ang pow inflation

as kids years back, we’d look forward to receiving fat red packets [ang pow] from elders who were giving distributing handing them out. of course, we had to make sure we greeted our parents’ brother or sister or cousin properly according to their ranks first, before we were handed the red packets. we’d fight among cousins to see who could greet the uncle or aunty the loudest, “GONG XI FA CHAI, KU MA!!!!!” or something like that.
and as the older ones we’d snub the younger cousins, “haha, yours so little! i got more money!!” just to make them cry. yeah, we were meanies. ;P
fast forward, and we now don’t find ourselves eagerly rushing to corner unsuspecting relatives for angpows anymore. politely, we’d shake hands and wish them good health, happiness and wealth for the new year, and shyly, uncomfortably accepting the angpows. feeling too old to be accepting angpows. = as working adults, should we not accept them, or shall we just take them, because we’re still not married?
i remember the biggest angpow i ever received was RM1,000.00 when i was 14 or younger. but now, how come i don’t get such an amount?? inflation???
i’m not shy! just accept any angpow given to me….. but i dread hearing the words that accompany them, “so when are you going to bring your boyfriend home to introduce him to us??”
“what boyfriend la, aunty… don’t have…..”
“what don’t have…. so shy for what….” my aunt will nudge me, thinking she could coax me into saying, “YES, I HAVE! NEXT YEAR I BRING OK!”
“don’t have la…. because i wanna continue collecting ang pows! hehehe…”
but i overheard my uncles suggesting that they may start a rule from next year onwards that for every year we delay in getting married, we’d have to refund a certain amount from the angpow received. which sounds rather stingy if the angpow is only RM10, and i’m asked to refund 20%!

Krabi Trip

I’ll be off to Krabi, Thailand starting tomorrow until next Tuesday. 7 days of rock climbing, swimming and massage. RM50 per room a night, shared between 3 fellows..fuh. fuh fuhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Picture courtesy of Climbxmedia
But it comes with a heavy price, not monetary but in the physical sense. I have to endure 13 – 15 hours of bus ride!
Krabi pictures –
wahlao, looking at those climbing pictures…makes me palm wet!!!
I’ll blog there if i could! But in the meanwhile, I hope my guest bloggers would blog when I’m gone.
Cya guys in 7 days!

Shotgunning procedure

Text Source: Wikipedia

Shotgunning is a means of consuming a canned beverage, especially beer, very quickly by a particular technique involving punching a hole in the side of the can near the bottom.

Punching a hole

To shotgun a beverage, place the can on a flat surface (very important!) and then punch a hole on the side of the beer can. Make sure it’s parallel to the mouthpiece. This is usually done using a key or other sharp instruments.

Hole punched

The drinker then places this hole to his or her lips, tilts the can right-side-up, and pulls the tab in the usual manner. The combined effects of gravity and the pressure change that follow when the tab is pulled cause the beverage to be forced out of the can, and into the drinker’s mouth, very rapidly. Unless one is skilled in this technique, it is easy to become soaked as the drink rushes out of the can.


Warning! Excessive shotgunning would lead to this..

Aman Suria 7-11

Since most pubs and clubs closes at 3AM, alcoholics like the likes of Umeng, Tay, Kok Wing and Big Ben had to find new places to quench their thirst. Aman Suria 7-11 is our new hangout place. The place is quiet and beer is readily available.

The rivalry between Old Klang Road and PJ is getting tense lately. Both camps claim that they could drink better than each other. So this time round, itโ€™s Tay, Umeng and I against Big Ben and Kok Wing. Sitting by the road side, with DJ Kutskiโ€™s music blaring out from my car and tons of beer to compete, we started off sip by sip. Then some one went overboard by suggesting that we shotgun our beers.

Shotgunning is a means of consuming a canned beverage, especially beer, very quickly by a particular technique involving punching a hole in the side of the can near the bottom.[Will explain the shotgun process on my next post]


The first and second cans were alright. But by the third can, I passed out in the car.

Big Ben & PassedOutXes

F*cker Ben..revenge, I SHALL SEEK!!

Umeng and Tay had to fight the battle for me.

So after 2 or 3 more shot guns,

Kok Wing surrendered.

Big Ben vomited. HAHA!!

Tay managed to dig out a piece of fuchuk from Benโ€™s vomit. It was a WHOLE BLOODY PIECE OF FUCHUK!! Looks like Big Ben swallows his food directly more than chewing it ๐Ÿ˜€


Tay’s car grew another tyre. HAHA!!


Old Klang Road won of course!

Disclaimer: We are currently not accepting anymore challenges or new participants in the Old Klang Road v PJ competition.

Interviewing a snatch thief

During my short stint as a volunteer at the Criminal Magistrate Court..
My friend, SY and I were interviewing some criminals in the court’s cell.
SY: (while interviewing a snatch thief) Sebelum ditangkap, dulu apa you kerja? (What do you work as last time before you got caught?)
Snatch Thief: Tak Kerja,, (I was unemployed.. )
SY: Har? then macam mana awak makan semua tu ah?? (Then how do you live? (without an income))
Suddenly, I burst out.
The entire cell burst out laughing.

A New Drink

Ok so, i’ve not been posting very often lately. Heck, i think this is my 1st post for the year. But anyway, i SHALL NOT, and i reinstate, SHALL NOT be forgotten, readers! Lately, got nothing to do lor, so i layan all my “so-called” friends who ask me to join their proposed motherfcuking lame marketting companies. banyak ‘interview’ sessions i went to man. but still, since i got ntg to do, i layan them. but interview request close edi yah? i wont go anymore. in short, i went to alot of mamaks and had alot of drinks lately la. i think on my 8th session, i was bored of local teh o(limau) ais. i even got fed up with sirup (those who dont know me personally, i nv drink sirup. unless if i really got sien la) so my friend recommanded me a new drink. i shall blog about this new drink. its called “lick my kotek”.
I know it sounds wierd and disgusting but beware, it has a meaning wan la.
Lick = horlicks
My = Milo
Ko = Coffee
Tek = Teh
so basically, its a WIDER mixture rather than the popular yinyong/cham which only consist of coffee and tea.
too bad i only using 6100, not any high class or expensive camera phone. so i dont have any images. for those who have, probably u can order one and show the ppl here the pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ its brown in color like any usual teh color. so for those yamcha-holic, go try it and prove to the rest here how it looks like ok? ๐Ÿ™‚ till then, have fun people!and i hope the government ban all this MLM bullshiters. if u’re one of them and are offended, go cry ur pants off

Ping’s 25th Birthday @ Decanter Too, Hartamas

It was a gathering of old high school friends. Everyone came with with one purpose; to bomb Ping.
Ping already had few beers when I arrived. The gang was playing card games. But few minutes later, a Flaming Lambo was served. After that, more cocktails came. At the time I left Decanter, Ping already had a flaming lambo , graveyard, AK47 and a BloodyMary.
We also got him a cake. It was white and creamy. I was told that there was a purpose behind buying a creamy cake.

Ping & his birthday cake

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