Top of the MORNING!

Piracy..*sigh* That word does bring music to my ears. SS2 Petaling Jaya is always the place to get pirated stuffs. Be it, VCD, DVD, Computer Software or Computer Games. Vendors would be competing for customers by promoting their vcds to them and telling how good/funny/gross a certain movie is. Some would be shouting “sub yii soi ngam mou lou sai” (translation would be something like : Boss, 12 years old porn movie suitable for you?) Fuck man i never once bought porn vcd from vcd vendors as it’s a little too disturbing for the likes of me. Everyone will be assuming that i’m a sick cunt. Not that i’m not though, but one must protect his outer innocent layer. 🙂 There’s always the internet and friend’s who are sick enough to buy them. Hee Hee!! However, it’s really a turn on when u see chicks browsing through the porn section though. LOL!

Like XES said, whenever, the vcd vendors received information that there’s going to be a raid, they’ll all pack up and leave the scene so fast before you can even buy your normal chee cheong farn. In SS2, there’ll be this really big fellow who just walks around the stalls and he’ll be carrying a walkie talkie with him. The other messenger would be waiting outside the JPJ department building (raid officers). Whenever a JPJ truck comes out, the messenger will follow it and observe which particular area they’re going to raid and reports back to the big fellow at SS2 to ask him to stand by. The big fellow then shouts to the vendors to be prepared. The vendors will arrange and put their stack of PIRATED vcds in such a way, when packing up is needed, it would be easier for them to just lift it up and stash it in their getaway van. When it’s confirm that there’s going to be a raid, all the vendors would start packing and just wait for the JPG officers to arrive and fucking laugh at them while making loud noices with their big mufflers from their car. It’s quite entertaining actually to see how these people work in a team and how coordinate they actually are. My god it’s like a fucking cult.

Bass Station it is tonight! WoOO HoOoO!! May have to head down to Salt first though cause Weng will be down there as this is his first time in Melbourne and he wanted to see how the famous Salt was like. Same owner as salt, i think Nouvo is a much better place though. Actually both sucks big time. Unless you’re a R&B freak, you’ll think these places is the SHITS! Lots of Viets and they like staring at you which makes it so uncomfortable. And the worst thing is that your can’t do shit about it. Unless you wanna get your damn head shot off of course. It’s like operation Desert Fucking Storm in Salt. Not surprising people were killed there. Places like Bass Station will never have these kind of crowd and action because of it’s reliability of the security and yeah the crowd are so much friendlier. Although Hard Kandy is pretty dodgey and dangerous but hell it’s really more like an experience to be there then just a normal clubbing club. AsK XES, he’ll enlighten you.


Lunch with Tom

I’ll be leaving Kuala Lumpur tomorrow night for Sheffield. I’m beginning to miss Kuala Lumpur. sob

Melody and I wanted to watch the premier of The Tuxedo by Jacky Chan at Mid Valley. We tried to book tickets last night but the staff told us to get it tomorrow because they are not sure that whether they could film the show tomorrow. This morning, we got up early and reached Mid Valley early to book the tickets (it’s usually a sold out and I wanted to watch that movie before I leave for the UK). Unfortunately, the premier was cancelled.

We were supposed to have lunch with Tom but he was late. We loitered around MPH bookstore while waiting for him. The bookstore is cool. It has a reading area equipped with benches and a fountain in the middle. We took couple of books and started reading till we were sick of alphabets. We found this book that gives advises on handling people you can’t stand. It categorised those people in classes namely the tank, sniper, the i-know-it-all, the I-think-I-know-it-all etc. The sniper is a person who targets insults and sarcasm at you. The I-know-it-all person is someone who has an in-depth knowledge of something and refuses to accept other views. The I-think-I-know-it-all is a person who has little knowledge of a topic but yet he still thinks he knows it all. The key to handle such people is tolerance and also striking back. For I-think-I-know-it-all person, all you need to do is just keep track of what the person says all the time, study the topic he’s talking about and finally, when the person speaks again, oppose to every point that he has.

