Great Bloopers

One of my must-do things while driving to work is listening to the radio.
It keeps you awake and sometimes, it brightens up your day.
Few days ago, a DJ was asking listeners what were their most embarrassing moment.

A caller called up.

He said, “Couple of years back, I used to work in this company in KL. Everyday, on my way to the office, I’d see this pretty girl. My office was on the 13th floor, hers was 15th.

Everyday, we’ll meet at the lift. We would exchange greetings and thatโ€™s all. I was too shy to talk to her. But I wanted to know her better!

Then one day, I decided to post some notes on the windscreen of her car since we park at the same car park. Everyday, I’ll put in different messages such as “you look pretty today!”, “you look great in pink” and “I like the dress you wore today :D”.

It went on for 2 weeks. Then one day, I saw a huge looking man with muscles all over standing next to her car! He grabbed the note, read it and threw it away.

Initially I thought it was her husband or something, my heart started to crack. Then soon I realise…that I put the notes on the wrong car for 2 weeks…

It was the muscle man’s car!!!

DJ: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Earthquake measured at 8.7

It appeared to be a peaceful routine night where i will hit my hay and call it a day in 15 minutes when all of a sudden the monitor right in front of me started to shake. I thought it was a post bad sleeping position where i just had my cat nap a couple hours ago(i wasn’t feeling well that day) then it started to shake from bad to worse. For a moment there my table was swaying from left to right and my ps2 fell off the desk.I turned to Chad who was still pretty much obssesed with the game Warcraft III,
Me:Chad!Am i on crack or is it an earthquake that i feel.
Chad:It’s an eartquake you dumbass

By then, Andrew was shouting and running paranoidly towards my desk
Andrew:Shit, its an earthquake isn’t it?
Chad and Me:Yeah!

We ran to the front door and by then everyone from the upper floor was either screaming or had a pale face as they raced with each other down the stairs. I did what most sane people would do – RUN, but little did i know i was barefooted.

Panic stricken tenants with shorts and pyjamas outside the condo.

Someone even took the time to pack stuffs in their backpack, amazing!

The place was so crowded that it took minutes to had our car removed from the carpark

Behold!The almighty fire truck that stormed towards our condo.

One evacuator wanted to be a policeman one day. Man:”Good efficiency! go Polis!”

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My first post :D

Due to the overwhelming downloads recieved for Rych’s mix, we will be spreading his mixes via torrents. ( Gavin’s bandwitdh was raped, badly as i heard ๐Ÿ˜ก )

Please continue seeding the file even after when its complete. You can still play the trance while seeding it on your torrent-programs ๐Ÿ™‚

Mix #2 : Torrent Info
Mix #3 : Torrent Info
Mix #4 : Torrent Info | Direct Download (limited)

The worst thing a restaurant owner could do..

Couple of days back, my colleagues and I had lunch at a restaurant nearby our office. It’s popular with our bosses as well. Further their food is quite good.
One of my colleagues, KM ordered cantonese fried noodles.
Then i said,
“I heard many stories about how cooks sabotage their patron’s cantonese fried noodles. The worst I heard was making phlegm into egg yolk”
Colleagues: “EUW”

Few minutes later, our meals came. Hence the soon-to-be-lawyers started pigging in. After KM finished 3/4 of her noodles, something black popped up on her plate.
It was a dead cockroach!

KM immediately said, “Last time I asked B (senior lawyer) on what he will he do if he finds a cockroach in his meal. B said he will get plastic bag, pack the food in it and head to the office to write a letter of demand to the restaurant owner”.
Within no time, she summoned the boss, a camera and a tissue. Before the boss apologized, we took pictures of it and kept the dead cockroach in the tissue as evidence.
The worst thing a restaurant would do is serving tainted food to lawyers (or soon to be lawyers).

life schmlife~ [part I]

this is gonna be really long..

