Gay Leong has asked me countless amount of times to blog but each time i couldn’t log into greymatter which sucks!!! =D Yeah in some ways i do deserve to be kicked off as guest blogger but u can entirely blame meeee. I got to blog in my site, Cris’s and Gavin’s site as well. Yeah i know i don’t do often and its true i tend to procrastinate alot as well. tee heee!

Anyway i’m sure everyone here are familiar with the ‘presenting Gavin Tan’ posts so i’m not gonna do any of that sort. Will leave it up to Leong to handle that. NOTTTTTT!!!! =D Sorry Gavin! Anyway let’s talk bout Gavin a little here. He’s always the center of attention when it comes to nutty topics. Especially when there’s only me, Chen, and Leong there with him. It’s always a mystery on how he always manage to crack all of us up at once.

Unfortunate circumstances usually befalls him wherever he does. I’m sure he’ll earn heaps if he would just listen to me and take up the profesion of a clown. Then the phrase ‘Presenting Gavin Tan’ would be at it’s fullest! I’ll confirm be a BIG FAN! How bout everyone else? Wouldn’t u try hard to get his autograph? Wouldn’t u DIE for it???? huh? huh? HUH???


Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines will be in theaters on the 2nd of July 2003. Hopefully it’s not going to be a flop as the teaser shows the movie to be very promising. This time Arnold wouldnt be saying “I’ll be back” instead he said “She’ll be back”. Just can’t wait.

tx (20k image)



Weekend since Graduation
Not a bad weekend to start out with since i got back from my convocation in Melbourne. Friday i was down at Atmosphere with Crist and Jia Nee. Bumped into Johnson and some of my other Melbourne friends there. As usual the bouncers were on us again regarding our pouring of powder on the floor. Personally i don’t see what’s the fuss is all about. It’s not that slippery till people could fall flat on their face! The night started out slow with slow tunes but ended with nice enjoyable hard tunes. Met some new shufflers there as well.

The music here are pretty much on the slowler beat. Mostly Tribal and Progressive. Never do they actually play Hard NRG tunes here! 🙁 Most they’ll go into Hard house or Hard Trance. Miss the beats in Hard Kandy and Bass Station. Can find it here in Discos like Warp. Have to mind the Canto lyrics though. Si Beh Song ah Si Beh Song ah Si Beh Song ah! OH MY GOD! The AGONY! *faints*

Stressful Decisions
I have to make my decision on wether to get my ass back to Melbourne and apply for a PR (Permanent Residency) or stay put here in Malaysia and look for a job very soon. Preferably after the 28th of this month i have to come to a conclusion. If i’ve to head back to Melbourne, i have to find a new and affordable place to stay as my lease on my St Kilda Apartment will be expiring in February. Besides, my house mates, Sau Yan and Julian, will be looking for their on pad as well. What’s stressful is not looking for a new place but having to find a part time job for the mean time to support myself with everything, that’s stressful. Cause my dad isn’t gonna continue giving me money eventhough i’m waiting for my PR application to pull through. To kill it off, there’s absolutely zero contacts i have on the work department that i wish to find a job with. I’m aiming to work in departments such as Advertising, Marketing or Events.

But if i stay put here in Malaysia, i already have a place to stay (not like my parents would be so cruel and kick me out of the house already!) and have some important contacts regarding the job line i want to work in. I wouldn’t say alot, but sufficient to start my working life with. I know it’s better to start on scratch with everything which would, in the end, help built a better character out of me. I do love Melbourne life although i complain about it ample amount of times. It’s just the studying! REALLY! Probably the job will too in the near future. Life there is so much slower compared to life here. You either, chill out in some cafe, catch a movie, shop early, eat, or just plain stone infront of the computer. The raves there are teh best though! 🙂

Parents are already giving me pressure on deciding so i better start thinking about it seriously. They prefer me to stay back though although the decision is completely up to me. Getting so used to the life back in Malaysia already anyway. Must say i’m leaning closer to being at home……….we’ll see how eh


the ring

IT was fucking freaky! Everyone in the cinema was like loosing their damn mind. Screaming, squirming, closing eyes/ears, some even left the damn theater half way through the show. That was the situation in Crown cinema tonight.

Was really dead bored. Catch the next tram down to catch a movie alone. All that was left screening was The Ring. I thought to myself why not? Big mistake. My fingers are over-strained from covering my ears and eyes. Pussy i know, Fuck off. Just that these movies really scare the shit out of me but i do enjoy the adrenaline rush or i wouldn’t be even considering to watch the show.

