The year 2014 at a glance

2014 had been a great year. Life changed upon my daughter’s arrival. We got ourselves a live in helper, Len, from Philippines. I still work from home hence I had plenty of time with Livia. My wife took a 4 months maternity leave and went back to work thereafter.

Notwithstanding Livia’s arrival, I made rock climbing a two days in a week affair. I signed up for a 3 months membership at Camp 5 and climbed with the old Summit climbing gym climbers Mikey and Josh. The three of us found new friends and our group became bigger.

The firm ran smoothly although I did not hire anyone. However, I enlisted the help of my nephew to help me with some data entry work and also a friend who just set up his firm. I though of helping the latter in his few months of his new firm.

I managed to secure a big trade mark portfolio and also did my first criminal trial involving the Computer Crimes Act 1997. The client in the latter case found me through my blawg. Since my knowledge about criminal law is limited, I got a friend, who practices in criminal law, to work with me. The client was acquitted this year without his defence being called. It was probably one of the most satisfying cases I did as I got an innocent man free. Other than that, I had a steady stream of standard IP and IT cases.

Two of my hengtais, WK and Melvin migrated to Australia. Kiang got married.

Here are some notable events that happened during 2014.

March – I was reelected as a committee member of the Kuala Lumpur Bar. I was also made the KL Bar IT and Publication Chairman again.

Visited Kuching for the first time to give a talk.

April – Arrival of Livia!

May – Livia’s full moon party. To celebrate her first month on Earth. We had a party at Marmalade, Bangsar Village II. I invited my family members, high school and university days and ex colleagues during my chambering days. She was away most of the time though cause she was hungry for milk.

Finally got a new car. Replaced my good old Proton Saga with a Mazda 6.

Attended the International Trademarks Attorney conference at Hong Kong!

June – First family overseas trip. We went to Singapore for two nights. I was there to attend Echelon 2014.

Livia as a “bundle of joy’.

August – Visited Turkey for the first time! It was a trip sponsored by the American Bar Association.

September – Celebrated my first birthday with Livia.

October – Attended the Walk for Peace and Justice organised by the Bar Council to march against the Sedition Act 1948.

November – Attended the Asians Patent Attorney Associated Conference in Penang after a long hiatus. It was Malaysia’s turn to host hence I wanted to support it.

December – Second overseas family trip to Perth Australia to meet Tania and Melvin