As you can see, I’ve been posting some messages on this twitter box.
Blogging in Malaysia has taken another major step with the introduction of Now I can update my blog using my mobile phone. All I need to do is register my Maxis handphone number by sending a text message to 22700 and thereafter, the content provider will reply with my password. After that, login, modify my profile and then setup my shoutout box at my website. Easy like abc!
If you’re on Maxis line, you may then subscribe to my shoutout at 0.25 per month and you’ll receive all my updates on my shoutout directly to your phone. Of course, there’s more than me. Kennysia, Sultan Muzaffar, Nicolekiss, Singer Karen Kong and other bloggers have signed up for it. You can get their updates through your phone!

Facebook madness

I’m sure most of you have joined the world of Facebook, something much more different than Friendster! you can’t even view a person’s profile unless you are on his or her list of friends, though it allows you to view the person’s list of friends!
Someone once told me that employers MAY resort to checking out your list of friends on Facebook, hence you will notice that many do state their current employer’s name. -_- I don’t know how true that is!
A few weeks ago, I asked xes why wasn’t he on Facebook. And he went, “WHAT??? You’ve joined the craze as well???”
Til the next day, he told me, “EKeKEKekekek …. I’ve joined Facebook liao!”
This Doraemon lover is a joker at times, I tell ya.
ANYWAY … Why is Facebook cool? Because you can play games with your friends and getting in Zombies/Werewolves/Vampires’ fights! Or be a Mobster. Play Scrabble (though known as ‘Scrabulous’ on Facebook). Shower your friends with gifts on a daily basis, for a change. Ha! If it required real money, you think we’d be this generous?
ANYWAY, terribly sorry. I’ve got a “fight” to attend at Fighters’ Club on Facebook. Some chick picked a fight with me for no reason. And I must win!!!
*crazed laughter*
P.S. I may need back up, though…… help!

