“undress me…”


…….. or is it “dress me”?
positive or negative?
i was in the hair salon waiting for the stylist to finish up with another customer before my turn. i stared at the figure, wondering what others (would) see in it. when i was younger, the figure’s perky boobs would attract me and i’d wonder……. why boobs are/were shown appreciation through art? ;PpPPp
does the figure make you think naughty thoughts? hehe. i thought maybe it’s provocative enough to enhance …. erm…… seductive surroundings…

The bloody water supply smells of shit!

Did anyone notice that the water supply today smells of shit?
Bloody hell, initially i thought it was due to some sort of clorine the water supply authorities put. I proceeded to brush my teeth and shower.
But then, it was later known that excreta have leaked into Klang Water’s water supply. Despite the water supply smelling of shit, it was announced that the water supply is safe for consumption provided that it is safely boiled.
Watadafak la. How the fak can this happen. Bloody Third World Country we live in. How da fak you expect people to consume water that smells of shit?
Bloody hell, now I have pieces of excreta all over my body. Probably some stuck in between of my teeth. I DEMAND MINISTERIAL RESPONSIBILITY!! Otherwise, somebody gonna get a hurt real bad…
Source: http://www.chinapress.com.my/content_new.asp?dt=2006-02-27&sec=mas&art=0227mc30.txt

A Typical Working Week

A special “H E L L O” to all readers of www.xes.cx
Hope you regulars of this site have not forgotten me!!!
Anyway, just a short intro. of meself.
I’m the most outstanding ‘inactive’ guestblogger, galFeRari.
I’m currently stuck in Newcastle upon Tyne, a city that boasts of having the most happening nightlife in England and ranks no. 3 in Europe!
I’m not employed at the moment. Please hire me!
That said, my ambition is to become a rich taitai.
teehehee <-- this is my trademark 'haha' btw!! ANYWAY, I wonder if the following holds true for all u WORKING PEOPLE out there! CAYZOX4J.gif
how dreadful if this is true…
What about this??
They say, women who makes an effort in wearing make-up climbs up the corporate ladder faster..
What about men?

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beside horoscopes?

back in secondary school, i used to check the compatibility match between my star sign and my crush’s or boyfriend’s star sign. i looked at one of linda goodman’s book and even preached to my friends which star sign would be a better match with theirs. ;P
many of my friends do not believe in such compatibility checks. i still do check on it once in a while, including chinese astrology. ;P just in case, you never know how accurate some may be. is it just a girl thing, or do some guys believe in it too?
it does end up being a bit upsetting when you’re strongly attracted to someone, and after checking both your horoscopes, you find that you’re not compatible. what’s next? fizzle out the attraction, or take a chance?
but goodness, lilian too’s book on my animal sign was (rather) a bit off last year. it mentioned that on one particular month, i’d have luck in love, and many would come begging for my attention. i excitedly waited for it to happen, but an uneventful month passed. it also mentioned that i’d be having good relations with my boss for another particular month, he’d be proud of me and my quality of work, but what happened was, i got scolded by the boss instead, and he started to find fault with me. >(
anyway, back to horoscopes. i realised how messy it can be. if i look at my star sign, the bloke and i could be compatible. but if i look at chinese astrology, it tells me that we’re incompatible. so what should i look at next, numerology, palm reading, tea leaves reading or what? it’s so confusing…
and then we also have fortune-telling. hmm… the visits to the medium to guide us through the hard times. of course, not many people believe in this.
my mum didn’t tell me, but my sister told me that the medium informed them that if i were to be married to my boyfriend at that time, i would have been ill-treated by his mother. wow. so it must be a close shave for me, because our relationship didn’t work out. =) but they only told me this after we broke up.

Day 3 – Thaiwand Wall, West Raileh, Krabi

Thaiwand wall is located at West Raileh Beach. We have to hike through the jungle and climb up the hills to get to Thaiwand wall.

Yes..you can climb the ladder.

Thank god for the natural path, otherwise we would be lost in the jungle. But it was sometimes confusing. There was once I ended at a place where someone took a shit. He/She left tissues on the ground. 😛

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Two huge outdoor raves in March!