It was a good show overall, scary-wise. Was told that the Jap version is much scarier though. Not planning to indulge in that just yet. The english one was bad enough. I don even dare to lay eyes on my tv now since i got home. Oh well….

4:45 AM (Aust)

dyed hair

Tai Lou Leong : Lan ciaw lah mah hai sei coolio ah! All of your hair are going to drop off.(translation : “cock pussy die coolio” doesnt make much sense in english but it does in chinese. Sort off)

Dyed hair today. Wouldn’t say it was good or bad but in a way quite satisfying. I couldn’t bleach my hair cream white with chestnut colour strands though. Hair stylist wanted to charge me fucking 50 Aust per round of bleach. And in order for me to obtain the white i wanted she said i need to go at least 3 rounds of bleaching which would cost me a total of 150 Aust (approximate) not including the short trim i wanted. Not forgetting 5 to 6 hours of stoning on the damn chair.

Couldn’t be bothered i just told her to dye whatever colour that she thought suited me. Wanted to give my parents a shock next week but looks like i have to settle for comments like “OH MY GOD! what in hell’s name have you done to your hair?!” instead of “You’re fucked big time boy, pass me the chainsaw”.

On the other hand, Wei Chen’s scalp is totally rainbowlised. Lost count on the amount of tone he has now. His hair is totally yellowlised, brownised, chestnutlised, blondised, etc. His head looks as though it represents the blardee sun. But it’s cool ‘Respect’.

There’s been tones of good movies out in the cinema lately. Red Dragon was awesome in ways it was really gruesome and thrilling at the same time. Road to Perdition would interest the slow action type movie fans. The Two Towers looks really promising and not forgetting Chambers of Secrets as well which is already out in Malaysia! Gawwdd Austalia is really slow.

Look what i found! look what i found! *faints*

Avril6 (26k image)
Avril Lavigne is teh sexxe!!



Web Master Leong has flew into the koo koo’s nest. I mean would u all take a good look at him? It’s nice really but FOR FUCK SAKE it’s just so so…words just can’t describe it. But hell it’s cool. Nowander he’s been keeping his hair long eh

I know i’ve been lost for sometime. Only because there’re so many things stressing me up lately. Studies mainly though. I know it ain’t a valid excuse but seriously, studying sucks ass man. Just got over the last paper two days back and realised that never again do i have to sit in some shitty exam hall and get all terrified over some cutted-tree-paper with words. Add to that, no more lecture theaters and tutorial classes for the rest of my life. At least i do choose to believe that from now on.

There’s so much happening in the world today that it’s really getting out of hand. Saddam is fucked, Osama rises from the dead, poor bali, malaysia threaten, warning from Osama to Australians, Bali bomber smiles hysterically in court, Tai lou Leong braids his hair, Monash shootings, etc. It’s just too much information at one go! Why can’t the world just be filled with naked chicks. It would be so much more peaceful. *choose to believe*

Avril Lavigne is teh sexxe! A momment of silence please. *fantasizes*

8:27 p.m

Top of the MORNING!

Piracy..*sigh* That word does bring music to my ears. SS2 Petaling Jaya is always the place to get pirated stuffs. Be it, VCD, DVD, Computer Software or Computer Games. Vendors would be competing for customers by promoting their vcds to them and telling how good/funny/gross a certain movie is. Some would be shouting “sub yii soi ngam mou lou sai” (translation would be something like : Boss, 12 years old porn movie suitable for you?) Fuck man i never once bought porn vcd from vcd vendors as it’s a little too disturbing for the likes of me. Everyone will be assuming that i’m a sick cunt. Not that i’m not though, but one must protect his outer innocent layer. 🙂 There’s always the internet and friend’s who are sick enough to buy them. Hee Hee!! However, it’s really a turn on when u see chicks browsing through the porn section though. LOL!

Like XES said, whenever, the vcd vendors received information that there’s going to be a raid, they’ll all pack up and leave the scene so fast before you can even buy your normal chee cheong farn. In SS2, there’ll be this really big fellow who just walks around the stalls and he’ll be carrying a walkie talkie with him. The other messenger would be waiting outside the JPJ department building (raid officers). Whenever a JPJ truck comes out, the messenger will follow it and observe which particular area they’re going to raid and reports back to the big fellow at SS2 to ask him to stand by. The big fellow then shouts to the vendors to be prepared. The vendors will arrange and put their stack of PIRATED vcds in such a way, when packing up is needed, it would be easier for them to just lift it up and stash it in their getaway van. When it’s confirm that there’s going to be a raid, all the vendors would start packing and just wait for the JPG officers to arrive and fucking laugh at them while making loud noices with their big mufflers from their car. It’s quite entertaining actually to see how these people work in a team and how coordinate they actually are. My god it’s like a fucking cult.

