Gangstarz Finale @ Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam

I was fortunate to be given tickets to watch the finale of Gangstarz, a local reality show. It was held at Stadium Melawati and was aired live on TV3.

It rained when we arrived at Stadium Meliwat. We had to bring our umbrella out but we couldn’t bring it into the stadium and had to leave it outside the stadium. I was quite surprised to find our umbrella at the same place where we left it. The last time I left my umbrella somewhere was when I was at the KL Bar auditorium for a talk. Some bloody lawyer/chambie stole my umbrella hence forcing me to walk under the rain.

There was some pre-show entertainment where the host started some sort of dancing competition. And thank god it wasn’t a Melbourne Shuffle competition. They had couple of people dancing on the stage and one danced like a sotong (octopus). The grand prize was a 3 days 2 nights trip to Bali.
Before the dance started, one of the contestants fell off from the stage. How embarrassing.

From Philippines – 3.5!

All the contestants on stage
The show went alright. It wasn’t as good as the one I went previously. The finalists were teams from Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. The winner of Gangstarz is determined by judges’ rating and also SMS votes. The unfair part is that only those in Malaysia can vote. When I heard about this, my first impression is that the contest would be really unfair to non Malaysian. However, the last season was won by an Indonesian team.

A guy came in wheelchair.
And this season was won by One Nation Emcees, a Malaysian team! This team consists of 3 guys and 1 girl. Their style is hip hop based and in fact, they associate themselves heavily with Black Eyed Peas.

Gangstarz is partly sponsored by Maggi!
Congrats to One Nation Emces!

Senior Blogger sued for Defamation

Recently, a multinational food company filed a suit against Edward Skading, a senior citizen who blogged about his dissatisfaction over a condensed sweeten milk on his blog, He alleged that the product that he bought is contaminated and wrote to the multinational company over the alleged contaminated product. After receiving unsatisfactory answers, we decided to post his grievances on his blog.
The multinational company has also filed an application for interlocutory injunction against Uncle Edward. The hearing of the said application is now fixed on 16 October 2008.
It seems that Uncle Edward is going to Court without a lawyer. I’m not sure whether Uncle Edward has filed his Statement of Defence and Affidavit in Reply. However, he has filed his Memorandum of Appearance. There are many rules that a Defendant must follow when going to Court hence to ensure a fair hearing (for both parties), I would highly recommend that Uncle Edward appoint a lawyer.
I have brought this case to the attention of a few lawyers friends. Further, I know that many Malaysian lawyers read this website. I hope that one of our Malaysian lawyers would take up Uncle Edward’s case on a pro bono basis. I can’t help much due to certain reasons.
Those who are interested in defamation actions in the online world, the KL Bar IT Committee is organising a Forum on Blogging and Defamation and is in the midst of sorting out the details. Members will be notified once the details are finalised. Please check their blog at for updates.
P/S Just in case Uncle Edward needs direction to Shah Alam High Court, here’s the map to Shah Alam Court. Stoopid cloud is covering the place.

The Court is located up a hill hence it would be better if you park in the Court’s compound. Parking space in the Court’s compound is limited and it gets full by 830am (or earlier). Nevertheless, you can park outside the Court’s compound and walk to the Court.
All the best Uncle Edward!

Melaka Makan Trip – Part II

Continuation from Melaka Makan Trip

Hajjah Mona Asam Pedas @ Kota Laksamana

We took a break before heading to Taman Kota Laksamana for Asam Pedas Ikan Pari (stingray). Hajjah Mona is within walking distance from Jonker Street. This place was introduced to me by some clubbers I met in Melaka.

Their speciality would be their Asam Pedas Ikan Pari. Just order Ikan Pari and they know what you meant. Within minutes, they will serve you a plate of plain rice and a bowl of asam pedas ikan pari with sauce filled to the brink.

The stingray’s meat is tender and the sauce is sourish and a little bit spicy. It makes me salivate whenever I think about it!

Putu Piring @ Jalan Tengkera

Long queue!

Barely 10 minutes after Assam Pedas, Cris brought us to one place that sells Putu Piring at night. Putu Piring is made of steamed rice flour filled with gula melaka (palm sugar).

What made this place special is the stall itself. The stall is actually in front of the owner’s house. The entrance to their house is wide open.

Since it’s a housing area, parking might be a little bit troublesome. Cris parked his car in front of a house and had two Indian men ‘molesting’ his car. Mmm Suzuki Swiftt…you’re soo hooott..

Cris said this looks like nipples. Many many nipples.

Each piece costs 70cent but I would recommend that one should not eat more than two pieces as you’ll get sick of it after the 1 ½ piece.

10 pieces of Putu Piring packed with newspaper!


Melaka Makan Trip

Cris, Elaine, Leonard, Angeline, Beverly, Fred and I drove down to Melaka for one mission – to eat.

Jonker 88 @ Jonker Street

We decided to give chicken rice balls a skip this time hence we started the marathon at Jonker 88 with Cendol and Baba Laksa. Their cendol is one of the most well known cendol stalls in Melaka. It comes with thinly shaved ice with thick gula melaka (palm sugar) on top.

