So I said yes

Hi, its me again. 😉 Been a while, hasn’t it?

Leong and I once talked about how we would used this blog to document big important events happening in our respective lives, to the point of even blogging about how it is like giving birth! Well, I just had one pretty momentous thing happened in my life lately.

My other half got down on his knee and proposed to me two weeks ago… 😉 I’m getting married!

I had wanted to blog about how he proposed, but I think that’s too much mush for this blog! I have heard many stories of things guys do when proposing to their chosen ones. I had wanted my asking-of-my-hand to be sweet and simple, with no music, no room filled with helium balloons, no flying helicopter carrying the ring over, and all that rah rah rah. And honestly, he couldn’t have done it more perfectly than I would have wanted it.

Anyway, taking note of bimbobum’s previous post about going to the parents before proposing, he did do the right thing of asking for my parents’ blessings before popping the question. I am quite sure I would have hesitated if he hadn’t (yup, even between my crying and saying ok, I had a perfectly clear state of mind to ask if he already asked my parents!).

While typing this down, I can see the little gem he gave me blinking from my left ring-finger, the inner me going ‘yikes!’ in a good way and the buzz I am still getting is… beyond.

And then there is the inevitable stress and frustration of making plans for the wedding dinner, which is beginning to creep in and jump on me. I didn’t realise it would hit me so fast! From the good date of the wedding, to choosing a ballroom, to the preliminary guest list – ahhh is this all there is to expect in the year to come??


I was switching around the channels on astro randomly as there werent any interesting sports program on. Finally, one channel caught my attention and i decided to watch on. It was national geography. Really, this is quite abnormal in the household, especially for me. I dont usually watch tv, what more education-based channel (i dont know about you, but i always stereotype these as the boring channels). Anyway, it was a program regarding the possibility of finding life in the outer-universe. Yea, extraterrestrial. My good friend, Darren use to tell me abt all these ETs or lifeforms apart those on Earth. I was never interested. However, i recently notice myself that i’ve been quite curious. Of cause regarding those myths or mysterious unsolved stuff-lah. One afternoon i was googling around for lochness, next i was checking the tv schedule for “the triangle” which is currently playing on astro. U get the point.

Anyway, back to the program i watched. It was about some moon/planet light years away from earth that scientist discovered. They then named it Blue Moon (not the cocktail la dude). Scientists believe Blue Moon is suitable for habitation. With all the data they collected of blue moon, they move on to predict how is it like on blue moon, its atmosphere, its ecology, everything. They even go as far as designing the probable form of creatures and animals residing on Blue Moon using state-of-the-art computer equipments.

The program kept me thinking a little. Was the stuff i just watched on tv merely science fiction? Far-fetched illusion and mythology? I dont know but im sure curious now. Do you believe in outer-space life? Sorry if this geeky entry bored you 😛 Check this site if you want to know more.

The Haunted House

No, this is not a story about a haunted house. What it really is though is a test of character. The results can be rather surprising but it was rather true for me.
Btw, you get your share of ghosts here too! ;P
One day, you get lost in the wilderness while travelling. It gets dark and you have no choice but to seek refuge in a small hut nearby. The owner tells you all his rooms are haunted. Which room will you choose?
The room where:
A) a human head stares at you maliciously from outside your window
B) the bathroom door creaks open and close, and there are sounds of a woman sighing
C) the bed starts rocking violently whenever you try to sleep on it
D) a headless ghost sits at the foot of your bed when you awake in the middle of the night

Make a comfortable choice before you click on the extension which will reveal the explanation. Are you SURE YET? Click only if you REALLY REALLY ARE, OK? ;D

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bimbobum is the latest entry to the guest bloggers list. As you can see, 80% of the guest bloggers are not active. Even Frank, who has been elevated to partner from guestblogger, has been inactive too.
Fortunately, bimbobum has been actively updating this website otherwise this website would be left despaired.
I have been getting many enquiries from people about bimbobum’s identity. Her ex boyfriend stories made people wonder how she looks like and so on. However, she prefers to remain anonymous as such her identity is a secret here.
Due to the secrecy, she cannot appear in public as bimbobum. I’ve suggested that she wears a paper bag in the event that we are going to have a gathering.
Since she has been actively involved in this website, I have made her a profile page. Her picture and email are included in it.. Visit !
Please email her your fan mails and hate mails!

Thrash bin and of where we come from…

Remember when we were young, we used to ask our mummy and daddy where we come from and their answer would sometimes be,

“We pick you from the thrash bin.”

So whenever we pass by the rubbish dump site, we would somehow had a nostagic feeling for it.

That is where we come from?

“Hey look! There is where i come from. Hmmm…but it’s stinky place. No wonder, everytime after mummy bath me, she will put a lot of talcum powder on me.”

And whenever our parents got angry with us, they would say
“I wish that I have never picked u up from that thrash bin. There are plenty of nicer baby for me to choose from last time!”

Then you would have the picture in your head that everytime a man and woman get marry, they dig zealously at the rubbish dump site for a baby.

two women digging for baby?

And also that time when you were angry at your parents, you would look at the dust bin…

That was where we once live before our parents “adopted” us?

“Stupid dust bin, why don’t you have a cover so i can hied myself from this evil parents of mine.”

and not to forgot that time when you were unhappy with your parents because they did not give you enough allowance.

“AAAARG…i wanna get into the dust bin again and let a rich parents pick me!!!”

