New Years Eve. It’s just another day for me.

New years eve
Initially I planned for a quiet New Years Eve. However, after a long argument with Melody, we headed to Bangsar for the countdown.

Initially, I thought we’re doomed. I thought the traffic would so be so bad that we’ll eventually end up doing the countdown in the car. However, parking was easy. We did it in 15 minutes.

Bangsar’s main road was packed with people. So pack that people had to push and shovel to move. But yet everybody wanted to stay on the main street to countdown. Melody and I on the other hand bought 2 jugs of Midori illusions at echo jazz bar.

The crowd in echo was really bad. Most of them can’t dance. They swung around like monkeys. Furthermore, the DJ didn’t turn out for work thus they had to play CDs to entertain the crowd. There was even once a group of guys started stripping one of their friend’s pants. They did that in the middle of the dance floor.

Yit Meng and his friend dropped by at echo. He was disappointed with the crowd too.
Countdown was horrible. Everyone tried to squeeze him or herself onto the main road. We couldn’t even walk out from echo. Moreover, some rascals from the upper part of the shops were throwing stuff down to the crowd.

We left the place in a state of boredom. But oh well, it’s better than staying home doing nothing.

handphone fixed!

Jin Han brought me to Lifestyle shopping complex to fix my phone today. Before that, we went to another hand phone shop to quote the price. We headed to Lifestyle after the shop wanted to charge me rm100 plus and they wont provide an extra phone for me to use while they fix the phone.
As I approach the butch working on the stall,

“How much to fix it?”
“RM90, what’s wrong with it?”
“The screen’s gone blank, I guess it’s the LCD, How much to fix it?”
“RM90, it will only take 15 minutes”
“Will you provide me with an extra phone while you fix my phone?”
“You don’t need one, I’ll fix it in 15 minutes! Now go walk around and come back in a while”

She took less than 15 minutes to fix it. The stall was totally unprofessional and messy. I can’t believe that she could fix a hand phone within minutes in such a place.

Sepang Rave 28 December 2002 Saturday

My faithful phone of 2 years, has finally gave in. The screen is now totally blank. I can’t read text messages or even recheck the number I dialled. And it even resulted to this,
Hello, hai pin tou?? (Where are you in Cantonese)
hello bzz bzz ffderhjwhjew (sound of a distorted line)
hey the reception is damn bad
(other party slams down the phone, I redialled)
?hai pin tou?? (where are you?)
(other party mumbles)
Hello Wai Keong hai tou mou?? (Is Wai Keong there?)
Wai Keong ah? Sei joor la! (Wai Keong? He’s dead!)
(other party slams down the phone again)

Sepang Rave 28 December 2002 Saturday
Finally, the long awaited rave, the Sepang F1 Circuit rave, has come. The preparation for it was a hectic one, loads of waiting and travelling. I had to carry the booze we bought yesterday (1 carton of beer, 1 bottle of vodka and 1 bottle of Bacardi Lemon) and borrow a Coleman from Jin Han to store our booze and ice.

I fetched Chin, jo5 and Justine to the rave. In return, Chin offered to pay all the toll charges. It cost him dearly.

For the first time, the security was tight. A body and bag check up is required. Cameras are not allowed (it could be a bomb?). I had to forgo my intention of bringing my camera in. However, we decided to smuggle it in. All we did was just standing next to an empty corner of the fence and pass it to the person standing on the other side.

The parking from the entrance was far. We had to walk for damn long to entrance. Chi, jo5 and Justine had to make 2 trips from the car to the entrance because the security refused to let them bring their camera in.

We were greeted with a huge area with white tents perched to sell tickets. KENT clubbers (KCC, that includes me) ticket holders had to line up to validate their tickets with their KENT clubbers card, identity and a packet of cigarettes (!??). Since I?m not a smoker, I had to borrow a cigarette and puff it in front of the KENT staff. It worked. I got my ticket validated!

