10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bimbobum

1. What do you do during your free time?
Clear off spam in www.xes.cx and delete spam from my gmail account.
And do some exercises, to keep fit. ;D
p.s. @&$^)(*#@$@_$# stop spamming, you idiots!
2. What do you do everyday?
Work, eat, blog. I also carry my digicam around with me every single day.
3. What the f*ck for??
When I agreed to guestblog with www.xes.cx, the main condition for my ‘contract’ was to make sure my posts had pictures.
p.s. I blame xes for my constant backache – not easy, ok, to walk around with a camera in my handbag everyday like a sad f*ck. Occasionally I have friends asking me, “Why the f*ck do you have a camera in your bag??”
“To take pictures of the food and company I have daily. New trend for many bloggers, you know. Nowadays people LOVE reading blogs about bloggers and their daily routine,”
I always answer with a straight face.
p.p.s. I am being sarcastic, you do know that, don’t you?
4. When is your birthday?
What, you mean, you don’t know???
xes also clearly stipulated that “bimbobum does not have a birthday!”
Sniff. It is very sad. You have noticed that my 1 year of guestblogging has gone by without a hint of celebration for my birthday, whenever it may be.
5. What frustrates you?
The inability to reveal my secret identity and blog freely!
6. Then reveal yourself!
I can’t. What if I’m not hot enough for you? Then you’ll stop reading my posts …… Sobs.
p.s. My friends may stop being friends with me for fear of their relationship being scrutinised and blogged about, by me. ;D
I’d be shunned, that’s for sure!
7. But you mention that you are with friends in some of your posts?
Ahh, you see, those who know my identity have been sworn to secrecy for life. In the event that they reveal who bimbobum really is, their little fingers and toes will be cut off, their dogs and cats and cows killed, and like ah longs (loan sharks), their houses and properties will be sprayed with red paint, calling them, “YOU TRAITOR!! YOU SHALL DIE A PAINFUL DEATH!!”
And then ….. damn, I can’t remember the rest of the details in the oath xes and I wrote for them.
p.s. Serious. Ask xes.

8. How old are you?

I thought I am 18 years old?
I graduated. I am old enough to work and pay my income tax. You do the maths. ;D
9. What are your fears?
Being found out. Having someone come up to me one day (while I’m taking a picture of something pathetic) and ask, “Are you bimbobum?”
It is so bad that I actually look around me before I snap a picture!

10. What fun have you had as bimbobum?

Being around some of xes‘ friends and readers without them knowning who I am. ;D
I have also seen eraine and Siew Lee (both guestbloggers here) and Lee Shih (xes‘ friend and www.xes.cx reader) around before. ;D
p.s. When I informed xes, he asked me, “Why didn’t you introduce yourself?? ekekekeke.” -_-
Believe it or not?

25 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bimbobum”

  1. wow… such a stalker gifted 😀 😀 😀 can u teach me hw to stalk… seems like ya a stalker LOLZ… Just kidding

  2. WOW… (Not the game computer geeks, but the expression of surprise).
    Bimbobum identity seems like a big MYSTERY. Funny how she gets all paranoid before taking photos… haha.
    I reckon there should be a reward for the person who finds out Bimbobum’s identity. Provide link to photos of Bimbobum, address, birth certificate, driver’s license and qualifications…JOKING.
    To all the sick f#%k stalkers, please respect Bimbobum privacy.

  3. Avalon: not yet! ehehehe what benefits? housing benefits ah? COLA? hehehe
    wolfx: xes wears thongs like Pinnochio in Shrek 2. wahahahaah
    ayam kambing beg lah dungu! ;P
    endroo: not really! it’s not like the Hitz.fm Fugitive of Head & Shoulders It Girl or something, with a cash prize 😉
    Scuzzy: thanks 😉 but not to worry, i have no stalkers! except that now you sound like you want me to be stalked!
    <3 iv’N w00t!

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