Bass Station it is tonight! WoOO HoOoO!! May have to head down to Salt first though cause Weng will be down there as this is his first time in Melbourne and he wanted to see how the famous Salt was like. Same owner as salt, i think Nouvo is a much better place though. Actually both sucks big time. Unless you’re a R&B freak, you’ll think these places is the SHITS! Lots of Viets and they like staring at you which makes it so uncomfortable. And the worst thing is that your can’t do shit about it. Unless you wanna get your damn head shot off of course. It’s like operation Desert Fucking Storm in Salt. Not surprising people were killed there. Places like Bass Station will never have these kind of crowd and action because of it’s reliability of the security and yeah the crowd are so much friendlier. Although Hard Kandy is pretty dodgey and dangerous but hell it’s really more like an experience to be there then just a normal clubbing club. AsK XES, he’ll enlighten you.


Chen just left

Holidays are here! Though it’s only a short one a half week one but hell i’m gonna try and enjoy it as much as i can. Anyway a friend of mine, Weng, is coming down to Melbourne today and i’m still waiting for his highness to arrive. Initially he was supposedly be here last month but then football session just started again. Came down to Melbourne to spend some QUALITY time with his girl and not me! 🙁 Everyone seems to have left to either Malaysia or somewhere else for the holidays. It SUCKS big time!! This is turning out to be a boring update as my eyes are failing me fast.

Probably be heading down to Bass Station tomorrow night with what’s left of my friends who are still here. Hope the line ups are good. Clubbing in Melbourne is so different from clubbing back in Malaysia. One, the crowd are so much more friendly here. It’s like chicks would just come up to you and give u a hug asking wether are u enjoying yourself. There was once i was so gloomy in there because it was so hot, this chick came up to me and just use her hands to put a smile on my face. I was like ” FUCK! Can you like do that again?” She was asking me not to be soo gloomy and just enjoy myself. That made my night though. HAHAHAHAH. Hell if she was one ugly fat whore i would be even more gloomy that night. I think i’m destined for hell this time. YUP YUP I’m heading straight down there. Besides that, the Dj’s here are so much harder. Wait… that didn’t sound right. The songs they spin are so much more harder then back home which makes it even more enjoyable. Not forgetting shufflers here are SUPERB!

War of the Worlds is ON this saturday at Altona Sports and Leisure Centre! Said to be one of the Trippiest Rave in Melbourne. Both the warm ups and line ups are superb. Check it out below:

War of the Worlds DJ Times

Techno/Main Room

10.00pm-11.00pm – ADM
11.00pm-12.00am – Ben Cromack <--- Ok la
12.00am-1.00am – Wet Musik LIVE
1.00am-2.00am – Simon Coyle
2.00am-4.00am – Richie Hawtin (CANADA) <--- Good reviews bout him but said to be quite slow
4.00am-5.30am – Thomas Heckmann LIVE (GERMANY)
5.30am-6.30am – De Bang De Funk
6.30am-7.30am – Richie Rich <--- This Dj rocks!

NRG/Hard Trance

10.30pm-11.30pm – Timteq
11.30pm-12.30am – Ben Kakoschke <--- This Dj OwnZ!
12.30am-1.30am – Jeremy K <--- This Dj BEST!
1.30am-2.30am – Jason Midro <--- FUCKING awesome! fuhhhh Bass Station Owner
2.30am-4.30am – Kai Tracid (GERMANY) <--- Heard that he was good
4.30am-5.30am – Scott Alert <--- Hard Kandy resident!!
5.30am-7.00am – Nexus Vs Kaos <--- One from Kandy and the other from Bass. It's gonna be good!

Old Skool

10.30pm-11.30pm – Gavin Martin <--- Not bad!
11.30pm-12.30am – Jeff Tyler <--- Boleh Tahan!
12.30am-1.30am – Itchy Vs Hogan
1.30am-2.30am – Dee Dee
2.30am-4.30am – Astroboy
4.30am-5.30am – Rudeboy
5.30am-7.00am – Keiren Vs Luke MCD


10.00pm-11.00pm – Toupee
11.00pm-12.00am – Hound
12.00am-1.00am – Mike Calender
1.00am-2.30am – Michael Forshaw (ENGLAND)
2.30am-3.30am – Brewster B
3.30am-4.30am – Kendachi LIVE
4.30am-5.30am – Phil K
5.30am-6.30am – Bobby Raver

It’s gonna be one HELL of a night people! I like I like I like I like!