Birthday blog!

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My 22nd birthday! The red lobster surrounded by hot chicks and protected by gay men 😀

My 22nd Birthday
12AM was a little bit quiet. I was expecting phone calls and text messages. However, at 12AM, there were none so I decided sleep. An hour later, while I was soundly asleep, messages and phone calls kept on coming.

Sui Lin, Cris, Ben, Yu Ann, Irene, Sow, Leonard, Gavin, Wen Dee, Wei Chen, Zing and Faith celebrated my birthday at Souled Out last night. After uncountable mugs of beer, a flaming Lamborghini (a present from Sui Lin) and ended with Graveyard, I was so, so fucked. Every thing seems so blur then and I vomited many times. Thank you Sow for trying to bring me down!

I don?t really remember what happened last night. All I could remember is bits and pieces of it. I could still remember the tiramisu cake my friends bought for me with the word Happy birthday Cheng HAI on it. I was told that it was really expensive. Unfortunately, I didn?t manage to finish my cake, as I was too fucked.

Another part I remember is Sow dancing with the Souled Out staff. The staff was performing some sort of line dancing and Sow joined in, on the condition that I will have to down a Graveyard with him.

By the end of the night, I was so fucked. Zing had to fetch me home with my car while Wei Chen?s car and Faith followed.

Thank you everybody for last night! Thank you for the cake, the alcohol, your presence and a terrible hangover!

* video hosted by Melvin! More to come!

Birthday wishes!
Cris ? 00:17AM
Happy bday fucker!

EngKeat ? 00:32AM
Happy bday mr leong.

Guo Xin ? 1:11AM
Am I the first one who says happy birthday t u? I guess not bcos I just over slept? Is 2day ur birthday? Ur gift is on ur door, hope u will find it l8ter.

Wendee ? 1:09AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEONG!!! May all ur wishes come through! Yes, I will pray tat u get a double-D chick to hump u real soon! =D Hehe take care ah boy =D

Khai Fei ? 2:45AM
PpBoy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY wei..hehe, all the best the whole year and may ur wish come true which is passin CLP n a chick to b wit leh..haha

Sui Lin ? 2:43AM
Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

Weichen ? 2:35AM
Hey sohai happy birthday

M 렠u (5:47 AM) :
Bday today?

HappY birthday Ah Xes!

Smiley Face (1:01 AM) :
happy bday man

sowdog says:
btw happy birthday fucker

dEv|LiShbAbY? …till Death do Us Part says:
haPpy birThday firSt!! *mwah*

selamat hari jadi…
not sure how to spell…lol..
anyways wish u the best and enjoy ur birthday ya!!
get drunk and rawks!!

ForceZOne (5:46 PM) :
happy birthday to you pal..

sammie (5:38 PM) :
happy birthdayyy to youu
happy birthday to youuuu
happy birthday to cheng leongggggg
happy birthday to youu youu youuuu

hahahaa….a virtual birthday song will do?
hehee have a great day! 🙂

J3di Knight (2:30 PM) :
yoooo…. happy bday…xes maniac!
J3di Knight (2:30 PM) :

s u c h e e n (12:36 AM) :
happy birthday cheng leong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hope this birthday will be a fun & memorable one for you!!!
will see you at the end of the year….take care ya friend!!

deviLish (5:39 PM) :
harpee burfday to u…
ehh..cannot log in to ur website wan!?!

GavinTan says:
happy birthday fag

Lai Kin – 9:53AM
happy birthday

Ben – 4:57PM
Eh fakka happy birthday ah. yesterday phone no battery to wish you. sorry. just woke up see you tonight man

Melvin ? 9:18PM
Eh sorhai! Melvin here… Happy birthday dude! Dont so vulgar la ok? Hehe have a great day..

Shee Yee – 4:31PM
Sexson!funkiss ere!i wann wish u ‘Happy Birthday’!gettin old,huh?anway, enjoy ur day!take care!!

