Limau-limau café @ Jonker’s Walk

For those who are tired of shopping from shopping at Jonker’s Walk, you should visit Limau-limau Café.

It’s a nice café which serves blended fruits and other miscellaneous drinks. Lovely deco too. 😀
I had an ice blended mango smoothies. On the menu, it was stated that no sugar or water will be added in their drinks. Ok sounds healthy.

My mango smoothies was thick and yellow. My first impression was that the drink looks like concentrated mango juice.

I immediately took a sip of it and thereafter my eyes opened wide.
I then mumbled, “mahai.. no taste oneeeeeeeeeee ..”.
It didn’t taste as good as it looks.
Sharon and Cris on the other hand had a better experience. Sharon had a strawberry flavoured ice cream and Cris had a mango flavoured ice cream. It was absolutely yummy I tell you.

Jonker’s Walk, Melaka @ Melaka

Last week, before DJ Anatta’s set @ Pure Club, we went to Jonker’s Walk for dinner.

At night, Jonker’s Walk is filled with stalls selling food, clothes and many other rubbish. We had to brave through a sea of people to get to the other end.

We were greeted by the sight of a crowd surrounding an uncle. The uncle was performing some sort of martial arts and also promoting his herb. Apparently he’s some sort of Malaysia Book of Records holder. Record holder for breaking the most coconuts with his bare hands …I’m serious!

He had this Caucasian to hold a coconut which he intends to break with his bare hands.

Uncle: Now you hold the coconut. Like this..
Dude: OKOK.
Uncle: you then throw the coconut to me! (uncle walks away)
Dude: ok..
Uncle: Don’t throw it to my face, you hold it like that.. ok?
Dude: ok..
Uncle: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my product, very good for sores etc etc
Dude: (Hold coconut while listening and ready to throw)
Uncle: (goes back to the white dude) ok don’t throw it to my face!
Dude: okay..

Uncle: Ladies and Gentlemen, with my product you can blablablaa!!
The uncle kept on talking and talking and promoting his product until we got bored and left. The poor Caucasian was left standing there with a coconut with his hand. Bet he hates Malaysia now.

Fortune Teller.

Chicken Rice Balls! w00t!

You can sing karaoke in the open here.

You can even perform on stage!

One day trip to Melaka

Last week, I was given a task at the Malacca High Court. It was quite a challenge as it was something that usually takes weeks to do but I have to get it done on the day itself. I had to file a draft order, get it marked and then file it together with the fair order!
I waited from 830AM to 5PM. It was the longest wait ever.. .
Despite the long wait, the Court staff of Malacca High Court were superb. They were very polite and efficient unlike a certain Court’s staffs which only have 2 vocabs which is “TUNGGU LA” (WAIT LA).
The Registrar was also very nice. I was expecting him to throw a fit but when I requested his help, he immediately despatched his staff to help me. w00t!

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Melaka 2005

Hen, Umeng, Peng, Jin Han, Soon Yean, Soon Loong, Wai Keong, YK and I went to Melaka (another state in Malaysia)for a night’s trip. We started our journey late, approximately about 5PM.
It only took us 1 ½ hours to get there. I slept throughout the entire journey to Melaka. It felt like a 10 minutes trip for me. Some bugger took a photo of me sleeping with my mouth I hate it when people take pictures of me sleeping!!

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