is back! is probably one of the most controversial blogs in Malaysia. was once well known for its drug entries, reviews and details of all sorts of drugs. The website got featured on the front page of a local daily, Harian Metro with the title, “Laman Web Dajal” (Evil Website)

Other than that, there were entries which I believe no one in Malaysia has done before such as entries of him wanking, picture of his stools and video of him injecting himself with drugs.

The website went offline late 2006.

But after more than a year of hiatus, webmaster Huai Bin is back! With an entry of him taking a dump..

Damn…the picture would be much better if Huai Bin is a girl..

Welcome back to the blogosphere!

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Sailing Adventure @ Langkawi – Part III

Apxara was kind enough to put us in Westin Langkawi Resort and Spa, one of the best hotels in Langkawi. The hotel faces the Andaman Sea and also 500 metres of private beach front. It is just a few minutes away from Kuah Town.

We were given a warm reception on our arrival – with a lion dance – by two staff in shorts.

We were then ushered into a café for a meet and greet session.

Nicolekiss in white!
We were each given a beautiful room with top class amenities. The interior was beautiful and I had an excellent view of the garden and the sea. Interestingly, my room comes with a 42” plasma TV, DVD player and even a coffee maker.

My room

Comes with a free monkey

Coffee maker!
Not to mention a drawer full of alcohol.

Half Garden and Half Sea View
It smells great too, unlike Ben and ivN’s hotel room at Port Dickson which smells of a wet dog.
Breakfast was scrumptious. It was a buffet with choice a choice of either western or eastern meals. Pancakes came with a variety of sauces too.

I must commend Desmond Loke, Nurhayati and the chap who works for Khairy (the guy whose passion is sports) for their great hospitality. Please look out for them if you want a great time in Westin Langkawi.
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Berlin, Germany – Back from Berlin

I was fortunate to be selected by my firm to represent the firm at the 130th International Trade Mark Association Conference (INTA) at Berlin, Germany.

ICC, official venue for INTA

This yearly conference is attended by as many as 8000 trade mark owners and Intellectual Property practitioners from all over the world. It was a great eye opener and it was a wonderful experience to meet loads of people throughout the 5 days event. By the 3rd day, I ran out of business cards.

Name cards that I collected for the past 5 days.

The Chinese law firms and intellectual property firms were very aggressive on their marketing. They setup many booths at the convention centre and Chinese IP practitioners are everywhere. The Indians were fairly aggressive as well. I met one lawyer by the name Xerxes.

Xerxes: People in India had a hard time remembering my name. Some call me Xerox (well known document management company).

I also had the opportunity to bump into actor Randall Duk Kim, also known as the Keymaker from Matrix Reloaded. Initially I didn’t believe that he was the guy from Matrix Reloaded but after he recited a line from Matrix Reloaded, I believed him. He was in Berlin to shoot a film by the name Ninja Assassins with the Wachoski Brothers.

When I was called to attend this conference, I knew it was no holiday.

My day usually starts at 7am and thereafter meetings after meetings until dinner time. After dinner, we will attend all sorts of receptions held by large international companies or Intellectual Property firms. The whole process usually lasts until 12am. Since its a reception, we had to run around to make new friends and hence didn’t have the chance to sit down. It was truly a one night stand – I was standing the whole night.

We went home exhausted everyday. It was worst than working in the office. Sitting in the office from 7AM to 12AM everyday is not that bad.

Receptions were held in all sorts of unique places. We had receptions at places such as an embassy, a museum, old town hall and even rooftop of a building.

Old town hall


Reception on roof top

Daimler had their reception at their flagship store with all their cars ranging from old to new and cheap to expensive placed all over the store.

Daimler flagship store

The store even has a rock climbing wall.

Bustard @ Kuala Lumpur

I came across this shop in the old part of Kuala Lumpur. It has many boxes placed in front of its shop and its also a recent addition. Few weeks back, I frequently see a bus parked few steps away in front of the shop.

If you read closely, you’ll see..

“if you have brains, please turn off your engine!!”

“If you are a human, turn off your engine! You are wasting government subsidy!”

I think the shop owner is pissed off with the bloody bus-tard.