Tom came much later. Apparently he had to move to his new place and the LRT suddenly stopped working. We went to Sushi King. It was his first time and I taught him the correct way to pick up a sushi. As usual, I started stuffing him with food. He ate till he couldn’t take another bite anymore.
Tom doesn’t speak much. We had to start the conversation all the time but most of the time we talk about clubbing. British people love to club. His current work (as a DJ) only pays him rm100 an hour and its only once a week. He just applied for couple of new jobs namely Atmosphere and Backroom but he’s still waiting for an answer.

3 of us decided to watch a movie after lunch. s1m0ne was good. I love it. We watched the show without knowing what’s the whole movie about. There were no surprises and moreover predictable in the movie but yet it’s still good.

Due to the fact that my car is still in the workshop, we had to take a taxi home. Unfortunately, it was raining heavily and there was a long taxi queue. We went back and forth both ends of Mid Valley to catch a taxi but it seems that everywhere was packed with people. Dreadfully frustrated, I called dad to fetch us. Dad has never been to Mid Valley and he decided to park his car in Mid Valley first so that it’s easier for us to look for him. Bad move, as soon as we got out from the parking, we were stuck in a traffic jam for 2 hours. We dropped Tom in the LRT station before heading back to United Garden for dinner.
11:10PMYesterday’s update
Dad left his car for me to use today. For your info, I’ve been travelling with a taxi throughout the whole week. It’s bloody hectic I tell you. It’s either there arent any taxis around or they drive like a maniac and also sometimes they overcharge me.

I collected my plane ticket at 1 Utama Shopping Complex today. I just found out that my flight to UK has to make a stop in Mumbai!! And therefore the duration of my flight has been increased from 13 hours to 15 hours. Fuck! Furthermore, I have to make stops in other airports when I come back to Malaysia in December. This is what you get for purchasing a cheap ticket.

I messaged Tom (my British friend from Sheffield Uni) today. He told me that he was spinning in Frangapani club (no idea where it is but according to him it’s near Lot 10) last night and apparently it was good, loads of pretty models he said. I’ll be having lunch with him tomorrow. Probably I’ll bring him to Sushi King at Midvalley.

Night time
Chee Ming came over to my place. He called me at first and asked me to have dinner. I was a little bit indecisive and soon he started throwing tantrums at me. Melody and I then accompanied him to SeaView Restaurant to eat. We chatted about our friends and things that we used to do together. It’s good to remind me of the good old days.

At 10pm, Melody and I went to the night market at OUG. We walked around, bought some pirated VCDs, ate some desserts and even drank Sharkfin soup. The shark fin soup was about RM3.50 for a small bowl. Obviously, the fins aren’t real. Probably they’re made out of jelly but it tasted good though. I heard that shark fins doesn’t have a taste. The taste comes from the soup which is made from crab meat.

While walking to check out the pirated VCDs, the VCD vendors started packing their goods. My god, they were damn fast. Within minutes, everything is gone. It seems that they heard rumours that the authorities are going to raid the place.

Chen just left

Holidays are here! Though it’s only a short one a half week one but hell i’m gonna try and enjoy it as much as i can. Anyway a friend of mine, Weng, is coming down to Melbourne today and i’m still waiting for his highness to arrive. Initially he was supposedly be here last month but then football session just started again. Came down to Melbourne to spend some QUALITY time with his girl and not me! 🙁 Everyone seems to have left to either Malaysia or somewhere else for the holidays. It SUCKS big time!! This is turning out to be a boring update as my eyes are failing me fast.

Probably be heading down to Bass Station tomorrow night with what’s left of my friends who are still here. Hope the line ups are good. Clubbing in Melbourne is so different from clubbing back in Malaysia. One, the crowd are so much more friendly here. It’s like chicks would just come up to you and give u a hug asking wether are u enjoying yourself. There was once i was so gloomy in there because it was so hot, this chick came up to me and just use her hands to put a smile on my face. I was like ” FUCK! Can you like do that again?” She was asking me not to be soo gloomy and just enjoy myself. That made my night though. HAHAHAHAH. Hell if she was one ugly fat whore i would be even more gloomy that night. I think i’m destined for hell this time. YUP YUP I’m heading straight down there. Besides that, the Dj’s here are so much harder. Wait… that didn’t sound right. The songs they spin are so much more harder then back home which makes it even more enjoyable. Not forgetting shufflers here are SUPERB!