+???~? rA ?~???+ (6:28 PM) :

Jessie 8:35PM
HAPPY BDAY!! cant make it 2nite! Hvnt get m car yet coz it?s still not done n got stuck at home wif my dad! I?m really sorry. HV A GRET BDAY tho! J

# pea_ass # (6:24 PM) :
# pea_ass # (6:24 PM) :
hapy bday
# pea_ass # (6:25 PM) :
lotsa muaxxxx

x ((*?`?.??.?*)) x (5:53 PM) :
cheng leong!! happy bday!
x ((*?`?.??.?*)) x (5:53 PM) :
oops, i mean dicky :”D

SchizoPhrenic (6:49 PM) :
happy bday wor lengchai


zouk club!

Good news for fellow Malaysian clubbers! To those who are sick and tired of Atmosphere, Nouvo and all those shitty clubs in KL, here’s something new. Today, while I was photocopying agreements in my law firm, I came across this interesting agreement.

It is a property agreement between Zouk Club and another party (I’ve no idea who they are but most likely they’re the owner of the property). According to the agreement, Zouk Club might be opening a club here!

It will be located somewhere along Jalan Ampang and might be open before 31st of January 2004! Yay!

Crazy fengtau old man
Something funny happened while I was driving home from work today. I was driving slowly thru the congested roads of China town. Then suddenly, I saw a crazy old man with tattered clothes and headphones on his ears was on the middle of the street. He was holding a Walkman! With his arms folded on the waist, he shook his shoulder left and right and his head bopping to the music. He was a real good dancer. Ha ha.

Pictures from Wei Chen, Zing and Sow’s graduation

server back after 1 day of downtime


Anyway, last night, after midnight movie session with my friends, I headed to Hartamas to meet up with Cris, Ben, Leonard and Gavin. We had another laughed filled yamcha session again. And once again, I present you Gavin Tan’s chronicles *clap clap clap!* Mannn, he should just appoint me as his personal biographer. Ha ha. Anyway this story was published with his permission 😀

One day during his high school days, Gavin went to the toilet due to diarrhea. After he was done, he stood up with his underwear on his shoulder. Then suddenly, the underwear fell into the toilet bowl and *splash!*. Since he couldn’t savage what has fell into the toilet bowl, he had to flush it down with his shit. Ha ha.

weihai’s graduation day

Lovely photos!

Finally organised Finland trip photos into a gallery 😀

Congratulations to Zing, Levin and Wei Chen. Finally, after 8 months, Monash University held the convocation ceremony at Sunway Resort Hotel Ballroom, lovely place with expensive looking chandelier. As usual, we had photography session and even freeloaded Zing’s graduation shot. The entire gang was featured in Zing’s professional photo shoot.

Sunway Ravi’s mamak.
Ladies and Gentlemen, once again I present you Gavin Tan! *clap clap clap* *standing ovation*

After the convocation, the gang went to Sunway Ravi’s mamak, which is just directly opposite Sunway Hotel. Gavin, our hero, ordered ice lemon tea and so did Wen Dee and I. We were happily chatting and drinking our expensive drinks (the ice lemon tea cost us RM3) until I notice something in Gavin’s drink. It looks like a dry leaf but I decided to tease Gavin. I said, “Ehh..looks like cockroach’s leg”. We took the cup and inspected. It was really a cockroach’s leg!

Gavin jumped out from his seat and started spiting what he just gulped. We called the fellow in charge but he was pretty rude. All he did was taking the drink away and came out with a new ice lemon tea. Who the fuck wants to drink it?? He wasn’t apologetic either and in fact he didn’t even say the word sorry. So Gavin and I headed to Sunway Hotel Reception to get the number of the person in charge of Sunway Ravi. The operation manager came and apologized profusely. Faith and Zing made an official complaint about the guy who attended us rudely. When we left, we could see the operating manager screwing the rude fellow. Unfortunately, even though we had digital 3 cameras with us, we didn’t manage to take the picture of the drink.

