My Valentine Crush

Remember when I asked you if I should ask my Crush out for Valentine’s Day? *giggles uncontrollably*
Apparently he was eyeing me for a while, and didn’t have the nerve to ask me out! Can you guess how he told me? He sent a bouquet of roses the first thing in the morning, with a card that said, “Happy Valentine’s Day. From your secret admirer.”
The second bouquet of roses came just before lunch hour and with a card that said,”I’ve been meaning to ask you out, but the distance between us makes it difficult. From XYZ. P/S: The first bouquet was from me. I hope you liked it. :)”
GOSH. I almost fainted on the spot! My Crush ….. was he playing a prank on me? But I sent him a text message, and thanked him for the bouquets. I said it was a VERY huge surprise for me!
He didn’t reply.
I wanted to call him, but decided to wait until it was after office hours.
Just before the day ended at around 5pm, a third bouquet came with a card that said, “Will you go out with me? From XYZ.”
Too good to be true, you’d have said, if you had been there!!
And my phone rang. It was XYZ, my Crush! ;D
I smiled from ear to ear the entire day, til the weekend came, because he only came up to KL and we had lunch, just before I left to return to my hometown for the Chinese New Year break!
The second date has already happened. ;D

DJ Anatta – Feb 2007 Mix – ‘Just a phase’

Sharon Dilirius @ DJ Anatta has release a new mix!
According to DJ Anatta

    ‘Phase’ is something that came out of the latest obsession with deep funk sounds that I have grew to like for the past months or so. But there’s an unexpected turn towards the end of the set as well. Cheeky and a tad edgy. Definitely not for the ‘boomchit-boomchit-180bpm’ lovers – no pun intended.

DJ Anatta’s Official Website @

Hand in Marriage

Some time ago, my friends and I were discussing this topic. I was of the view that should a guy plan to propose to his girlfriend, he should actually discuss it with the girl’s parents first as a sign of respect, before proposing to his girlfriend. Some of my friends were of a different view, saying that an engagement and marriage is an affair between only the two of them.
I argued that it would be embarrassing if you proposed to your girlfriend and then come across objections from her parents. Surely you need to get their permission first and to see whether they are prepared to marry their daughter off?
Don’t forget that once you’re married, it brings two families together as well, so it is not entirely an affair for just the couple.
What do you think? Propose to the girlfriend first and then the both of you see her parents and surprise them, or you speak to her parents first before popping the question with the girlfriend?

10kg heavier – the aftermath of the CNY break

Leftover pork knuckles.
It’s back to work for most of us, and the workload piled up before the Chinese New Year break, didn’t it?
My trip back to my hometown was short but it was pretty good. I managed to catch up with my immediate family as well as my extended ones. I don’t know about you, but during the Chinese New Year, it is the best time to meet up with your uncles and aunts and cousins, and a time to gamble!
The angpow (red packet) collection this year is equally as dismal as last year’s. I thought I could up my collection by playing black jack with my cousins but the opposite took effect instead. Shit. Is the Year of the Pig a bad one for me, or what??
The aftermath of a good holiday is always the excessive load of work and more work.
Oh, and putting on 10kg of fats on my body. Kinda gross. So don’t imagine. ;D The picture of the leftover pork knuckles serves as a reminder of just how much I ate!
I hope you’re not suffering the same fate as I am. ;D
So, did you miss me? ;P

Coconut Milkshake @ Rai Leh, Thailand

Many of my friends are heading to Rai Leh, Krabi again during this Chinese New Year. Other than climbing, Rai Leh reminds me of one particular drink, namely the Coconut Milkshake. This drink is pretty common in Rai Leh, almost every shop has it on their menu. It’s a mixture of milk and coconut blended with ice, very milky and very cooling!

Coconut Milkshake

During the first few days in Rai Leh, I had Coconut Milkshake almost everyday. Other than Coconut Milkshake, they have banana milkshake, mango milkshake etc.

However, during the first few days, I had diarrhea. I wonder if it’s due to the milkshakes I had. Nevertheless, this drink is recommended to everyone who is visiting Rai Leh!

First day of the year of the Pig

It’s been many years since my parents and I headed to Genting Highlands during Chinese New Year. Many years back, my friends would tag along. This year round, it’s just my tenant.

Many, many years back @ Genting Highlands. Ping on the left. Me on the right

For 3 consecutive years, Him, Kiang, Wai Keong and I went to Awana Golf Club for lunch with my parents during Chinese New Year.

As usual, we dropped by Awana Golf Club for lunch @ Rajawali restaurant. Although my dad’s hair has grown grey and my mum’s health has deteriorated, Rajawali restaurant didn’t change one bit. We sat by the balcony overlooking the golf course. Time flies, the last time we came here was about 5 years ago.

After lunch, we headed straight to Genting Highlands. Many cars were parked by the side due to overheating. I was quite worried that mine would be one of the victims.

The place was packed with locals and foreigners alike. The weather is no longer as cold as it used to be. I guess development there has taken a toll on the weather.

My parents, tenant and I went on our own destination. I walked around First World Plaza. The place has turned into a huge indoor amusement park cum shopping centre!

They also had one small performance by a group of foreign samba dancers. The girls were wearing Gstrings to dance

O____o Malaysia can aah?

My first destination was obviously the rock climbing walls. The place was pretty deserted although many newbies were lining up to give their beginner wall ago.

Coincidentally, Ping was around Genting as well. I found out after texting him.
Ping: ..I’ll come join you later. My palms damn wet already. …
Me: OK. (So were mine!)
I waited around the climbing zone for him. 1 hour later…
Ping: Eh, I don’t think I can’t join you la. I have to go home already.

So my time was wasted waiting for Ping. I had to meet my parents around 630PM for dinner.

We dropped by one restaurant at Goh Tong Jaya for dinner. Nice dinner, excellent atmosphere. Perfect way to start the year of the Pig!

A Girl/Gay guy’s Toiletries

I’m going home for the Chinese New Year holidays. Half my bag consist of toiletries:

1. Facial wash
2. Toner
3. Moisturiser – day
4. Sunscreen
5. Foundation
6. Face powder
7. Bronzer
8. Blush
9. Eyeshadow
10. Lip balm
11. Lip gloss or lipstick
12. Lip liner
13. Eye liner
14. Mascara
15. Eyelash curler
16. Make up remover
17. Moisturiser – night
18. Body moisturiser
19. Deodorant
20. Hand cream
21. Tweezer
22. Cotton wool & buds
23. Shampoo
24. Hair conditioner
25. Hair mask
26. Facial mask
27. Hair wax or gel
28. Perfume
29. Mouthwash
30. Toothpaste
31. Toothbrush.
32. Nail clipper.

Did I forget anything? I’m already tired.
Happy Chinese New Year! 😉 Gong Xi Fatt Choy to all!