War of the Worlds is ON this saturday at Altona Sports and Leisure Centre! Said to be one of the Trippiest Rave in Melbourne. Both the warm ups and line ups are superb. Check it out below:

War of the Worlds DJ Times

Techno/Main Room

10.00pm-11.00pm – ADM
11.00pm-12.00am – Ben Cromack <--- Ok la
12.00am-1.00am – Wet Musik LIVE
1.00am-2.00am – Simon Coyle
2.00am-4.00am – Richie Hawtin (CANADA) <--- Good reviews bout him but said to be quite slow
4.00am-5.30am – Thomas Heckmann LIVE (GERMANY)
5.30am-6.30am – De Bang De Funk
6.30am-7.30am – Richie Rich <--- This Dj rocks!

NRG/Hard Trance

10.30pm-11.30pm – Timteq
11.30pm-12.30am – Ben Kakoschke <--- This Dj OwnZ!
12.30am-1.30am – Jeremy K <--- This Dj BEST!
1.30am-2.30am – Jason Midro <--- FUCKING awesome! fuhhhh Bass Station Owner
2.30am-4.30am – Kai Tracid (GERMANY) <--- Heard that he was good
4.30am-5.30am – Scott Alert <--- Hard Kandy resident!!
5.30am-7.00am – Nexus Vs Kaos <--- One from Kandy and the other from Bass. It's gonna be good!

Old Skool

10.30pm-11.30pm – Gavin Martin <--- Not bad!
11.30pm-12.30am – Jeff Tyler <--- Boleh Tahan!
12.30am-1.30am – Itchy Vs Hogan
1.30am-2.30am – Dee Dee
2.30am-4.30am – Astroboy
4.30am-5.30am – Rudeboy
5.30am-7.00am – Keiren Vs Luke MCD


10.00pm-11.00pm – Toupee
11.00pm-12.00am – Hound
12.00am-1.00am – Mike Calender
1.00am-2.30am – Michael Forshaw (ENGLAND)
2.30am-3.30am – Brewster B
3.30am-4.30am – Kendachi LIVE
4.30am-5.30am – Phil K
5.30am-6.30am – Bobby Raver

It’s gonna be one HELL of a night people! I like I like I like I like!

belated bdayyy

I woke up with a stiff neck today. Don’t know why but I think I slept too much.

Chin called me to wish me Happy birthday. It’s been a while ever since I talked to him. We chatted for a while and did a little bit of catching up.

Melody and I had dinner at Opus Bistro in Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar. It’s pretty posh. The place is decorated ala Bali style with sofas and small fountains. They even had sketches hung on the wall for sale (not cheap, RM2000+ for a piece) I ordered a T bone steak with garlic sauce. According to the menu, the meat was specially flown from New Zealand. Bullshit, probably they got it from the market nearby. However, the steak was amazingly huge and it tasted good! Despite the humongous size of the steak, I wanted to have dessert (yes, I gained weight, aiii) We asked for the menu and chatted a bit. Suddenly, the waiters were singing the birthday song and the lights begin to dim. I was thinking who the heck is having a birthday a day after mine. As I turn, the waiter was holding a birthday cake saying “Happy 21st Birthday Babi! *muax*” They were heading towards me. It was a surprise for me from Melody. I was so surprised that all I did was just smile and smile. I made a wish, blew the candles, took the candles off using my teeth and ate a slice of the Chocolate Cheesecake. We were full till we couldn’t finish our cake. We decided to cut the remaining cake into half and gave it to the waiters. Initially I wanted to divide the cake to everyone in the restaurant but there wasn’t enough for everyone and Melody wanted to keep some for her cousin and mum. We decided to give it to the waiters for doing a good job surprising me.