While everybody was patiently queuing on the KCC ticket booth, the On-door ticket sale counter was virtually deserted. Malaysians are stingy to the max.

We bought too much drinks until we thought of opening our own stall in the car park to sell them away.

We were too pissed to finish all of them. We even had to give our beers away to Eishin to finish it. Boy, he surely drinks like a fish.

The place was huge, so huge that there?s enough space for everyone. Melbourne shufflers gather on the edge of the dance floor to shuffle. It?s amazing how the popularity of Melbourne Shuffle is resurrected once again. It was dead for couple of months and now it seems that it?s back on the dance floor again. Now even Malay ravers could shuffle. Yit Meng and I spoke to one of them. He seemed pretty friendly but all we did was just an exchange of name and smiles.

There were 2 main areas, area 6 and area 9. Each of them resembles a huge white tent and has rough cement floor (shuffling was hard). Big international DJS such as Sasha, John Acquaviva and Space DJs were the main attraction. However, I spent most of my time running around looking for my friends than dancing. It?s amazing how a person could disappear in a crowd within seconds.

Some of my friends left early. Hen was sick while the others were too tired. All that was left were Ping Sheong, the girls and I. We took break from the dance floor and boozed in the car park for an hour. But yet we still couldn?t finish everything.

We left the place as soon as the rave closes down at 6am. Driving back was chaotic and hectic as my body were on the verge of shutting down. Thank god we got home in one piece.

gym and pasar malam

Hen, Wai Keong and I went to a gym at Kuchai Lama. It was my first time to a gym and obviously I had no idea how to use all the equipments. Hen taught us couple of sets to follow. WK and I worked our arms out to finish the sets and by the end of the day, we could barely move our arms. Hen on the other hand was steady all the way. It seems that he works out frequently. We started out with some weight lifting while lying on a bench. We added more weight as we progressed. Hen was forcing us to continue lifting it even though our arms were shaking and trembling. According to him, if we stop halfway, our strength will not increase.

The KENT Sepang F1 rave is 2 days away. The tickets price ranges from RM40 to RM80 and obviously all of us were aiming to get the RM40 tickets. However, the RM40 ticket is only available to KENT clubbers member and since they refused to renew my card, my friends and I planned for hours to deceit our way into getting the RM40 tickets. We planned for few hours for our ultimate plan. I drove down to Bangsar with Hen and Ping Sheong with our ultimate plan. Hen planned to use Jin Han’s card with Jin Han’s identity card while I use Ping Sheong’s card (the problem is that Ping Sheong already used his card once)

Hen’s plan worked! The girl selling the tickets did not suspect anything even though there was a clear distinction between the photos on the identity card with Hen. However, Ping Sheong could get tickets for me. The girl knew that he reused the card (she scanned it first) and therefore refuses to issue a ticket for him. I was disappointed with our failure and planned to buy the RM60 ticket but decided to use my old KENT clubbers card as a last resort. It worked! But I had to lie in order to get the ticket. I had to fill up a new application form and state in the form that I am a smoker (I’m not a smoker). Our hours of planning were down the drain, none of our intended plans were used.

merry xmas!

The roads leading to shopping centres were badly congested today. It was congested yesterday too and I guess it would be congested again tomorrow. Melody and I wanted to head to Midvalley Megamall to catch a movie. Unfortunately, the traffic was so bad that I had to make a U-turn.

We ended up in 1U Shopping Centre. Once again, the road in was congested. It took us a while to park my car. As soon as we got out from the car, everywhere was filled with people. Melody and I bought some stuff and left the place as soon as possible. While we were on our way out from the car park, we saw a car had one of its tyres plunged into a drain. The driver couldn’t get it out. I laughed as soon as I saw a girl was driving it (I always have the tendency to blame women drivers when I see an accident).