A Harsh Reminder

That life is too short.
I just found out today that a friend’s friend is mourning the death of her husband.
She got married at the age of 40 about 7 months ago. She is now a widow at the age of 41.
She has never had a steady relationship before she met her husband. You could say that he was her first serious love.
Her husband died in a freak accident – he fell off the balcony of their 2 ½ storey bungalow. She had tried to hold on to him, but her grip slowly loosened and she watched him fall.
I’ve been hearing news of people passing on of late, that it freaks me out. So I keep telling myself that really, life is too short to be bitter and to keep grudges. It makes me want to visit my parents as much as possible, hang out with my friends, too and tell Bimboman he’d better marry me as soon as possible and stick to my side every day and night!
When I told this story to a friend, he said that there are some people who are just unlucky, and this lady could be one of them. He knew of a girl whose past 3 boyfriends had died not because of her, but of other circumstances, e.g. car accident, health reasons.

Berlin, Germany – Day 1, Part I

The weather in Berlin was quite cooling. We had no problem walking around without a jacket.
We’re currently staying in Concorde Hotel, a hotel in the city centre. Our room is very nice but entertainment is lacking. We can use our television to surf the net, watch blockbusters and even watch porn. Unfortunately, we have to pay for it.

We arrived on Friday morning. Our appointments and meeting doesn’t start until Saturday hence we went around the city for sightseeing by hopping on a tourist bus that brought us to various parts of the town. We went to famous places like Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburger Tor, the Memorial Church. The bus stops at every well known places and we could get out to check out the place and thereafter catch the later bus to the next destination. The cost is around 15 Euro to 20 Euro.

Unfortunately, as Berlin is 6 hours behind Malaysia, by 4pm, we were very tired. We had to hang on until 9pm to make sure that our body clock is well adjusted.
We had dinner at one nice Italian restaurant near our office. We had one meal which started off with huge block of cheese being set on fire. The melted cheese is then mixed with spaghetti. Thereafter, it was topped with truffles. The best part is that the whole process was done infront of us. Will post pictures when I get back.

Berlin, Germany – The Netherlands

Greetings from Berlin, Germany!

I arrived at Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands on a rainy day. It was a grueling 10 hours flight on KLM Airlines – with small seat and lousy airline food. Schiphol Airport changed a lot since I came but old momuments are still around.

This has been around
There are many new shops selling tobacco, alcohol, flowers, souvenirs, food, beverages and even cheese.

Security is pretty tight. I had to take out my laptop from my bag and also my belt. Some had their shoes removed and scanned.
I had sandwich and coffee at one restaurant in the airport. The bread was tough like rock.
Hour laters, I arrived in Berlin, Germany. More soon!

Freedom 08 @ Admiral Marina, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan – Part IV

We got off from the hotel at around 12:30pm and drove to Seremban for Yee Kee’s Beef Noodles. Some of you may remember that the makan team drove down to Seremban for Yee Kee’s Beef Noodles. Many thanks to Ivan Lau for his hospitality.

Yummy Beef Noodles.
Thereafter, in line with the tradition of KL-Lites, we bought some famous Seremban siew pao (pork buns) back home.

Recommended place to get Siew Pao. It’s just a stone throw away from Seremban Town.

Aunty! Siew pao 10 boxes pls!!!
[Note: Those who hasn’t fill up the survey, please take few minutes of your time to do so]

Freedom 08 @ Admiral Marina, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan – Part III

Despite the negative publicity, I’m still going to blog about Freedom 08.

Cosmic Gate
The main area was extremely packed. Rubbish was over the place. Getting one place to another was a hard task. Our gang got broken up few times but were fortunate to find each other. Johnson on the other hand was a little bit unlucky as he disappeared without realising that his digital camera was with me. I had to carry it throughout the night.

Huge booth just to sell cigarettes


Man surrounded by rubbish

SASAU MAXIMUM HAHAHAHA, They were lying on the grass for quite some time.

ivN, Me & Eric

As you can see, it’s Acidtripping Ben’s first time hanging out with us. Only part of his face is revealed.

The gang. Acidtripping Ben saw some hot chick up there.

Acidtripping Ben – I’m a butterfly!!

Like high school photo. Rombongan sambil belajar.

Acidtripping Ben tired. He partied so hard until he had fever the next day.
At 12am, Tiesto replaced the Cosmic Gate. His 3 hours set was excellent – dropping all time favourite hits. Great laser beam show complimented his songs. It was also the first time I see such laser beam show in Malaysia. The only place I’ve seen them was in UK.

This was also the first time I see people selling Domino’s Pizza and Friday’s. They had booths set up just to sell them. They also have a booth selling sandwiches at RM5 per piece. It was quite tasty.

Domino’s Pizza



Redemption Booth
It ended with a video of him walking away – with his back facing the crowd.
The rave ended at 3am. The gang went back to their rooms extremely tired.