Koh Samui – Miscellaneous pictures

As usual, I will end my Koh Samui entry with a few miscellaneous pictures. Enjoy 😀

Road safety is not a high priority in Koh Samui. Most motorists do not wear a helmet.

On a songthaew (truck-based vehicle with a pair of bench seats in the back, one on either side). Can fall off anytime.

Hello Kitty motorcycle!

With Doraemon mat!

Inside a convenient store. Got dog sleeping here. -_-

Intellectual Property here doesn’t seem to be protected well. 7 Express that looks like, 7 Eleven, also can…

Bitagen! Left bottle looks like..

Vitagen Bottle.

And right bottle looks like Yakult’s!

Woah..bird nest..

Si beh hot ah kua! reminds me of Bimbobum!!!

Everyone Connects Finale @ Jalan Bukit Bintang

While I was slaving myself in Hong Kong, the Everyone Connects finale was held in Jalan Bukit Bintang.

There were about 5000 party goers who attended the event, organised by Telekom Malaysia Berhad. When the song “Through My Window” was played, the crowd was given dummy microphones and sang along to it. It was dubbed the biggest “karaoke session” in Malaysia!

To see how much I have missed check out the pictures and video below.

The crowd!

Karaoke session!

What the.. microphone heads?

It rained but some people stayed 😀

A janitor lost his way and found himself in the event..

and he joined the crowd to perform some sort of “Stomp” like performance. (If you don’t know what Stomp is, check out the video here)

Ohhh nooooo I missed it! FML!!

World Computer Security Day 2009

When I was young, I was part of an online group which compromised computers to gain access. In those computers, backdoors (an alternate entry to the computer, useful when the original entry point is closed), keyloggers (an application to record whatever is entered into to computer e.g passwords) and DoS applications (an application to initiate denial of service to cripple other computers). But it was all for fun.

Hacking remote computers are usually done in such text consoles unlike those colourful interfaces in movies!

Although such activities are illegal, it brought me a wealth of knowledge about computer security which I now use to advise my clients. This also led me to a new area of specialty i.e cyberlaw and also the involvement of such area gained me some publicity (see here and here).

Throughout my experience, I have come across cases where personal emails were illegal accessed, servers DoSed (thus rendering it unaccesible) and servers hacked with personal data therein illegally accessed. So far, I think the worst cases I have seen is where personal emails are hacked. Many people store their personal stuff (e.g intimate secret and photos) and this creates a huge embarrassment when it is leaked out.

Even Facebook is not spared. In a recent case, a woman had her Facebook account hacked and the hacker sent a message to all her friends asking for money to help her and her husband.

Although there are laws to prosecute hackers, my personal experience is that it is very difficult to have them prosecuted. A police report can always be made for crimes committed under the Malaysian Computer Crimes Act 1997 but a lot of times it is too late as severe harm has been done.

In view of the rampant cybercrime, Cybersecurity Malaysia, a government agency that promotes cyber safety and Internet security among Malaysian Internet users, is observing the World Computer Security Day (WCSD) which falls on 30 November 2009. I have personally met the people from Cybersecurity Malaysia and have dealt with them occasionally. They are good people.

WCSD is an annual event observed worldwide that was started in 1988 by the non-profit Association for Computer Security Day to help raise awareness of computer related security issues. This year marks the first time WCSD is being observed in a big way in Malaysia.

Themed “Computer Security is Everyone’s Responsibility” WCSD 2009 in Malaysia will involve several events and initiatives hosted by CyberSecurity Malaysia in the months of November and December designed to communicate how individual users are responsible in protecting information assets and resources, and practicing safe computing.

One of the ways to take part in this event is to change your passwords on 30 November 2009. Passwords should be changed from time to time (preferably every 3 months). You won’t know who is lurking around your email!

Other than that, you may take part by..

1. Visit the Cybersafe.my website
In August 2009, CyberSecurity Malaysia launched Cybersafe.my, a website that is a repository and resource for all Malaysians to learn more about computer safety – from handy tips, cool posters, interesting videos and other resources on cyber security and safety.

