Danny Tenaglia @ ZOUK KL – 30.12.2006

The claimed DJs of all DJs, Danny Tenaglia was scheduled to play a 5 hours set at ZOUK KL on 30.12.2006. Danny Tenaglia was one of the first few DJs that I know when I first started clubbing. That was like more than 9 years ago. Therefore, seeing him play live is an opportunity not to be missed. I heard that when he spins, he doesn’t want any strangers near his console.

His set was scheduled to start at 10PM and we (Sow, Melvin, Sharon Dilirius and I) got in a little bit late. We got there around 1030PM but there was no crowd.

Instead of waiting for the crowd, we got a barrel of beer (2 1/2 jugs) for RM70 at Terrence Bar and spent an hour or more at that place. Melvin’s friend Sathya joined us thereafter.

Instead of going back to ZOUK, we ended in Velvet with a bottle of Black Label, grinding to R&B music. So much for Danny Tenaglia!

Sow, Melvin, Sathya and I shared a bottle of Black Label. Prior to entering Velvet, we stood at the counter to chip in money.

Sow: By our moneys combined, we get drunk!! (read it aloud in the Captain Planet ‘by your powers combined, I am Captain Planet‘ tune)

We managed to grab a table for ourselves. The table was quite small and all of us wanted to walk around the place. We had to take turns to take care of the table while some of us walked around the place to say hi to friends.

Opposite our table was another bald guy (botak) with glasses who looks similar to Sow.

While drinking, we saw one chick making out with the bald guy. Sow immediately got off from him chair and screamed:-

Sow: Botak guy, you’re my hero!!

Then one tall Turkish (or was it Egyptian?) guy kept on harassing us. At one point we grabbed Sow by the neck and forced whisky onto his throat!

Turkish guy & Sow.

My aim of seeing Danny Tenaglia play was all in vain. Nevertheless, the night out at Velvet was awesome and a burnt wallet.

New Years Eve – The Carnival @ A’Famosa Resort, Melaka

Once again, I managed to catch fireworks display to celebrate the New Year. This time round, I did it in Melaka at one event by the name the Carnival.

The Carnival is an outdoor rave has 4 rooms namely the Hardsequence room, the Regenerate room, Hotel Scandalos and The Bar. Each room plays different types of music. The main attraction for me is Hardsequence room of course.

Hardsequence room, open air.

The trip to Afamosa resort took around 1 hour. I drove, I picked Sharon Dilirius and Sow as well. I was speeding throughout the journey until one incident when I saw smoke in the highway. After passing through the smoke, I realised that a car has turned turtle in a drain!

When we arrived at the venue, we realised the venue was not exactly outdoor. Other than the Hardsequence room, the rest of the rooms were located in buildings. The Hardsequence room is around a size of 4 basketball courts and the rest were quite small as well.

The venue is a little bit unique as well. It’s like a small Cowboy town. I think it’s an amusement park during the day. When we arrived around 10PM, some shops were still open. We saw a souvenir shop, a Chinese restaurant and even a bowling alley with pool tables. Tay said that first time in his life, he played pool in a rave.

Hardsequence room was the most popular room of all. Second would be Regenerate room, but the rest of the rooms were almost empty.

Regenerate room, almost empty – but filled toward the end of the night

The Bar – empty

The Bar – male pole dancer!

We hung out at the Hardsequence room most of the time as the Hardstyle gurus were spinning there.

Hardsequence room

As the clock hits 12AM, fireworks were released in to the sky. It wasn’t very spectacular though. The boom from the fireworks wasn’t earth shattering.

After the fireworks, Sow, Tay and Brisbane Wilson continued drinking. Beer was RM10 per can but throughout the entire night, I see Tay and Brisbane Wilson getting beers non stop.

Sow & Big Ben

The girls & I

Sow & I had “who can hold his hand up the air the longest” competition again. Sow won.

winkris & I – I think we’ve taken pictures in almost all the raves we attended together.

The night ended at 2:45AM.

Party’s over.

Some of the party goers have after-parties to attend. But for me, Sow, Tay and Brisbane James, the night has ended. We drove back to Kuala Lumpur to return to our sweet beds so that we can wake up on our respective beds to greet the new year, 2007.