I quote myself, “Alcohol had been giving me memorable memories” and also embarrassing ones of course. Last year, when my Sheffield classmates and I were drinking during my birthday in Tapton Hall, I got very drunk. I couldn’t even see and walk properly. I rested in the lobby with my not so drunken friends and some strangers. There were 2 girls sitting next to me and they were chatting with me. I spoke to the one next to me and after a while, i asked her for her name. She answered “Doris”. As I was about to speak, the girl next to Doris shouted, “She’s my mother!” Embarrassingly shocked and surprised, I opened my eyes widely and saw an elderly Chinese lady sitting next to me.

21st birthday

Wishes started pouring in after the clock hits 12am. Thanks everybody, you guys made my day! I?ve been getting loads of calls and messages through the whole day until I lost count the amount of people who called.

My mates from Brisbane were the first few who called to wish me. Jin Han and Kiang even sang a song for me while Umeng and Soon Loong wished me on the phone. Thanks guys, you guys are the best! Him called me personally later in the afternoon to wish me again. I remembered I called him last year to wish him.

I?ve been throwing parties for my birthday almost every year. But this year, it?s a quiet one. All I did was just watch a movie, have dinner with my parents and Melody and spend the whole night at home watching VCD with Melody. Last year, my Sheffield Uni mates got together in my hall and got drunk. 2 years ago, my friends came over to my house and got drunk again. 3 years ago, my friends were drunk too and 4 years ago, I guess we were drunk again. However, this year, it was totally alcohol free. It was good, alcohol is bad for me but it had been giving me memorable memories.

My mum gave me an angpow and a gold ?key?. The ?key? symbolises the freedom that I will be given. My key has a flower engraved in the middle with the number 21 on the end. Melody on the other hand gave me a box full of things. It has my favourite snacks, books and an engraved picture of us on a key chain. Her mum gave me a present too. She gave me 2 novels and a portable charger (cool thing, it charges with a 9 volt battery!) The first item I got was from Guo Xin (my tenant from China), she gave me a fluffy duckie. Hehe

My parents wanted to have dinner in Klang in conjunction with my birthday. However, dad requested me to come back early so that he doesn?t need to drive at night (his eyesight is poor at night). Unfortunately, Melody and I couldn?t get a taxi and we had to wait. We reached home about 7:30PM and my parents decided not to eat in Klang anymore. *sigh* I was so looking forward for it. We ended up having dinner at our usual restaurant again.

I?m not saying that it was a boring birthday. It was great. I?m glad my parents and Melody were here to celebrate it with me.

blue ice (1:00 AM) :
happy bday 2 u

StAr`StAr (1:40 AM) :
happy birthday to u first!
gif u a big kiss!!!

happy bday to nia mah bbb oso…:)

happy birthday for monday! also happy mid-autumn festival ^_^


Can’t Sleep

Woke up not long ago. Looks like my plan for an early nap so that i can wake up at 6:30 a.m later for class has just been fucked. *cry* Crashed at round 1:30 a.m but just couldn’t last. Don’t think i can actually drag myself to class later. Can really feel as though all the blood are leaving my entire body which is causing me to just crawl back to my bed and sleep. But….. i’m just too lazy to even move from my chair.

Anyway Requiem for a Dream is a really good show. Disturbing and disgusting at the same time but the way the movie is produced was really awesome. Whoever of you have not watched it yet, you SUCK. The raves are getting nearer and nearer. Yayyy!!! War of The Worlds is next saturday. Not too sure if i’m going though as my raver kaki isn’t gonna be here from next week onwards. He’s heading down to Brisbane for the holidays. You SUCK ok Wei Chen! 🙂 Anyway if i can’t find anyone to follow me, i guess i’m just gonna head down to Bass Station instead. WOTW is said to be one of the best raves Melbourne could ever hold besides Two Tribes, Earthcore and Slinky. So yeah hopefully i can actually bring myself to go for it.

Last Sunday footie and dinner with relatives

Yesterday’s post
Barely slept this morning. I almost couldn’t make it for my last football game for this holiday.

