one more day for reinforce!

Ok I got another theory. The eggs hit my car probably because I parked my car next to a tree.

Probably there was a bird nest on top of the tree and the eggs fell on to my car due to wind gush or something.

I think the theory about gay men throwing eggs on to my car is absolutely nonsense!

Reinforce 2
Suddenly, 10 human beings on this earth are feeling depressed. Why? Cause our mother fucking free tickets to Reinforce 2, one of the biggest rave event of this year, have been cancelled.


Ops…false alarm 😀

Reinforce Flyer click here – courtesy of

The secret police
Mark Daly, a journalist for BBC, went undercover into the Manchester Police Force to cover racism in the force. BBC released a documentary revealing racist acts by 5 British policemen. This documentary sparked an outrage in England…

My life as a secret policeman

Watch the extract of the documentary here

rotten egg stinks my car

My car stinks of rotten egg. m a c h a u h a i

It happened like this. I was trying to get into my car but the remote button wasn’t working. Then suddenly, there was this horrible stench but I dismissed it by the fact that someone threw rotten eggs onto the road. The horrible stench was still there even though I was halfway home. Then I notice couple of slimy patches on my side window and back window. I said to myself, “What the fuck….”
I’ve no idea who threw to eggs or why the fuck they did it. I guess I was a victim of a random prank or probably I was blocking somebody’s car. But anyway, what comes around goes around, I hope that fellow gets an ostrich’s egg smashed on his car. Hahahaha

There’s an epidemic running around. I’m down with a bad sore throat and Gayvin is suffering from throat infection while dad is a little bit sick. I heard that Vitamin C helps. I ate 50 pieces of it. Sorry laaa, I cant help it, it was damn addictive. Ha ha.

Taylor’s College
I went to Taylor’s College to settle my examination transcript today. When I stepped into Taylor’s, I was lost. No, not lost in the sea of beautiful girls but it seems that the entire place has changed. I wandered around looking for my University’s department. I found it couple of minutes later.
Anyway, there wasn’t many pretty girls in Taylor’s as compared to Sunway College. Sunway College girls rock!!!! :D~~

gayvin tan!!

Introducing Gayvin Tan!!! (formally known as Gavin Tan) *clap clap clap!!*

Gayvin helped me print 2 documents but guess what he did?

Note that I can be contacted through The deadline for application is 31st October 2003 hence please send it as soon as possible. Your help is greatly appreciated. Please note that I am homosexual and will extend further services to you privately after due completion of my request.

To those blind bats out there, he added the sentence, “Please note that I am homosexual and will extend further services to you privately after due completion of my request”

Gavin says:
urmm…”im horny lets start a family”

Egg bombs
After yamcha session with Wei Chen and Gayvin, I found out that my car was bombarded with eggs. It stinks and it has dried up. No idea where it came from but the motherfucker who did it is going to hell!!

Btw, Add me in friendster!!!

Common pantry microwave

A friend of mine told me about this particular microwave of a university residence in Melbourne.

Her friend told her not to use the microwave in the common pantry cause one day, while the students there was bored and had nothing to do, they caught a cat *meow!!!*, locked it inside the microwave and turned the timer. Then few minutes later, *TING!*


The cat exploded.

Maybe it looked like this…

To those secretly laughing out there….it’s okay, i laughed when my friend told me that story..ahhahaha

kill rude neighbour

A rude neighbour came to my house and scolded mum. He was complaining that mum didn?t cut a tree, which is adjoined to his house. He screamed obscenities and even called my mum a stupid woman.

I was in my room that time. I was so pissed. It?s not the first time someone came to my house and make noise.

I had to shut him up.

I took out my trusty machete from my weapons department. *kaching!*

By the time I was outside the house with my trusty machete, mum was already shouting at me and ordered me to get into the house. However, the man was shocked. I guess he didn?t know that there were people in the house. I pointed my machete towards him and said, ?Don?t threaten my mother?.

He immediately turned polite, as his children and wife were next to him. Mum sprung out from her seat and lightly pushed me into the house but she shouted, ?You are a lawyer!! What do you think you?re doing???

I retreated back to my room. I did not regret what I did as defending my mother is every son?s duty. How can I let a grown up man in front of his kids bully my mother?

Anyway, Mum went out to talk to that man and settled that problem.

Well… I admit I overreacted 😀

photos found

My mother hates taking photos, oh wait, she DOESN’T take photos. Hence, I dont even have a family potrait. I’ve no idea why she doesn’t take photos. Anyway, I found 3 old photos of mum while cleaning a cupboard today. It dates back to the 1960s. 😀

I’ve no idea who these people are but check out the honeycomb hairstyles man. Ha ha. But..30 years down the road, my children will be laughing back at me. I bet they’ll say…

“Look @ dad’s has life of it’s own!!”

I dont know which one is my mum.. ;D

porch removed

This morning at 8AM,

*bang bang bang*

Me: aaahhh…what the fuck is happening… (first swear word of the day)

I couldn’t get up. I was damn tired.

The workers were removing the collapsed porch and also the remaining parts. All that is left now is the pillars that were once used to support the porch. Surprisingly, the house looks better without the porch. It looks brighter now 😀

oh oh! I applied to to be Malaysia’s first asstronut

“The first Malaysian astronaut can be just the man in the street, a professor or a soldier. Anybody can be the country’s first person in outer space if they are fit, intelligent and have the right aptitude.” – Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamed (The Star, Friday August 08, 2003)

One of the main requirements for being an astronaut is a perfect 20:20 eye sight but unfortunately, I dont possess that crucial requirement. Ah but what teh heck, just trying my luck 😀