Great news!!

Manchester United football club has arrived in Malaysia! They have now established a company in Malaysia. However, it is not football related. It is solely on money laundering business!’s actually a name card of a loan shark I found on a coffeeshop. They have been distributing their name cards everywhere, even under my car handle!

She-Pee women’s urinal

LONDON, June 16 (Reuters) – Female revellers at Britain’s outdoor Glastonbury Festival will be able to enjoy this year’s show without straining their bladders — courtesy of stand-up urinals.

Organisers have installed two sets of the urinals around the main Pyramid stage for the exclusive use of women, complete with “concierge” attendants to ensure a dignified experience.

Key to the arrangement is a special, anatomically shaped funnel to be handed out to each user.

“There are plenty of places the men can go and have a pee when they’re right in the middle of the festival and not near some of the proper toilets. These are the female equivalent of that,” said a spokesman for the festival.

“It’s equality for women, basically.”

The pink-coloured urinals, dubbed “She-pee” by the festival organisers, will be unveiled in a pink ribbon-cutting ceremony at midday on Wednesday, ahead of the three-day event at Pilton, in Somerset, southern England which starts on June 25.

The spokesman said the urinals had been used at other festivals, including in the Netherlands.

“They are well-tested,” he said.

The Whiz
The Whiz is a funnel which allows a woman to go standing up – in the She-pee for instance.

How it works: It’s a reusable funnel which fits snugly against the body, meaning the woman can pee standing up, anywhere that a man could.

The Whiz is made from flexible anti-bacterial plastic meaning you can “pee, shake and stuff it in your pocket,” says Marketing Manager Kate Pierrepont.

“When we launched it at the Isle of Wight festival [2004] there were women rushing up to us who were desperate for the loo. This device makes it easier and more dignified than squatting because you can’t bear the queue.”

Pierrepont recommends using the Whiz in a urinal or toilet if possible, to prevent pollution of local water courses.

T3chcircuit @ Bar C0de & Jin Han’s Birthday

Techc1rcuit @ Barc0de
Congrats to DJ Dontana and DJ Smiley Face for the great performance! The place was moderately packed. Beer was free flow, courtesy of Sow. Crowd was great, loads of familiar faces.

Pictures courtesy of Sui Lin. More pictures @

After Don’s set, I headed straight to Bengsar to attend Jin Han’s birthday bash @ Delaw1. The pub was totally empty. My friends were the only patron. Jin Han was fucked by the time I reached there. The others were pretty fucked as well but went on playing drinking games.

Hen, Kiang and Jin Han were eating lok-lok AKA “boiling saliva” outside Delawi. I’m not a fan of lok-lok due to its low standard of hygiene. However, since it’s Jin Han’s birthday I decided to grab a crab stick and dumped it into the boiling saliva (water). Few minutes later…

Me: FUCK.. my crab stick is wrapped with plastic!! (I forgot to remove the plastic cover of the crab stick)
Hen, Kiang & Jin Han: hAhaHAHhaHAHAHhahAhhahHAhAhh
Hen: This is Malaysia boyyy..not Englandd..not Australiaaaaa

Pictures courtesy of Umeng.

Techcircuit tomorrow & Melbourne Shuffe @ Petronas Twin Tower!


Banging this saturday at BAR CODE, Phileo Damansara 1


Place:: BAR CODE, 113 Block E
Phileo Damansara 1, Petaling Jaya
Selangor DE Malaysia

Date:: Saturday 26th June 2004
Time:: 9pm till late
Door charge: Rm15.00 with 1 drink

Click the special link below to check out MAVERICK latest mix::
MAVERICK – May 2004 

Lastly, Hayden strikes again!!

Now @ The Petronas Twin Tower, Malaysia!


I bumped into an old high school friend today. Well, ex-friend. This little bastard was an unscrupulous fucker. It was during Form 4, this ex friend (let’ call him Pencuri) of mine came to my house to hang out. He wanted me to fix his computer hence I was busy meddling with his computer.

Suddenly, I received a call from a guy. The guy said he wanted to be friends with me. I was reluctant to talk to him cause I thought he was gay. Anyway, the conversation lasted about 10 minutes. I left Pencuri in my room. And unknown to me, he nicked my newly bought hand phone. I didn’t realised that it was gone until days later.

