Cleo’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelor 2009 – Part 2

Last weekend, A, Karen, Ping, Edmund, Andrew, Sherrie and I went to Pavilion shopping centre to support contestant no #16, Cris. Cleo organised a speed dating event for some lucky girls to meet their favourite bachelor.

Before that, we had lunch at La Bodega. Ping and I ordered their signature cheese burger. On the menu, it states that it takes around 20 minutes to be prepared. We waited…30 minutes later, still no burger! We checked with the waiter and few minutes later, the manager came to inform us that they have forgotten to key in our orders!

Karen: liddat ar, give us 2 free burgers la then!

And they gave us 2 free burgers!

But I hope that the buns didn’t go thru any armpits or floor may.

After lunch, we met Cris at the cafe where they had the event. There were loads of people. I heard that earlier they had load of girls lining up to meet the guys. Even school girls!

Autographs pls…

Cris popped out with a mock credit card with his face on it.

I heard that one girl came all the way from Perak to meet one contestant, who is also a celebrity. Unfortunately, after travelling few hundred kilometres, she found out that the contestant didn’t come. I bet her heart cracked louder than new years eve fireworks.

We overheard that there was one girl that was dyiiiinnnggggg to meet Cris. When they met, I quickly snapped a picture…

Guess which girl? Keke

The one on the right to be precise. She wanted to meet Cris because she’s also half Filipino. Ooo hotness…

Please vote for contestant #16, Cristopek!!!

Blogger Boy – my tragic life in comics

8tv will be showing a drama series entitled ‘Blogger Boy – my tragic life in comics’ on 28 May 2009. I tried doing a search online for Blogger Boy but I can’t seem to find any details about it except that a local actor will be playing as a character in the show.

Blogging begins this 28 May 2009? How do you blog on a television show huh?

I think the word ‘blog’ has been overused. People nowadays put the word ‘blog’ in their product just to attract attention. Maybe in the future we will have BloggerBurger or even..


BN Sexy Girls fish for Votes

Few days ago, there was a report on Malaysiakini entitled “BN Sexy Girls fish for Votes”. What happen was that the governing party organised a dinner with 3 scantily clad girls singing to the crowd.

BN’s sexy girls fish for votes
Lee Way Loon | Apr 2, 09 2:53pm

They came in droves for the dinner bash last night and the crowd of about 1,500 made up mostly of fishermen were definitely hooked.

The bait was simply irresistible. Nope. It was not the delectable spread of steam fish and herbal chicken but rather three scantily clad women.

Donning BN-blue tank-tops, hot pants with ‘fishnet’ stockings and boots, the girls sizzled the inhabitants of the Kampung Baru Sepatang fishing village with several hot Chinese numbers, including one that was aptly titled ‘shake, shake, shake’.

The dinner was organised by Barisan Nasional in an attempt to lure votes for the upcoming Bukit Gantang parliamentary by-election, where Chinese support is crucial.

Among the top leaders enjoying the show was Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the newly-elected Umno vice-president and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in-charge of Islamic affairs.

However, the temperature increased a notch when the girls came on stage to perform before and after the BN luminaries made their speeches.

Zahid: Hot acts ‘part of Chinese culture’

Food and hot women are not something new in BN by-election campaigns.

At last year’s Permatang Pauh battle, MCA organised a series of free dinners across towns which featured lucky draws and scintillating dance performances by beautiful girls.

It was also reported that PPP had held a similar dinner on Tuesday for 50 tables, which included even sexier singers.

When pressed on whether such performances would translate into votes for BN, Ahmad Zahid said that they were a “part of the Chinese culture.”

“In my constituency, we did not win by holding such performances. However, we also respect Chinese customs. In fact, we should respect the customs of all races.

[Full text here:]

Well, I must say that scantily dressed girls dancing and singing on stage is not something new. Couple of years back in one of the night markets in Kuchai Lama, I saw one girl singing on the stage. And the performance was for the Chinese Ghost Festival -_-

There’s one part she said to a small kid, “You want to shake head??”

Yet another Malaysia Boleh moment!

Cleo’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelor 2009

Malaysia’s Cleo’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelor is a yearly contest organised by Cleo Magazine to find Malaysia’s most eligible bachelor.

Couple of years ago, a reader of this website submitted a picture of me to join Cleo’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelor – without my knowledge! This reader downloaded a picture from this website and submitted it Cleo. And this reader is a guy! Wtf!

This year, my good friend Cris is in the contest!