Poor Gavin, hope he wakes up with diarrhea tomorrow. Ha ha.

gavin the clown!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you Gavin Tan!! *claps*

Cheng Leong: now contemplating whether to post what u
said on my website haaha
GavinTan : yea man…im prepared for any girl now
GavinTan : wah fucker!!
GavinTan : dont fuckjing post up
GavinTan : tiuUuuu lor!!
Cheng Leong : so nasi lemak kambing (mutton rice) your treat?
Cheng Leong : keke
GavinTan : no marnee
Cheng Leong : oooh
Cheng Leong : refuse to give in to my threat laaa
Cheng Leong : hehee
GavinTan : urhh…you think I scared ah?

Since I wasnt given my Nasi Lemak Kambing just now, enjoy people! Ha ha. 😀

Cheng Leong : gavin is gay
GavinTan : cheng leong is gayer
Cheng Leong : what the fuck u doing tonight
GavinTan : im gonna be fucking doing nothing
GavinTan : ehehe
Cheng Leong : not gonna go fucking with leonerd ah
GavinTan : sorry i dont wanna go fucking with leonerd
because I think you fucked him already
Cheng Leong : oooh so u have the intention to fuck around
Cheng Leong : hahaeheha
GavinTan : with girls la
GavinTan : :p
Cheng Leong : u big time slut man
Cheng Leong : hahaehahae
GavinTan : man have to live free
GavinTan : god gave us a dick to make love and have fun
Cheng Leong : ok la, iknow waht to gif u on your bday liao
Cheng Leong : fake pussy
Cheng Leong : ehaheahea
GavinTan : ahh…got whurt..theres this company who
sells it but expensive la
Cheng Leong : oooooh , somemore u wanna buy is it
Cheng Leong : hehaeheahea
Cheng Leong : nvm la..we all chip in for u
Cheng Leong : keakae
GavinTan : nolaa…me never buy it. i go for the real
Cheng Leong : really ah..u got the real thing ah?
Cheng Leong : keke
GavinTan : can find man…i dont need to own one.
GavinTan : they come to me
Cheng Leong : how much wo?
Cheng Leong : kekke
GavinTan : hey its free…i just have to give them this
called “charm”
Cheng Leong : you are the maaaannn
GavinTan : fucker
GavinTan : laugh kok ah…its a skill perfected over
many years of trial and error

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Ok another story.

Ben, Gavin, Wei Chen and I went to Bangsar mamak for a drink. We were talking about ghost stories and this one particular story freaks me out the most. One of Ben’s friends went to a medium to have some cleansing done to remove his paranormal vision. So that particular friend brought Ben and other friends along.
The medium told one of Ben’s friends.

Medium: There’s this ghost that has been following you for 5 years. I just helped you to remove her.
Ben’s friend: What what? What kind of ghost is it?
Medium: I better not say.
Ben’s friend: Oh come on tell me!!
Medium: It’s a lover’s ghost. She’s been following you for 5 years. She said she enjoys your company.
Ben’s friend: No wonder I feel so tired every morning.

i am gonna shrivel up and die!!!

Siew Lee, I know you are reading this… BLOG babe, BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

And I couldn’t access this site yesterday but I meant to post this – HAPPPPYYYY 21st BIIIRRTTTHHHDDAAAAAYYYYY, KIIIINNNNN HAAAANNNNNNNNN!!!!! Hope you had a spanking good one… right before all you guys roll back to UK the next few days… :'(

Tomorrow would be Wei Chen, Sow and Zing’s Graduation and I reallllyyy wannnaa goooooooo!! But there weren’t any extra tickets, so even if I went I would be hanging out at the hotel lobby till the ceremony is done. 😛 So should I even bother? Got a feeling that he doesn’t want me to see his parents (ok, so I am scared too :D) so aiyah, maybe I will just wait till everybody is done and meet them for yamchar later. But I really wanna see him in the graduation robes…. and y’know, things like these, mere photographs won’t suffice…