Recharge pres. Revelation 4 @ A’Famosa – 28.10.2006

So this is one event that I didn’t go. Nevertheless, I’ll blog about it.
The event was held at A’famosa Resort about 1 1/2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur. Loads of open space. Partying under the stars. And with international DJs and great local DJs like Naughty by Nature, Christian Smith, King Unique, Bass Agents & SOUL T

All at only RM35 for pre sale and RM45 on door! Cheaper than going to any concerts in town aa!

Then you have hardcore clubbers like this.

Partying on a wheelchair! Picture by kinkybulufairy. Read her hilarous story here


Everything ended at 1AM.

Malaysia boleh!

Skybar @ Trader’s Hotel

Skybar is the latest night spot in town. Located on the 33rd Floor of Trader’s Hotel (next to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, opposite ExxonMobil office), one may get a great view of the Twin Towers and it’s surroundings. If the haze is not around of course.

Skybar’s concept is similar with Luna Bar. It has a pool, comfy seats by its side and also open air. The interior is excellent as well. There’s no cover charge for entrance.

However, the drawback of this bar is their service. Although there were not many people at the bar, it took us a while for the bartender to attend to us. He only attended to us after we screamed at his face that we wanted our drinks.

But after our drinks came, the bartender never gave us their bill. After waiting for a while and flagging my notes in the air that I want to pay my bill, we gave up and left the bar.

Then minutes later, the bartender came to us with the bill urging us to pay for it. How embarrassing.

They should to do something with their level of service!
Furthermore, the drinks are pricey. A glass of beer and a glass of gin tonic costs us RM50. Well, something that I expect from a place like this 😀

More info @ http://www.shangri-la.com/kualalumpur/traders/restaurants/en/index.aspx

Last Hardsequence @ Ruums 14.10.2006

RotiFish in the house!

The nightlife industry in KL is one cruel game. It is very common for clubs in KL to close down after few months in operation. And this time round, it’s Ruums turn. It has only been around 4 months since they revamped from Chanel to Ruums. Now they are closing for renovation and a new management will take over. No idea what the new club name will be, maybe Brooms or Vrooms. Heh.

Throughout the past 4 months, the old management has done a good job turning the place around. When the club was still know as Warp, I heard many stories about how people got so turned off when they saw middle aged men and women shaking their heads left and right to hard Chinese house music. Yao ah yao ah, wu chiew fun ah wu chiew fun,

But now, uncle and aunties were not that many. I heard that practised quality control at one point.

Anyway, Sow, Sharon Dilirius and I made a trip to Ruums. It was pretty rare for Sharon to join us but since Hardsequence is having their last night at Ruums, we decided to give them some support.

Mr. Sow

Ms Sow

Jac and Brisbane Sharon were there as well. They came with their cousins.

Sow & Brisbane Sharon

Sow & Jac

The club was packed with hardcore supporters of Hardsequence. The usual faces.

And It was a good night. As Sow put it, “Quite a good night huh. We had a table of 3 hot chicks. And the chicks bought drinks!”. Sharon and Jac brought a bottle of whisky to share.

At one point we had a competition on who can put his hands up the longest. Sow won.

We left the place as soon as it closed. The Hardsequence crew thanked everyone for their support and will update everyone on their new venue.

www.xes.cx will keep you informed of the newest development!


Since GanGaGuGu is spinning for this event and also that Tay persuaded me to go and despite the guest list being closed, Sharon Dilirius, Tay and I made the journey to Ruums for this event.
The place was packed!

But at or around 12AM, people started to leave the club. It seems that there were rumours that the police are going to raid the club. On the last event, the police raided Ruums and detained few underaged patrons (and also a suspected rapist!). With the fresh raid on their minds, people were churning out from the club leaving a huge gap on the dance floor. The HS Crew fused it by announcing that there would be no police raid. I was later told that the rumour was trigged by a raid at Passion and Poppy. A friend’s acquaintance was arrested after being tested positive for drugs. Apparently she was on antibiotics and has her doctor’s letter to certify it. Unfortunately, the police didn’t release her.


