letter of demand!!

The cost for moving and removing the collapsed car porch and remaining car porch will cost RM3500. 🙁

But good news! The termites ate the poisonous wood administered by the pest controller.

Apparently, the wood is rare and imported from USA and therefore, the termites will immediately eat the wood due to it’s rare nature (or probably it taste good for them, yeah eat it you mother fucking termites die die die!!).Then, the motherfuckers will return to their nest and somehow a disease will be spread in the nest due to the poisonous wood.

And soon the termites will HAM KA CHAN!! (all family die!!) wahahhahahahaa

damn im proud to be malaysian!

Got this from a forwarded email 😀

This is Malaysia today …..

Lesson 1
You have just landed in KL International Airport and the first thing you want to do is to call your Malaysian friend. If you’re calling him at home or at the office, the first thing to say on the phone is “Eh, what you doing?”.
If you’re calling him on the handphone (cellular phone) the standard greeting is “Eh, where are you?”

Lesson 2
Your Malaysian friend has graciously offered to pick you from the airport. He said “Give me half an hour…”, be prepared to wait at least one and a half hours. This is probably your first encounter with Malaysian Timing. There’s no need to adjust your watch. Whatever timea Malaysian tells you, just add another hour, and you won’t go wrong.

Lesson 3
You have no friends in Malaysia (yet) and you decide to take a cab from the airport. You’ll soon realize that the one-way taxi fare is more expensive than a night’s stay at most decent hotels.

Lesson 4
If your friendly limo or taxi driver, says “Sir, you want to try some Thai chicken?”, he’s definitely not suggesting a good place for Thai food.If you encounter the word “chicken” in a taxi, hotel lobby or streetcorner it usually means a lady who charges you a fee in exchange for pleasure.

Lesson 5
If you’re a newbie expat, your colleagues will definitely introduce you to the mini Beverly Hills of Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar. Believe me, there are other more interesting places to shop, eat and drink. And by the way,get the pronunciation right! It’s “Bar-ngsar” not “Bang-sar” as in “Bangkok”.

Lesson 6
Since you’re heading for Bangsar anyway, you ought to know that Bangsar was previously Indian territory before the white men’s invasion. Some of the local Indians you meet there try their very best to look and behave like the blacks in the US. Complete with rapper’s hair cut, shades and customary “Yo! What’s up motherxxxxxxx?” greeting, you would probably think that you’re right in the middle of Harlem. Butremember this important warning: Don’t ever call them blacks, even though their sole purpose in life is to look and sound like theblacks. They become extremely hostile if you refer to them as blacks! I can never figure this out but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Lesson 7
Why do Malaysians call all Caucasians “Mat Sallehs”? About a hundred years ago, drunkard sailors from the West were a common sight in the Port Klang area. The locals used to call them “Mad Sailors”. Somehow, it got corrupted into the Malay name “Mat Salleh”. The Chinese will still call you “Gwai-Loh” or “Devil”. To the more polite Hokkiens you’re a “Ang Moh” or “Red Hair”.

Lesson 8
If your Chinese friends invite you to join them for a Chinese meal like “Hokkien Mee” or “Bak Kut Teh”, eat as much as you can. You’ll never gonna get it anywhere else. Not even in China, Taiwan or Hong Kong. There’s another Malaysian invention, the “Yee Sang” or raw fish salad (served during the Chinese New Year). Before I forget, if you’re the queasy type, avoid ordering “spare-parts” when you’re having “Bak Kut Teh”, unless you fancy all the internal parts of a pig.

Lesson 9
When you’re in a restaurant, always “pop” the disposable tissue packet as loud as you can. Don’t worry, nobody will get annoyed. Usually, at the end of a ten course dinner, there’ll be one “Big Bang” as everybody “pop” theirs. In order to express your appreciation to your generous host, remember to throw in a loud belch as well.

Although it may be normal in your own country, don’t ask the waiter for a separate bill (check). Either you pay for everything or just keep your mouth (and wallet) shut. If you feel bad about it, offer to pay the next time. Anyway, don’t worry too much about it as most locals know that most Mat Sallehs are “stingy buggers”…

Lesson 10
Don’t like to be a stingy Mat? Take your friends to a Mamak “fish-head curry” restaurant. Order the prawns and the crabs as well. Be totally reckless, don’t ask about the prices and don’t check your bill as
well. I guarantee you’ll find a big hole. The one in your pocket, not the ones you’re always chasing in Bangsar. Whether you’re in a five-star hotel or at a roadside stall, always ask for the “bill”. Nobody will understand when you say “check” or “tab”.

