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Remember the problem that I had with my heel? I blogged that I went to a Chinese tit tar to get it fixed.

It did work for a while but the problem persisted. Few months ago, I decided to go for western treatment and Anna-Rina recommended Optimum Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Centre to me.

The owner, Dr. Lee, took only few seconds to diagnose my problem. My painful heel was due to flat foot! He immediately recommended me to wear shoes inserts with arch support. I also changed my Crocs slippers to Birkenstock slippers which have arch support.

I’m glad to report that the problem is gone! I also got Dr Lee to sort out a muscle tear on my shoulder. He got it fixed within a few sessions. But it did costs me a bomb to fix my muscle tear – first session was RM150 whereas the remaining sessions cost me RM100.

M-1-12 Plaza Damas (Hartamas Shopping Centre), 
Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Website: http://www.chiropractormalaysia.com

Oriental Tit Tar @ OUG

Age certainly has caught up with me. Gone were the days where sports injuries disappear within a day or two. Now it takes months.

After suffering from a sore heel for couple of months, I decided to get it fixed. The soreness usually gets worst after a game of futsal.

This time round, instead of going through physiotherapy, I wen’t to check out tit tar, a traditional Chinese therapy to solve bone, joint and muscle misalignment, pain or soreness. Oriental Tit Tar was my first choice because it’s near my house.

Located behind a petrol station, the center looks like a clinic. And like any other clinics, I have to fill up a form and give them my personal details.

The sifu took me to the room and asked me to lied on a bed. I told him about my sore heel and the first thing he said was, “From football?”.

“Yes”, I answered.


I screamed “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” silently.

Sifu massaged my heel for a few minutes before covering it with a smelly patch (apparently it’s some sort of Chinese herb).

He then gave some black pills that looked like enlarged charcoal pills that I have when I have diarrhea.

“Come back Thursday. RM70 please. Don’t take out the patch until tomorrow”.

The smell of the herb was quite overwhelming. I had to shower and sleep with it. On Thursday, I went back there again and the sifu removed the patch. The Sifu replaced it with a new patch and asked me to go back there on Saturday. I decided not to go back as the smell of the herbs was unbearable! But I stop drinking cold water and eating beans.

Unfortunately, few days later, my heel became painful and I went to see a doctor. Without examining my feet, he said that I might have a “bone spur”. A bone spur is a bony growth formed on normal bone and to see whether I have it, a xray will help.

On the doctor’s advice, I did it. Fortunately, I didn’t have a bone spur hence the doctor was of the view that it was a muscle problem. Instead of asking me to rest, he encouraged me to go on with my life and do whatever I want to. He said physiotherapy is needed as natural movement is sufficient.

After the 2 weeks as advised by the tit tar sifu, I was back in the futsal field within no time. Resting for 2 weeks and cutting down on iced drinks and beans seem to work.

The unfortunate part is that my belly became bigger due to my 2 weeks of break 🙁

Futsal Injuries

I usually don’t get injuries from futsal but I do get a lot of injuries from rock climbing. You can read some entries on my rock climbing injuries here.

Usually my futsal injuries are quite mild, save for one or two incidents which were bad.

Feel down and scraped my knee few months ago..

Few days later…it got infected..uh

A couldn’t find any bandages at her house so she got hold of whatever that sticks to cover the wound. DJ Anatta said it is made of “love” -_-

Few weeks ago, my friends and I played futsal at our usual futsal place at Samba de Futsal. We were short of 2 players hence we asked a bunch of kids who were playing before us. The kids were probably around early 20s. They were more than happy to join us.

I must say that it was an enjoyable game as the kids were quite good. Feels young again to play with kids!

During the game, I had to challenge one of the kids for the ball. While doing so, I accidentally tripped on the kid’s feet and fell on my knees. As I was falling, my face scrapped on net.

The net is like this

When I stood up, everyone was staring at me. One person said, “Your face is bleeding!”. I wiped my face with my jersey and only saw a dot of blood. My first thought was, “NIA MA WHERE GOT??”

Few minutes later, I went to look at the mirror and I saw myself..


But it didn’t hurt at all. In fact, I was so tired that all I felt was exhaustion. After resting for a while, I went back to the pitch again!

When I got home, my Mum scolded me and said, “YOU THINK YOU’RE BECKHAM AH??!!!”. I’m already 30 years old and I still get scolded for this kind of thing -___-

So, on the same day, I went to see my neighbourhood doctor. He thought I got beaten up -_-

Notwithstanding the injury, my biggest worry wasn’t that my face was mutated.

