DJ Cbell J – Xes Dancefloor Connection

DJ Cbell J aka puhyah is one of the regulars of this website. He’s been posting many of his mixes on this website, especially on the forum.
He just recorded a mix for everyone @
It starts off with some dark progressive house to techno, to uk hard dance to some dark synthie trance. Track listing is as follows:-
1. The Drill – the drill
2. Laurent Pautrat – Talk about it
3. Anne Savage – Parasite
4. DeadBeat – Still Thinkin
5. Dave the Drummer – a side [ taken from Hydraulix 24 Vinyl ]
6. The Edison Factor – Halucination
7. Lisa Lashes – Temptaion
8. Umek – Gatex
9. Digitek – Kenkraft 400
10. Pink – God is a DJ
Other mixes:-
Enjoy πŸ˜€
P/S Melbourne Shuffle Competition Finals @ Station 3, Melaka tomorrow.Cya guys there!

Pork Bone Tea anyone?

You see, i come from a very health concious family. Hence, my parents especially has always being keeping track of our diet. However, i think we should sometimes spoil it for some enjoyment. Afterall, we live to eat and not eat to live right? Thus, i decide to pamper myself a lil with my all-time favourite chinese delicacy, (yep, to me that is. that’s how a big deal it is to me). THE BAH KUT TEH (pork bone tea?)
So there it is, my lunch today. Shall anticipate till the next round *saliva drooling already*
they gave me all da yat chi kuat for my pai kuat too. lovely peoples
I finished everything on my own. too bad i was too full and HOT after i’m done with my lunch. As a result, i forgotten to snap another photo.
ps: sorry if i offended any of our Malay readers.


scenario 1:
a group of friends are sitting together over a cup of coffee. everyone’s laughing and chatting. you notice one of the girls in the group shooting you dirty looks, kind of bitchy. you pretend you didn’t notice. and as your guy friend (or boyfriend) drives you home, you bring it to their attention. “did you notice just now that girl, AhLianForever gave me a dirty look when we were talking about blah blah…? i mean, what the hell is her problem??” you complain.
“ya, man! i saw! what the hell was her problem?” your girl friend sitting in the backseat of the car confirms your suspicion.
“no la, you’re just being sensitive! i don’t think she was being bitchy. so SENSITIVE la, you girls.” the MAN says.
*** ever get that? come on, we’ve got super instincts, we CAN TELL. ;P
scenario 2:
after dinner with the boyfriend, he sends you home. you call him before you sleep, he’s too moody to make conversation. you let it go.
the next day, he doesn’t call like he usually does. so you call him, and he is still reluctant to chat like he’s got a carrot up his ass. you ask him what’s wrong. he says nothing. you ask him what did you do. he sighs. and then he tells you.
“you know, i feel like you’re taking me for granted. like that night.”
“huh? what did i do?” you’re confused.
“you didn’t kiss me goodnight. you didn’t even say “love you” when you said bye…. you just said “goodnite” like i was one of your friends …. “ he tells you.
*** oh my goodness. guys can be sensitive too. ya, the ‘macho’ type of sensitive. metrosexual. new age kind of guy. ;P

The Semifinals of the Melbourne Shuffle Competition @ Station 3, Melaka

Just right after work, Johnson and I rushed to Melaka to judge the semifinals of the Melbourne Shuffle Competition at Station 3, Melaka.
Many thanks to DJ Reeve for picking us up from Pure Bar, getting us a room at Fenix Inn and organizing the event.
Fenix Inn is one unique inn. It consist 3 adjoining shops. The ground floors of each shop consist of a cybercafe, the lobby and a BLOODY CAR PARK respectively. The car park can only fit about 6 cars though. We had to hand in our car keys so that the guards can park and repark the car.

Left, the car park.
Station 3 used to be one of the most happening clubs in Melaka. But it’s been around for almost 6 years and as such, just like many other old clubs, their patronage lately has been dwindling. Therefore, they organized an event to attract the crowd back.

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receiving gifts that are not ‘you’

“oh, for me? *happy* thank you!!!”

