Help – Save these pedigrees!

I received a SMS from a friend this morning,
“3 GoldenRetreiver dogs -1 yr, 2 yr, 4 yr @ Setapak DBKL dog pound, will be put 2 sleep 2day if no 1 adopts. Pls if u or frens can help save them call 012 2877168”
It’s sad to know that animals that are sent to the pound are put to sleep everyday. A reader once critisized someone for not sending an animal to the pound. I wonder if she knew that many animals who are not adopted in the pound for a certain period are put to sleep.
On a different note, I wonder why these SMSs are sent out when pedigree dogs are going to be put to sleep. How about non pedigree dogs? Love knows no pedigree!
Adopt a pariah today!

Amarula Cream

Michelle recommended this excellent drink to me.
Amarula Cream is another type of cream liqueur. Taste slightly fruity and caramelish.

Based on the bottle, alcohol content is 17%. Taste excellent with coconut juice. It doesn’t have the bitter alcohol aftertaste.
I was told that a bottle can be purchased from Cold Storage @ RM90 per bottle.
Visit for their cocktrail recipes.

Insecurities Can Ruin a Weekend

When the insecurities just fly out of your mouth, can the men deal with it/them?
1. Your ex is prettier and thinner than me. So…… you think I’m fat?
Just say it! I know you want to! I know it’s just at the tip of your tongue!
2. Why do you still have pictures of you together on your walls and photo frames?
I don’t care if you’re still friends, the pictures should come down! Do you want me to do it for you? I’ll burn them!
3. What, your ex cooks better than I do?
You rather not eat? You think my cooking will give you food poisoning?! How come my ex liked my cooking??!
4. She’s better in bed, too?!
I know, I know! She’s thin so she’s more flexible than I am, right? My boobs don’t jiggle enough?!
5. Your parents like your ex better than they like me?
Then why don’t you get back together with her and marry her?
Well, she does have bad dressing sense….. does that make me hotter?
I doubt that. ;D

Sui Linโ€™s Birthday & Meeting up with Hayden @ Velvet

It was hitting 2 bird with 1 stone, Sui Linโ€™s having her belated birthday bash at Velvet while Hayden, was in Kuala Lumpur on a 26 hours transit from India back to Melbourne.

I didn’t take many pictures on that night. This collage is taken from winkris’s website ๐Ÿ˜€ With some alteration ๐Ÿ˜€

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Talk Cock

When Ah Ming was a little boy in primary school, he was very cheeky. He was soooooo cheeky but his classmates adored him because he was quite a clever little boy. Sometimes, they did laugh at him because he was always scolded by the teachers.
One day in Bahasa Melayu (Malay language) class, the teacher asked the class,
“What is ‘exaggerate’ in Malay? Can anyone tell me?”
Ah Ming raised his hand.
“Teacher, teacher! I know!”
“The answer is,
The class laughed and the teacher got annoyed.
“Wrong, Ah Ming! What sort of language is that! The answer is, ‘membesar-besarkan‘. That is ‘exaggerate’ in Malay.”
“But….. but….” Ah Ming protested.
“COME HERE!” the teacher gestured to Ah Ming and proceeded to rotan (cane) his backside.
“Now go and stand outside under the sun for the whole period!”
Ah Ming was so angry.
The next day, he approached the teacher and said, “TEACHER, YOU ARE WRONG! I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!”

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Just Follow the Law

That lady who said, “It takes 3 working days to process” remind me of a friend. Makes me feel like punching her. waa chhhaaaaaa
If you had seen the Singaporean movie, Just Follow the Law (starring Gurmit Singh and Fann Wong *drool) you’ll note that Fann Wong’s mum (in that movie) said that she has a blog called, “Lao Zha Bor dot Blog Spot dot Com”.
And the blog actually exists!

Lao Zhar Bor, in Chinese means, old lady. This lady actually learnt how to set up a blog and even created a rap video to post on the website. It’s quite an interesting read. I note that a lady of her age speaks like a young girl ๐Ÿ˜€


“I will grab my handphone with me… Oh, and wallet! And passport!”

That was my friend’s final answer. She was telling us about her nightmare, that she had to escape from the condo she was staying, which was slowly catching fire. It was just a dream!

It made me think, that they always tell us to leave all your personal belongings to save yourself should a fire break out. But what if you had enough time, what would you take with you?

“Oh, but I would have to quickly put on my bra and panties as well, sh*t!” She continued.

“So difficult, to be sleeping without undergarments! At desperate times, I guess I have no choice but to run out of the house with everything jiggling here and there!”


So, questions:

(1) If your house caught fire (*touch wood!*), what would you bring along with you, if you only have 2 minutes to get out of the house?
(2) As a girl, would you worry about being bra-less, and all you are wearing is a thin white T-shirt and boy shorts?

I think I would put on my bra or wrap myself in a towel so that the nipples won’t get in the way of the fire. ;

United Garden, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur

I live in United Garden, one of the residential areas of Old Klang Road. It’s located next Overseas Union Garden (OUG). Unlike OUG, United Garden is not well known.

There’s nothing much you can do here. The only famous place around this is Beng Huat Restaurant (excellent sweet and sour pork and also fried rice) and Pearl Point.

Here are some pictures of this place. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€

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Overdose of LURVELY Pictures

Browsing through Friendster on a boring evening, I noticed that some friends have filled their photo capacity to its maximum, i.e. 50 photos with their lovey-dovey couple pictures.
My goodness, I was stunned! Sure it’s good to be in love and an extremely lucky situation to have found your soulmate, but is there a need to publicise your LURVE??
OK, so maybe I’m just jealous that I’m not photogenic enough. *SIGH*

If it was a creative picture, like this one, I would agree that it’s a LURVELY picture to show!

So, I decided that I should spice up my boring friendster profile as well. It’s time i find LURVELY pictures of myself and ex-boyfriends.
I dug deep into my hard disk of memories and found and old picture of us.

WHAT? You didn’t know that frank_omatic and I dated way back in 1998? We were a LURVELY couple, you know! Ask xes and everyone else who knows us, we were inseparable! And every year, at the same date, we had to take a picture together to publicise our LURVE for each other.
[so, who do you think was the clingy one?]

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