Anyway, I think I am beginning to get thisclose to losing my mind from intensive chilling-out and doing nothing everyday. If I look hard enough, I think I can see my skin slowly eroding away and if I concentrate hard enough, I swear I can feel my bones turn to putty inside me. I went jogging TWICE and put things on hold since I couldn’t find anyone to go with. You may ask, “What about him?” *waves off question* I tried asking and he thought I was mad – What? JOGGING?! Don’t tell me you are serious?? And I seriously considered dance classes again but similarly, I dowanna be dancing with some random stranger with bad breath and a serious case of B.O… What abo-… – Don’t bother, I think he rather go kill himself than go dance classes with me… 🙂

So it goes on, my rotting self… and naturally, it feels pretty good to be blaming him for not doing anything about it.. hehe 😀

this site is rated X!!!

muAHAHahhahAaaa… apparently Tayl0r’s College has banned any of its students from accessing this site!! My sis tried accessing while she was at the library and after 3 tries; the librarian approached her, took her library card and told her to follow her to the office. My sis was like wtf…… Apparently, this site is blacklisted by the college and the librarian gave my sis hell, like as if she entered a porn site or something! hahAHahAHa… she even show my sis the list of sites which were blacklisted and there it was – 😀 Now my sis is blacklisted. This was at the ADP/TBS library so I dunno abt the main building one. I wonder why they ban this site… we are a bunch of drug-free, porn-free, vulgar-free bloggers, no?

Went for some long awaited retail therapy today and didn’t manage to buy anything besides a suit. This season’s collection is so mundane and hardly inspiring. Wonder if KLCC will have a better collection of clothes and such. Also treated myself to a beauty therapy a few days back and had a pedicure done for the first time. And probably the last. I couldn’t stop laughing!!! And yes, it’s horrible to be so godawfully ticklish… I was laughing so hard when she was handling my toes and feet and probably made a total idiot of myself in the parlour. I wonder if I can opt for the pedicure without the rubbing, massaging or any contact whatsoever with the feet… just the nails lady, just the nails…

And yes, before I forget – TUCKS!! Remember you asked me to save some mooncake for you till you get back? I was disappointed when I discovered that my mum gave away all our mooncakes but she surprised me today by buying 2 mooncakes – a lotus and a pandan, both with double yolks, JUST for you, Oon and Meng!! My mum is cool, huh? She was like “When they come back, ask them to come over to eat, ok??” Let’s hope the mooncakes can tahan in the chiller, waiting for you guys to be back in November. It would be kinda surreal to eat mooncake that old, huh? See, MORE reasons for you guys to come back faster!!!! FASTERRR!!!!! 😉

RIP little kitten

Recently, 2 stray cats made my garden their home. Then weeks later, 4 kittens were born. Unfortunately, one of them was killed by it own mother while 2 others were missing. Then there was one left. Mum thinks that the remaining one is very cute. Indeed it was. However, the cats were very shy. It would run every time they see us but after we started feeding them our leftovers, it seemed friendlier but not till the extant that we could touch them. So everyday, when I feed them, I would try to pat them. Unfortunately, they ran. But it didn’t dampen my hope; everyday I’ll try patting them.

I was on my way home holding the leftover we had for dinner today. I was thinking of trying to pat the kitten again. As I reach my front gate, I saw a figure lying down on the side of the road. The other cats were surrounding it. I parked my car and walked towards the figure. It was the kitten. A car ran over it.

My heart sank.

Blood was on the road. Her stomach was flattened and blood oozed out from her mouth.

I grabbed the shovel, wrapped the kitten with a dustbin bag, dug a hole and buried the kitten.

I didn’t even manage to give the kitten a name. R.I.P.

P/S 12:30AM: Mama kitten is still outside the house, waiting for her child to come back..

i’m gonna eat her :D

I might be having dinner with a friend next week and..

Cheng Leong says:
GavinTan says:
so where you eating her?
Cheng Leong says:
Cheng Leong says:
maybe in her room
Cheng Leong says:
or my room
GavinTan says:
ah fuck..i meant where you eating with her??
Cheng Leong says:
Cheng Leong says:
can i use your room?
GavinTan says:
cheebai…typo lar
Cheng Leong says: