My Birthday 2014

I had a quiet birthday celebration this year (it was on 24th September 2014_. My wife’s cousin, CS, baked me a red velvet cake. It was a little bit bitter but it was the gesture that counts.

Here’s #LiviaFoong and me when we were cutting my cake. She likes being carried on my shoulder. But she will eat my hair sometimes.

Wife brought #LiviaFoong and I to Hyatt 38 to celebrate my birthday in advance.

We were here few months ago to celebrate Mummy’s day for my wife.

I must say this place is expensive. We had to pretend to be rich to be here.

Sparkling or still?, asked the waiter.

“Still”, I replied.

Then came the RM22 bottle of Aqua Panna mineral water. Must have came from an extinct mountain in Italy.

My RM170 lamb ribs. It was pretty good!

This is their signature cake. Apparently a must have in Hyatt 38. Chocolate mousse topped with caramel. Tasted abit like Mars bar. It also came with yummy banana ice cream.

Great view of the city.

#LiviaFoong on a baby chair. Apparently this baby chair costs RM1200. Made of wood and it looks like a stair. Wtf.

RM20 parking fee. I can eat 3 – 4 plates of wan tan mee with this amount!!!

One thing about Hyatt is that it doesn’t have a diaper change room. So we have to change #LiviaFoong on the car boot. She seems to like it there.

On my birthday, my parents and I had dinner at Canton-i, Mid Valley. Purple Cane, Our usual place to celebrate birthdays, was closed for renovation. Mum was a little bit disappointed.

Before dinner, Dad came early to see #LiviaFoong. He spent couple of hours with her. This is the first time he spent such a long time with her.

I’m starting to dislike my birthday celebrations. So much so that I hid my birth date on Facebook so that no one knows it’s my birthday. But some great friends still remember it!

One special thing about this year’s birthday is that it’s my first birthday as a father. Hope for many more ones to come!

My Birthday 2013

This year’s birthday celebration was pretty quiet. No house parties, just meeting up with friends for meals. I even spent half a day in the Court of Appeal waiting for my case to be called.

When the clock struck at 12AM, my wife and her sister presented me with a green tea cake. YUM.

Aakiang and I celebrated our birthday together at Daikanyama, Changkat Bukit Bintang on a Monday night. Great food and we had two bottles of Umeshu before moving to Magnificent Fish and Chips for drinks. It was also our first time having dinner with the newly wed couple Ping and Yoke Chin as husband and wife. They had their wedding ceremony a night before that.

Aakiang admiring his drink.

My wife brought me to Prime at Le Meridian for dinner. They are known for their steaks. I had a Wagyu beef steak, which was awesome, whereas my wife had lobster. Complimentary bread with three types of butter were served. Food was really good but it was extremely pricey. My steak cost me a few hundred bucks.

4 different types of sauce + mash potatoes.

I told my wife that we should take home some cutlery to compensate for the high prices. She covered her face in shame.

Umeng came back for the weekend. He moved to Macau from Brisbane and he’s designing casinos now. KF, WK, Umeng and I gathered at Hen’s place for wine and karaoke. He has a karaoke room in his house!

We went home around 5AM. I don’t remember the last time staying up later than 3AM. I had a hangover the next day!

On the same day, my West side friends held a joint celebration for Eric C and I. We had dinner at Fish Village Steamboat, Puchong. Will write more about this place in a separate post.

Instead of heading to Mid Valley, My parents, my wife and I had dinner at Padi House, Seri Petaling for dinner. My Dad bought me a book called, “Richest Man in Babylon”. I’ve heard of the book but I’ve not read it. Dad left a note there stating, “Be Inspired”.

My friends from the West Side joined me and Eric C for dinner to celebrate our birthday at Restaurant Fish Market Steamboat, Pusat Bandar Puchong. Eric C’s birthday was on the 19 September while mine was 24 September. Thus, 22 September, which falls on a Sunday, became the most suitable date for us to celebrate our birthdays.

