The Malaysian Road Transport Act

Last week, I was stopped by the police for beating the red light.

Policeman: You tau apa salah? (Do you know what offence you have committed?)
Me: You beritahu saya (You tell me) (so that I do not incriminate myself)

After producing my license and identity card, he scribbled many things on to his notepad. On his right chest, there was a white “Saya Anti Rasuah” (meaning that they are against bribing) badge.
Just as I was waiting for the ‘magic words’, the policeman said , “Saman?” (Asking me whether to issue me a summon).

I answered, “OK”.

Minutes later, I was given a ‘Saman’ and after perusing the ‘saman’, I found that I have given a notice to appear in court to answer the charges against me. WTF!! I have to appear in court because I beat the red light??

It’s not the first time I’ve been issued a ‘saman’ for traffic offences but this is the first time I actually took time to peruse the details. The policeman has fixed a date in October 2006 for me to appear before a Magistrate at the Raja Laut Court.

To me, I wouldn’t mind appearing before the Magistrate and also it would be a good opportunity to experience first hand as a Defendant. Further, I have already made preparations on the things that I want to say to the Judge to reduce my fine e.g. I was not speeding that time and I have no previous serious traffic offences blabla.

However, it is always best to settle this matter by compounding the offence (to pay the fine). Unfortunately, the Notice I received did not mention which law I had broken. I had to do a research on it.
My research was quite fruitful. I discoverd that the ‘saman’ that the policeman issued was a standard notice.

The traffic offence that I committed was under Section 79(2) of the Road Transport Act 1987 (“RTA”) where it states that any person who fails or neglect to conform to the indication given by a sign (in this case beating the red light) shall be guilty of an offence and shall on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding five hundred ringgit. (RM500!!)

Also, my further research reveals that Section 79(2) RTA is a compoundable offence under the Road Transport (Compounding of Offences) Rules 2003. Phew, that means I could just head to Jalan H.S. Lee’s police station to settle my ‘saman’.

While doing my research, I found that any person who, when driving or attempting to drive a motor vehicle or when in charge of a motor vehicle on a road or other public place, has so much alcohol in his body that the proportion of it in his breath, blood or urine exceeds the prescribed limit, shall be guilty of an offence and shall on conviction be punished with a fine of not less than one thousand ringgit and not more than six thousand ringgit and shall also be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding twelve months and, in the case of a second or subsequent conviction, a fine of not less than two thousand ringgit and not more than ten thousand ringgit and shall also be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.

So boys and girls, dont drink and drive 🙂

Don’t Be Too Calculative!

On Monday, The Star highlighted Tun Dr M’s advice to us young working generation:

“Don’t be too calculative about salaries and the number of hours you put in at work.
When you step out into the working environment, you must work hard. Don’t be too calculative about the number of hours you work and the salary.
Dr Mahathir said sooner or later, those who worked hard would reap their just reward.”

Won’t we be taken for granted and used and abused and never see the “reward” for it? How many years are we to wait and reap the reward?
Food for thought
1. Some benefits are minimal – some don’t have insurance or medical cover. Is that OK?
2. According to the Employment Act 1955 if we are employees of less than 2 years, we have a pitiful entitlement of 8 days annual leave. Is that OK? What if we work hard and we’re not entitled to overtime pay? So I slog for 365 – 8 = 357 days a year. Oh wait, I forget. I make use of the 14 days worth of medical leave. Hmmmmm
3. The cost of living has increased – petrol, electricity, telephone bills, parking, mamak food, food, etc; but our salaries are still pitifully low. How can we not be calculative? Mileage claim has not even been adjusted by some companies since the price of petrol went up! Wait, today’s NST reports that toll charges will be going up soon, too!
I think only the low paying companies and companies who enjoy promising their employees nothing (you heard “oh, one day you will make it to the top.” for the past 3 years!) would appreciate his comment.
If we shouldn’t be calculative about the hours and our salaries, then employers should please increase the benefits. You want us to look smart at work but our salaries are unable to cover our shopping bills for necessities. I brush my teeth only once a day, to save on toothpaste. ;P

World Cyber Games @ KL Convention Centre

Philo, a reader of engaged me to assist her in procuring the services of Melbourne Shufflers to perform for the World Cyber Games.
Initially it sounded easy as all I had to do is get few shufflers and thereafter dance on stage.
I was wrong. We had a huge problem before the event!

