Last Saturday, i went to buy Domino Pizza. I told and wrote my name on the order form, F-R-A-N-K, Frank.
Then i sat waiting for the pizza with my friend, drinking coca cola. 15 minutes later, the supervisor called out.
No reply from anyone.
eh, that sounded like my order, i thought to muyself. So, I walked to the supervisor.
“I ordered Aloha Chicken Pizza but my name is Frank”
The supervisor took a look at my order form and the sticker on the Pizza box.
“oooh, Frank. Sorry ar.”
Stupid la, how can you mispronounce Frank as Farouk. They are so different!!!

Malaysian Court Attire

Malaysian lawyers dont wear wigs in Court.

Robes are usually worn when appearing before High Court Judges and above.
Further, r30 of the Legal Profession (Practice & Etiquette) Rules provides that:-
(c) Except on such ceremonial occasions and at such places as the Bar Council or the Courts may prescribe, an advocate and solicitor shall not wear bands or robes in public places other than in Court or whilst travelling to or from Court.

Therefore, lawyers can’t wear robes to go clubbing, fengtau and/or to the mamak.
One of the most popular places to get robes is Campbell Complex, Jalan Dang Wangi.

I bought mine from Oxford’s Tailor, together with collar and tshirt.

My light crease robe cost rm320 and my shirt cost RM92 (as advised by yvonne, light crease robe is better as it is lighter). The lady was nice enough to give me a discount. It all came to RM410.

The bloody tshirt isn’t a good buy but yet it was one of the cheapest. The material feels like the collar shirts I used to wear to school.

Japanese Advertisements

One of the things that we must learn from the Japanese is their creativity. They could come up with all sort of ideas to promote and sell their products.

For example…

Yogurt in a squeezable packet?

Chocolate advertisement in the train!

Portable toilet..recommended when one is doing his/her business during an earthquake LOL




ooh! Merry Xmas!!

Engrish, Japan

For background information about Engrish, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Engrish

In simple terms, Engrish is a term used on Japanese English. Usually, it’s a direct translation from Japanese to English, which sometimes makes it humourous.

Here are some Engrish signboards that I saw in Japan.

Up, Up & Away!!

pinched? hehe

There’s one signboard next to the escalator that says, “Please do not play with the escalator”. I wonder what dirty things can we do to it.

At the train platform

But, Engrish sometimes makes English very poetic. For example:-

Damn! I should have bought an Engrish tshirt!

NYE Rave & Balcony @ Miri, Sarawak

Source: glo


Many Outdoor events in Malaysia have been cancelled this year. On the last NYE, the rave @ KL Tower had to change its venue because the government cancelled all outdoor events as a mark of respect to the victims of 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

Then the Renault F1 Party featuring Yoji Biomehanika & the 1 Million Ringgit Atmospherique rave @ Mines had to be postponed due to the death of the wife of our Prime Minister.

And now…

Regenerate NYE @ Cyberpark, Cyberjaya. 31.12.05

Tempo once brings about the return of the legendary Regenerate series this time in Cyberjaya, Cyberpark.

Line-up :
Assault & Battery
Dj Hide
Eugene & Ben Katana
Vj’s: Pixel Punk
Percussionist: Tabla Maniam.
Time : 9pm onwards.
Presale : RM35
At the door : RM50
Limited Cyberview Cyberlodge Resort rooms are also available.

See you there as we party off our heads into 2006!

“Max Frequency” @ Balcony Cafe & Pub, Miri, Sarawak

Date: 2nd Dec 2005
Venue: Balcony Cafe & Pub
Time: 10pm onwards
Entrance fee: RM15/person (RM15!!??)
DJ Lineup: (House DJ) DJ Seant, DJ Lifestylz (Guest DJ) DJ Fiesta, DJ Cbell J

DJ Cbell J is one of the regulars of this website. Occasionally, he posts his mixset in the forum. Feel free to check it out @ http://xes.cx/forum/viewforum.php?f=2

I will be attending this event! Balcony Cafe & Pub has decided to invite 3 Kuala Lumpur Shufflers and I to attend this event. Food, accomodation and even the flight to Miri are all paid for! Many thanks to Kian & Balcony Cafe & Pub.

Yes..life’s all about partying and travelling…mmmmm

Btw, I cant dance. So please don’t force me to dance!

For Fame or Honour?

