Kota Kinabalu 2009: San Sui Baru Restaurant

Before embarking on our journey to Kuala Penyu, we stopped by San Sui Baru Restaurant for breakfast. Apparently, this place is well known for its Tom Yam noodles.

This place is located along Lintas Highway. It was packed when we arrived.

We ordered their well known tom yam prawn noodles and black pepper beef noodles.

Tom yam in San Sui Baru is not your usual spicy and hot tom yam. It comes in a sourish bowl of soup with prawns and beans sprout in it. It tasted like assam pedas.

Nescafe came with a thick layer of condensed milk. Tasted so-so.

I’m not a big fan of tom yam hence I ordered their black pepper beef noodles. It came in a Cantonese style gravy with of black pepper mixed inside. The beef was tender and soft but overall the dish was mediocre.

The overall experience with this restaurant is average. Nothing to shout about but if you’re on Lintas Highway, perhaps you can drop by to try their unique Tom Yam noodles.

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Cameron Highlands: T Cafe @ Tanah Rata

T-Cafe had been raved on the blogosphere as a good and cozy restaurant. T-cafe is located at Tanah Rata, just above Marry Brown restaurant.

Some parts of the cafe has loads of notes and letters from people all around the world thanking the owner for her good food and hospitality.

We were fortunate to be served by the owner. However, we got told off by her for putting our wet umbrellas on a side table. We were directed to put our wet umbrella into a rubbish bin instead.

There were also a few letters recommending T-cafe to the Lonely Planet. I’m not surprised with that as the restaurant had load of letters and awards being paraded.

We ordered chicken chop, lamb chop, scones including strawberry scones and tea.

Chicken and lamb chop came with a pot of gravy served separately. It was ok but would be better if we are given more gravy. Yut Kee’s chicken chop and Steven’s Corner lamb chop are so much better.

However, their strawberry scones were excellent. It was served warm with butter and whipped cream on the side. It was also not too dry.

Tea on the other was just so-so. I wonder what were the past visitors raving about this place. The food and drinks were mediocre. In fact, the Gardenia Butterscotch that we brought along tasted so much better.

If you’ve visited this place and had something good, please let me know so that I can try it the next time.

Mad Monkeyz Climbing Gym

My climbing kakis and I made a trip down to the newly opened Mad Monkeyz climbing gym. This gym is located at Section 2, Wangsa Maju, far away from where I stay.

Going there wasn’t an easy task for me as I have not been to Wangsa Maju. However, thanks to Google Map which I installed on my Blackberry, I got there without getting lost!

The gym is located in a 3 storeys shop. It covers the 2nd floor and 3rd floor of the shop.

When we were there, the 2nd floor was still under construction. I was told that the 2nd floor will be used to house the climbing gears shop and also the beginner’s wall.

The 3rd floor is where the advance bouldering walls are located. The entire place (except locker area) was covered with wooden planks and handholds. Unlike Camp 5’s walls, the wooden planks are smooth and doesn’t leave you with scratch marks if you scrape yourself on the walls.

ssoooo small!

Toilet hidden behind the walls

The entire 3rd floor (except the locker area) was covered with thick mattresses to cushion falling climbers. There are a number of good places to sleep too!

A real monkeyz in action

The overall ambiance of the place was extremely good. It was very cozy. We could sleep anywhere we want. There were many climbers from our Summit Climbing Gym days.

Home made Monkey chalk bag.

If you had been to Camp 5 for long, you will notice that the place has many rules and regulations to follow e.g no shouting, no sleeping, no fapping. But here in Mad Monkeyz, we could do whatever activities we want to do. For example, playing our all time favourite card game. Loser had to do 10 chin ups, 10 pushups and 10 sit ups.

Since the gym is located in a shop lot, there are a lot of places to eat around its vicinity. For example, Bangi Kopitiam.

The gym will be bringing in some Red Chillis rock climbing shoes.

Packed during the evening!

The gym will be officially launched on 30 April. The entrance fee and membership are probably the cheapest in town!


Click for larger image

Wikimapia map

19-1 & 19-2, Jalan Metro Wangsa,
Section 2, Wangsa Maju,
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Telephone: 603.4142 0698
Facsimile: 603.4142 0697
Opening Hours: Mondays to Fridays 2pm to 11pm.
Saturday & Sunday 10am to 7pm.
Website: http://www.madmonkeyzclimbing.com

New Climbing Gym – Mad Monkeyz Climbing Gym

My friend Hon San (also reader of this website) and a few others started a climbing gym by the name Mad Monkeyz. This gym is dedicated to bouldering and movement training for climbing.

It’s open 7 days a week. I can’t wait to check out the place! Here are some pictures of the place.