Gin Yew and Soon Yean were supposed to play but they couldn’t wake up. Gin Yew is leaving tonight for Portsmouth and he has been going on and on about scoring the last goal on Sunday for the whole week. But it seems he couldn’t even wake up for it. Apparently both of them hung out till late at night. According to Pao, they were playing snooker and those who losses will have to do 30 push-ups. Soon Yean had to do 300 push-ups.

There were only 6 of us in our team. We had to combine with 2 other teams to make a 13 men team. Our team is playing against another team, fully equipped with players wearing Italy’s football jersey. Wai Keong, Sam and I played defence in the first half. Within 15 minutes, we were thrashed 3 – 0. Our centre wasn’t strong enough and the opponents easily penetrated our defence. Soon, Wai Keong started organising our team. Each of us was given a task and soon our defence grew stronger. Wilson and Ping Sheong’s magnificent attack made our presence even more threatening. In the end of the first half, we scored 4 goals. We lead 4 – 3 on the first half.

Even though the first half was great for us, it was tainted with squabbles. There was once I was guarding this guy but he managed to dribble through me. A teammate of mine blocked him and I turned to give assistance. As I turn, he was about to kick the ball and I accidentally kicked his leg. I quickly apologized but he swore out loudly. Wai Keong sprung out in my defence and shouted “mahai, its just football!” The guy has a very bad temper. Ping Sheong complained about him about how he would stare cock at someone just because the other party roughed a bit. He was also quite rough towards other and often tackles roughly. What comes around goes around, the guy suffered serious injury on his shin after he tried tackling one of our players. He couldn’t play throughout the game. Unfortunately, our player was also injured. He had to stop playing.

Sam’s Malay friend joined us our team on the second half. Even though the Malay guy was a fat 300-pound guy, Sam claims that he’s quite good. The Malay guy started to reorganise our defence and gave us new tasks. It was disastrous. Within minutes, the opponent scored an equalizer. The opponent replaced their strikers with different people and took control of the centre field. The game got worst for us. Everyone was exhausted. The opponent took this opportunity, penetrated our defence easily and scored 4 punishing goals. The game ended with 7 – 5.

Mooncake festival!

Fetched Tom from Legend hotel at 7pm. We are going to have dinner with my parents. Unfortunately, the restaurants we wanted to bring Tom to weren’t open. We decided to bring him over to Pearl View Restaurant, a hawker centre nearby. Dad ordered loads of food, roasted bbq pork, tofu, pork feet and coconut. Tom tried all of them and he liked the BBQ pork better. He said the BBQ pork here is much better than UK’s. I ordered a Fukien noodle for him but he barely finished it, probably because he’s very much full.

After dinner, we headed home and showed Tom some of the lanterns. Mum lighted some candles while Tom and I started lighting the lanterns. We took a picture after we put up some lanterns. Mum gave Tom a moon cake and a langsat to try. But it seems Tom forgot to bring the mooncake home. Mum also gave Tom an ‘angpow’, she said ‘for good luck’ when she handed the red packet to him.

Tom doesn’t speak much. I had to talk a lot of crap to entertain him. Even dad had to talk to entertain him. Tom might be getting a DJ residency in Backroom club (one of the big clubs in Kuala Lumpur). However, his visa doesn’t include a working permit but nevertheless he still could work. According to him, Backroom is owned by one of the members of the royal family and he could easily settle the immigration problem if there is any.

Tom and I headed to the night market next. Unfortunately, most of the stalls aren’t open due to the moon cake festival. We took a short walk, bought sugar cane juice for Tom to try but he complained that it was too sweet. I wanted to get some Chinese cakes for him to try but there wasn’t any stalls selling them. We decided to check out the pirated vcds and cds before sending Tom back to his hotel.

Melody and I played with the lanterns and candles at my place as soon as I sent Tom back. There were plenty of mosquitoes but it did not dampen our Moon cake festival spirit! Chee Ming, from out of nowhere, suddenly drops by at my place. Apparently he was supposed to go to Bangsar to meet up with his girlfriend but he changed his mind as soon as he caught in a jam. Chee Ming lighted some candles but all he did was just sit down on the sofa and chatted. Few minutes later, both of my tenants, MeiMei and Quo Xin joined us. According to Quo Xin (my tenant from China), they don’t have such small little paper made lanterns in China. All they had is huge beautiful lanterns hung on the house during the Moon cake festival. Chee Ming, as usual, got bored, headed to somewhere else after an hour. My dad once said Chee Ming has a resemblance with a monkey. Both of them can’t sit down quietly.

