strategic locations to ask for donation

girls: miss, would you like to make a donation for the old people?
me: *grunts and continues walking in to the bank*
after i sorted out my banking, did i only make a donation. i felt bad because it was raining, but it annoyed me that they chose to stand right in front of the bank to ask for donation. now who taught them to do that? 2 girls were asking for donation from bank customers while a guy friend was leaning against the pillar (on the right of the picture). see how they seem to be waiting to pounce on customers who exit the bank? ;(
it reminded me of england, where the homeless would sit at least 2 feet away from the ATM machine, asking, “could you spare some change, please…” or the likes of it. my friends were puzzled with their audacity to sit soooooo close to the ATM machine that to withdraw money within their vicinity, it was rather unnerving.
i just think it’s unfair to choose such a location to beg or ask for donation. surely there is a polite way of forcing people to donate money?
p.s. and when it’s raining cats and dogs, all motorists are supposed to drive carefully, not recklessly!!!!! one stupid white proton iswara almost came crashing into my car on the right when “he” changed lanes too fast just now. and unfortunately i’m damn weak with the horn that instead of a loud *TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT* at the idiot, i only managed two lil *toot*. i felt so stupid!

what defines a hot blogger?

in light of the ‘hottest female blogger’ syndrome. [link]
is it popularity?
the endless traffic and plugging the blog receives?
if yes, i don’t think we have a problem with that, do we?
but what builds popularity?
a blog loaded with pictures and pictures of oneself? that seems to be the lastest trend with girl bloggers. if it’s a guy doing it, everyone would make King Kong lookalike faces upon coming across the fella’s blog because it’s just too ghastly to see a fella cam-whoring every second of the day. (sorry, i’m referring to my own reaction when i came across some guys who had the full 50 photos on their friendster profile. just headshots, you know, with different smiles and stuff.)
images of cutesy poses, the pouts, the ‘identities‘, the hanging out with other popular (famous) bloggers… that’s not the only path to fame, right? i can almost gag, just imagining those icky sweet ‘act cute’ poses which guys so looooooove. ;P
or is it by writing controversial stuff, like the famous one in singapore who is equally loved and hated at the same time? that’s one way of catching people’s attention.
at the end of the day, bloggers should never forget the main reason they chose to blog publicly in the first place. do they actually remember to be sincere, or they end up being puppets of the faithful blog readers?
hotties… they’re everywhere just because you can see their faces and the places they go and the things they do. the fancy photography. but what i’m trying to say here is, at the end of the day, most blogs we read are to entertain us and not to be worshipped. oh, and to be ogled, too (guys!).
who’s my choice of a ‘hot blogger’? clapbangkiss because i’m not her and i wish i looked like her. ;P hehe. i can stand the occasional pouty pics of her, i admit. and louyau for the hot guy. ;P
the blogs for a laugh when it’s a silly post (not those serious stuff, please)? kennysia and lengmou?, occasionally. oh, and i forgot, rojaks. ;P
name yours.
p.s. pretend i did insert a pouty ‘act cute’ picture of me somewhere in this post. if not, i’ll just use galferari‘s in future. hehe. or frank_omatic‘s.

Vietnamese Coffee

As stated earlier, Vietnamese coffee is one must try when visiting Vietnam. It comes with a unique coffee filter on top. All you need to do is wait for the coffee to drip into the cup.

Better than kopi bin, tastier than Starfucks.

There are 2 choices, one with condensed milk and another just plain ol’ coffee. I did not try the plain one, as I don’t really like black coffee. However, the one with condensed milk, OMG, it literally gave me diabetes! SOO FUGGIN SWEET!

DIY at home

It is advisable not to drink it at one gulp. Taking small sips would definitely be a nice way to enjoy it. – Awan Biru mix

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Featuring half an hour of hardstyle and acid!
1)Sa.Vee.Oh – Loop Hole
2)Nish – Sagitarius(Alphazone remix)
3)Pedro Ferarri and Del Mar – Ways of Love(Instrumental hard dance mix)
4)Mikesh – Sounds of Brutal Club
5)Chemistry – Heartbeat
6)Deepforces – Rock Your Club
7)Dj Lee – Fight Hard
8)Dj Unni – Tribute to Dance
9)Deepforces – Danger
10)Mario Lopez – The Sound of the City
11)Dj Goldfinger – Can’t Stop Me
12)Deepforces – Harder!
13)Jon Dentist and Ollie J – Feels so Good(Guyver remix)
14)Dj Pavo – Fuck Fucker
15)The Prophet – Emergency Call(Defcon 1 2005 anthem)
16)The Prophet – Wee Gan Stampuh 2006
17)Dj Zenith – Energy 2006
18)Hellboyz – Winners(Brainkicker remix)
19)John Fehris and Blutonium Boy – Hardstyle vs Acid
20)Surrounder – The Journey(Hardstyle mix)
21)Mental Theo vs Kubrik – Anthem


