• It’s Cindy‘s birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BITCH!
  • FOOTBALL IN WINTER: It’s not pleasant. Although it dries your sweat quickly, it’s freezing. I was at Astro Turf just now playing footie with couple of MASSOC members. There were about 28 guys divided into 4 teams. I was wearing only a t-shirt and track bottom and it’s 8°. Goosebumps were popping out on my hand and I feel damn numb, I couldn’t even tie my shoelace! Anyway, it was a good game. My team drew a match and won one match. I was the defender for all the matches (we had 2 tiring games). Khai Fei scored a goal after successfully tricked me, shesh man!
  • After the football match, we went for Chinese food. It seems that the elderly lady I helped when she fainted couple of weeks ago works there. haha. She gave me the meal I order with some prawn crisps for free! Looks like my wish came true. I wished she were an owner of a Chinese restaurant so that I could have free Chinese food everyday!
  • Going Home!

  • I might be going back to Malaysia earlier! I’m going change my flight from 30th December to 18th December.. weee!
  • I just booked a room in Halifax hall for my winter break. We have to move out from our hall during the winter break for 1 month and then move back in again a month later! shesh man, damn troublesome. Halifax hall is quite nice but the only problem is that they only have one telephone for each corridor, seems that I need to share with my corridor mates. It cost me £58.20 for 5 days, shesh man!