My Birthday 2007 – Part I

Thank you all for the wishes. Just like every year, I’ve collated all my birthday wishes in a single entry. Here is it.
MSN & Gtalk.
ingratiate is the name of the game says (6:58 PM):
happy barfday dude
Anaesthesia: tikusgirl strikes again says (7:35 PM):
happy bday
Nicole: Happy birthday to uuuu
cakes and candles
Pei: Happy Birthday!!
karheng: yo happy birthday
Cris Solis Chen says:
happy bday sorry
۞ Anatta ۞ Tired. says:
happy birdsdayyyyyyyyyyyyy
*one ▄█▀ █▬█ █ ▀█▀ says:
and happy birthday
H i m says:
eppy Birthday !
Sui Lin says:
happy birthday cheng hai!!
FeR says:
happy pootday?~
♥BABE♥~ @work sent 9/24/2007 12:03 PM:
heyy leleong happy birthday!!! hope you had lotsa fun!! and just hopefully, you were totally smashed off your face, sow had to hold the bag for you again heheheh!!!!
Samantha says (10:50 PM):
hugs hugs
lynn.wabbit says:
エモス – 私は思いだすあなた says:
happy birthday bro
★ ★ B A b E ★ ★ says (8:44 PM):
happy belated tagboard
< jinhan>: Happy birthday boy : happy b’day siew pao boy…wah damn long u never eat siew pao liao rite? : happy birthday Boy…. Happy belated to Kiang & Yong Lin yaaaaaaa
: HappyBirthday BBBOY.. you ass getting bigger, so run harder!! keke.. btw im on for Kepong Match!
: Happy Birthday ppBoy!! tagboard
cnigel: belated happy birthday
faai: happy belated bday sexx0r!
smalllynn: appy birdday leongugu
di0n: happy belated b’day leng chai 🙂
abnerd: happy belated birthday ah boy… 😀
mengz: happy b’day ah boy…
don: happy birthday!
intan: happy birthday to u & to me he! he! he!
daren: happy birthday in advance! from mummy and intan! comments
LOLZ @ Xes, good luck and happy coming bday…getting older and older adi uncle sex…
Posted by: KhinKo at September 22, 2007 02:27 AM
pak Xes..haappy birthday all the best with the beasts in your “ngeow yat” celeb
Posted by: adrian at September 22, 2007 02:43 PM
the last pic is disgusting :'(
Happy b’day xes, nian nian kuai le, wish you all the best in career, love life, and etc .. etc (lost words to say) 😛
Posted by: Cen Ni at September 22, 2007 07:34 PM
LOL! happy birthday and good luck for the drinking!
Posted by: baburs at September 23, 2007 01:05 AM
Cheng Long old(er) edi! lol… happy be-early birthday!
Posted by: electronicfly at September 23, 2007 01:08 AM
LOL!!! Happy Birthday. Hope you don’t get fried. Maybe grilled and roasted at 16,000 degrees celcius will do 😛
Posted by: Low at September 23, 2007 05:57 AM
Happy Birthday Bro!
Posted by: Amos at September 23, 2007 10:24 PM
happy birdday !!
Posted by: endroo G at September 24, 2007 11:35
arse. happy birthday to youu 😛
Posted by: PeNNy at September 24, 2007 10:22 PM
Happy belated =) I got the friendster notification but i was swamped with work that i for-GOT to send ya a message. Hope you had a great day anyway. *hugs*
Posted by: winkris at September 25, 2007 11:14
Happy Birthday wei!:-)
Der Lin
Oii! Lousy fella! Happy Birthday case i forget tomorrow!
Happy Birthday fr all at home!
Wishing you a happy 26th barfday and cheers!
Happy Birthday to my bbdear!
weichen: Happy birthday motherFucker!
Happy haaappppyyy birthday Leon! Have a great year with the people you love, and who will always be by your side especially when you are totally wasted! ;-D
Oits happy birthday man! See ya this weekend alright..
Su Cheen
Warmest wishes for your birthday! May all that you wish for come true…
Abang, happy birthday to u..haha..wish u all the best
Fucker Happy Birthday. Getting older means you sure die sooner la..ehehe.
Oits happy birthday! We’ve booked u for sunday dinner just in case u’ve forgotten!
Hallo doraemon. Happy birthday!
Wait for you at home to dinner. Happy birthday
Could u do me favor? Put your left hand over your RIGHT shoulder to your Right hand to your LEFT Shoulder. There! I’ve jz given u a HUG! (“,) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Oi! Happy Birthday fucker! Heh i know u confirm not drunk wan tonight! Heh k la take care
Hey you, happy birthday!
Yong Chun
Hey love. Happy Birthday. From your sexual predator
My Birthday @ Vintry 22.9.2007

The gang (Angeline, Big Ben, Elaine, ivN, Jeff, Melvin, Sharon D, Sow, Sui Lin & Kenny, Pei Yuen & Pei Ying, Zing & Charmaine and so on) gathered at Vintry Wine Celler @ Damansara Heights to celebrate my 26th birthday.

Initially, we booked 2 tables namely the barrel and the sofa seats. However, most of my friends were late hence the sofa seats were unoccupied. The management forced us to give up either the sofa seat or the barrel. We settled for the sofa seat which was not suitable for dining as the table is too low.

Nevertheless, we made a good choice as its big enough to slot in everybody.
The celebration was quite civilised as there we no bombing session and to make more things more civilised, some of my friends were playing Scrabble! But the non-bombing part was not intentional as Vintry doesn’t serve cocktails such Graveyard and Flaming Lamborghini. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!!!!! I walked out from Vintry sober!!
This birthday, I received a new wallet (bye bye to my 9 years old wallet!), few bottles of wine, a huge box of chocolate stick biscuit and a Doreamon handheld fan!!! Thank you to those who had contributed to the presents!

Huge Box of Chocolate stick Biskut with the words “BIG, BIG VERY DELICIOUS”

The green monster from my cake

Sow – having a bite.

By 1AM, a huge part of the gang left leaving ivN, Sow, Sam, Don, Angeline, Sharon D and Jeff sipping the last bottle of wine.

Although I said that I left the place sober, the night didn’t end there. We ended up at one of the newest nightspots in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, gulping 4 buckets of beer.

Big Ben & I chaiwui – I wh000ped him!

After few games of chai wui and non stop calls to bottoms up my bottle, I was drunk. I had to reject all calls to force me to drink. The gang had to finish up the beers. We left the place around 4AM.

To be continued …