We were on the verge of getting out of the car park when we saw the accident. I took out RM1 to pay for the parking fee and was ready to pay the person standing next to the automatic gate. However, he wasn’t looking at me and was talking to his friend. The automatic gate was wide open. The first thing that struck my mind is that, the parking must be free! I drove straight out passing the automatic gate and soon there’s a loud thump on the roof of my car. It was the barricader. I stopped the car and the guy that was supposed to collect the fare ran towards my car. I opened my window and the Malay guy started screwing me in Malay. He was speaking so fast that the only words that I could catch were “kereta seratus ribu pun tak boleh bayar satu ringgit ke?” and “bodoh! (stupid)”. I gave him the RM1 and closed my window behind he could finish his sentence. This is what I get for laughing at people’s misfortune. This is clearly an example of instant Karma! My negative behaviour is punished with this!

Christmas eve
Dad and I went over to my sister’s place for her open house party. They were also celebrating my nephew’s 14th birthday. It’s been years since I’ve seen them and boy, my nephew (second eldest nephew) looks damn gay. My youngest nephew is now in Standard 4, studying in a Chinese school. By the way, my sister is married to Alex, a Malay man and converted into Muslim. And to those who have known me for years and thinking “What sister? Since when you have a sister?” I didn’t know I had a sister till last September. She’s always been a part of the family but I don’t know anything about our actual relationship until recently. The funny thing is that I’ve always been brought up as an only child in the family and also with the belief that I’m the only child. Some of my friends asked me whether did the advent of a sister negatively affect me. I guess not. I’m all right with it but when the news first hit me. I was shocked and confused. How the hell and what the hell happened? The relationship of my family is a very complicated one. But it’s a very personal matter. I shall not discuss it here.

My sister is married with 4 kids and works under a big firm. She’s currently reading law as a part time student. She seemed even more hardworking than me.

My niece, who shares the same birthday as me (24th September 1999), is damn cute! She has big round eyes with a fair chubby face. She looks different from my other nephews as she looks more Chinese than the others.

Dad and I spent the whole night eating Sarawak Laksa and talking to my sister and her husband. My nephew would sometimes come over and say couple of sentences. Dad had to shower him with praises in order to shut him up.

It was already 11 o’clock when I came home. My friends were already drinking in echo, Bangsar and I had to meet up with them there. However, driving out to Bangsar at that time would be suicide. I tried calling couple of taxis but all of them refused to bring me there. I decided to skip Christmas countdown and stay home till Umeng calls me.

We ended up in Bangsar ½ hour after midnight. The place is still filled with people and rubbish.
I downed couple of glasses of whisky coke once I arrive. Most of my friends were tipsy by then. By the end of the night, I was fucked.

Journey back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from boring ol’ Sheffield

I made it. I didn’t sleep throughout the night! I spent most of the time packing and talking to my housemates.

My taxi came 20 minutes before my train. I quickly packed my bags and bid Charles farewell. I guess it?s the last time I?ll see him in Sheffield.

My flight to Mumbai was delay 1? hour. I almost bore myself to death.

Damn Singapore Airlines. Seats were terrible (I was stuck in the middle between two ladies who never initiated any conversation throughout the journey) and the food tasted horrible. There was once I went to the Business Class?s toilet because the queue in the Economic class was too long. The toilet was 2 times bigger than the Economic class?s toilet. I happily did my business there, cleaning all the blood clots inside my nose (due to the dry air). Suddenly, someone was knocking on the door. I responded with a knock back and went out to see who was it once everything was done. It was a stewardess and she seemed pissed. I smiled and walked back to my seat. Few moments later, a stewardess, in a hostile tone, said, ?Please use the toilet located on the end of the seat?. I replied, ?okay?. And throughout the flight, I notice that some stewardesses were avoiding serving me. Bitches.