Malaysian Top 10 Hottest Blogger No More.

I was actually more worried with my presentation to some bankers three days later. GG

My face 3 days later..

Fortunately, the presentation went well and the condition of my face was an ice breaker for many of my conversations. A blessing in disguise!

My Dad said that my bruises may stay for two months. Fortunately, it subsided in 5 days. I was back on the pitch a week there after!

AFF Suzuki Cup Finals – 1st Leg – Malaysia v Indonesia

The game scheduled to start at 8pm but the crowd started trickling in at 4pm. My futsal kakis and I reached there at 645pm and the roads towards to stadium was congested!

We parked our cars at one of the housing areas of Bukit Jalil. It took us 15 minutes to walk to the stadium. We were soaked with sweat by the time we got there!

Policemen issued summons to those parked on the roadside.

Motorcycles were parked all over the roads. We had to climb over them to get through the stadium -_-

As we were approaching the stadium, thunderous roars of adorning fans were heard. The excitement builds as we reach the entrance.

Screams and shouts of street vendors were heard as well. I haven’t had my lunch and dinner before the game. Ping said there’s KFC sold over there. I found KFC – Kelantan Fried Chop.

The stadium was extremely packed. It was very difficult for us to find a seat. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to bring their parents, wives, girlfriend or children. They’ll probably get squashed or “water kena stolen” (chau sui – molested)

We had to sit on the floor – by the walkway. Usually there is enough space for people to pass but this time round the space was occupied as well. Basically, one cannot walk through the lane without kicking anyone.

I managed to secure a spot just right in front of the railing. But after squatting and sitting throughout the first half, I decided to shove my legs through the railings and sit on the concrete base. My butt was numb thereafter -_-

I was worried that my sandals will fall down…

I wonder if tickets were oversold because seats were all taken and people had to sit and stand at all sorts of places.

Some stood on the fragile-looking-shaky bridge. It shakes whenever someone walks on it. Further, you can see what is underneath the floor.

Anyway, I had a bird eye’s view of the field!

First corner of the match!

There’s a Suzuki Swift behind every goalpost!

The game was stopped for a few minutes because the Indonesian players complained that they were distracted by a green laser light. It continued thereafter but the added extra time was 8 minutes. Longest I’ve ever seen!

Video of Indonesian players walking out from the pitch

Malaysia scored the first goal during the second half. The fans roared with excitement and relieve. We thought we would have a draw in this game.

But the downside of a goal is that some people would hurl mineral water bottles to the pitch. Some bottles don’t go far and ended up on someone’s head.

Video of all the goals.

Police was there to record down disturbances – or maybe just a blank camcorder to scare people.

End results. Malaysia 3 – Indonesia 0!

Notice the seats were vacant before full time? Many Malaysians moved to the Indonesian reserved terraces. It was a like a game of checkers.

After the game, many Indonesians were pretty unhappy over the laser incident. So much so #MalaysiaCheatLaser became the highest trended topic on Twitter!

2nd leg of the finals will be played in Indonesia on 29th December. Hope Malaysia will win again.

Malaysia Boleh!

Sports Planet @ Sg Buloh

Ever since my good friend Melvin Kang graduated from university as an engineer, he never had a real job. For the past year, he was seen bumming around from morning till the next morning. Occasionally I would tell him, “GET A JOB!!”.

However, he lived beyond our expectation. He now creates jobs! Yet another young entrepreneur in the market! Single and available too!
He and his partners acquired the rights from Sports Planet to operate an indoor futsal court at Sg Buloh. It’s more than futsal, one can play badminton there too!

(Click for larger image)

Last week, I received a SMS from him stating “Hi friends, Sport Planet Sg Buloh (10 mins drive from 1utama) is opening Monday (10/12). FREE play all week. 4 Extreme turf Futsal pitches & 6 badminton courts. Futsal will be reading for testing tmr (sat 8/12). Exclusively for friends only! Pls call me (Melvin) or 03-6157 2136 for booking.”

A day later, Ping received a SMS with the identical content the words “Exclusively for friends only!” removed from a friend who doesn’t know Melvin! It seems that his SMS got modified.

Upon receiving the SMS, Ping made booking for futsal on Monday and badminton on Tuesday!

