and had to resort to something less strenuous. Driving a taxi was his new found profession.

With a wife and children to support, Chuan made his best effort to provide for them. He worked day and night. But the medical fees were taking a toll on the family.

Chuan was a kind man with a good soul. Unfortunately, life was not kind to him. On 5 May 2010, he passed on. I was with him hours after his death. The sight of him lying lifeless was painful.

The buff man with shiny eyes that I know is no longer here. It is sad to see him leave.

May you rest in peace Chuan korkor. I will do my best to help the love ones you have left behind.

Malaysia – a copy cat nation – Part II

If you remember my old entry about Malaysia – a copycat nation, I blogged about the lack of originality in Malaysia. I spoke about how our Malaysian flag is similar to the US flag and also how our national anthem is similar to a 1940s songs, Mamula Moon by Felix Mendelssohn and His Hawaiian Serenaders.

Strangely, my old entry was copied by one xxess, a Malaysian student. In fact, he copied a substantial part of this website and called it his own.

You can read about it at

But this entry is not about Malaysia being a copycat nation. This entry is about the evolvement of our artistic capability.

The newly launched show produced by our very own Ah-Niu is a very clear example. The show, Ice Kacang Puppy Love is an excellent show starred by many Malaysian artists. Highly recommended to everyone to watch this show.

The other example is the song “What you waiting for” by Mizz Nina feat. Colby O’Donis. When I first hear it, I thought its some pop song from US. Then I realised that “Kuala Lumpur” was mentioned in the song!

Malaysia boleh!