Eric’s best man, Charles, ordered the best dishes from the restaurant. Salt baked crab was the highlight of the night. It was humongous and tasty.

Steamed Prawns were also good as well. I love the sauce that came with it.

Lala fried noodles is also highly recommended.

We supplemented our dishes with a big bowl of steam boat!

There’s always room for dessert. We drove to Tang Shi Fu at Puchong for some dessert before heading home. It was an alcohol free night for me!

It’s amazing how time flies. It’s October now and 2014 is approaching. Have a good year ahead everyone!

My Birthday 2012

A little leap from the big three O. I turned 31 in September.

What made it better is that it’s different from last year. Last year, I was working for someone, unmarried and working hard to save the little money I get from my salary so that I can save up for a house. Then I realize the few hundred bucks a month can’t get me anywhere. 

Early this year, I got married and started my own law firm. I never looked back.

But this years birthday parties were not as massive as the years before, there was once I had 5 parties.

This year round, my wife organized a little gathering at our house. She took the pain to decorate our food. It was a social media themed party.

The gang

By the way, she’s starting a party decoration eCommerce website soon. So watch this space. 

My former colleagues threw a potluck cum birthday party at TY & YS’s house.

It was also Alfred’s, TY & YS’s son, birthday hence we shared the cake. I ate so much that my stomach also exploded. 

My former High school friends and hengtais had a BBQ at WK’s house to celebrate the September babies birthday. I was late as I had to attend a wedding dinner. I didn’t see much of the party but I did cut the birthday cake with the September babies.

Ever since my first year in university, my Sheffield University mates would throw a birthday party for me. Well, most of them have moved to Singapore. One even became a Singaporean.

Janet tried to organize a dinner but only KF, his wife and son could make it. But our little pot luck party turned fine. Thanks Big Ass J.

My parents no longer like to travel far for birthday dinners. At one point, we went to Klang for dinner every birthday. Then it became nearer. We went to Mid Valley instead. And this year, it’s even nearer. We went to Seri Petaling, about 5 minutes drive from the house. Dinner was at a Chinese coffee shop. Short and sweet dinner. 

At this age, news of friends’ parents passing away have become often. But I am glad that both my parents and my wife are able to be with me on my birthday. 

Thank you everyone for the wishes. I look forward to 2013!

November Babies Birthday 2010

I haven’t been blogging about my activities for a while now. I thought I would take the opportunity to blog about my high school buddies’ birthday celebration for those birthday which falls on November.

Dinner was held at Dorae Korean restaurant at Hartamas. Food was awesome. Side dishes came in non stop. BBQ pork, lamb and beef were tasty!

We had a private room. It was nice and cozy but it was a little bit hard to get the waiters’ attention. When ever we wanted them to replenish the side dishes, we will scream “MOAR!!!!!!!!!!”.

We shared a gift for the birthday boys/girl.

KF and Timothy both got a pair of Massimo Dutti cuff links each.

Peng got a bag full of moisturizer and cream.

This was WK’s reaction after we told him we forgot to buy him a present.

WK’s reaction after we told him we were just joking.

After dinner, we had drinks at Smoke & Fire at Gardens Mid Valley. The place was rather dead. There were only a few people there and we took up almost an entire section of the club.

We started off with couple of beers and stout and then moved to whiskey.

The highlight of the night is probably the Flaming Lamborghini. For RM70, I thought it was a little bit pricey but when we saw the thing being served, it was VALUE tou hai kamion!!!

It came with 3 additional shots of shitty stuff.

The entire bar table was on fire! I was reluctant to approach it initially as I fear that the fire will burn my hair and eyebrows -___-

Almost all of us vomited when we took a sip. Peng vomited all over the floor after a few gulp -___-

About 7 – 8 of us shared 3 flamings but we were defeated by it in the end. For the first time, we couldn’t finish our flamings!