Vrooommmmm vrooomm Mat Rempit!

I knew Cris when we were still 15 years old. From the day I knew him, he had always been a feichai (fatty). But since last year, he decided to workout and turned into a muscle man. All this with sheer determination – something many of us don’t have.

There is one part in his comments that he said many of his friends didn’t recognise him after he lost weight. Just to show you how Cris looks like in 2003..


Vote for Bachelor No #16! Vote for Bachelor No #16! Vote for Bachelor No #16! Vote for Bachelor No #16! Vote for Bachelor No #16! Vote for Bachelor No #16! Vote for Bachelor No #16! Vote for Bachelor No #16! Vote for Bachelor No #16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Click on image for bigger size

I will be speaking at “Writing Blogs” together with other fellow bloggers, Suanie, Timothy Tiah, David Lian, Yvonne Foong and Peter Tan. Suanie will talk about blogging, from the general bit to the technical bit. Timothy Tiah will be talking about blogging and making money from it. David Lian on the other hand will be talking about blogging from a PR man’s perspective. Yvonne Foong and Peter Tan will be talking about blogging as a tool of raising funds and advocacy respectively.

I will be talking about Blogging and Malaysian Law, probably a strip down version of my talk on Blogging and Intellectual Property Law which I gave at the eLawyer Conference. This because there is more to cover.

Unlike the eLawyer event, there is an entrance fee to hear us bloggers tok kok.

If you’re interested in attending, please contact the people listed in the flyer. Please drop me mail if you’re coming.

The Prophecy has been fulfilled!

Najib Abdul Razak has been sworn as the new Prime Minister of Malaysia, taking over Abdullah Badawi today.

This has somehow fulfilled the RAHMAN Prophecy which states that the initials of the first six Prime Ministers of Malaysia shall spell out the name “RAHMAN”. The list is as follows:


R – Abdul Rahman
A – Abdul Razak
H – Hussein Onn
M – Mahathir Mohamad
A – Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
N -Najib

I first heard about the prophecy when opposition leader, Anwar, who was then still in the government, challenged the then Deputy Prime Minister Ghafar Baba for the post of Deputy Prime Minister.

However, it seems that the prophecy has been around since the 1970s.

Since the prophecy has been fulfilled, what’s next? Will it be the end of Barisan Nasional dominance? Or will there be another prophecy to fulfill?

If its a new prophecy, I was thinking, could it be MAHATHIR?

M – Muhyiddin Yassin
A – Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (Current Vice President of UMNO) / Anwar?
H – Hishammuddin
A – ?
T – ?
H – ?
I – ?
R – ?

Fill up the blanks!

100 Day Pull Up Challenge

Couple of months back, Crossfit gym, Pushmore started the 300 Day Burpee Challenge. In the said challenge, we had to do 1 burpee on the first day, 2 burpees on the second day and so on until the 300th day.

Just to illustrate how burpee works,

Try doing 10 non stop and tell me whether its good or not 😀

For every burpee I missed, I need to pay it back the next day. For example, if I miss 50 burpees on my 50th day, I need to do 101 (50 burpees + 51 burpees) burpees on the 51st day. There were couple of times where I came home drunk and wasn’t in a state to do any burpees. I regretted big time the next day.

After going through burpees for 80 over days, I decided to give up. It was too tiring. I had to stay up a little bit later to do burpees. However, the results were great. I lost some weight and I can even wear 31 inches pants. Before this, I was on 34 inches. Awesome!

The challenge is on its 153rd day and there are less than 10 people left in this challenge. I wish them all the best!

Now Pushmore has started another challenge namely the 100 Day Pull Up Challenge. Just like the 300 Day Burpee Challenge, we have to do 1 pull up on the 1st day, 2 pull ups on the 2nd day until the 100th day! This is so much easier!

My name is already on the Pushmore whiteboard!

If anyone wants to take up this challenge, please do! I even got a friend in Singapore to do it!

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Testing wordpresss!

I have finally migrated my blog to WordPress. It took me 3 days to test and move my 2000 entries archive. My archives screwed up big time. Most of my old entries lost all their paragraphing. Further, the authors of some of my entries were screwed up too. I had to amend them one by one. But it was great to read back the old entries and the comments posted. We had so much fun back then.

Although you dont see any changes in the layout of the website, there are loads of changes behind it.

Now there’s a system where you can register yourself a commentor. I’m trying to add a feature where you can put your own avatar 😀

Any WP users can recommend me good plugins?