ok, admit it. how often do you get surprise presents which you don’t really like? and how often are you made to unwrap your present in front of the giver?
i’ve always had a problem hiding my facial expressions, so i get uncomfy when givers make me open their presents before them. “open up!!! don’t have to wait until you reach home. open it up now!”
and i’ll brace myself for the worse, forcing the big grin to remain on my face, no matter what. not an easy task.
it’s the thought that counts, right? but ….. if i don’t like the gift, how?
5 years ago, i celebrated my first valentine’s day with the new boyfriend (then!). and he had told me what he wanted – even it was a boring gift, but at least i wouldn’t go wrong – it’ll be something he’ll use AND like.
he had gotten me my gift earlier, which i never had a say in it. hopefully it’ll be good.
so before dinner, he was excited and wanted us to open up our gifts before we left. yay, he liked his. and it was my turn. oh wow, exactly want i needed. yay, thanks! i was happy that he was thoughtful. so could we go now?
but now, he insisted i tried it. he wanted to see my reaction.
so i did.
and my happiness faded just a lil bit.
i didn’t really like it. = it wasn’t my type! shucks.
“put a happy face, put a happy face!” i kept telling myself inside my head.
“oh. you don’t like it? i can tell from your face.” he remarked sadly.
“NO! no no …. i like, thanks! really… you know i need this.” i assured him.
to cut the long story short, it’s really tough when someone close to you gets you presents you may not like at all. i remember buying presents for my siblings, and i thought i was clever when i bought walnuts for my sister’s hamsters to nibble on. (it broke their teeth, yes-i’m-so-stupid!) but she didn’t like the gift. i felt really bad when i found out.
the same thing happened when a friend who has NEVER bought me a present before, brought something for me for my chinese new year open house. excitedly i opened the box (after he’d gone), curious to see what was in it.
“it looks like he gave you something his parents didn’t want.” my friend remarked, as we stared at it, dumbfounded.
anyway, it’s the thought that counts, definitely. but still! at least something you KNOW the person will definitely like! or grow to like it.. i mean, you are close to that person, so you should know what that person likes. ;P
p.s. you’re not going to guess what the bf (then!) got me, right? i can guess what xes is going to guess… let’s just say that whenever i went out with him (the bf then, not xes), i had to put it on. – Dance Department mix

Image hosting by Photobucket
its really hard to make a mix to cater to everyone’s liking so i’ve decided to hybrid this mix with the most popular genre. The mix kicks off with hardstyle, then mellow hardhouse, madness electro hardhouse, hardhouse,trance, hard trance and finally vocal trance.Since it only took me now to post this, im just remembering the tracklisting by memory. I might miss out a couple of tracks in the list but what the hell, the fengtau element is there.
citizen x – lonely
Groove Coverage – The Last Unicorn(Deepforces rmx)
Kindervater – ftp://013.07.974
Sa.Vee.Oh – Nohacker.exe
Sa.Vee.Oh – Global anthem
Kindervater – steinwenberg
Malec – Let me take you on a journey
Dave 202 – Moonlight
Dark by Design – Bitch
Sunblind – Believe (nunrg/p.h.a.t.t. rmx)
Dj Dean – Music is my life (Dave Joy rmx)
Heaven’s Cry – Till Death do us a apart (Yoji Biomehanika rmx)
Pet Shop Boys – Home and Dry(Blank and Jones rmx)
pump da bassline but don’t break anything while you’re blasting.LOL

April’s Hard Dance Events..

To those Hard Dance lovers, here are two local events you should look forward to:-

CHRISTINA 012.622.7856
EDDY 017.578.2017
JON 012.382.0173
BEN 012.303.0622
KOK WING 012.663.4560

Also, Melbourne Shuffle Competition @ Station 3, Melaka.
First Prize: RM1000 (!!)
Second Prize: RM700
Third Prize: RM500.
24th March 2006 (Qualifying)
31st March 2006 (Finals)
Application is closed πŸ˜€
JohnsonTeoh & I will be judging the said Competition. Please say hi if you see us πŸ˜€

roti ayam special @ william’s

because we couldn’t think of anywhere else to go, my friends and i decided to head on to william’s at taman mayang jaya, pj (near the old limkokwing insitute/university) for a nibble. of course, i told myself that i shouldn’t be eating – *ahem* diet! ;P
because the tummy started rumbling (i.e. must eat!), i opted for the “roti ayam special” (chicken special in ‘bread’?) from the list of roti the guy had rattled off.
eh? where’s the chicken?
it looked like the roti salad i previously tried, all that vege sticking out. i usually have the garlic cheese butter naan. i’ve tried the macaroni & cheese naan (which cost RM7), the baked cheese pasta thingy, roti hawaii (which xes TOLD me it’d be good and had stripes of mayo on top – but they only do that at murni’s @ ss2!) and etc.
it was alright. i did find chunks of chicken hidden within the grated carrot. ;P and i felt healthy for the load of carrots and cabbage. hehe.
i have to hand it to them, they are really creative with their menu. but i think they’re just too expensive. it cost about RM5, i think. a friend ordered a plate of onion rings which cost RM5 as well. but goodness, you can count how many rings there were – 12? even Burger King‘s onion rings are reasonably priced. ;P
[image taken off from]
the onion rings didn’t look like this, they were paler. ;P
if you know other places for nibbling, do suggest. ;P