Patrons outside the club after hearing rumour of a raid by the police
Man, that’s fukup. Imagine you dress up nicely with make up and perfume all over before heading to the club and screaming to yourself, “I’M GOING TO GET LAID TONIGHT!” and then end up smelling like a fish on Monday at the Magistrate Court to be charged.
Welcome to Malaysia my friends!

GanGaGuGu took the decks with DJ Learn at 2AM. And the rest of the night were bang bang bang and bang until my ears were ringing. The sound system was so powerful that eraine said, “I feel my internal organs moving!”.

me & eraine

Sharon Dilirius aka DJ Anatta & DJ RotiFish (Nottifish)

Tay, GanGaGuGu (Ganjaguru) & I

While GanGaGuGu was spinning, a crowd suddenly gathered in front of the stage. The crowd was so big until Tay and I were pushed off from our spot. It seems that Azmer, the former Champion for one of the Melbourne Shuffle Competitions was on the stage. Superstar I tell you. I think he was on the stage just to chat and take pictures and unexpectedly people gathered to watch him. Tay said that the sight of Azmer to the crowd is like Canto pop fans gathering to see Hong Kong singer Andy Lau.


Of course, Azmer didn’t want to disappoint the crowd. He strut his shit on the stage until one Middle East Ah Kua came to grind with him O_O|||

Also, when GanGaGuGu and Learn were about to spin, balloons were released from the ceiling. FYI, Big Ben has a phobia over balloons. He was like being caught in a war zone, he had his hands covering his ears. Heh.

OHM Sessions present Bass Agents – DJ Xtacid – & Friends, DJ Drive & Poison Violet @ Ruums


Sow thought it would be funny if only both of us went for this event. And so we did.

When I was in England, my friends and I would drink at a pub before heading to the club. We save a lot by doing this.

Sow and I, being cheapskates, started drinking at home and bought some beers from grocery shops before entering the club. By the time we reach Ruums, we were quite drunk already.

Then we met Big Ben and Kok Wing (DJ Niekon), they too stuffed us with beer.


Big Ben (RotiFish) & Kok Wing (Niekon, catch him live next week @ Ruums!)

And towards the end of the night, I was so drunk that I hardly remember anything. Just bits and pieces everywhere.

Anyway, if my memory served me well, the event was great. PACKED!

New way to avoid people stealing your drinks. Cover it with tissue paper.

DJ Poison Violet is one of the rare female DJs in Malaysia that spins hard stuff. Not to mention that she’s hot. I heard she’s a former Miss Malaysia. SURE BO??

Dj Poison Violet on stage – Oozing HotnEss.

Sow also dragged me to Passion. Zing and gang were there to celebrate Eevon’s birthday. There was some sort of HBO event going on as well. They were giving out free Tshirts and also a pair of boxers. During that time, Sow was screaming my name. I had no idea why he was screaming. If i’m not mistaken, Serena C (MC) chided Sow for being noisy.

Serena C: yo! Bald Dude! shut the F up.

Then it was announced that the recipient of that pair of boxers had to take off his pants in front of everyone. The atmosphere was silent. Everyone was eager to see the white dude bare his ass. Just as he was about to take his pants off, Sow screamed, “XES WILL DO IT!! XES!!! EVERYBODY! XES WILL TAKE HIS PANTS OFF FOR YOU!!”. O_O|||

Then the camera man turned his camera on us. /(*O*)\

I hope nobody sees us on TV.

Hardsequence @ Ruums, KL 17.6.2006

Once again, another magnificent performance by the Hardsequence Crew. This time round, at Ruums, newest club in town. Ruums, formally known as Warp aka the ultimate fengtau club, has been revamped to change their image. I remember when the place was still Warp, the place was pitch dark. But now, the interior is many times nicer, huge stage, nice toilet and even with pool tables.

The crowd mainly consist of young clubbers. I heard that during the soft launch of the club there were some 60 years old looking uncles clubbing there. I’ll blog about this on my next entry.

