Terese k0k

Once again, the opposition party candidate, Teresa K0k has won the Parliamentary Seat for my area with a majority of 11, 000 voters.

My area has been a DAP (opposition party) stronghold for more than 18 years. The fight between the governing party and the opposition party here in my area has been pretty close though. However, during the previous election, the governing party candidate made a big mistake. During an interview, a reporter asked him,

“How do you differentiate yourself and Teresa?”
The candidate answered, “Well, I do my business standing while she does hers sitting”

If you don’t know what that means, it means that he pees standing while Teresa squats. Teresa immediately used this against him and branded him a chauvinist. No doubt the governing party candidate lost.

It’s good to have Teresa on the parliamentary seat as she is well known to be an outspoken person. Further, since the governing party won by a landslide majority, we need capable oppositions to monitor the government’s actions otherwise there will be an abuse of power by the majority as pointed out by Alexis De Tocqueville.

Here’s a picture of Teresa..

Some of my friends think she’s hot 😀 Btw, She’s 40 years old! MILF!!

Huge opposition party banner along Old Klang Road..on your left, you could see the governing party’s candidate’s banner..

There’s something about Miriam

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you..


w00t w0000ttttt…before you guys start fapping…

She’s actually a guy… 😀

Something about Miriam ended on Sunday (shown on British TV). It showed six men competing for the affections of Miriam, who they thought was a women.

Transsexual Miriam Rejected by Reality Show Winner

By Jennifer Sym, PA News

The pre-op transsexual wooed by six unsuspecting men in a controversial reality dating show is rejected by the winner in the final show tonight.

There’s Something About Miriam, broadcast on Sky One, showed six men competing for the affections of Miriam, who they thought was a women.

But the Mexican 22-year-old was born a man and, when her secret was revealed, she was called untrustworthy and deceitful by the winner, lifeguard Tom.

He initially agreed to go on the cruise, despite being mocked by the other contestants.

But he later changed his mind, saying: “I wouldn’t want to spend a week on a boat with someone I couldn’t trust, someone who’s deceived me and everybody else.”

In the final show tonight, to be broadcast at 9pm, viewers see Miriam choosing Tom over martial arts instructor Scott as the winner of £10,000 and a week together on a luxury cruise.

Scott said before being told “I do like surprises”, and added: “I’ve met someone that I do really like. I feel more for her every time I see her. I would love to spend the week with her”.

But after she was revealed as a pre-operative transsexual, he said: “Now I don’t respect her one bit.”

Earlier in the show, viewers had seen both Tom and Scott penning love poetry to the model in their attempts to court her.

A show spokesman described the declaration as “difficult” for Miriam, who had formed close bonds with the contestants, all of whom were stunned by the news.

She said she had enjoyed Tom’s company: “

He always makes me happy, this has been a whole new experience for me. I’ve had such a great time and I would never forget this moment.”

The broadcasting of the show had initially been delayed after the six contestants threatened legal action.

They received payouts after deciding to take their case to the High Court in an attempt to ban Sky from screening the show after they only learned at the end that Miriam was not a woman.

The men received an undisclosed sum last month to drop their threat of court action.

Sky also apologised for “any upset caused” to the contestants, who made a number of allegations against Sky One and production company Brighter Pictures, including conspiracy to sexual assault, defamation, personal injury and breach of contract.

In return, Sky, which had shelved There’s Something About Miriam, pending possible legal action, was able to transmit the controversial reality show.

The show was actually done many months ago but was halted due to threat of legal law suits by the contestants. However, the men were paid a substantial amount to compansate them..

The six straight men who sued to prevent the broadcast of an UK reality show in which, unbeknownst to them, they competed for the affection of a preoperative Mexican transsexual quickly got over their claims of injury and public humiliation in return for a cash payment, clearing the way for the program to debut on UK television last evening.

The undisclosed settlement — which various reports pegged at anywhere between $150,000 and $250,000 a man — followed November 2003’s lawsuit over the previously scheduled broadcast of the series. which had been filmed earlier in the year in Ibiza.

At the end of the show, when the program had its “grand reveal” and the men found out that the “gorgeous creature” Miriam wasn’t a gorgeous female, they went bonkers. One of the men, a Royal Marine, supposedly broke down crying from the “humiliation” when the deception was revealed … and, according to reports, some of the production crew sympathized with the men’s reaction and turned on Endemol and British network BSkyB, a sister network to Fox in the U.S., which was planning to air the show.

And oh yeah..she didnt have her ‘thingie’ below removed..euww..

