Ipoh Road Trip – Part VI – Kellie’s Castle

The last time I came here was probably when I was in primary school. The place has changed a lot. Entrance fee of RM4 has been imposed, the place has been beautified and some restoration work has been done.
Kellie’s Castle is an unfinished mansion which was abandoned after the death of its owner. This mansion is built on top of a hill – with an underground cellar and even an elevator, a unique fixture in 1915. Further, on the highest floor, there is a rooftop courtyard for parties.

This tower is to house the elevator

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Ipoh Road Trip – Part V – Food!

As I was saying, this trip was supposed to be a climbing trip but turned into an eating trip. Our first destination was one stretch of hawker stalls near Sam Tet School. Initially we wanted to try the famous Ipoh Taugeh (bean sprout) Chicken Rice at Onn Kei Restaurant but the place was full.

Restaurant Man U…nited..wtf..

We ordered so much until my stomach felt like exploding.

On our second day, we had lunch at Kam Kei, a restaurant serving seafood noodles. The noodles are..zomgg..excellent! Generous servings of prawns too! Both dry and soup version of the noodles are good but I would recommend that one try their dry version as it comes with bowl of noodles with unique mushroom sauce.

Ipoh White Coffee..yummy

I surrender!!!

Shop selling salted chicken

Salted Chicken/Duck!


Sohai Bean!

Ipoh Road Trip – Part IV – Pomelo

We went to check out the Pomelo stall i.e. the Pomelo girls. I heard so much about the Pomelo girls. Due to stiff competition, stall owners hired pretty girls to woo customers to their stalls. I had to see them for myself.

Just as our car arrived at the stalls, the girls (including aunties) stood in front of their stalls. Now I understand why some shop owners hire pretty girls to woo customers. For first timers, the appearance of all these stalls is identical hence choosing a stall would depend on the Pomelo girls.


xes the Pomelo man

Fortunately, our friends weren’t that shallow. We randomly chose one stall.

We were given free samples. Tasty.

We also went to patronize another stall mannered by an elderly lady. This lady is quite friendly and the Pomelo that she sells is quite tasty (I wanted to say “Her Pomelo is quite tasty” but this may be construed wrongly hehe). Even gave us discount for the stuff we bought. When asked “What else do you guys want?”. I screamed, “AUNTY I WANT YOUR POMELO JUICE!!!”.

Unfortunately, the lady’s stall doesn’t sell Pomelo juice.

Happy Aunty and Happy Customer

Ping promoting Stall No 41

Mikey and Ping <3

Ipoh Road Trip – Part III – Tambun Inn

We stayed at one hotel by the name Tambun Inn. From outside, the place looks run down and creepy. Oh, the inn is next to a Chinese cemetery!

checking in..

But inside, the place looks fine. It seems that their interior has been revamped. Our room was not comfortable though.

Other than a hotel, the place is also a night spot – a fengtau (shake head) joint to be precise.

“Sexy Goddess Show” LOL

This inn is reported to be haunted. My research on the internet reveals that lights turns on and off within the inn, as well as the odd sound of whispers.

I had one extraordinary encounter while sleeping. It was around 2 a.m. and my room lights were turned off. Suddenly, I heard a woman breathing loudly. It went on for some time.

Few moments later, I could hear a man breathing loudly. And thereafter, the woman’s voice again.

I then realised it was my neighbour having s*x in the middle of the night. The walls are so thin that I could hear them having hot s*x.


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Ipoh Road Trip – Part II – Rock Climbing @ Lost World of Tambun

In conjunction with the Hari Raya public Holidays, my climbing gang (Amos, Angeline, Carnes Bangxin, Fai, Mikey and Ping) and I made a trip down to Lost World of Tambun to check out their rock climbing facility. It’s around 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur.

We were fortunate to miss the balik kampung rush. The drive was pretty smooth.

Lost World of Tambum is actually an entertainment park, with water park and “dry” park with all sorts of rides. The entrance fee to Lost World of Tambum is RM22 (for adults).

The entrance

The climbing spot, which is located at the back of the entertainment park, is located within a valley of lime stones with lakes scattered here and there. We were also fortunate to be spared from the scotching sun as the place is shaded by the natural rocks.

Carness with our crash pad.

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