We took it back to our table and drank it as shots. It was the worst drink ever.

Towards the end of the night, some of us decided to mix all leftover drinks together and drink it. It was a mixture of stout, beer, flaming and Graveyard.

I went home crashing on the bed immediately. I had to swear off drinks for 2 weeks. Until I meet this fellow…

Guinness and Strongbow mix. Stay tuned for this entry!

My Birthday 2010 – Part II

Well, my birthday post is not complete without a posting on this particular gift.

My buddies got me an awesome gift for my birthday. It came with a rather “cute” wrapper.

My buddies knew I got a new iPhone 4 hence they got me a iPhone dock. It’s a speaker cum radio 😀 It also can act as a battery charger.

It fits my iPhone 4 perfectly.

Even my iPad! But the problem is that it doesn’t charge my iPad’s battery. Non Apple iPhone battery charger doesn’t work on iPad.

The highlight of the present was actually the awesome birthday card.

29 years old baby boy -_-

Hand drawn Doraemon! With dokodemo-doa (pintu suka hati) innit! Totemo daisukiiiiii~ arigatou gozaimasu!

My Birthday 2010

As I get older, I thought this year’s birthday will be a quiet one. But I was so wrong.

It started with a nice dinner with A at Favola, Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur.

Thereafter, we attended a surprise birthday party for one of my high school friends, Cross. His girlfriend gathered a group of us and gave us a custom made shirt with the words, “Turning 30 but obviously not the waist line!”.

We got a barrel of beer. It came with an interesting ice box cum beer dispenser.

Cross’ girlfriend also got him an awesome cake. BMW shaped cake!

But it was involved in an accident with Cross’ face…

So after a few beers and flaming Lamborghini, we went wild.

Since it was also Kiang, Elaine and my birthdays, we had to drink extra and hell broke loose thereafter. There were a lot of “brotherly” love. Heh

A week thereafter, my parents, A and I had dinner at Purple Cane restaurant to celebrate my birthday. A and I brought my mum here on Mother’s Day and my Mum suggested that we go there again. It was Dad’s first time there. Dad bought me a book entitled “Renegate – the making of a President” by Richard Wolffe.

After dinner, I bought drinks for my hengtais at Somo. After ordering a bottle a Moet champagne, the manager came to my table and wished me happy birthday. She then gave us some complimentary finger food and also a Flaming Lamborghini. -_-

We also ordered 3 sets of “Tokyo Rush”. Tasted horrible.

The total damage was RM1K plus. Ouch..

2 days later, my ex-Sheffield Unimates gathered to have lunch. It is my 9th year celebrating my birthday with them. Thanks to our permanent organising committee comprising of Big Ass J and Mitciao.

I used to have this practice of keeping all birthday wishes but I got a little bit lazy and scrapped it this year. One thing I notice is that birthday wishes now come vide Facebook and Twitter. I used to get a lot of them vide text messages and IM (msn msg, IRC) messages. This year, such messages were less than 10!

Looks like times have changed.

Fred and Bev’s ROM

My friends, Fred and Bev, met accidentally. Well, they actually met in an accident. Fred accidentally rammed into Bev’s car from behind. Thereafter, they got to know each other and now decided to get hitched.

On 22 August 2009, Fred and Bev registered their marriage before a Registrar of Marriage in SS2.

Couple of months back, KF registered his marriage at Thean Hou Kong, a Chinese temple in Kuala Lumpur. I attended the ROM in a small room located on the bottom floor of the temple.

The Registrar of Marriage in SS2 is slightly different. It is located in a house.

Mr Lim Kok Sai’s living room to be precise!

A long table is placed in the middle of the room. Posters relating to love were placed on numerous parts of the room. It was bloody unique.

Just right outside his house, there were 2 tortoises.

I think it has something to do with eternal love.

Got Ranma 1/2! The Japanese manga about a boy who was cursed to become a girl when splashed with cold water, but hot water will change him back into a boy.