So u wanna be a snake hunter…

Apparently snake hunter is a very lucrative profession in Kedah. I hear that the snake hunter in Kedah catches snake with their barehand.

Damn brave, man!!! Unfortunately, i have yet to seen them in action. I wonder if it is the same as these African Snake Hunter…

Before going into action, the hunter wrapped his hand with some thick animal skin. From the photo, it looks like fox skin but i doubt it is fox skin…=P

He then climbed into the snake hole.

Ah Ha! He found his prey, a female python guiding her nest

Snake: You are going to get me so easily

The hunter offered his hand to the snake!!!

Hunter: dude faster pull me out!!

Hunter: i am the MAN!!!

Finally, the hunters marched home with the catch of the day.
Hunter: Let’s have BBQ Snake meat and Snake Kut teh soup for dinner today

Even dogs don’t want me, you say…

I am in a state, I am.

Someone just told me that even dogs didn’t want me. I know he meant it as a joke, but I took it really badly. It?s a joke, just a joke. You know how he is.

And you know what, joke or no joke; I think that was really uncalled for. I’m really hurt. *heart breaks..

Moving on, work for me the past 2 months have been a basket of mixed nuts. Seen the good, experienced the bad, cried at the worse. Being such a junior, I am constantly being taught by my colleagues ? one too many of them that is. Getting instructions from any of them is a headache coz they each give contradicting instructions and directions, I don?t know which to follow and not only do I end up completely confused, they think I am dumb for not listening to him or her or her. Make up your mind!

And what?s more, Oon and Tucks are going back Australia? don’t go? :?( I wish I had so much more time with you guys, I wish I made more time for you guys. It is about being completely comfortable with you guys that count. I will never live down the guilt. :?( And moreover, who is gonna take me to Br3akers now? And be oH So PaTieNt while playing foos with me? WHo?? 🙁

Aiyah, I?m in a sour mood. Note to self: Better not blog when you are in a bitter frame of mind.

This is London calling…

Oh boy, it’s almost 6a.m and I haven’t slept a wink. Anywayz, it has been a loOOOng while, hasn’t it? Now, where do I begin? Same old. My life as it is substantially revolves around the BVC (Bar Vocational Course). No romantic dramas of any sort. The never-ending assessments until May, court visits, dining sessions, job applications and the list goes on…it all made me feel as if I have lost my “lust for life”. I guess I don’t party as hard, drink as much as before. Somehow I have lost these enthusiasms at one point or another. What’s going on! Let the insomniac ramble on”You guys must have worked out by now, you will come to know this old and domesticated being that need to be taught the meaning of P-A-R-T-Y again: P

Thankfully, I still have my friends to keep me sane at all times. I suppose, beneath the elegance of a barristers’ suit lay an infinite effort to keep it going. Chinatown is like my second home for one reason. Hunger satisfaction. I eat like I’ve never eaten before. 😀 Oh common…that’s the closest thing I can get to mummy’s home cook food. *sob*sob*

O.K, ramblings aside. London Fashion Week was held on the 14th -19th February 2004. This is followed by the London Fashion Weekend which is on the Thursday 19th Feb- Sunday 22nd Feb 2004. “London Fashion Week-End invites the public to take part in the glamour of Fashion Week and snap up style tips and bargains. The event takes place in temporary tents erected in front of the Duke of York’s Headquarters on the King’s Road. Over 100 LFW designers selling clothes and accessories at standard retail prices.”

Retail therapy, anyone? 😀

Ohh boy..the sun is up..and I was meant to get up in 2 hr’s time. 😡

8450_Um1b1 (20k image)


My neighbor complained of how all his shoes were stolen and he would just go to Uptown to find them and buy them all back. And have them stolen again and the trip to Uptown once again. Seems senseless to pay for the same pair of shoes so many times over. 🙂

There seems to be a wave of crime in my neighborhood these days. Some of you may know my neighbor, Hans and thanks to him, my ?chances of going out? leeway has narrowed substantially coz of him religiously reporting to my mum of all the crime that has been happening in our area. Thanks maannnn? *kicks Hans* Looking at it in the big picture, it?s a pretty noble thing to do but it only gives her more reasons to not let me out. Now all the amount of keychain alarms, pepper sprays, sharp weapons and people in numbers will be redundant to the eyes of my mum. BAH!

Today is a real ?painful? day. First, I was playing with my dog on the sofa when she suddenly felt like biting her own tail (why dogs do that anyway?) and she miss-cue, she bit my hand instead. Then while cleaning my room today, I dropped a bunch of bottles of nail polish on my left foot. After that, while taking my shower, I dropped my shaver on my other foot and now it won?t stop bleeding. Wah-LUN-neeehhhhh? really not my day today, man. Besides all these aches and sorts, I am still nursing a flu which has rendered my voice partially cataleptic. BAH!

This is a day for BAH!s

Here is a mini part of a conversation with YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE:

Dee: Tell me, do you love me?
YKWYA: Yeah, I do
Dee: How much?
YKWYA: Like flies to shit
Dee: (did I hear right?) What?
YKWYA: Flies to shit 🙂
Dee: ?.. wtf?..

Did he just imply that I am a piece of shit? Grrr?. BAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! But I love you anyway, you piece of shiiiiiiittttttttt 😛 😛 😛 😉

Yup, definitely a day for BAH!s?