Love Knows No Boundaries

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

I hope your wallet didn’t bleed by the end of this day! Valentine’s Day is a real cut throat day. Bloody businessmen are squeezing as much as they can from the public.

But for 37-year old Muhammad Noor and wife, 106-year old Wok, every day is Valentine’s Day

    KUALA TERENGGANU: When Muhammad Noor Che Musa and Wok Kundor tied the knot just over three years ago, nobody gave their marriage much of a chance to survive.

    After all, he had just turned 34 and the bride was 103.

    Now, three years on, the couple who reside in Kampung Tok Bak near here have surprised many by staying happily married and proving that love will conquer all, if given a chance.

    Noor, from Tanah Merah, said almost every family member, friend and neighbour had once dismissed his decision to marry Wok as a desperate attempt for companionship.

    “In the beginning, we were the talk of the town, if not the whole state and country. We ended up in the news a few times.

    “But now, most of the people I care about, especially my family and close friends, have accepted Wok as my life partner. Most of our neighbours have also accepted that this marriage is for the long-haul,” he said yesterday.

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The article above reminds me of Jason and his friend’s grandma in Little Britain..

To all the single guys out there, here’s my dedication to you!

Have a great Valentine’s Day!

Castrol EDGE Sport Speed Challenge

Castrol is having an online contest for bloggers and its readers to promote its latest product, the Castrol EDGE Sport 0W-40, a fully synthetic race-proven engine oil. Before I go on with the details of the contest, perhaps it would be useful to talk about the product itself.
A synthetic engine oil is a type of engine oil. The oil used in your car has two primary ingredients: base oil and additives. The base oil allows the motor oil to perform its vital function – lubricating the engine’s moving parts to protect them against wear and tear caused by friction. The additives provide additional engine protection by helping to prevent the oil from deteriorating under the engine’s extreme temperature conditions.
Synthetic oils are manufactured specifically to stand up to the severe conditions under which conventional oils might falter.
Castrol EDGE range is Castrol’s best performance fully synthetic oil. It has been specifically engineered to meet and go beyond the toughest industry performance standards and specification across all the seven critical engine factors

It provides protection at maximum horsepower for a longer period, stabilises the temperature, protects moving parts against wear and tear, reduces burn-off and allows optimum engine performance between oil changes, performs exceedingly well in extreme hot and cold weather conditions, reduces emission of pollutants, and maintains high efficiency fuel economy.
It would be useful to check out the videos showing how Castrol EDGE oil was tested. It was put under extreme maximum power test, extreme heat test and also extreme cold test.

Extreme Maximum Power Test

Extreme Heat Test – check out how they burn the engine!

Extreme Cold
The contest is fairly simple. All you need to do is watch weekly videos which shows four teams changing engine oil. The four teams are the The Geeks, The Pros, Sweet Young Thing and Hot Chics (one of them is Cindy from hotpinkchilli). Then you need to guess how much time it took for each team to complete the task. The overall closest guess for ALL 4 videos wins!

The first video has been published. Check out the Hot Chics video!

There will also be weekly prizes. Every week, the closest guess to the actual time wins one of our four weekly prizes, and will also be in the running for the Grand Prize.
Bloggers are also given the opportunity to participate in this challenge by the name Blog and Win. First, the Blogger must register his or her blog URL at the Castrol EDGE website. Thereafter, create a blog post entitled “Castrol EDGE Sport Speed Challenge” and talk about the contest. Bloggers are also required to embed the videos namely the videos of The Geeks, The Pros, Sweet Young Things and Hot Chics, on their blogs. The Embed code can be found at each video page.
The 6 most creative blog posts win!
The prizes are worth more than RM10, 000. The list of prizes is as follows:

Grand Prize
1 unit Sony Bravia 37” LCD TV
User with the closest overall answers for total 4 weeks.
2nd Prize
1 unit Sony PS3
User with the 3nd closest overall answers for total 4 weeks.
3rd Prize
1 unit iPod Touch 8GB
User with the 3nd closest overall answers for total 4 weeks.
5 X Consolation Prizes
1 unit WALKMAN® MP3 Player
4 X Weekly Prizes for Guess & Win
1 unit WALKMAN® MP3 Player
Users with the first accurate or closest answer for weekly videos.
6 X Prizes for Blog & Win
1 unit WALKMAN® MP3 Player
For bloggers who write the most creative post about the Castrol EDGE Speed Challenge.
Plus exclusive Castrol premiums for all winners!
1 unit WRC Car Model
1 unit Castrol EDGE Sport Umbrella
1 unit Castrol EDGE Sport T-shirt
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Tioman Island: Melaka: Hotel Puri

Due to the return of Aussie boys Umeng and sLoonG, my high school friends and I made a road trip down to Pulau Tioman. It was supposed to be a farewell trip for Jin Han but he was tied up with something else. Jin Han and his family will be migrating to Australia.

We stopped by Melaka for a night before heading to Pulau Tioman. We stayed at Hotel Puri at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock (behind Jonker’s Street).

Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock was formerly known as Heeren Street which was also known as the Millionaire’s Row. Many many years ago, Peranakan millionaires used to live along this street. Many of the millionaires’ houses are still around, some turned into shops and some vacant and abandoned. Our hotel is one of the many houses that have converted into a commercial lot. But just right opposite Hotel Puri lays the Chee Family Ancestral Home which I believe is still privately owned. It is so grand that it stands out from the others.

Chee Ancestral Home

Hotel Puri used to a mansion of a local Chinese tycoon. It was built in 1822 and it was said to house a zoo with a tiger and few deer!

Another interesting bit of this house is a hall which houses a number of swiftlet bird nests. I wonder if the bird nests are edible.

Bird Nests and CCTV

Just next to the ‘bird nest’ room lays a small museum with some history of house and even about Malaysia.

Our room was reasonably tidy and spacious. sLoonG, WK and I had to share the bed. Poor WK was assaulted by sLoonG and I whole night long.
Parking is provided by Hotel Puri. It’s located few blocks away from the hotel.

The drawback about this hotel is their breakfast. It comes in buffet style with a mixture of local and western cuisine. Their hash browns and sausages were almost tasteless. But with Jonker Street just behind, food shouldn’t be a problem.

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Restaurant Famous Seremban Favourites @ Sunway Mas

The makan team tried looking for this place couple of months ago but we couldn’t find it. We were told that their barbecued pork (char siew) is excellent. We finally found the place, many thanks to Juan who brought us there after our Pushmore session. It’s located in the middle of a row of shops with a yellow signboard with restaurant name written in green and red. No wonder we couldn’t spot it.

We found a spot almost immediately. But the service was quite slow. It took some time for someone to come to take our orders.
We ordered couple of bowls of Hakka Noodles and RM10 worth of char siew. As the name suggests, the Hakka Noodles is cooked Seremban style (plain and wet). Tasted just exactly like the ones I tried in Seremban.

As for th char siew, zommmgggg it’s ssso gooood!! The meat was soft and sweet. The fatty parts literally melt in your mouth!

Restaurant Famous Seremban Favourites opens everyday except Tuesday. Char siu is only available after 10am.

Address :
No. 80-1 (Ground Floor), Jalan PJU 1/3B,
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre,
47301 Petaling Jaya
Contact No :017-279 8582