Excerpt from the last episode where Miriam tells the contestants that she is a man.

Memoirs of a Geisha

frontcover (8k image)

Aloha everybody! wOwee..I can’t remember the last time I blogged here..hehe, a thousand apologies Leong 😉 Anyway, *update! update!* life here in Hawaii is nice and relaxing. Another 49 more days before I go back to Malaysia. Yey 🙂 Anyway, I’m currently on my Spring Break and it’s nice to have the entire room, floor and toilet to yourself for a week cuz everybody sudah balik kampung to the mainland (my room mate is in Arizona). Heh. But sadly, the Cafeteria is closed for the week so I’ve been surviving on maggi mee, frozen pizza and maggi mee for the past 8 days..*help* I can’t wait go back to school. I need proper fOod!

Anyway, since I was SO DEAD BORED during the Spring Break, I took my Theatre Professor’s advice and went for the casting call for the lead role for “Memoirs of a Geisha”. Yups, the up-coming Hollywood movie directed by Rob Marshall (the director of Chicago) and produced by Steven Spielberg. Production is scheduled to start in September 2004 in Japan and Hawaii.

Well, I actually went for the first casting 2 weeks ago and they called a few days after to go for a second round. To be honest, when i reached the agency, I had no idea what was going on. I’ve never read the book so i was almost peeing in my pants when they gave me the script to memorize. I mean, I had no clue what the character wants- and lead role somemore! But luckily, they allowed me to bring it back home to memorize the first section of the script. *phew*

When i came back home, the first thing I did was to call my sister up cuz I had a hunch my sister already read the book…and true enough: she did. 🙂 So for the next 1 hour, i kept bombarding her with questions about the book…who in world is Sayuri..what happened to her…why this..why that.. Man, chee: you’re a life saver!! Super Duper thanks! 😉

About this show, well, it’s based on the book..and it’s about the story of Nitta Sayuri, sold to a geisha house at the age of 9, the training she goes through to become a geisha, and the life she leads as one. You can check it out on yahoo! movies. Everything you wanna know is listed there. Anyway, so there were 3 roles to be casted, and of all roles the casting agent had to select for me is the role of Nitta Sayuri. argh! I wanted to audition for the supporting role of Pumpkin but my face wasn’t round enough.. bummer.

The audition turned out okay although i was so so nervous cuz there were 3 cameras placed in different directions to film my moves and expressions. Yikes!

Anyway, I was told that almost 500 people are vying for the role of Sayuri and that casting calls are also held in New York and LA. Wow. Well, although I know chances are very slim for me to be casted as Sayuri, (hey, they want a pure Jap to play this role: I’m Chinese! 🙂 it was definitely a great experience that i’ll never, ever forget. And at least when i watch the movie, i can tell myself “Hey, i was one of the 500 girls to audition for that lead role” HAH!


Everyday I wake up hoping that my ulcer on my tongue cures. It still hurts today though. Fuck..

It’s been around since Tuesday. I tried all sorts of remedies. I tried rubbing salt on it (ooohh the feeling was ooOoOOohhh). I tried gargling salt water and it sucked. No, I haven’t tried BJ..dont get me wrong, it’s not blow job, it’s Bon Jela, a cream for curing ulcer.

And lately, it seems that loads of people are suffering from ulcer, cough and sore throat. My mum and I are victims of it. It must be the hot weather!!

On the other hand, loads of people blame it on this concept called ‘heaty’. I don’t know how to explain it in English, The word ‘heaty’ is just a direct translation from Chinese. ‘heaty’ IMHO is something like an over consumption of ‘heaty’ products on a person’s body. ‘heaty products’ can be something spicy and fried (even durians are considered heaty).

However, the ‘heaty’ concept seems to be limited on Asian culture. I have neer heard of the word ‘heaty’ from a Westerner. Do Western people have this concept called ‘heaty’? What do Westerners usually blame when they suffer from ulcers or sore throat?

Drug trafficking

Couple of weekss ago, I was reading the newest edition of the weekly law report. Then this particular case caught my eyes. In the case, the accused was appealing against his death sentence for possession and trafficking of dangerous drugs. He was arrested in 1990 and since it’s a death offence, under s388 of the Criminal Procedure Code, a person who is sentenced to death shall not be furnished bail hence he was stuck in the prison ever since the day of his arrest. Further in the case, the accused was also arrested with his girlfriend but she was subsequently released after her boyfriend voluntarily admitted that he possess the drugs. The accused reason was that he wanted to protect his girlfriend.