It’s been a while…
Redzone Tour 2006 At Sepang
17 March, 6pm
The world’s best DJs are here to in conjunction with the F1 Grand Prix in Sepang. Singapore’s DJ Gabriel, Malaysia’s DJ Bryan Burger, Russia’s DJ Brent Burns, UK’s DJ Tall Paul, Germany’s ATB and many more will be behind the decks to spin you dance, house and techno music, so don’t miss the party of the month!
RM20 (inclusive of 1 drink), admission is free for the first 3000
F1 Village
Sepang International Circuit, Jalan Pekeliling, KLIA
Tel : 03-8778 2222
For more info, call 03-2072 9443 or visit www.redzone.com.my
Renault F1 Team Pit Party 2006

Date : March 18th 2006
Venue : KLIA Limousine Shuttle Bay
Time : 6pm – 3am
Pre-sale : RM65 + 1 drink (excluding RM2 ticket handling fee)
Door-sale : RM80 + 1 drink
Lineup : Bass Agents, Derb, Drum Connection, DJ AVX (Francis Cobb), Tiësto (!!!) (5 hour set)
Massive concert style staging (240ft span). Tons of pyro displays. Mad lighting and lasers. Huge multiple projection screens.
Pre-sale tickets available daily from 27th February onwards from 12pm-9pm @ Music Valley Sg Wang, Music Valley Leisure Mall, Fantasy Music Centre Sunway Pyramid, Rock Corner 1 Utama.
Pre-sale tickets also available on the 3, 4, 10, 11 & 17 March – from 9pm-1am @ Soda Club Desa Sri Hartamas, Breakers Desa Sri Hartamas, Cafe 7 Subang Square, Matrix Pool and Restaurant Phileo Damansara 1, Thai Club & Bistro Jalan P Ramlee.
Alternatively you may email ticket bookings to PitParty@gmail.com. Please enter subject header as “ticket booking” and provide full name, ic number, contact number and number of tickets required. Once tickets are released on the 27th February customers will be contacted regarding their bookings. Bookings are NOW OPEN.
Thanks aid zin for the info 😀
Then this weekend!
HARDSEQUENCE @ SAXOPHONE, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
SAT 25th FEB 2006
HardSequence returns at the end of February with full force bringing you…
DJ DRIVE (DarkRaverz)
NEIKON vs. SREAL (Special Guest DJs)
XT-ACID vs. GANJAGURU (Classic Action)
DJ BONE (Special Guest DJ) vs. DJ LEARN (Battle of the HardStylers)
Bass Agents (“Best New Local DJ” – Juice Readers Choice Award 2005) and DarkRaverz reunite with HardSequence (“Best New Local Night” & “Most up for it Crowd” – Juice Readers Choice Award 2005), to bring you a range of hard-hitting beats to stimulate your senses.
Massive thanks to those who made it to the previous HardSequence, the crowd was sensational, definitely a night to remember! In return, we intend to carry on that positive vibe and this time around the DJs will showcase their talents with one-on-one battles. So be prepared to indulge in some serious hard dance.
Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur (Next to Bar IBIZA)
WHEN : Saturday, 25th February 2006
ADMISSION : RM25 + 1D (presale)*, RM35 + 1D (door sales) OR RM50 (Package = HS T-shirt + Admission only)*
*Presale & Package admission is BEFORE 11.30pm (sharp)!
TIME : 10PM till 3AM
DRESSCODE : Funky wear, dress to EXPRESS not to impress.
NO attitudes. ONLY happy people! NO rest for the wicked.
PRESALES : Please confirm your bookings with your HardSequence Promoter BEFORE 3pm on the 25th February. Thank you.
HARDSEQUENCE promoters :
CHRISTINA 012.622.7856
EDDY 017.578.2017
JON 012.382.0173
BEN 012.303.0622
KOK WING 012.663.4560
OR email hs@bassagents.com

Phranang Temple @ Krabi

At Phranang beach @ Krabi, there’s a small temple which has hundreds of wooden phallus. Some are as tall as 5 feet, some are so thick that the only living thing would use it is a female elephant. Also, some are so small that you could just pocket them home for personal use. It is said to be offering to the sprit of Phranang who resides in the cave.

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Shogun, One Utama

Once upon a time, the xes.cx crew and friends went to Shogun Japanese Buffet.

There are a lot of food there..SO MANY!!!! I wished that i took a photos of all the food but i was too busy eating.

some of my food
This is what vegetarian eat in Jap Buffet

Doesn’t look yuck to me at all…
Dessert looks good though….

Everything went well until….

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