Click for larger image

Wikimapia map

19-1 & 19-2, Jalan Metro Wangsa,
Section 2, Wangsa Maju,
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Telephone: 603.4142 0698
Facsimile: 603.4142 0697
Opening Hours: Mondays to Fridays 2pm to 11pm.
Saturday & Sunday 10am to 7pm.
Website: http://www.madmonkeyzclimbing.com

Cleo’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelor 2009 – Part 3

The Cleo’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelor’s finale will be held at ZOUK, KL tomorrow. My friends and I will make a trip down to ZOUK to give Cris our full support. I made a banner for Cris – thank Big Ben for the bright idea.

Now I need some guys to hold the banner. Imagine a group of muscular guys screaming out “Cris I want to have your babies!!”.

Cris FTW!!

Back from Kota Kinabalu

After 5 days in KK, I am finally back in Kuala Lumpur.

It was a relaxing holiday. I spent most of my time relaxing, meeting with friends and also eating. There was never once I had nothing in my stomach. There were just too many good stuff to eat!

I managed to have my all time favourite Fook Yuen roti kahwin and also Teh Madras.

Milo “Kaw” (Good stuff!) and Teh Madras

I also managed to make a road trip down to Kuala Penyu and its surroundings.

More details soon!

Kota Kinabalu – Pre KK

My flight to KK was a short but eventful journey.

I got my bro in law, who drives a taxi on a part time basis, to send us to Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT). It’s great t have someone you know to send you to the airport, especially when you know you can easily retrieve valuables you left in the taxi. If you need a taxi to the airport, call or text 0192252575 for Alex. Tell him Boy recommended.

The LCCT has changed a lot. It has expanded. Domestic flight and international flight check in counters are separated. It’s no longer the pasar malam I once knew.

Unlike my usual flights with Air Asia, we were given a seat number. It was no 31. We tried changing our seats but the chap at the counter was too lazy to do so.

After checking in, I dropped by the toilet. The toilet is on par with KLIA’s toilet. Nothing unusual about the toilet except one topless guy washing his armpits by the basin :()

Live fishes @ Bali Airport

We had dinner at Old Town Coffeeshop in LCCT. The waiter forgot to key in our order. No free food this round though.

When we got on our plane, we discovered that our seats were the last seats on the plane. We couldn’t recline our seats. I couldn’t sleep at all!

Our flight took around 3 hours. Imagine sitting down straight for 3 hours. I tried to sleep but a lady in front of me kept talking.

But I’m quite to used to traveling in an uncomfortable manner. If you’ve read my older travel entries, you’ll probably read some of my minor calamities, most recent being the 8 hours grueling boat ride to Pulau Tioman.

Boat ride to Tioman

But bahger why all these things happen to me oneeeeee!!11

I felt so relieved when we arrive in KK. My luggage bag came out shortly. It came out with a hole on the side, a missing tag and a broken zip. O_o

Bahger why all these things happen to me oneeeeee!!1

ps: went to check out new luggage bags at 1 Borneo. Bloody Samsonite luggage bag costs rm3000. Wtfff not made of gold also!

Bought a rm279 cabin sized luggage bag which came with a free larger luggage bag! Value maximum!

pps: Went to Giant and found out that luggage bags are around rm50. -__- tunasing!!

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 2009

I am making another trip down to Kota Kinabalu again this year. This would be my third time. When ever I think of Kota Kinabalu, I think of the good food! I can’t wait to have

Roti Kahwin @ Fook Yuen

Teh Madras!

Tuaran Mee fried with Chinese Wine @ Kedai Kopi City!

Will be back next Wednesday..updates will be scarce but will update my Twitter frequently!

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Writing Blogs @ New Straits Times

This was an event organised by New Straits Times where Suanie was one of the coordinators and also the main speaker.

Suanie and me

There were around 30 participants, ranging from young college kids to white haired uncles.

My slot was just right after Timothy Tiah of Nuffnang who spoke about Blogs and Monetization. A and I came earlier hence we managed to catch Timothy in action. It was a very interesting talk. It definitely captured the attention of the audience. Timothy was an excellent speaker as well. He spoke about how to make money from blogging. His key advice is that don’t blog to make money. Top bloggers in Malaysia didn’t start off with making money as their main goal.

Tim toking

Timothy’s strawberry umbrella. wahahah

Timothy, me, Suanie and Audrey before my talk.

When it came to my turn, I whipped out my new slides at the projector. I gave a talk on the Malaysian laws applicable to blogs. I started off with a warning to the audience that it will be boring and its going to be a law lecture.

A few members of the audience were quite engaging. They kept asking me questions throughout the talk.

Me doing the macarena

It was supposed to be an hour talk but I got too long winded. I usually don’t rehearse for my talk and I usually do them spontaneously. I guess that’s why I screw my timing out. I had to go through the last slides at motorboat speed again to ensure I don’t eat up everyone’s lunch time.

Eventually, I finished it slightly after lunch time. I was glad that I managed to cover the entire slides with everyone still awake.

hmmm..who emailed me..

Listening to questions and then giving wrong answers

If you want a copy of my slides, please email me!

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