2. Submit your true Internet-horror story
In conjunction with WCSD, CyberSecurity Malaysia is in the midst of enhancing Cybersafe.my with Web 2.0 interactive elements for Malaysians to be able to share with each other their computer security-related experiences and learn from one other. Site visitors will be able to submit their experiences in video and text format, view the submission of other visitors as well as start educational discussions that will make them less susceptible to threats.

3. Be a fan of WCSDMY on Facebook & Twitter
Besides the website, WCSD also has a Facebook group (World Computer Security Day (WCSD) Malaysia) and Twitter account (@WCSDMY) which will update and remind its followers on useful tips and quizzes related to computer security.

4. Submit a report if you are or know of a victim of online threats

Malaysian netizens who are victims of computer security breaches or any illegal activity in cyberspace are encouraged to refer the incident to Cyber999TM Help Centre by calling 1-300-88-2999, sending e-mail to cyber999@cybersecurity.my, or filling up an online report at www.cybersecurity.my or www.mycert.org.my.

Lastly, don’t forget to change your Facebook password on 30 November 2009! Someone (especially me) may use it to pose embarrassing messages on the pretense that I am you XD..just like this..

(Click for larger image)


Melbourne & Adelaine, 2009

Barely 24 hours touching Kuala Lumpur, I’m off to Melbourne for my 2 weeks vacation. It will take me 8 hours to get there. Wei Chen will pick me up from the airport and I’ll be bunking at his place. I will also be making a trip to Adelaide to attend a friend’s wedding. Again, I have been asked to MC the wedding. I suck at MC-ing.

The cold weather in Hong Kong and flights have been dehydrating my skin. Due to the cold weather in Hong Kong, I had been eating and drinking a lot. I feel like a fat dried prune now!

Will blog again in Melbourne! Ta!

Koh Samui – Coming Home

The flight back was fairly pleasant. I must say that the departure area of Koh Samui airport was impressive as well. The shops were set out in a townhouse like manner.

We had some time to spare hence we spent it at Whittard of Chelsea, a well known international retailer of, among others, coffee.

And their drinks suck big time kanasai!!! so sweet until can have diabetes ar!!

We were almost on our last dime but wanted to find a place to chill and Whittard was the best choice we had.

But after checking into departure area…

We found that the departure area was like a bloody premium lounge! Free drinks, food and internet!!! FOL!!!

Wasted my last dime on Whittard!!

Anyway, the trip back home was rather uneventful except for our taxi ride home. We got our taxi through one of the taxi stands at the airport. A ticket with our destination was given to us so that we could get a taxi.

We told the taxi driver that we wanted to go to Damansara Utama but he ended up at Bandar Utama. Instead of apologizing, he scolded A for telling him the wrong place. But we were quite sure that we gave the right directions. Suddenly, I saw him taking out our ticket and reading it. It was written D.Utama, which I think he mistakenly thought it was B.Utama.

Nevertheless, we gave him directions to our house but when he refused to follow our instructions, I blew my top and screamed at him “I ASK YOU TO FUCKING TURN LEFT!!”

“I know”, he replied.



The taxi driver kept quiet. As far as I could remember, I haven’t scolded anyone like this before.

We then decided to stop somewhere near our house and got off there. Just in case he finds our house and set it on fire. In the meantime, an obligatory photograph of his taxi, with the name “Muniady” written on the side”, just in case we need to find him..



Some people say that 2012 was terrible. But I think it is not too bad. It’s sad to see people dying like ants under attack by insect repellent. If you don’t know what 2012 is, watch the trailer below.

The show got me thinking. What if the world we know will end within few days and you’re not one of those special ones that can be saved?

For me, I thought I would gather all my love ones and throw a little party while we wait for tsunami to wash us up or swallowed by the earth. In the meantime, we’ll get so drunk that we forgot that the world is ending soon. Definitely will ease our death when the time comes.

How do you like your last day on earth to end?

Anyway, last week some people who were watching 2012 at KLCC had a surprise when a group of people stood up and dance to the tune “Through My Window”.