sympathy pity sex

what is the correct phrase, i can’t bloody remember.pity sympathy sex” doesn’t sound all that right.
some people do it for the wrong reasons, but the only reason i can think of is – low self-esteem. the need to feel good about themselves, just by falling victim to a smooth talker, who somehow is there at the right time.
an old acquaintance out of the blue asked me if i’d consider sleeping with him. he said because he thinks (or thought?) i’m hot stuff. AHAHAHAHAHAHHA…. when i heard the proposal, i was wondering if i was actually that desperate to be ‘banged’ and ‘thank you, mam’-ed. *laughs maniacally* what actually came across my mind was that, he thought i was an easy prey – single and living alone. so the obvious choice would be to do it my place. hmmph.
but when it’s right after a break up, sleeping with that new ex can be rubbing salt to the wound, when the dumpee has not recovered from the heartache. and shit, it gives the dumper a reason to gloat over it. the power over the weak one……. how horrible. too emotional at that time, perhaps.
would you do it? pity sympathy sex, i mean.
ok, i am soooooo terribly sorry i haven’t been anywhere interesting lately, so i have no photo posts. and to avoid being accused of having a million and one ex-boyfriends, i shall try to avoid telling you stories of exes. ;P
anyway, to continue with the horrible Mr. Wong, what did my friend do with the information obtained from the beautician? she went back to the office the next working day and plotted her revenge. i call it revenge because he had been a bastard to try and turn her own secretary against her, when she’s been working longer in the company compared to him.
she decided to suggest to her boss to go to that parlour and request the beautician to give him (and his wife) a massage. and perhaps they’ll have the same conversation or something and taadaa, he’ll find out and realise what a jerk he has been.
but before she could put her plan to action, the boss found out the truth about Mr. Wong being gay. yes, there is nothing wrong with being gay, but let’s not forget that Mr. Wong bullshit a lot about having a girlfriend to everyone. the boss found out from his own friend.
damn small world la, even the boss eventually found out through his own friend!

it’s a SMALL world

a friend once told me stories of a horrible colleague, who apple polished the bosses by buying them lunches, tried to win the staff over by bad-mouthing other staff (turning everyone against everyone, saying that so and so didn’t really like them). basically, this colleague had a horrible attitude and no one really liked him. everyone was wary and cautious around him. sometimes he reported to the bosses that so and so was late in arriving at the office in the mornings or after lunch, or any silly thing, just to get on the bosses’ good side.
he would disappear from the office occasionally, and when the staff were asked by the bosses where had he gone, apparently he went on leave. but he never had his leave approved by the bosses. he went to england, philippines, hong kong, etc. and it was always with his girlfriend, that was what he told the staff. but no one has met his girlfriend before, nor have they seen her picture. he gushed on and on about her,“she’s so this and this ….. that and that ….. we’re going to here and there….”
one day, a friend of mine went for a facial at a new place which offered massages as well as facials. whilst treating her, the beautician made small talk and asked her what was her occupation. and which company was she working for. she answered the beautician. the beautician remarked that the company name sounded familiar. the beautician asked my friend if she knew a “Mr. Wong”.
“oh, that’s my boss.” my friend replied.
then the beautician told her that Mr Wong frequented their shop for massages, together with his partner. my friend asked, “oh, Mr. Wong and his wife come over for massages?”
“no, no… not wife! his BOYFRIEND.” the beautician corrected her. and she went on to describe Mr. Wong, that how he always demanded the best service for his “boyfriend”, and was protective over him. the beautician informed my friend of Mr. Wong’s full name …….. and it dawned to her that it was the horrible colleague in her company.
the beautician told my friend that Mr. Wong had recently been travelling to Hong Kong, and usually before their holiday trips, they’d come in for a massage together. they were regulars.
so he lied. not girlfriend la.
moral(s) of the story:
1. don’t reveal too much to your beautician, masseur, manicurist, hairdresser, etc… because some are really chatty, they’d probably tell other customers your stories. it’s ok, be arrogant (lansi) and secretive instead. ;P
2. the world is small! SMALLER if you’re a mean person. all secrets will be out! ;P
“there is just one moon and one golden sun … and a smile means friendship to everyone …….
it’s a small world after alllllllllllllll …. it’s a small, small worllllllllllllld………”
sorry, i just felt like singing. nice song. ;P