Recently, a lot of my friends stumbled upon my blog entries on www.xes.cx. When they looked at the photo on the blog. They usually went “Oh My God, Frank has a blog!”
They went on and asked me a lot of question. Among them are :-
Q: Why do you want to have a blog?
A: I don’t have a blog. I am sharing a blog with Xes.
Q: Why don’t you set your own blog instead of sharing one with Xes?
A: Well, after 4 years of blogging here, i don’t see a reason why i should set up my own blog. Afterall, xes and me has a very good partnership here and we enjoy it.
Q: Do you mind if xes is more popular than you.
A: No, of cause not. I am not here for fame. I blog because i enjoy people reading my crap.
Q: Why did you decide to guestblog on www.xes.cx?
A: Xes was getting kinda lazy to blog at one point. So he asked Wen Dee and me whether or not we would like to blog on his website. Before that, Xes had tiberian-x as his guestblogger. I decided to join it because i was bored and thought of giving it a try.
Q: People said that you are hamsap (“prevertive”)
A: Yes, i am hamsap because i am a man.
Q: Do you really mind if no one commented on your blog entries?
A: At first, no. Now, yes. Of cause, i like to see that someome is actually reading my entries. It’s kinda sad to look at the site-o-meter and realise that out of 400-600 visitors, not a single one of them actually bother to read my entries. Tell me, will you feel disgruntled if you are in my shoes?
Q: So what are gonna do about it?
A: eeer…sometimes, i ask a friend to put a one liner there. =P
Q: So you would love to have a lot of comments on your blog entries?
A: duh…of cause but honestly the numbers doesn’t matter. As long as i know that you people are enjoying it and i am enjoying it, then i will be happy.
Q: Does it piss you off when people don’t know that www.xes.cx is one of the oldest blog that is still active in Malaysia.
A: Ya, sometimes i do but kinda think about it, the purpose of us blogging is not about gaining fame. We actually don’t want people to know that we have a blog especially our fellow peers (from legal profession).
Q: Do you spell check and proof read your post before you post it? Because i saw a lot of grammar and vocabulary mistake on your entries.
A: Comon la!!! This is a bloody blog la. No need so serious one right? As long as you understand what i am trying to tell you then it is fine.
Q: …..
A: …..eeer..kinda run of idea of what to ask? =P
P.S. I saw on Xes’s MSN nick that his broadband modem was struck by lighting (not again…!!!). Anyone has any spare modem to give Xes? But then again, i don’t think Xes will take it if anyone offer. Will you, Xes?

Missing, please help

Have seen this girl?

The girl in the picture is Lee Wei Peng (18 years old) whom had been reported missing since last Saturday, 19-11-2005. Lee is involved in Direct Sales.

On the night she went missing, she was out to see her first client in a coffee shop with a male colleague at around 5pm. Her colleague left at about 7pm but Lee stayed on to chat with the client. Later at 7:15pm, she called her mother and told her mother that she was in KLCC and that she was on her way back to celebrate her mother’s birthday. Her family never heard from her after that.

If you have seen her and/or know where she is, please contact the nearest police station or call MCA at 03-21615678

To Fellow Bloggers, please help by posting this on your blog. The missing girl is my friend’s friend’s daughter.

EDIT: Lee Wei Peng has been found. Thank you all for your help.

Ueno Park, Tokyo

Few hundred years ago, a battle between the Japanese Shogunate and the Japanese Imperial troops was fought here.

The statue of Former Imperial Minister and later turned rebel, Saigo Takamori lies near the southern entrance of the park. Saigo Takamori started out supporting the Meiji Restoration, but ended up ritually disemboweling himself in defeated opposition to it. The statue of a samurai out walking his dog was cast in honour of his death.

The park has a pond which Bentendo Shrine was built in the middle of it. The entire pond is filled with lotus plants and ducks.

However, despite its colorful historical background, this park stinks of cat poo!! I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless they want to experience Tokyo Park at its worst.

Further, many homeless people lives in this park. The sight of blue tents is common in this park.

Homeless man selling his artwork

I’ve always wondered how on earth these people became homeless. How their life was before they became homeless. We pitied them. We laugh at them but yet I somehow find that the life of a homeless man is great.

Everyday we worry about everything, whether our salary would cover this month’s expenses, whether the people above me will squash me like an ant and so on. Some of us dream that we will have enough resources to live comfortably till the end of our lives and hope that our children would not dump us at the cheapest old folk’s home with 30 or so unfortunate souls like us.

But for a homeless man in Japan, they don’t need to worry about food. They can get them easily by waiting at the nearest convenient store for them to throw their leftover food. They do not need to worry about the ever rising prices of accommodation in Japan. All they need is a few boxes and a corner to sleep. They’re probably laughing at us fools running the rat race.

But I’m not sure about sex though.

Random Babbling (2)

I am tired. No, not because i did not sleep enough or that i had been working hard. Tired because i am helping someone solve her problem while ironicly i have hired her to solve my problem. I do not why i am so kind to her. I should be shooting nasty and sarcastic remarks because i am her client. But then again, her problem is my problem and i guess i have to help her to help myself. But again…I don’t know what the FUCK i am talking about. I just wanna blog about this for the sake of blogging and to release my frustration.