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A Million Excuses

From an email on behalf of her friend:

“The girl never dated before my friend, he was her first boyfriend. She took him for granted – for example, should she go out on her own with her friends, she refused to inform him about her plans and leaves her mobile phone off, not wanting him to call her while she’s out. She claimed that even her parents do not call her.
But if he is out with his friends and she calls to chat, he will entertain her calls.
She never wanted to hang out with him and his friends for yumcha sessions but insisted on going with her friends, who are usually guys.
She has a bad temper and never failed to yell at him, testing his patience to the max. No reason was ever given for her outbursts. And it happened frequently.
She never wanted to be seen eating with him, she claimed that she didn’t want the relationship to be made known to others. However, she can eat out with other guys!
When they go out at night, she insisted to be sent home by 10pm. But when she’s out with her friends, there’s no curfew! Yet when he asked her about it, she claimed that he was being controlling!
On his birthday, she asked him to take the day off work so they could celebrate together. She did so, too. But at the last minute, she cancelled her leave to eat with her boss.”

It pisses me off that she came up with a million excuses and took the boyfriend for granted. Is/Was that mature? Or is/was she just a bitch? Anyway, they’ve broken up and i hope he’ll find someone better.
bimbobum: #&*$^@*(#@)#(@#!!!!!!!


Since GanGaGuGu is spinning for this event and also that Tay persuaded me to go and despite the guest list being closed, Sharon Dilirius, Tay and I made the journey to Ruums for this event.
The place was packed!

But at or around 12AM, people started to leave the club. It seems that there were rumours that the police are going to raid the club. On the last event, the police raided Ruums and detained few underaged patrons (and also a suspected rapist!). With the fresh raid on their minds, people were churning out from the club leaving a huge gap on the dance floor. The HS Crew fused it by announcing that there would be no police raid. I was later told that the rumour was trigged by a raid at Passion and Poppy. A friend’s acquaintance was arrested after being tested positive for drugs. Apparently she was on antibiotics and has her doctor’s letter to certify it. Unfortunately, the police didn’t release her.


Patrons outside the club after hearing rumour of a raid by the police
Man, that’s fukup. Imagine you dress up nicely with make up and perfume all over before heading to the club and screaming to yourself, “I’M GOING TO GET LAID TONIGHT!” and then end up smelling like a fish on Monday at the Magistrate Court to be charged.
Welcome to Malaysia my friends!

GanGaGuGu took the decks with DJ Learn at 2AM. And the rest of the night were bang bang bang and bang until my ears were ringing. The sound system was so powerful that eraine said, “I feel my internal organs moving!”.

me & eraine

Sharon Dilirius aka DJ Anatta & DJ RotiFish (Nottifish)

Tay, GanGaGuGu (Ganjaguru) & I

While GanGaGuGu was spinning, a crowd suddenly gathered in front of the stage. The crowd was so big until Tay and I were pushed off from our spot. It seems that Azmer, the former Champion for one of the Melbourne Shuffle Competitions was on the stage. Superstar I tell you. I think he was on the stage just to chat and take pictures and unexpectedly people gathered to watch him. Tay said that the sight of Azmer to the crowd is like Canto pop fans gathering to see Hong Kong singer Andy Lau.


Of course, Azmer didn’t want to disappoint the crowd. He strut his shit on the stage until one Middle East Ah Kua came to grind with him O_O|||

Also, when GanGaGuGu and Learn were about to spin, balloons were released from the ceiling. FYI, Big Ben has a phobia over balloons. He was like being caught in a war zone, he had his hands covering his ears. Heh.

Restoran 88, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama

Long time ago I went to have my dinner here. The roads were parked with cars and the parking lot specifically for the restaurant was packed as well.

The first time I had eaten at this restaurant was when it was a small and open-aired place located elsewhere that if I had to find my way there on my own, I’d probably get lost.

The food was excellent. We ordered fish and chicken and a lot more that I thought we wouldn’t be able to finish it. Very cheap! RM120 for 6 or 7 or 8 dishes, I’m not sure, but this is definitely the place to come for cheap seafood! (Everyone was hungry and ate so quickly that I wasn’t able to snap pictures of the other dishes – sorry!)

And then we saw this. I was taken aback, and hoped that the dishes were cleaned properly for future use. Yikes.

Must go and try for cheap and good seafood!
Now I’m hungry.
p.s. On another thing:

I just wanted to tell you to try out the mentos chewing gum if you want long lasting minty taste in your mouth. you know how some gums don’t last really long after chewing for a while? well, mentos is different. I like! And sugar-free, too. Apparently. ;P RM1.20 for 9 pieces.

How to Penetrate?