It didn’t take me long to realise that it was Pencuri who took it. I gathered my friends and headed straight to his house. He was very surprised to see me. In no time, I ransacked his place and found my hand phone hidden in a pouch. Initially he claimed that the phone belonged to his sister. Thank god I copied the serial number of the phone, his defence fell apart.

We didn’t want to whack him in his house hence we ordered him to go outside. As expected, he asked us to wait for him downstairs (he stayed in an apartment). He ran away.

So being a hot blooded young man, I spoke to his mother and screwed her on the spot.
Me: Why is he like that? You didn’t give him enough money to spend?
My friend: (shocked and speechless)
Pencuri’s mum: errr.. no la. He’s like that. This is not the first time. Last time his father used a stick to whack him. He was never repentant.

Soon the word of mouth spread, and the entire school knew about it. I guess he was deeply ashamed with his action. I never spoke to him since.

Lynnzter’s birthday

Last week, we celebrated Lynnzter‘s 23rd birthday @ TSB, Beng-sar. Great fun. Loads of alcohol but no cake though 😀

More pictures @

Btw, The long awaited Reinforce 4 has been rescheduled to 10th July 2004.


Asian Pacific Auction Centre (APAC),Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Subang

?RM50 + 1 drink (pre-sale) ?RM60 + 1 drink

Featuring the likes of Samuel L. Sessions and Csomic Spore. These 2 internationals will be supported by our local boys Popcon.

Presale tickets are available at: Speedy Video, Starbucks Coffee, Extreme Music, Excessive Records, Backspin Records and Groove Syndicate.

Root canal – traumatised for life

Going to the dentist have never been a big deal for me coz my parents took my sis and I to the dentist when we were very young to beat the fear outta us before it actually hit us. The ‘flying’ chair or ‘helicopter’ was a good tactic – even after all these years, I still see the chair as just that. 😀

But last week, the quick trip to the dentist was horrible.. I had a root canal surgery. :'( After a long bout with a slight toothache, I couldn’t take the growing pain anymore and skipped work to head to the dentist who then told me I needed root canal surgery after seeing the xray of my aching tooth. Something about the accident a year ago that caused the nerves inside my bottom front teeth to ‘die’ thus affecting the teeth around it and also nerves near the chin and jaw area… When he started to approach my quivering mouth with those huge injections to numb the area, I wanted to cry so badly. After the hour-long surgery, I walked out quite dazed and my entire jaw was aching coz the dentist had some trouble treating the tooth coz it was so small. Well, I am going for the second part of the surgery tomorrow… finally too, coz the temporary filling he put for me over the affected tooth is beginning to wear out and the aches are all back again.

Never mind that I was shaking the 8ball (y’know those that show answers at the bottom when you ask it a question and shake it?) a minute ago and I end up banging it on my chin/jaw. Paining. 😛

Anyway, tooth issues aside… I was at Ipoh over the weekend for work. There were three of us altogether, so I shared a room with my female colleague, A while my male colleague, K was given his own room. Here was what happened when we were checking into the hotel..

Receptionist: Alrite, I will give you two ladies a room together while Sir, you will be having a room by yourself, yes?
K: Yeah
Receptionist: You won’t be sharing it with anybody then, Sir?
K: Err no…
Receptionist (with the most come hither, seductive, CFM face you can imagine): So… Sir…. you will be sleeping… alone… rite, Sir?

The receptionist was a man, you see.

A rather pretty man too, I might add. My colleague pretty much camped in our room for the fear the receptionist came looking for him later that night or something.. haha ;D

Ok-lah, wish me luck for tomorrow’s root canal and hopefully I won’t have to resort to a soft diet the rest of the week again. Remember, take care of all your teeth!!!

last day of work.

I finally quit my job as an attachment student of a law firm. It has been 10 months since I started. I’m going to miss everyone in the office. Final exam is 21 days away, am I fully prepared? So far, the answer is still a definite no.

This exam is very crucial to my career. If I pass this exam, I would be a legally qualified person. Not yet a lawyer, I still have a 9 months internship to go through and after that I would have to wait to be called to the Bar. Once I am called to the Bar, I would be a lawyer 😀 (no distinction between a Barrister and a Solicitor in Malaysia. In Malaysia, all lawyers are called Advocates and Solicitors )

But if I fail it, I have to endure another 9 months of hardship and weekend classes. Chances of passing are pretty low. Last year, it was rumoured that 1000 people sat for the examination, only 18% of them passed.

Dear god, please give me an extra brain in order for me to pass this examination.

Shits that i have to read and memorize..god damn it..