After all the hoo-ha for more than 14 years, the accused was subsequently released due to some legal grounds. Well, imagine you’re the accused, you rot in jail for 14 years just because of a statement that was said to protect your girlfriend. What do you think will happen to your girlfriend after you’re released after 14 years?

I remember reading this article about this guy who went thru the same thing as the story above. After he got out from jail, he found that his girlfriend got married with some other guy and the only person who sat thru his final court hearing was his father.. How sad..

Para Bombay

I was watching the 9:30pm HK drama on Astro just now and there was this scene where the main actor was involved in an accident together with his boss. Later in the hospital, the doctor said that he needed immediate blood tranfusion but his blood was Para Bombay, a rare type A blood. My immediate reaction was “wtf, is there such blood type?” Hence, i did a search on Google.

Surprisingly, Para Bombay blood type does exist. It is a rare phenotype commonly reported in Europe and Japan. However after reading the article, i still do not quite understand how can one has Para Bombay phenotype. All i know is through some mutation on H-antigen. Perhaps, someone with good knowledge on biology can explain this to me. Click on the link, if you want to know more. Happy reading. =P

Johnson’s surprise Bday

Happy birthday to my dear foosball, clubbing and yamcha buddy, Johnson!! YAY!

We had a surprise party cum pot luck (everybody chips in for the drinks and food by bringing their own) for him at his house. Johnson was in his room studying (he was having exams the next day) while we were waiting for other friends to come. The funny thing was that we were there for more than an hour and he didn’t know we were in his front yard.

We went up to his room to surprise him. He was caught off guard and was well surprised.

Soon, more and more people came. People bought chips, spaghetti, sausages, whipped cream with nutella covered strawberry, beer, soft drinks and a chocolate banana cheesecake for Johnson 😀

The chocolate cheesecake was actually meant for Johnson and his aunty (who shares the same birthday with him, or a day after that. I don’t remember). However, she didn’t want to join us. She was shy I guess but I heard Mary said, “She said there are too many kids downstairs”.

Election and F1 day

Malaysia Election Day. TODAY!

Will Barisan National (Governing party) who has been ruling since 1957 win again? Will Barisan National wrestle the state of Terengganu from PAS (opposition Islamic party) this time?

Results will be out soon..

Anyway, off to watch Formula 1 @ the Circuit. Thank youuu soooooooo much Steph and Nik for the tickets!

Picture courtesy of Bernard Loke

Final results!
1 M Schumacher (Ferrari)
2 JP Montoya (Williams)
3 J Button (BAR)
4 R Barrichello (Ferrari)
5 J Trulli (Renault)
6 D Coulthard (McLaren)
7 F Alonso (Renault)
8 F Massa (Sauber)

I didn’t know what the hell was happening throughout the race. Car comes = people cheer, another car comes = people cheers, no car = no cheers.

There weren’t any huge screens to guide us or inform us on what is happening throughout the race. So there we were, baking under the hot sun while being irritated by insects that crawl up our feet. The enthusiasms of the people were gone by the 20th lap. Before that, everyone was screaming and cheering as the race starts.


Formula 1 was great. Well worth the experience! Thank you Steph and Nik! 😀

Well, parking was a pain in the ass. The roadside was filled with cars and the nearest empty spot was miles away from the stadium. However, I found a parking deep inside a plantation. It was filled with bushes and grass. It’s somehow illegal but we had to pay RM10 to park our car there. I had to bang into some bushes and tall grass in order to park my car.

But it was worth it as it was near Sepang track.

Steph and Nik gave me 2 Hill Top tickets. I was hoping for a grand stand ticket actually haha.

Abby Lu, PS, Kiang, Hen and I sat on a grassy hill top over looking 2 corners of the track. The grand stand was far away hence we couldn’t see the start up. As the first lap goes on, everyone stood up to cheer. The piercing sound of the engine wasn’t as loud as I expected. Thank god I didn’t waste my 5 bucks to get earplug from a vendor outside the stadium. Speaking about vendor, the place was swarmed with hawkers selling drinks and food.

Our corner was well fortunate to see an engine blow up. The car was blowing smoke and the driver had to be sent back with a kapcai (low grade motorcycle).

We didn’t stay for the prize giving ceremony cause we couldn’t see a thing. Everyone was rushing out by then. Cars were stuck for hours trying to get out from the parking. I, on the other hand, left the place smoothly. Thanks to our illegal parking operator.

ATTN: My pictures looks a little bit grainy. I’ve no idea why. Further, the scanning process made it even worst..fuck..