Surprisingly, Ranma’s main audience was boys from elementary to junior high school age and yet we get to see fappable materials.

Even more surprising is that Ranma is written and illustrated by a lady!

You can read the first episode here.

Back to the registration, the registration process is fairly simple. Two witnesses will be present to witness the marriage.

Mr Lim will prepare the necessary documents and give all sorts of advice. The only one I could remember is that Fred and Bev cannot marry another if they are still married otherwise it will be an offence. After all these were done, they were pronounced husband and wife.

After the registration, I was told that Mr. Lim has 50 couple on his list to register their marriage on 9 September 2009 (09/09/09!). Wow, can have buffet party already!

Congrats Fred & Bev!

KF’s Wedding – Part I

One of the best things in life is to see one of your best buddies get hitched. One of my high school friends (and also university mate), KF, decided to get hitched early.

In Chinese tradition, before the wedding day, the groom and his hengtais (brothers) will have to ‘save’ the bride from the evil chi muis (sisters) who will lock the bride up in a room. The evil chi muis will make the groom and hengtais do all sorts of silly tasks in order to secure the release of the bride.

So, we travelled all the way to a remote village by the name Ijok to rescue the bride from the evil chimuis. It’s a small village near Kuala Selangor. Ijok was on the spotlight for a while during the Ijok by-election.

The hengtais gathered at KF’s house early in the morning. On the night before, we received a text from KF asking us to be there early so that we can leave by 8am. When we arrived at 8am, KF was still in his t-shirt. -_-

The dress code of the day was white and black pants. Tie was provided by KF. We got a clip-on tie. All we need to do is just put the tie around our neck and zip the bugger up.

Ping – the Virgin – opening door for KF

The trip to Ijok took us about an hour. It could have taken a shorter time if some of us didnt get lost. Kf’s driver was so good until many of us couldn’t catch up with him.

Ijok – High School Alumni Building.

Road leading to KF’s wife house

One of the Malay houses on the streets

We were greeted by a few evil chimuis – 3 of them were wearing red.

Big Ass J was one of them.

We were immediately subjected all sorts of task but it was fairly easy. It was pretty civil as well. During Timothy and Ka Bien‘s wedding, the hengtais and chimuis were pretty hostile against each other.

Timothy & KaBien’s wedding

Once we got into the house, the chimuis gave us some quail eggs. Kiang and I were required to push the eggs up WK’s pants and cross it to the other side. Kiang and I each had one side. Thank god we can use our hands. Imagine if we had to use our nose.

Halfway pushing my egg, I stopped for a while to wait for Kiang to push his egg through the groin area.

Then when he gave up, I couldn’t find my egg anymore!! ZOMG!! I had to search every part of WK’s legs to find my egg. While doing so, I overhead Hen, who was also subjected to the same torture, screaming, “I’m having a hard on!!”. -_-

Fortunately, it popped out on the floor seconds later. phew

After that task was done, the chimuis made each of us wear a bra. Each bra had 2 letters stuck on it. We had to arrange them to form a word. KF got a panty to go with it.

Since there was an extra bra, we made the cameraman wear one as well.

I must say that the tasks were pretty easy and quick. KF’s last task was just to sing a song. No problem for KF since he’s a big fan of karaoke.

Within minutes, the evil chimuis allowed KF and the hengtais to see KF’s bride.

dearr you dont know what the chi muis had done to meee

The hengtais were relieved of their duty for while. KF and his wife had to go through the tea ceremony.

The hengtais and chimuis were fed roasted pork and drinks while waiting for the tea ceremony to end. We had to sit outside as the house was packed with people.

While enjoying our roasted pork, a middle aged lady suddenly fell on the floor. The lady appeared out of no where. Some of the hengtais rushed towards her. They stood next to her and screamed, “WHO IS THIS ARR????”.