Check out the photos below 😀

Check out the lady sitting on the front row..covering her ears!! wahahhahaha!!

Asian Patents Attorney Association Council Meeting @ Hong Kong

I will be attending another Intellectual Property conference in Hong Kong from 17 November – 23 November 2009. Just like last year’s conference in Singapore, this will be a meeting after meeting and reception after reception event. Basically, this event is to strengthen our ties with our foreign counterparts (i.e. other IP practitioners in Asia) and also to make new contacts. The stronger the contact is, the more work we can get. Of course, to me, its not all about business. Through this kind of networking event, I have found some good friends. My mindset in attending such events is to make new friends and not find new business.

I will be staying around Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre located at Wanchai. Any good food around that place??

This Morning’s Dream

Last night, I had a strange dream. I don’t know if I can classify it as a dream or a nightmare, but it was just strange. And bad. ;(

I dreamt that I received a call from my best friend’s parents that she had passed away. I started crying and tears just streamed down my face like mini waterfalls and I started to howl like a mad woman that my family thought I was mad.

To lose someone close to me, and to be honest, probably the only girl closest to me was too painful to bear. (This pain is based in my dream, ok.)

So anyway, that same weekend, I had to attend a function with friends. (My dream is quite vague, I honestly don’t remember who I was meeting up with) It was a high tea garden party in a resort and I remember that everyone was so excited to catch up again, except me.

As I took a seat at the table and looked around, I got a shock to see my best friend sitting beside me. I freaked out inside but asked her in a whisper, “Aren’t you dead?”

She nodded.

The chatter around me continued but I stood up to take a walk with my best friend. We started talking. She told me how she died. I told her I couldn’t bear not knowing that she is no longer around for me.

I wanted to touch her to see whether she was real. I brushed my hand against hers and felt a slight tingle. But I didn’t dare to grab hold of her hand. She told me not to be silly, in case passer-bys think I am crazy to be gripping nothingness.

Her parents were still grieving over her but she hasn’t ‘visited’ them yet. She didn’t want to freak them out.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning, I seriously thought about her. About my friendship with other girls. About how no one really knows me like she does. About whether I should have more than one best friend or I’ll be lonely. About whether I should even tell her I dreamt of her (which I decided against it, so I’m telling you instead).

Satay Babi @ Plus plus Setapak Restaurant, Wangsa Maju

I must say the satay babi @ Plus plus Setapak Restaurant is bloody fking awesome.

Satay babi is basically barbecued pork served on wooden skewers and it is quite rare in Malaysia as satay, which is traditionally a Malay cuisine, is generally served in either beef or chicken. There is one shop nearby Jonker Street, Melaka that serves satay babi.

However, this satay babi is different. It comes with tender soft pieces of sweet barbecued pork. Mostly meat, I cant remember whether it has any layer of fats.

To complement the satay babi, 2 types of sauces are given namely black pepper sauce and also sourish chilli sauce. Notwithstanding these yummy sauces, the satay babi is nice on its own.

The stall that sells satay babi is a small stall mannered by an Indian man and a lady (presumably Indonesian). It is a small stall located outside Plus plus Setapak Restaurant and it doesn’t have any signage or trade name. The restaurant is just a stone throw away from Mad Monkeyz Climbing Gym. It’s a good place to eat after climbing 😀

No. 7, Jln Metro Wangsa,
53300 Kuala Lumpur,
Kuala Lumpur


[Edit: October 2012: Unfortunately, Satay Babi @ Plus plus Setapak Restaurant is no longer operating anymore 🙁 )

Everyone Connects Finale!

Well, all good things must come to an end.

To end the everyoneconnects craze and competition, there will be a finale at Sungai Wang Main Entrance on 21 November 2009. Here the winner of the “Through My Window” banner concert will be decided! Which band would be the one appearing on Malaysia’s first banner concert! If you want to watch all the performances, be there by 6pm!

There will also be live performances by local celebrities Bunkface, Suki, Reshmonu, Suki, Faizal Tahir, Shila (!!!), Modread. Tomok and Dafi/Mila/Akim.

More info @ everyoneconnects.net!