I caught couple of short winks during the flight. Watched some old and new in-flight movies. Read my newly bought book, A Prison Diary by FF 8282 written by Sir Jeffrey Archer. He notes down his daily life in prison starting from day one to day 30 (currently, there are 3 volumes for this book, I bought the first volume. There should be more to come since Archer is still serving a 4 years imprisonment for perjury). His accounts on prison life in United Kingdom sounds fair. He wasn?t abused and people there respect him. I was expecting him to write something about being butt fucked (just like American History X, Edward Norton was forcefully being butt fucked in the prison shower).

Mumbai (formally known as Bombay) airport changed a bit but not significantly. The unfriendly airport authorities and the strict custom checks were still there. There are couple of new shops opened, selling alcohol and cigarettes. While we were disembarking for transit, I overheard a conversation between a European man and lady. The man said he was looking forward for the transit, as he wanted to relax at McDonalds and smoke. I said to myself, ?McDonalds? Boy, you guys will surely be disappointed. All they have in Mumbai are a bunch of unscrupulous traders selling overpriced goods at US dollars.
20 minutes before arrival in Singapore, I finally broke the ice and spoke to the lady sitting next to the aisle. I thought she was reluctant to speak to me, as we did not exchange a single word throughout the flight. However, as soon as I finish my first sentence, she spoke non-stop. She?s heading to Canberra to meet up with her husband and probably get a job there. I told her how boring Canberra is, she agreed because all her friends told her the same thing. I told her that if she likes nature, then she would like Canberra. The last time I was in Canberra, there were wild parrots, kangaroos and huge man made lakes there.

Changi Airport is like a shopping centre. There were plenty of shops selling loads of stuff ranging from computer hardware to clothes. There?s this shop selling Singapore Airlines Stewardess uniform, ideal for people who want to fuck a stewardess. I spent most of my time at the airport cinema. It?s free and their seats are damn comfy!

There was a lot of waiting in this journey back home. I had to wait for my train to Manchester airport, I had to wait in Manchester Airport for an extra 2 hours because my flight was delayed, I had to wait in Mumbai for my transit, I had to wait 4 hours in Singapore because I missed my flight back due to Kuala Lumpur due to the delay (total 24 hours). Despite all the obstacles, it?s well worth it! Glad i’m back in Malaysia!

Canberra lakes
Canberra 2002 – East Aussie backpacking trip – beautiful man made lakes.

11:50PM? I’ve been very busy ever since i’m back. I barely slept (i had less than 5 hours of sleep daily) or even had the time to write my journal. This will be a short post. I’m going out in 10 minutes time. Will update everybody soon.


Weekend since Graduation
Not a bad weekend to start out with since i got back from my convocation in Melbourne. Friday i was down at Atmosphere with Crist and Jia Nee. Bumped into Johnson and some of my other Melbourne friends there. As usual the bouncers were on us again regarding our pouring of powder on the floor. Personally i don’t see what’s the fuss is all about. It’s not that slippery till people could fall flat on their face! The night started out slow with slow tunes but ended with nice enjoyable hard tunes. Met some new shufflers there as well.

The music here are pretty much on the slowler beat. Mostly Tribal and Progressive. Never do they actually play Hard NRG tunes here! 🙁 Most they’ll go into Hard house or Hard Trance. Miss the beats in Hard Kandy and Bass Station. Can find it here in Discos like Warp. Have to mind the Canto lyrics though. Si Beh Song ah Si Beh Song ah Si Beh Song ah! OH MY GOD! The AGONY! *faints*

Stressful Decisions
I have to make my decision on wether to get my ass back to Melbourne and apply for a PR (Permanent Residency) or stay put here in Malaysia and look for a job very soon. Preferably after the 28th of this month i have to come to a conclusion. If i’ve to head back to Melbourne, i have to find a new and affordable place to stay as my lease on my St Kilda Apartment will be expiring in February. Besides, my house mates, Sau Yan and Julian, will be looking for their on pad as well. What’s stressful is not looking for a new place but having to find a part time job for the mean time to support myself with everything, that’s stressful. Cause my dad isn’t gonna continue giving me money eventhough i’m waiting for my PR application to pull through. To kill it off, there’s absolutely zero contacts i have on the work department that i wish to find a job with. I’m aiming to work in departments such as Advertising, Marketing or Events.

