Melbourne & Sydney, December 2012 – Sydney – Part 2

A day before we left Sydney, Sui Lin took leave and brought us around Sydney. She rented a car from Green Share Car.

Green Share Car has cars parked around Sydney and you can rent the car using your credit card. The cars are parked at public areas without anyone guarding them. Green Share Car charge per hour. I wonder if such concept would work in Malaysia.

Our first stop was Four ate Five – supposedly to be one of the best cafes in Sydney.

I had the free range eggs with mushrooms. It was okay. Nothing to shout about.

After lunch, we headed Bondi Beach. It’s my second time to Bondi Beach. Timothy Tan brought me here once back in 2004.

It was packed. Many were showing off their beach bods. Some even went topless. Spot the topless chick in this photo.


Rock climbing!

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We walked to Marks Park to have a little picnic. It was hot but breezy. I roamed around the park while the girls catch-up and enjoy the view.

After our picnic, we tried the famous fried Mars Bar at Bondi Surf Seafood. It’s my second time trying it.

Covered with batter, the Mars Bar will ooze out once you take a bite. It’s rather sweet but worth a try.

But it looks like a piece of turd.

Sui Lin dropped us at the city. I had to meet one of my hengtais who migrated to Sydney. Jin Han and his family bought a place at Castlehill, Sydney. We took a train to his place and he made us awesome lamb ribs for dinner. His daughter Olivia speaks with an Australian accent now. His son Xavier was born last year.

Grilled lamb..mmm

The dinner

My wife and I headed back to the city around 8 plus because Jin Han and family normally sleep by 830PM.

We were in Sydney for 4 days. We headed back to Melbourne after that.

This marks the end of my Melbourne and Sydney trip postings. It was great seeing my old buddies living in Melbourne and Sydney. Till next time!

The LexisNexis Rule of Law Debate 2013

LexisNexis is organising a student debate at Le Meridian on 7 March 2013. If you remember last year, LexisNexis, an international legal information service provider, sent me to Fukuoka, Japan to attend the LexisNexis Customer Engagement Workshop.

The event will feature four teams in a British Parliamentary style debate. These teams are from Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia and the motion is:

“This House Believes That the ASEAN Declaration of Human Rights Is an Ineffective Safeguard of Human Rights”.

The debaters are students from the following institutions:

– International Islamic University Malaysia
– National University of Singapore
– University of Philippines Manila
– Universitas Indonesia

There will also be a panel forum discussion by Edmund Bon and Faisal Moideen, moderated by Syahredzan Johan on the topic “Do We Need An ASEAN Court of Human Rights”. Faisal and I were in the same panel for the forum discussion on s114A of the Evidence Act 1950.

The LexisNexis Rule of Law Debate 2013 will be streamed live on March 7th at 2.30pm (GMT+8)

For more information, please visit LexisNexis’ website.

Melbourne & Sydney, December 2012 – Sydney – Part I

After Gavin and Christina’s wedding, my wife and I made our way to Sydney via Tiger Airways. Stupid airline doesn’t have web check in so we had to go to the airport extremely early.

We stayed at Sui Lin’s place at the city. It was spacious and Sui Lin vacated her room for us while she slept in the living room. Thanks SuiSui!

The last time I was in Sydney was in 2002. I don’t remember much of it but somehow memories of the place kept coming back when we were roaming around Sydney. It’s a nice place. Everything seems clean and efficient but the retailers were not very friendly. One incident we had at an unnamed coffee joint:

Sui Lin: What’s the name of this place?
Barista: You can check it on the receipt.

Bloody Bugger

After I took a picture of the place.

Barista: It’s 5 dollars per picture.

Bloody Bugger didn’t even give us a receipt!

The coffee was just okay. But I still prefer Mecca coffee which is just opposite that unnamed coffee joint.

We took a cruise around Sydney Harbour. We had a great view of the Sydney Bridge, Opera House and many other parts.

Smallest wedding ever. This couple needs more friends.

Sui Lin brought us to Hurricanes to have ribs. Sui Lin, my wife and I shared one rack of ribs whereas Sui Lin’s boyfriend had one rack for himself.

Other than the cruise, we also managed to check out Sydney from the Sydney Eye Tower. Somehow my wife and I like going to all these observatory decks. Last one we went was Top of the Rock at New York City.

The queue to the observation deck was pretty short and it wasn’t crowded.

We also got to see Sydney at night.

Sydney Opera House on close up. Now you know how it looks like.