There’s even durian cendol. Yuck.

Durian Cendol – but it looks good!

Baba Laksa with prawns and fish – fish on the spoon. Looks like used tissues. It tasted good though!


Kedai Satay Xiang Ji @ Jalan Portugis

Just two streets away from Jonker 88, lies Leonard’s favourite shop. He’s been promoting it ever since I knew him.

Kedai Satay Xiang Ji is a shop that sells satay babi (pork satay) and only satay babi. At 55 cents a stick, the owner keeps serving you sticks of pork satay until you tell him to stop.

Raw satay

Uncle cooking satay

Unlike the traditional Malay satay, pork satay is quite distinct. It’s not sweet and it’s not something that one will enjoy on their first bite.

However, after a few bites, you just cant stop eating them.

Used skewers!

Meat, fat, meat, fat… – The meat on the skewer is arranged in a way where meat and fat would alternate until the top of the skewer.

Leonard – mmmm houuu houuu meeeiii aaaa


To be continued!

Rakan Muda & Melbourne Shuffle

Rakan Muda is a youth movement under the purview of the Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sports. Since its inception, it has been actively promoting various sports to the youth. When I was in primary school, I signed up for it but never got an answer from them. Many years later, I found out that they sent me a letter confirming my membership but the letter was kept by my Mum without showing it to me. -_-
Melbourne Shuffle on the other hand is a dance which originates from the clubs Melbourne. During its early years, it’s a dance associates with all night long clubbing and drugs. Clubbers will pop couple of ‘Speed’ so that they can shuffle all night long. When it first started in Malaysia, it’s a dance heavily associated with clubbing and drugs. It doesn’t even have a name – we just call it the Melbourne Underground. Further, google search at that time didn’t even yield a single relevant result.
But this dance has evolved dramatically in Malaysia. It has gone mainstream with kids below the age of 15 shuffling to hardstyle music. For the older generation, Hardstyle music is something like fengtau.
And the link between Rakan Muda and Melbourne?

Recently, a Melbourne Shuffle competition was held at the launch of “Rakan Muda Siber”. It was launched by the Prime Minister’s wife.

Ghost shuffle wtf -_-
Y.B Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah launches Rakan Muda Remaja Siber – Hot-screensaver
Looks like the idea of “Dance of express, not to impress” has gone done the drain. Bravo.

Camp 5 Climbing Gym @ 1 Utama

In view that Summit Climbing Gym has closed its door to the public, my climbing gang has no choice but to migrate to Camp 5 @ 1 Utama. No doubt Camp 5 is a nicer place, the entry is quite expensive and there are many rules to follow – written and unwritten rules. The written rules are everywhere.

I miss Summit Climbing Gym!

Olympics Badminton Final – Part II

When I was young, I sucked big time in badminton (and I still suck). I could never return a shot and also serve properly. I was a complete failure. But at that time, badminton was a huge thing and all my friends were fighting hard for a spot in the school team.
It was in the early 1990s when the former world badminton singles champion from China, Yang Yang settled down in Malaysia to coach. And it was by chance that my parents and I bumped into Yang Yang while we were having breakfast in Ying Jia restaurant.
Mum: Ah Boy, go and get Yang Yang’s signature.
Me: okok.
(walks over)
Me: Yang Yang, can I please get your signature??
Yang Yang: Sure! (signs on my autograph book in Chinese)
I didn’t understand a word he wrote but I ran back to Mum screaming “MUMMMMMMM I GOT IT!!!!!!!”
From there onwards, the autograph book was one of my prized treasures.
But as the years went by, this incident faded off from my memory – until Mum reminded me during dinner today.
Mum: You remember about the autograph incident last time? Did you know that Yang Yang signed your autograph book as “郭富城”.
I then realised that Yang Yang had signed off as “Kwok Fu-Shing” also known as Aaron Kwok, one of the famous singers at that time. p4w3d!

Olympics Badminton Final – Malaysia v China

Badminton is perhaps the only sports in Olympics that we can actually count on to win a gold medal. We have been very close to getting one and it looks like we have to wait another 4 years.

1st Round: bye? I wonder what does this mean…
Hopes were high for Malaysians as World No. 2, Lee Chong Wei had beaten World Number 1. Lin Dan on numerous occasions. At the finals of one tournament, Lin Dan walked out from the prize giving ceremony after Chong Wei beaten him.
Unfortunately, this time round, Lin Dan thrashed Chong Wei 21 – 12, 21 – 8 in a 49 minutes match. Chong Wei was no match for Lin Dan – Lin Dan was fully in control. Interestingly, Lin Dan had never lost a single match throughout the 2008 Olympics.
Chong Wei was visibly upset over the lost notwithstanding that this is his best performance in the Olympics and this is also Malaysia’s first silver for men’s singles.
In this game, Chong Wei has lost his chance to a RM1 million incentive, Malaysia’s first gold in badminton in the Olympics and possibly a public holiday declared by the government.