(Eye-catching title, don’t you think? But no, we’re not talking about sex today. ;P)
I was checking out a potential target the other day, but I was unable to muster up the courage to approach target and be cool. Say it! I know you want to…
… laugh and call me a coward. ;P
Let me explain! Target was surrounded by friends of the opposite sex. How am I supposed to saunter over and penetrate into the group? (Aah.. now you know the reason for the title.)
So intimidating.
Usually I’d take the indirect route of befriending target’s friends, and then put my claws on target. Hehe. My friends tell me I’m a coward, should take the direct approach – zoom in on target and get on with it!
Direct – Head towards target direct and make my small talk, under the scrutiny of target‘s friends; or
Indirect – Approach target‘s friends and be friends with them first, and then squirm my way through to glue myself to target later? <--- this may take some time. *Yawns* If target was alone just for once, I’d be direct. But hardly. The posse’s always around. ;(
Posse’s are intimidating. Let’s say you take the direct approach, the posse will start judging you and will know right from the start that you’ve got your sight set on their friend. Stress!
I asked 2 friends recently and both said they’d take the direct approach, and don’t give a shit about the posse of friends. Such brave men. ;P

Upcoming events!

The World Cyber Games (WCG) is the largest gaming festival in the world with up to 70 participating countries, 800 grand final participants and 1.2 million worldwide participants. In2 MARKETING & CONSULTING SDN BHD has been appointed as the Strategic Partner for World Cyber Games 2006 Malaysia Championship ever since year 2001 till now.
The WCG has opened the millennium with a vision of becoming a global e-sport cultural festival of unmatched worldwide scope. The first WCG was successfully held in 2001, attracted a total of seventeen thousand (17,000) contestants from thirty-six (36) nations attended the finals in Korea.
With the continuous strong support and encouragement from the Minister of Youth and Sports Malaysia, sponsors and the ICT industry players and most importantly the successful records from the past few years, WCG once again is raising its curtain.
For the WCG 2006 Grand Finals, we will be visiting Monza, Italy in October, best known for its Grand Prix motor racing circuit, the Autodromo Nazionale Monza.
More info @
Also, in conjunction with the Malaysia’s Independance day, the following events will be held
Merdeka Countdown @ Miri.


I’d Tip You But Why Are You Looking Into My Wallet?

One evening, I had dinner with my family at a prominent Chinese restaurant in KL. We’ve always had our dinner there occasionally because we believe in the quality of the food.
Obviously things change after a while. The combination of roast cuts of duck, barbecued pork (char siew) and piglet (skin) actually came last, after the vegetable and bean curd dishes. Very strange, don’t you think?
At the end of dinner, my dad called for the bill, and a waitress went to bring it over. Along with it, she brought a plastic sign to put on the table, signalling that the bill has been paid. The sign read “Thank you” and “Terima Kasih”. She came back with the change after a while.
Instead of leaving the tab (in that black folder) on the table for my dad to collect his change and leave a tip, she stood beside him, holding the folder open.
My dad stared at her. She stared back. I stared at both of them.
Reluctantly, he picked up his change and left a tip. The waitress left with the tab without uttering a single word.
First, the quality of food decreased – it was oily as hell. What’s the point of ordering vegetable dishes if the oil is enough to give you a heart attack on the spot? Even the roast cuts weren’t crispy, the char siew kept sticking to my teeth because of the carbon/burnt ‘outsides’ and the piglet skin oozed oil/grease.
Secondly, the lack of personal touch and manners from the waitress:
(a) she never smiled;
(b) she never said “Thank you”; and
(c) she tried to be polite by holding the folder open for my dad to pick up his change.
Even if she is a foreigner, surely the management must train or educate their staff in basic courtesy? Why eye a customer’s wallet to insist on a tip when you’ve hardly spoken a word?
My dad shouldn’t have left a tip! I wouldn’t have left a tip if it were me. I’d probably have told her off if I had been in a bitchy mood: “Leave the damn thing here! I want to take my own sweet time picking up the 10 sen coins you left me as change !”
Waitressing requires a certain etiquette. I think there are do’s and don’t’s to follow. One thing I hate is when the waiter or waitress is standing beside you refilling everyone’s cup of tea, instead of moving and standing beside the person sitting 2 or 3 seats away from you, their arm reaches out across your face to pour tea into his or her cup, that your nose is almost buried deep into his/her armpit. F*cking rude, ain’t it? One day when I’m in a bitchy mood, I’m going to hold my nose and remark, “HMMMFH. DATANG DEKAT SIKIT, SAYA MAU CIUM BAU TU!” (translation: “HMMFH. COME NEARER, I WANT TO SMELL THAT!”)