We then went for a stroll on my street with our lanterns. Each of us had a different coloured lantern and the whole street was completely empty. It was a short walk but it was perfectly fun.
I’m going to play football tomorrow morning again. It’s been days since I got a good night sleep.

11:50PMHappy Chinese Moon cake festival!!

Cris and I went raving at Atmosphere last night. Lisa Lashes was absolutely great. Her hard thumping high-energy hard house got us moving throughout the whole night.

Cris and I moved back and forth to find a perfect spot to shuffle. Initially, we were at the dance floor with Jessie (she came with her friends). Soon, it began to pack. Every around us started bumping into us and pushing us. Things got worst as soon as I smelled someone’s smelly feet. Euw. We finally found a perfect place, huge spot with sofas, slippery floor, not much of a pathway and there was already a small group of people who could shuffle there!

There was a technical error while Lisa was spinning. It seems there was something wrong with the turntables and it took a long time for them to fix it. Everyone booed and loads of people left within minutes. Cris quickly took a bucket of ice from a table and we started eating it. About 15 minutes later, the music was back and everyone was back on the dance floor. Our bucket of ice was almost empty by then.

While resting, I saw this Caucasian sitting not far from me. He looked familiar and dressed familiar. He was wearing this Cyberdog tshirt (a branded Clubbing attire in UK) with spiky hair and glasses. He looks exactly like a friend of mine from Sheffield Uni. I approached him. “Hey mate, are you from Sheffield?” He replied, “yeah!” I then said, “I know you! I’m Leong remember me? From the Clubbing Society!” He was stunned and surprised. Tom was our President for Sheffield Uni’s Clubbing Society and now he just graduated, working in Kuala Lumpur as a DJ. Apparently he’ll be in KL for a year. We chatted for a while and I invited him for dinner tomorrow night.

Cris and I left at 3:50AM, as soon as Lisa stops spinning. It was a great night!


I’ve seriously gotta stop buying DVDs man. I was out in the city this afternoon minding my own business just paying my bills. All of a sudden two DVD titles hit me right smack in the face, L.I.E and Requiem For A Dream. Both movies are said to be pretty controversial and disturbing at the same time. L.I.E is about a story of a young boy on how he dealt with his daily problematic life. The disturbing part of this movie is how he maintain a really weird relationship with an elderly men. Disturbing in a sense where the men was probably around 40 pluss years of age and the young boy was only about 16+-. When i said relationship it meant that they were both humping each other those kind. Sick? Hell yeah but heard alot of good reviews bout it though. Requiem For A Dream however, is a story on drug addicts and how their addiction fucked up their life like TOTALLY! The show doesnt end like “in the end they got over the drugs and lived happily ever after” instead it’ll probably end like “yeah and they died from overdose of drugs”.

Ok then i went to check it out at the local HMV, JB Hi-fi, and Intial D shop but thankfully they didn’t have both movies in stock. Thought i could have some extra cash on me for saving, instead i indulged myself in not 1 but 3 other DVDs as well! WHAT THE FUCK! I really gotta stop this obssession and get back to stalking chicks. It’s much more interesting and exciting. Not to mention taboo and it doesn’t cost a cent. Yeah well anyway, i bought Final Fantasy, The Siege (I trust it’s as nice as you said it would be Wei Chen!) and 9/11. The highlight was the 9/11 DVD which is as follows:-

“On the morning of September 11, 2001, brothers Jules and Gedeon Naudet were working on a documentary about a rookie New York City Fighter. Hearing a roar in the sky, Jules turned his camera upward – just in time to film the only existing image of the first plane crashing into the World Trade Centre. In a fateful instant, Jules and Gedeon became eyewitnesses to the most shocking and defining moment of out time.