Need a paper napkin or serviette? Just say “tishoo”.

Lesson 11
Every Wednesday or Thursday night is Ladies’ Night at the “fun pubs” and discos. That’s the night when most club operators get rid of all their stale and unwanted alcohol. They mix it into some strange cocktails and give it away free to the ladies. Ladies’ Night is actually Men’s Night! That’s the time when all the predatory “buayas” (crocodiles) go out in full force. Stick to normal nights, you’ll find less competition. If you’re a lady, stay away from the “buayas” and the free drinks (unless it’s pouring brands).

Lesson 12
Stop hassling the street vendor who sold you a 3 VCD set of “The Titanic” that didn’t exactly meet the ISO 9000 specifications. C’mon, what can you buy for US $3 back home? Besides, you should listen to your own government and not buy pirated stuff. But from what I see at Imbi
Plaza, pewter and batik are no longer the favorite souvenirs. By the way, when you’re at Imbi Plaza, don’t forget to check out another distinguished landmark of Malaysia; the world’s first and only permanently static escalator.

Lesson 13
Malaysian drivers tend to slow down when they come across any road accidents. They are not being cautious nor are they intending to give assistance. They must catch a glimpse of that ever important “Nombor”. Even if the number (license) plate is broken into a million pieces, the passerbys will patiently re-assemble it just to obtain that “lucky” number. Then, it’s off to the 4D betting shops. If the numbers don’t come this way, they do some quick interpretation of their dreams through the handy Chinese Dream Book. It looks like a Clip Art Visual Catalog.
Nightmares are included as well….

Damn, I’m Proud to be Malaysian!

Termites 1 – House number 337 0
Couple of days ago, the pest controller came to administer poison to kill termites in the car porch. The little box filled with poisonous wood was plastered on to the porch. I was pretty relieved as something was done to kill the mother fucking termites.

But few days later, we found out that the termites were eating other parts of the porch, namely the part where the porch and house were fused. But we were okay as we thought that the poison might take few weeks to work.

Unfortunately, we found out that the porch was detached from the house and was about to fall down. So today, right before dinner, mum and I moved 2 tables under the part where the porch and my house are fused to prevent anyone from being hit by falling wood. Mum said the repairers would come tomorrow to fix the porch.

While having dinner,
*beep* *beep*

Message from Dad
“Car porch collapsed”
Dad then calls me, ordered me to get someone to remove the electric wires in the house otherwise someone might get electrocuted by broken wires.

I called Meng, our usual technician. He came immediately.

We were shocked with the damage. The entire porch collapsed on to the ground. Thank god we were out for dinner, otherwise our car would be flatten.

Fortunately, the porch crashed right exactly on the tables. Thank god the tables were there, otherwise our entire floor would be cracked.

The aftermath was horrible. It somehow resembles the September 11 attack aftermath, debris everywhere, broken fixtures and worst of all, termites running around.

Our 30 years old porch was a total loss. We’ll need someone to remove it tomorrow.

Gay men

While having drinks with classmates during our short break,

*bzz* *bbzzzz*

Phone vibrating, call from 03 2164 1665, unknown number

I picked up, “Hello? Hello?? Hellooo????” I could hear the echo of my voice. The line was bad.

*bzz* *bzz*

Phone vibrating again, I picked up and said,
Hallo?? Helloo?? I’ll call you back!

I called back but no one picked up. I waited for the fellow to call back. Few minutes later, phone vibrated again.

Me: “Hello”
It was a guy. He said,

“I think you are cute” (in a gay tone)

*slams down the phone*

FUCKING F***T!!! It was the same fellow who text me last week.


Arnie wins the California Government election

Arnie wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

grey davis kiss my austrian ass..


Lesson of the day: If you find chewing gum stuck on the sole of your shoe, remove it immediately. I had a cockroach’s head stuck on the strawberry flavoured chewing gum.