Then one of KF’s wife’s relatives rushed out to check. He stood by her and screamed, “WHO IS THIS AR???”. The “WHO IS THIS” exchange went on for a few minutes before one of the chimuis came to pull her up.

Apparently, the lady had some mental problem and she stood outside the house for some time…

Since none of the hengtais helped the lady out, Kiang decided to be nice and offered her roasted pork. She rejected his offer. Poor Kiang.

After the tea ceremony was done, we headed back to KF’s parents place at Kota Kemuning. Lunch was served. Pictures were taken. We headed home to rest and recharge for the wedding dinner!

Sungai Siput, Perak

When Saddam Hussein fell from power, his statutes were removed, beheaded and whacked with slippers. His portraits were sprayed with bullets.
However, when Samy Vellu fell from power, his pictures are still seen all over Sg. Siput, a constituency that he has been holding for about 30 years. The Chairman of the Malaysia Indian Congress (MIC) recently lost his seat on the 8 March 2008 election.

My colleagues and I travelled to Sg Siput for our fellow ex colleague, Gobi’s wedding. It was my first time there. I heard many rumours that Sg Siput roads are at top condition as Samy Vellu, who once held the post of Minister of Works, took good care of the roads. But when I was there, I find the roads so-so.
We arrived at one hall located next to a Chinese school. None of us in the car brought the invitation card hence our arrival to the Chinese school was purely on verbal directions.
Outside the hall lies a huge place card with the names “Gobinanthan and (something)” and a picture of the couple. None of us remember the name of Gobi’s wife.
Me: Gobi looks very different in the picture. He looks so fair. Never mind, let’s get down.
Colleague: Eh, no, no. I call K first.
We then realised that we entered the wrong wedding. Gobi’s full name is Gobinath. It would be embarrassing if we went in and gave out our angpows and thereafter reclaiming them back.
Despite the mix up, we arrived at the wedding hall just in time for the ceremony. Gobi was smartly dressed in his traditional suit.

Soon, the procession started with loads of people running around and the sounds trumpet and drums played whole day long. Gobi, his wife and family members were all up on stage. It was a colourful ceremony. Ladies were all dressed in their best saris.

Samy Vellu is still here!

The camera man got a multi adapter hung to him HEHE
The highlight of the ceremony would be a ritual called Phere. In the Phere ritual, a part of the groom’s attire and the bride’s attire are tied together (symbolizing that they are now united) as they go around the ceremonial fire seven times. As soon as the Phere ritual is performed, the beat of the music picked up and it turned into a bloody rave party and everyone started shuffling. Out of no where, ivN stood next to me and said, “FENG AAHH!!!!!”.
Just kidding.
But I notice that once the Phere ritual is performed, everyone stood up and rushed towards the food. Food was only served after the ritual. The line went all the way to Timbuktu.
We missed the opportunity to throw rice at the newly wed couple. It would be great if I could blast some rice into Gobi’s face. HOU HAU!! SEK FANN!! (Open mouth! Eat Rice!!)
We went up to the stage to congratulate Gobi and pass him our angpows. I notice one Malay lady with a nice box of wrapped gift. The Chinese and Malay’s customs are quite similar. The Malays would give presents to the newly weds while the Chinese would give angpows to newly weds.

We didn’t stay long. We headed to Ipoh for lunch before heading home!

A car drove into a drain when we were on our way home.

Timothy & Kabien’s Wedding – Part II

The seventh task was to paint our faces with certain letters from the alphabet to form the sentence, “Tim Loves Ka Bien”.

Thereafter, we adjourned to Timothy and Ka Bien’s spanking 1 million Ringgit house for the tea ceremony. Although the bride has been rescued from the evil chi muis, the rivalry between the heng tai and chi muis didn’t end at Ka Bien’s house. Just as one of the chi muis got out from her car, she was attacked by a few hengtais – with lipsticks which were used earlier to smear the hengtai’s faces. Although a great victory for the hengtais, poor Hen got hurt in the fight.