10 Reasons To Be Sure You Want To Get Married

The hunt for:
1. the perfect diamond engagement ring drains your money and energy.
2. the perfect time and place to propose.
3. the perfect place for the wedding reception.
3. the neverending guest list your father, mother, aunts, uncles and grandparents insist that you must include some long-lost cousins from mainland China you’ve never met before.
4. the perfect wedding gown and suit that doesn’t make you look fat.
5. the perfect photographer for wedding photographs, who doesn’t end up cheating your money and giving you tacky captions in your wedding album like, “Love like flowing river, it don’t stop”

14 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Be Sure You Want To Get Married”

  1. tons of condom to prevent the wife-to-be from becoming pregnant for the first few years of marriage.
    a comfortable couch to sleep in after the wife-to-be kicked u outta the bedroom.

  2. Rather shallow but hey thats just my 2cents worth… Cuz I thought d Only reason 2 b sure U want get married is Love. Unless this was meant 2 be a joke… Then Haha.

  3. when i was small, i wished i can get married before i’m 21… now, still can’t find someone worth the got married with… oh, i still have a few years to achive my dream

  4. 1 reason i can think of… LOVE.
    forget the 10 reasons. just a joke only. keke.
    do not get distracted by bimbo’s post. if u r sure that u found the right 1… go ahead!

  5. that’s why i said, guys, make sure you marry a girl who can cook, clean, iron, sweep, mop, wash and feed better than a maid and still look fabulous while doing so, and also can f*ck better than a hooker. thats the perfect wife

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