Btw, Dr. Liew’s website has been giving me loads of hits lately 😀
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Lots of funny posts. He hE

l i f e s u c k s . . .

Today is the shittiest day of my life.

Mum was involved in an accident. Her car smashed on to a cactus tree cause she fell asleep while driving.

Fortunately, she escaped unhurt but the car was badly damaged. The car was stuck and I couldn’t move it out. I had to get dad’s help. He was so pissed off with mum.

We called a tow truck and the fellows removed the car in a jiffy. The cactus tree was all smashed up and was blocking the entrance of a house. Due to the thorns, it was hard to clean it up so we pushed them aside. The funny thing is, throughout the entire incident, the owner never came out to look. It was until towards the end, an elderly lady came out. She was too shocked to say anything and I was too ashamed to talk to her.

wounded by cactus…

I have to accompany mum to High Street Police Station to make a police report so that we could claim insurance. The issue about the shittiest point of my life wasn’t entire about mum’s accident but it was due to my family’s financial crisis. Mum’s business is getting worst and dad is at the verge of bankruptcy due to that. I need a change of luck. Badly, very very badly…

I almost lost my mum…damn..

Mum’s face is bruised and she said her lips are broken. She asked me to get her a coconut. So I headed to our usual coconut provider, the elderly lady with kick ass coconut cutting skill.
Lady: So, you just finish school?
Me: Oh no, I just graduated.
Lady: Ahhh, which form (high school grade) are you in now?
Me: Err, actually I’m a university graduate. Not in high school any more.

Another shitty thing happening is that my house is being attack by termites. The pest controller came today to administer poison around the house.

Fuck you fucking terminates stop eating my house!!!

Last update of the day
Mum and I made a police report in the evening. It wasn’t troublesome at all as the policeman helped us to write a report. The tow truck man, who towed Mum’s car this morning, was there to help. He advised us to pay the policeman RM10 for helping us to write the report.

Then after filing the report, we had to see the sergeant to verify our report. It took a long time as there were many people and Mum’s car was on the way from the workshop (the sergeant has to see the car).

And eventually, Mum and I left the police station early cause the tow truck was stuck in a jam. I paid the tow truck man RM150 for the fine (initially it’s RM300 but the tow truck man seems to have some magical powers to settle for a lower fine).

Tomorrow, I have to hand in couple of documents to the tow truck man for insurance purpose. I feel so much better now. Thank you people! 😀

On a brighter note, my mum struck lottery today! She got herself few thousand Ringgit for the consolation prize she won 😀

Package from Finland

Work today. I spent the entire day printing contracts and certificates of an Oil company. Mann, some contracts can go up to 115 pages. I pity the lawyers who were assigned to read them.

gay club last night :D

This week has been pretty gay for me. I mean, really gay.

I went to a gay club last night. No, not to pick up gay men but Regenerate decided to hold their rave there this time (Regenerate is an event performed by locals DJs). And last night couple of our friends was spinning so we decided to give them some support. By the way, entrance was free for the first 200 patrons.

At the beginning, we got the entire dance floor for ourselves. But soon, the gay men invaded the dance floor and we were instantly evicted to a corner. Those muscular guys were hugging and kissing each other on the dance floor. I was terribly disgusted when gay men shook their ass in front of me and when they danced like ‘sotongs’ (cuttlefish).

Fortunately, the heterosexual corner was filled with friends. There were could strut our shit. However, the music sucks big time. Johnson said the music was catered for the gay men since it’s a gay club.
That will be the first and last time I step foot into a gay club. No more!!

Dad back from Bangkok
Dad is back from Bangkok. He said the place is much better now as the Thai government cleaned up the streets for the upcoming APEC conference. Policemen everywhere, beggars sent back to Cambodia and stray dogs captured into pounds. Anyway, he brought loads of stuff back for me. He got me a really nice t-shirt, stamps, a book and articles in Japanese for me to read. Hm, have you notice that every time we get new clothes, we would want to wear it immediately without washing it? But never! I shall resist the temptation!

The book that Dad bought for me is called “1421 The Year China discovered the world”. According to the book, contrary to popular belief, Christopher Columbus did not discovered America. China’s admiral fleets arrived at America 70 years before Columbus and arrived Australia 350 years before Cook.