Trip to Leeds

  • I just got back from Leeds. MASSOC had another trip down there. It was a shopping and dinner trip. I bought a sweater from GAP 🙂 and a box of English tea for my mum.
  • I had to wake up at 6AM this morning and I slept at 4AM! I’m so tired! Leeds is only an hour from Sheffield. We took a bus down there. Basically, I didn’t shop much there and I spend most of my time walking around with my friends and took couple of pictures. Leeds‘ shopping area is much bigger than Sheffield and in fact Leeds has more branded shops than Sheffield, for example fcuk and Morgan. One thing I notice about Leeds is a lot of music playing around. They have people playing instruments in the streets. There was this group of people holding all kinds of drums and started playing them and it was pretty good!
  • Janet introduced one of her friends, Stanley to us today and he’s doing medical law 2nd year, pretty nice guy. We hung out together the whole day. Oh yeah, Ian, Gwin and Nakata came to Leeds too. He drove down all the way down from Sheffield! It was pretty cold at night and Gwin was only wearing a thin layer of clothing. I had to borrow him one of my jackets. It seems that it was too small for him and he was struggling in it!