View from top

Other than the usual Hardsequence DJs, this event includes 2 other new comers, first one being female hard styled DJ Poison Violet and the second one who cannot be named due to legal issues. The latter DJ’s name was not revealed he was introduced to the crowd. I’m sure everyone who was there knew who he was but I urge that everyone refrain from naming him on blogs or any media.

From this picture, you can see Kinkybluefairy Joyce & WooKooKoo. Joyce is so famous until she had people approaching her to take photos with her 😛 Superstar celebrity I tell you.

From this event, IMHO it seems that Ruums has taken a step forward disassociating them selves from their old fengtau image. Next week, the Scott Project & the Bass Agents @ Ruums!

Mr. Liquid 2006 @ Liquid & The Disco, KL

the first thing that comes to mind when you see the words “Mr Liquid” you think of toilet detergent.. or is it dish washing detergent?

the Mr. Liquid finals started late, about 1145pm and the crowd was restless. but finally, the 13 finalists came on stage, and introduced themselves to the judges and crowd.
not everyone looks cool in sunnies indoors at night. ;P
then the strutting began.

Continue reading Mr. Liquid 2006 @ Liquid & The Disco, KL

Germany ‘06 Kick Off Party at A Famosa Resort

The publicity given to this event was overwhelming. Newspapers were reporting about it, radio stations were blaring about it and most friends were talking about it as well. Further, I heard that although the official closing time would be extended from 3AM to 5AM! Also, I heard the venue would be bigger than the one at Sepang where Tiesto spun.

With Hard style DJs like Bass Agents, Kai Tracid, Thrillseekers, K90 and BK on the DJ list, it gave me the impression that the night is going to be one crazy night with hard thumping music all night long.
The venue is quite obscure, we have to drive through a small village that made it seem that we are driving to no where. Further, a signboard with an arrow saying “Dusun (plantation)” made us feel that we are going on the wrong direction. But the venue is actually a posh housing area, with bungalow houses scattered around.

However, getting into the venue was not that pleasant. After paying RM5 for the parking fee..

ivN: Where is the car park? (expecting a helpful answer)
Female Parking attendance: err..it’s near the party…
“-_- WTF! Of course it’s near the party!

Then on the way into the parking lot, ivN asked another parking attendance.

ivN: Where is the car park??

The parking attendance waved his baton and screamed, “PARKING!!!!!”

Setting aside the unhelpful comments from the staff of the party, the venue was excellent (although a bit far from the parking lot). The sound system was excellent and entry was a breeze as well. I heard the venue is big enough to fit more than 10,000 people.

Unfortunately, the 10,000 capacity venue was not fully utilized. The place was less than half full although clubbers from all over Malaysia (especially Kuala Lumpur and Melaka) were aware of such rave. The response to this rave was a flop.

But I must comment about the beer. IT WAS FREEZING COLD. COLD BEER GAHHH

Jovi & I

Melvin the Liar

WillytheKid & I

Sharon & I

Edwin & I

Kok Wing & Jovi

Winkris! & I…

eraine & winkris

Johnson’s brother in law..’s bro

Big Ben. HAHA!

Ken, YC, Hoong & Jon

ivN & Jin Wye

Johnson & friends.

As for the music, the Thrillseekers got the dance floor moving. But BK slowed the night by playing some slow stuff. WHERE IS THE HARD HOUSE THAT IS HE SUPPOSED TO PLAY!!?? But my hope for a hard thumping night didn’t die as I was hoping that Kai Tracid and K90 would play something hard to save the night.

Further, we had the opportunity to meet Kai Tracid on the dance floor. Edwin brought him around the dance floor and introduced him to us. The meeting brought my hopes high as by strolling around the dance floor, he would sort of guess what type of music does the crowd wants.

Sharon & Kai Tracid

Kai Tracid & I

Unfortunately, Kai Tracid played electro and progressive trance. It was so slow until more than half of the dance floor left and the majority of the remaining half was sitting on the floor. By 2:30AM, 30 minutes away from the official closing time and 2 and a half hour from the unofficial time, the 10,000 over capacity venue was almost deserted.

Dancefloor at 2:30AM.

Feeling disappointed, we left the place at 2:30AM without even waiting for K90 to takeover. Yet another disappointing night.