Other than KF, waterleg, Hyong, Ping and myself, fellow blogger Zhong and friends were invited to play as well.

Sport Planet Sg Buloh is only 10 minutes away from 1 Utama.

Nevertheless, one must be vigilant and take note of all the landmarks provided in the map otherwise one would end up lost (like me). The place is located in an industrial area, hence don’t be surprised if you find the road quiet at night. By the way, the turf is not visible from the main road. Look out for the signboard.

After playing 2 hours there, I find that the turf was at excellent condition and the place was sufficiently ventilated and lighted.

There’s ample of parking space too.

There are 4 futsal turfs (grass) and 6 badminton courts. The turf and badminton courts are available until 2am daily. Free play until 15 December 2007! Call 03-6157 2136 for booking!

Amigos FC v VI Guys – 3 – 0

Date: 1 December 2007
Venue: Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam

This time round, the Amigos FC had couple of new faces, notably fellow blogger Zhong from http://chzehong.blogspot.com. It also marks one of the highest turn out for Amigos FC with 50% more than the opponent, nicknamed the VI Guys (by us). The VI Guys had no substitutes and had to rely on their 11 players against the beefed up Amigos FC. The Amigos FC looked like they had a sure-win game.

Interesting sight.

For spectators

Warming Up

Jersey of the day..

Henry, team manager, goal keeper & sumo wrestler.

Game starting!

Unfortunately, the Amigos FC conceded the first goal during the late first half (three halves were played). In the second half, Amigos FC’s failed to take advantage of their new substitutes and was punished with another goal by the VI Guys.

Our linesman

Corner kick!

Low saving a goal

This game was marred with loads of injuries. Firstly, Amigos FC defender, Thiam knocked off an attack by VI Guys’ striker by ramming into him. The striker fell on the ground and dislocated his shoulder. As a result, he was out of the game. By knocking out the striker, 2 other players from the VI Guys had to accompany the injured striker to the hospital for a check up. VI Guys’ team suddenly reduced to 8 men! We had to loan 3 players to them.

As a result of the loan, new comer, Zhong joined the opposing side as their striker. During the third half, he managed the beat the offside trap and ran towards the goal. According to him on his blog,

Halfway into the 3rd quater, one of our guys crossed a long ball from the left and I beat the offside trap and chased the ball towards the goal. The ball bounced a bit so I had to stretch out pretty far to try to volley the ball over the goal keeper. What I didn’t notice was, the keeper was already right next to me. By the way, the keeper was at least twice my size.
The first thing in my mind was to protect myself, and I seriously thought that I would die. Or at least seriously injured after the collision.
I got up with just a soar shoulder and the keeper, I think his name is Henry, was still lying on the ground. He was struggling to get up as he roll around and he got on his knees, then his nose started bleeding.
In the end he managed to walked out to the stands and we resume the game. The game ended 2 – 0 as I scored the second goal for the unknown team.
After the game, Henry started puking water and he was really in pain. They sent him to hospital straight away.

Our keeper and also team manager, Henry had to be admitted to the ICU and thereafter warded for 2 days. He is now out from hospital and well.

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Sometimes to fit into a social circle, one has to be on the ball on certain topics, especially football. Football is an excellent ice breaker, especially when it comes to breaking the ice with people of different age.
Although I love football, I hardly have the time to watch TV to watch all the matches. I don’t even have the time to watch the highlights on TV!
Youtube is one of the mediums where I watch the most of the highlights of a game. However, the video quality is so bad sometimes that the ball is almost invisible!
However, I found a website that lets me watch all the highlights at an excellent quality. Introducing http://www.hypp.tv/ !

The subscription fee is quite cheap. Go to http://www.hypp.tv/ for the rates. It’s cheaper than cable TV for sure 😛
This is probably the 1st internet TV in Malaysia. At the moment, the website offers updated weekly football highlights from the Barclays Premier League. Loading time is fast and connection speed is excellent!
For me, I watch football not solely because of the clubs. I watch football to pick up tricks from football players. With hypp.tv, I can now I can replay each and every highlights to pick up tricks.
I can watch football while in the office. HEHE*.
Hypp.tv is more than just football, it has other contents including news. I’m sure sooner or later, the Hypp.tv will expand their contents and then we can say Bye-bye to Cable TV.

Video @ 0.35 – Speak to the hand..the face ain’t listening.
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