i drove up & parked my car after spending a few hours @ the gym [yes i actually take part in other activites aside from sleeping!]. it was almost 8pm. dark. street lit by very very dim lights save for a couple of porch lights from my neighbours. suddenly, this figure walks up to my car & starts waving frantically at my left window like, “i’m so excited to see you! omgomg!” o.O

how scary is it when you’re nothing but a silhouette?

i squint & squint to take a better look at him [i conveniently forgot my glasses o.O] & was my neighbour. ironically, one whom i haven’t seen for a long time despite the fact that he lived just a block away. i think i last bumped into him a year ago. it’s funny how you almost forget your surroundings sometimes.
so i got out, opened the boot to lug my bagshoesbooksthingamajigs out, proceeded to dumping them all on the roof of my car, then turned around to say hi.

we launched into a close-to-an-hour conversation.

see, when we were younger, along with some other neighbourhood kids, we’d meet up every evening to walk, talk, cycle, rollerblade, whatever it was that tickled our fancy then. shamelessly, we’d also run around plucking flowers & playing masak-masak.
*insert sepia-toned nostalgic playback here*

anyhooooooo, the conversation came to a point where we were discussing age..& what it does to us. i don’t even remember how we got there but somehow we did! so here..

* as jaded as we might get, remember that it’s not illegal. it’s okay to be jaded. it’s okay that people get depressed. it’s part of what your journey brings. BUT..almost none of one’s mistakes are bad. mistakes don’t always have to be bad. we know enough to call it a mistake, no? we learn from it, no? so it brings us down, so it gives us emotional instability. every time we face a big stink, we find it bloody hard to look beyond the upcoming days, to realize, “i SO can get past this!”. but look deeper into it & you’ll find good in all that turmoil that life inevitably puts you through. & believe me, in the end, you WILL get past it.

* no matter what happens, never forget what you’re worth. never let someone else put you down for what you are. you’re always worth much more than you think. truth be told, no one, & i mean no one, ever has the right to tell you that you’re not worthy. no one has the right to blame you for their own doing. no one should ever take advantage of your existence & think that you were born for his/her abusive purposes. who’s to say how you should be weighed or measured? remember, if you refuse to believe in yourself, no one else is gonna step up to do that for you. that’s one thing for sure. so do yourself a favour & start treating yourself with a little bit more respect. because you’re worth every ounce of it :o)

* my neighbour, let’s call him KC, he says that both women & men alike tend to forget that life is really too damn short for you to live worrying & trying to please people. why do people lose themselves to the world? why do people lose their identities ever so often depending on the people that they’re with? you love someone so much until you lose yourself. you fight to fit in until you lose yourself. why struggle? in the first place, if you’re not yourself, how do you know if you’re really what people accept you as? so you keep trying, flipping personalities like you’re some kinda mechanical doll until they see something that fits? do you really want that? to spend all your days pretending to be something you’re not? life’s too short. just live lah, okay? :o)

age it what moulds you. experience is what makes you.

i write too long of a post.

leongs is gonna kill me.

i’ll continue this later :o)

p/s: i was too lazy to do a spell/grammar check. deal.

Pangkor Island – Mussel

A nice fisherman gave Jane a piece of mussel that he caught when we were snorkling in Pulau Pangkor. He even gave us some sort of shell animal. Unfortunately, it escaped.

The fisherman had to crack the mussel’s shell in order to retrieve it under the rocks. He said, “Yang ni, masak dengan air panas, sedap ooooo” (For this, boil it in hot water. delicious!)

And we did!!!

Jane loved it. I think it tasted a little bit elastic and fishy.

Looks kinda familiar eh? What is it?

CLUE: According to Jane, Japanese shows i.e. comedies, use it to symbolize a part of a body.

Delta Rovers @ Kepong

There is a climbing wall built inside a house in Kepong Baru in the state of Selangor.
Anyone can walk into the house to climb provided that one cleans up the place after use. The owner spent thousands of Ringgit to setup the wall and crash pads. The owner owns a climbing gear shop nearby the climbing house. Please pay a visit!