With cameras rolling, the Naudets followed NYV firefighters into the heart of what would be known as Ground Zero. What emerged is an unforgettably powerful cisual document and a stirring tribute to real-life heroes who, in their city’s darkest hour, rose to extraordinary acts of courage and compassion.”


Sorry to Webmaster xes for not been blogging for ONE day. Heard that it was a crime in certain countries for not updating blogs daily. Hahahahha! Been busy watching DVDs!! I’m sorry! On wednesday i decided to make a trip down Virgin Records on Chapel Street to grap some DVDs for entertaintment purposes. Got myself the movie Face/Off and Gone in 60 Seconds. Both highly recommended to watch movie! Nicholas Cage certainly put on a really awesome performance in both movies aspecially in F.O as Castor Troy. Loved the part in the plane where he said ” What if i ask you to SUCK my tongue…Would you be grateful?” to the undercover cop. Where as, Angeline Jolie has no doubt proved to be fucking hot in G.I.60.S with her luscious B.J (Blow Job) lips. She was as if calling out to me in the movies each time she looked at the camera. *DroOOol*

Yesterday, Thursday, i went mad again. But this time it wasn’t in Virgin Records. Instead, it was in JB-Hifi. They had a really huge mega store on DVDs down at Elizabeth Street on the junction of Collin’s Street. Initially, i was supposed to grap only one movie to occupy my night but when i saw the ample collection of DVD’s and not forgetting the PRICES on them, all hell broke loose. It was like putting me in a sushi bar when i just got out of jail! Spent nearly 2 hours there obssessing over their collection. Gotten myself Stigmata, A Knight’s Tale, Passenger 57, Outbreak, and Lara Croft Tomb Raider. Stigmata cause although it was such a disturbing movie (Get really terrified when girls start talking in manly tone), but it was a really meaningful one as well aspecially to me as a christian. Yes! i’m a christian who craves for the TEH Hottest Sex so fuck off :). A Knight’s Tale cause it’s pretty hilarious and stupid at the same time… oh yeah, and it was CHEAP (AUD 18.95). Loved how the king spoke in medievil terms “This is my word, and of such is beyond contestation”. Passenger 57 cause it was one of my favourite movies during my childhood times. Outbreak, cause it’s one of the best Virus-Infect-Population movies out there. A very close resemblance to the all time famous and deadly virus known the mankind, the Ibola virus. Tomb Raider cause of Angeline Jolie’s breast, Angeline Jolie’s breast, and Angeline Jolie’s breast. *fantasize*. I need help i know.


melody is back!

Melody is back! She’s having her 2 weeks Spring break starting from today.

Barely had enough sleep, I woke up completely blur but yet managed to struggle to wake up. I had to fetch Melody from KL Sentral train station.

We had ‘dimsum’ at Restaurant Ying Jia next. Good food, cheap and everything was freshly made (it was 8 o’clock in the morning, obviously everything was fresh). I was supposed to fetch Melody home after that but we decided to nap in my place for a while to avoid the peak hour jam. 2 hours later, I woke up completely blur again, headed straight to Melody’s place and slept there until late afternoon.
6:48PMStupid Ben hai, blog for one day only, stop blogging already!
1:58AMWent to the night market with Soon Yean, Gin Yew and Ping Sheong at Stevens Corner just now. It was packed due to the night market and we had to wait for a while for a seat. Minutes later, we found a seat next to a boiler. We were sweating like mad and decided to move as soon as we see a vacant table. We ordered our drinks and few minutes later, the table opposite us moved. We quickly picked our drinks and headed towards the other table. However, we were late, a couple took the table before us. Dreadfully disappointed, we wanted to get back to our original table. Unfortunately, a man was already sitting on our table. We were left embarrassingly stranded in the middle with our drinks on our hands.

Gin Yew is pretty excited but worried about going overseas this Sunday. The main problem was cigarettes. I told him to bring as much as he wants because there wouldn’t be any custom checks. I’ve been in and out UK many times and so far never once I saw a custom officers working in Heathrow and Manchester airport!!