Seoul, Korea.

Before I succumb to the wrenching lifestyle of legal work this 1st December, I’ve decided to make a trip down to Seoul, Korea for a 5 days 4 nights holiday starting 22nd November.

Yes yes, I’ll try to get you guys some souvenirs.

I’ve made a list of places to go. They are Gyeongbokgang Palace, Dongdaemun Market, 63 Building and Chongno-2-ga. And of course, the Philatelic Department of South Korea Postal!!

Introducing the most delicious stamp ever!!!

Any other interesting place to visit in Seoul?

I thought of visiting the 38th Parallel at Panmunjeom (the buffet zone that divides North and South Korea). However, I heard that all tourists must follow a tour group and certain places of interest are not accessible (for example the discovered tunnels built by North Koreans. However some sources claims that it is accessible).

Btw, any South Korean readers want to meet up in Seoul (I doubt I have any though)? 😀