But if i stay put here in Malaysia, i already have a place to stay (not like my parents would be so cruel and kick me out of the house already!) and have some important contacts regarding the job line i want to work in. I wouldn’t say alot, but sufficient to start my working life with. I know it’s better to start on scratch with everything which would, in the end, help built a better character out of me. I do love Melbourne life although i complain about it ample amount of times. It’s just the studying! REALLY! Probably the job will too in the near future. Life there is so much slower compared to life here. You either, chill out in some cafe, catch a movie, shop early, eat, or just plain stone infront of the computer. The raves there are teh best though! 🙂

Parents are already giving me pressure on deciding so i better start thinking about it seriously. They prefer me to stay back though although the decision is completely up to me. Getting so used to the life back in Malaysia already anyway. Must say i’m leaning closer to being at home……….we’ll see how eh


lovely day, lotrs and last day in sheffield!

It was a lovely day today. The sky was clear blue and the sun was shining brightly on a frosty winter day. The puddles on the streets were frozen and little joy I get from breaking them made the day lovelier.

I took the opportunity to walk around Weston Park. The lake was half frozen and the ducks were surrounding a man feeding them. And of course, I wouldn’t let this fine day end without taking photos of it.

The day was even lovelier on the evening. The orangey red sunset reminds me of sunset in Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia. Moreover, the moon was visible, and it was a full moon. What a weird combination!

Despite the lovely day, I did pretty badly for my Japanese oral and listening test. I slurred and got all my tenses wrong on my oral test. On the other hand, the listening test was not that bad but it surely spoiled my chances of getting good marks. We had to listen to a Japanese conversation and then write down the important points of it. However, I’m quite bad with Japanese dates and time, and unfortunately, half of the paper is based on timing. Bloody hell.

My housemates and I went to the Lord of the Ring premier after the Japanese language test. We were late as usual and missed the front part of the movie (everyone of us were slugging at home taking our own sweet time). The movie was not bad but couple of things seems so stupid. Another thing is that, Elijah Wood (the person who plays Fredo), gets paid millions of dollar in this movie. But all he does in the movie is act stoned and afraid!

I’m not sleeping tonight. I’m going to stay awake throughout the night and sleep in the plane. The journey will take 15 hours, which includes 2 hours of transit time, one in Mumbai (formally known as Bombay) and Singapore. See you guys in Kuala Lumpur!

Surfer's Paradise sunsetSurfer's Paradise sunset II
Surfer’s paradise, August 2002

Bombay AirportBombay airport drinking source
Bombay International airport. The pipes were the only free drinking source. The cafe charged me 2 pounds for a can of coke. And the water pipes smelled like a clinic.


dinner with king charles.

16 Watson Rd (minus Khai Fei and Mindy) had a farewell dinner for Charles. The Italian restaurant we went wasn’t too bad. Their pasta was good but unfortunately my lasagne sucked. Frederick, Shane and Siew Lee brought few bottles of Champagne along while some of us bought presents for Charles.
Charles is leaving on the same day with me but on a different flight. Bet Wen Dee is going to be very sad. Boo hoo, no one to cook good dinner for us already!

Ashitawa nihongo no Orato to Rishiningu ga arimasu. Gabatteh! (Japanese Oral and Listening test
tomorrow. Good luck to me!)

Non existent tutorial..

I woke up early in the morning just to attend a non-existent tutorial. I searched the entire Crookesmoor building for the class, went in each and every seminar rooms but couldn’t find my classroom. I gave up eventually and spent my remaining time in the library before my other tutorial starts.

Aaah! No more tutorials to do. I can now start packing my luggage bags.